The Announcement

Man, I haven’t been this nervous about a blog post in years. Who sucked the air out of my lungs? This isn’t even something I should be nervous about. Alright, enough intro. Let’s go.

I have an idea, but I need your help with it. Yes, you.

I get bored unless I’m constantly bouncing between writing genres, styles, or ways of presenting words on my blog. One day, it’ll be a poem. Another day, it’ll be a barrel of laughs, or a work of fiction. The next day, I could shock all of you by saying I’ve never had tacos.

By the way, there was a lot of backlash over that taco comment. At least three people chewed me out commented on it.

For a while now, I’ve been trying to think of something new to present on my blog.

Which brings me to this post. On Sunday morning I got an idea out of nowhere, which is normally where all of my ideas come from. And three seconds later I was writing a post saying I was making an announcement today.

So here it is…

I want to write you a letter. Not an actual letter that you’ll get in the mail. But a letter addressed to you, that I’ll post on my blog and title: A Letter To (Your Name). Or maybe I’ll name it something else. We’ll see.

What will I write in these letters? I don’t know. That’s the exciting part!

I don’t think many people receive letters anymore and even though you won’t be receiving this in the mail, it’s still a letter addressed to you. I promise to do my best to make you smile/laugh/wonder what goes on in my brain.

Why do I want to do this? It’s something different. I think I can have fun with it. It creates a semi-personal bond between us. And it allows me to write to a specific person, while others can read and enjoy it, too.

Also, my creatives juices are trembling with excitement over the possibilities this presents.

All that being said, if you would like me to write you a letter and post it on my blog, the following information would be greatly appreciated.

1. Your first name or nickname or whatever name you want me to call you.
2. Where you live. Could be a city, country, or continent.
3. A fictional topic you want me to tell you about. (Ex. “Why did the bakery run out of pastries?” OR “Tell me about the time the barn animals invaded the grocery store.” Be creative. I have answers to everything.)
4. One thing that interests you.
5. One question you have for me.

That’s it. And based off that information, I’ll put a nice letter together and fill the gaps with random thoughts from my brain that I hope will entertain. Hopefully, I can put a smile on your face.

I’m trying to refrain from making a pen-pal pun but I can’t help myself.

I can be your pen-Paul!

If you are a blogger who has only followed me recently/has never really interacted with me on WordPress, please don’t feel awkward asking for a letter! Every letter will have a good healthy tablespoon of awkward in them, anyway. So let’s embrace the awkward.

I have no clue what I might’ve just got myself into, but I’m giddy about it.


We good?

Can we do this?

Spread the word. Sign up. Let me write you a letter!

Again, if you want me to write you a letter, send me the following in the comments below:

1. Your first name/nickname/the name you want me to call you.
2. Where you live. Could be a city, country, or continent.
3. A fictional topic you want me to tell you about.
4. One thing that interests you.
5. One question you have for me.

If you don’t want a funny letter, but still want a letter about something (sad, motivational, food, etc.), I’m more than open to special requests. I’ll even send your dog a letter. (Please, someone take me up on this offer).

By the way, when I posted on Sunday that I had an announcement today, I said it would be at 9PM. I meant to say 9AM but I don’t know the difference between AM and PM for some reason my brain didn’t allow me to.

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164 Responses to The Announcement

  1. That’s a great idea! I love to read other people’s letters. 😆

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  2. heymeghan91 says:

    Me me pick me?!
    And how did I miss this taco issue?!?
    1) Meghan!
    3) you get to pick the topic but taco should be mentioned because they are one of my favorite things to eat ….
    4)tacos…. Kidding soccer and fish
    5) if you could visit anywhere is the US where would you go?

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  3. darthtimon says:

    Ok, let’s do this!

    My name is Ben. My friends call me weird.
    I live in Essex, in the UK.
    I’d like to know why the aliens that abduct me won’t let me drink tea the night before the abduction.
    I am very passionate about Nintendo.
    I’d like to ask you whether you prefer dogs or cats?

    Let the fun commence!

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  4. Jess says:

    THIS IS AMAZING. And a wonderful idea. I would love a letter. You obviously know my name and that I live in Connecticut.


    Painting is something that interests me.

    And what goal would you like to have accomplished by the end of the year?

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  5. carolina Bryant says:

    I think it is a wonderful ideal. Carolina, chicago, did snow white and princes ever have kids, equality for all, what keeps you going?

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    • Paul says:

      Awesome! Looking forward to writing this letter!


    • Paul says:

      Hi Carolina, I’m currently writing your letter and just want to clarify the snow white scenario you want me to talk about (not sure if it was a typo in your comment). Did you mean prince, or princess?


  6. This is going to be fun! Can people write you a letter back?? 😀

    1. Victoria
    2. USA
    3. Tell me about the time that you woke up and found yourself in your grandmother’s body for a day.
    4. I love swing dancing 🙂 and I am starting to have a soft spot for tango
    5. Have you ever dated your best friend?

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  7. Giulia says:

    That’s such an awesome idea! I don’t have much imagination, but I’m going to try and be a bit original. 🙂

    1. Giulia
    2. Paris, FR
    3. Your meeting with a Pokémon whilst playing Pokémon Go
    4. I love quotes. Quotes, quotes, quotes everywhere!
    5. What’s your favorite compliment (to receive or to say to someone else)?

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  8. rebbit7 says:

    This idea sounds fantastic! Here’s mine:

    1) F.C.
    2) Los Angeles
    3) What is your conspiracy theory on penguins not being able to fly?
    4) The only coffees I like (and can actually tolerate) are lattes and frappucinos.
    5) What’s it like when people find out you’re Canadian (yes, American asking here!).

    Looking forward!

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  9. anshurao says:

    Please write me a letter . I saw a lot of comments already,hope I’m not too late .
    Name : Anshu . Live in India . Tell me about that FBI guy who approached me on a super secret mission . Don’t believe in war ,but war strategy and cop talk ( The Wire , you know ) interests me) . I’d like to ask you what really pisses you off, what makes you so angry you just want to write something really scathing or swear a lot .

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    • Paul says:

      You’re not late at all. I’ll write a letter to anyone who wants one. You’ve given me some really interesting details here!


  10. I want one! Chris, richmanshill, hockey!

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  11. rebecak says:

    I want a letter but I have to think about all these parameters I’ve been given… What if I don’t wanna give a fictional topic? What if I’m a rebel without a cause?? Aaaahhhh!! My. Brain. Is. Gonna. EXPLODE.

    Gainesville, FL, USA (#Merica)
    People say unicorns, mermaids, and Wonder Woman are fictional but I’m not buying that nonsense.
    Cycling, riding unicorns, swimming with mermaids, being Wonder Woman (as well as staring at the life size Wonder Woman on my wall. It’s like looking in a mirror. Lol!)
    Do you think unicorns and mermaids like tacos? Maybe I should ask them… I already know that Wonder Woman likes them 🙂

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  12. casondra2rey says:

    1) Casondra
    2) From Loving, New Mexico (yes it’s full of love lol)
    3) a stolen phone, a love song, and a bet. lol stick with the “love” theme
    4) For some reason I’m infatuated with Australia? never been there. But I love the idea of TRAVELING
    5) Have you ever been criticized for having a blog?

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  13. Lol I think that’s awesome! I’d like it if people started their letter to me with “Dear Shaz…” and they can ask me for love advice or something like that😂Like an advice column in those newspapers we read hahaha.

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  14. Genealogy Jen
    From a small US mountain resort community. I would like you to write me an inspirational letter for the days when I feel like throwing in the towel… especially with my running and training for my marathon or it can be about how much i need to keep writing on the days i feel like quitting. My inspirational letter can have funny parts in it too, because you’re writing it, and you have a great sense of humor. I need the Captain’s Speech to Jen to revisit on days like tomorrow when my alarm clock off at 6:30 am, I want to hit snooze more than running 7 miles.

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  15. PS I brilliant idea

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  16. I love this. Ok, let me mull it over and figure out my fictional topic and I will post it. I just woke up so the coffee isn’t working yet.

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  17. peckapalooza says:

    This is an amazing idea. I can’t promise I won’t try and steal it in about a year or so (that way I can convince myself that enough time has passed that I won’t be sued for plagiarism).

    1. Aaron
    2. Blacksburg, VA
    3. I recently heard that velociraptors were not the human-sized monsters that we see in the Jurassic Park films, but were actually more like chubby chickens. Your thoughts?
    4. Movies interest me a great deal.
    5. Have you ever read a book that you felt fundamentally changed your life? If so, what was it?

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    • Paul says:

      I already know this is going to be a fun one! Oh and feel free to steal the idea in a few months or so. It’ll make me feel like I created a cult or something and that’s always fun.

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  18. I like this. I want a letter


    A pineapple under the sea

    Why did Air Supply do that cover of good girl


    How would you describe yourself in three words?

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  19. Exciting! We’ve never interacted before, but here it goes.
    1. Dee
    2. Middle East
    3. Motivational letter to get me to find a summer job
    4. Interested in reading
    5. Do you believe in coincidence?

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  20. Q says:

    Ooo I’ve never had a letter before, so this seems like so much fun!

    1. Quinn
    2. That part of Asia shaped like a Mango. (Shouldn’t be too hard to find on a world map ahahah)
    3. Explain to me your plan for saving the world’s best sandwich recipe (you are free to choose any sandwich of your liking 🙂 ) from the impending apocalypse so in the event it does happen in our nonfictional reality, I know there’s at least one guy through whom the sandwich will live on.
    4. I’m very passionate about sandwiches. Sandwiches are the perfect pick me up for whenever you need a snack or a meal – it’s so versatile it amazes me. I think you get why I asked for this letter now.
    5. What is your favourite go to recipe for when you need to make food but don’t wanna cook extensively?

    Excited for the letter, all the best with the many that have already come through. 😀

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  21. Whoa!😱 This is one crazy cool announcement! Can’t wait to read all your letters especially the one for me (if you graciously accept).😊 This is going to be really fun.

    1. You can call me Odey (pronounced like “obey”).
    2. Philippines
    3. What is it like in the alternate universe?
    4. First of all, pizzaaaaaa! I like arts and crafts, too. And numbers. And people and differences in personalities. And travel. Oh wait, you said “one thing.” Oh, well. You could choose one from the long list.😂
    5. What is the one accomplishment that would make you say you lived your life well and to the fullest?

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  22. Hi Paul, I’d love to receive a letter from you.

    1. Petrina
    2. Canada
    3. What is life like in a world outside of our galaxy?
    4. Compassion among human beings
    5. What are some words of encouragement you can offer to a person going through a tough time right now?

    Looking forward to reading your letter and sending you my warm wishes,

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  23. Alexandra says:

    Heeey, Paul!

    Even though my blog is currently covered in tumbleweeds and spider webs, the not-slacking-at-all blogger behind it is still alive and wants letters too!! So you know.. if you’re not too busy or anything..

    1) Alexandra
    2) Oh-so-sunny (jk) Amsterdam, the Netherlands
    3) Gawd, I’m terrible at fiction… Do children movies count? Whatever happened to The Incredibles? Remember that one? Family, super powers, you know… If you’ve seen it, what do you think the sequel will be about? I’m seriously thinking about making a petition, so the creators finally make one!
    4) I have an unhealthy obsession with drag queens (RuPaul’s Drag Race, in particular). No idea how you’re gonna make use of this information though..
    5) What is “home” for you?

    Good luck with this project and I’m really looking forward to reading every letter 🙂


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  24. Jiya Raouf says:

    1. Jiya
    2. United Kingdom
    3. On behalf of my sister, what is the sugar bowl in Lemony Snicket’s unfortunate events?
    4. Good nature
    6. What inspires and/or interests you?

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  26. Well – this post is getting a lot of attention !!
    You’ve come up with a great idea 🙂

    1. My first name = Claire (nickname – I’ve been called “Claire-a-Bell” and “Claire-Bear” – neither of which I like – always fancied something a little edgier – maybe you will think of something??)
    2. Where I live = New Zealand
    3. A fictional topic I want you to tell me about = what cats do when they go outside and out of view, or – are there really fairies at the bottom of my garden, or – THIS ONE !! – what happens to book characters after we’ve finished reading them – do they live on and develop their lives – or are they trapped in the same plot endlessly repeating and repeating their stories – or do they go to character recycling where genres are mixed and they are re-purposed ??
    4. One thing that interests you = synchronicity
    5. One question you have for me = if you could be a book character (from any era/genre/culture/language etc) – who would you be? and why?

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  27. pushed comment too soon!!!
    no.4 = topic that interests me
    no.5 = question I have for you
    🙂 🙂

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  28. Lauren says:

    This is such a cool and fun idea!! I’m kind of jealous I didn’t think of it first, but I definitely want some of this action! 😀
    Soooo my name is Lauren. Nicknames are kind of non-existent, so if you must have one occasionally someone will call me Lo. I live in the great state of Texas where I hope to melt for the remainder of my days! Okay so a fictional topic… ummm… I would really like to hear about a world where food has families… like if all the yellow fruit loops are a family and so on… if that makes sense… One thing that interests me would have to be obsessive compulsive disorder and last but not least… what do you REALLY think pets do when we are not home?
    So there it is. I have to tell you I am really excited about this. Can’t wait to hear from you! 🙂

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  30. ~M says:

    1. Your first name/nickname/the name you want me to call you. – Michelle
    2. Where you live. Could be a city, country, or continent. – Wisconsin
    3. A fictional topic you want me to tell you about. – Tell me about what’s on the other side of a black hole.
    4. One thing that interests you. – Anyone who is always smiling and happy
    5. One question you have for me. – Have you ever time traveled? You look familiar to me. 😉

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  31. Issa says:

    Another request coming your way Paul.
    1. Issa
    2. Nairobi
    3. Here is the thing I like sports and I sometimes follow up on you leagues that is basketball, baseball and American football (the real football is over here dude) but I get lost and just wait for the finals…so tell me about the team you follow how does a regular season go like?
    4. Music
    5. If you could come to Nairobi what is the first thing you would do?

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  32. Issa says:

    PS: my topic is not fictional but dude your sports are very fictional to the rest of us (me that is)

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  33. Squid says:

    Dude! Ok, I would love a letter! My name is Squid, and I’m in Florida. I would love to hear about the time that you met Yoda… And I love summer camps! Question: Do you like the X-Men?

    My dog needs a partner who won’t expect much from him. No licks, little to no exercise, and lots of sleeping. He’s a black and white Shih-Zu with shortcut hair. He also is completely oblivious to rabbits in his yard, while no butterfly goes unnoticed. Think you can find a match for him?

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  34. Barb Knowles says:

    I love this idea and I’m vain enough to be yelling “pick me! pick me! And, oh man, reading the ones above me, you’ll be doing this forever.
    1. Barb, but I was always called Harv by EVERYONE except my family until I got married. So you can call me Harv in the letter.
    2. I live in the GREAT State of New York which is not to be confused, but always is, with the City of New York.
    3. I want to hear a story about a little boy from Canada who found out that his favorite restaurant/pizza place was all out of pizza.
    4. I am learning Kichwa, one of the 2 official languages of Ecuador. Kichwa is a language and a culture and I’m crazy interested in it.
    5. My question for you is how tall are you?

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  35. Angela says:

    After reading your letters so far, I want one too!!!

    1) Angela
    2) Stirling, Scotland
    3) in Toy Story, Buzz didn’t think he was a toy so why did he stop moving/talking when a human came into the room?
    4) yoga and rap music
    5) What’s the strangest coincidence you have experienced, do you believe in synchronicity?

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  36. micqu says:

    So… I am late… always late, but to be honest, I wanted a letter when I read the first post… then I thought it it’s too much exposure and I chickened out. Do you know what I mean? Just wanting something but being too shy to ask?
    Anyway, if you aren’t too swamped or tired of your own idea, I would like to stand in line for one of your letters.

    1. Cathy
    2. Luxembourg (Europe)
    3. Tell me about that time you went on tour with that super famous rockband… you know, the one from Canada who begged you to tour with them… Don’t be shy, we all know it happened, right? We saw the pictures of that time you had to step in for the drummer because he suffered the mother of all hangovers…
    4. music and poetry… that’s pretty much as boring as it gets, but it’s what I love
    5. So far, people from all around the globe asked for your letters, did you expect this to happen or were you afraid that this idea would fall flat?

    If you take this into consideration, thank you. If not, it’s a great idea, people love to have letters, I do too.
    Have a nice day…


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  37. carolina Bryant says:

    Sorry Paul I meant Prince

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  38. Ariel Lynn says:

    I started reading your blog because you wrote a letter to my blog-buddy Ben/Darth Timon! I’ve loved reading your letters to other people, so I thought I would throw my name into the pen-pal post pile. 🙂

    It might be too much to ask, but could I get a letter for myself & for Loki, my cat? If it’s too much, of course, no worries! Dogs shouldn’t be the only ones getting letter love, is all. But, if it’s a “one per customer” deal, the cat deserves the letter more than I do if I’m being completely honest.

    I hope I’m doing this HTML stuff right…. if I do, it’ll be the first time.

    1. Your first name/nickname/the name you want me to call you. Loki or the Crown Prince or Loki-mon
    2. Where you live. Could be a city, country, or continent. How would I know? I’m a cat! My territory now is a lovely climate-controlled space that I’ve rubbed my scent on extensively – save for one space into which I can’t get unless someone keeps the barricade open so I can sneak in & blend into the shadows under this squishy thing on which the human slaves sleep. There are lots of other good sleeping spaces they never use, but I try to make up for it by using them all. It’s much better here than my old territory: it was too warm, too many other cats who were mean to me (except my Mom, brother, & sister), & there were these huge black & white cats that meowed weird – they drop the “E” & the “W” for goodness sake! – & left huge smelly mud piles everywhere.
    3. A fictional topic you want me to tell you about. How would the world be different if everyone accepted that cats were in charge (y’know, instead of how it is now: where cats are in charge, but humans think they’re running the show)? Would I get as much tuna as I want (meaning: enough that it would not only come out of my nose, but out of the noses of everyone around me)?
    4. One thing that interests you. Honing my psychic abilities that allow me to know when one of my human slaves is getting a pouch of tuna from the cabinet. That, & destroying window blinds.
    5. One question you have for me. You’re owned by a beaver named Bucky, right (at least, according to a letter you wrote someone else on here)? Does he have a sandbox or do you have to suffer the indignities of taking him out in the middle of the night, in the snow, just to piddle on a tree?

    1. Your first name/nickname/the name you want me to call you. Ariel
    2. Where you live. Could be a city, country, or continent. New Jersey, USA
    3. A fictional topic you want me to tell you about. I’d love to hear the story about how gophers took over North America using kettle corn & how we managed to regain control from them (although, to hear it told, they were better at handling things than many of our politicians).
    4. One thing that interests you. I have way too many interests to pick just one, so I’ll give you a list & I’ll let you pick one for me. Let’s hear it for shirking responsibility! Interests = reading, writing, ‘rithmetic (scratch that… I dislike math with a passion), making chainmaille & other jewelry, coloring books with curse words in ’em, karaoke, musical theater, working out (elliptical, weights, yoga, Pilates), & making my friends laugh – usually by being incredibly sarcastic, self-deprecating, inappropriate, & loud
    5. One question you have for me. When you look at U.S. politics, especially in the current election cycle, do you ever think about fleeing the continent or do you think that no where on Earth will be safe? Also, is the stereotype that says all Canadians are nice & that living in Canada is like living in an apartment above a raging kegger true? Do Americans seem like spoiled teenagers to you & you’re all too polite to say anything?

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    • Paul says:

      Haha this isn’t too much work at all! I appreciate all the effort you put into this!

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    • Ariel Lynn says:

      I know that I’m not up for a long time & I have no problem with that whatsoever. I’m enjoying your letters to other people immensely. That’s not why I’m commenting again, so rest easy!

      I had a thought today, & I should’ve mentioned it earlier (for that, I’m sorry!): Please, please, PLEASE don’t make any Little Mermaid comments about me. I’ve heard it since 5 years after I was born (when the stupid Disney movie came out) & I’m actually named after a different character, from something that should be way more famous, but isn’t.

      As far as Loki is concerned, while he’s named after the Norse G-d & not the Disney’s Marvel character, he’s far less sensitive to the matter than I am. 😉

      I hope you’re well!! Thank you for your continued letter writing, Mr. Paul. 🙂

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  41. Myka says:

    1. Your first name/nickname/the name you want me to call you.
    2. Where you live. Could be a city, country, or continent.
    3. A fictional topic you want me to tell you about.
    Tell me about fairytales, those are 100% fictional.
    4. One thing that interests you.
    5. One question you have for me.
    What is your favorite thing about being a writer?

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  42. Oh, I get it… NOW! Dear brother, please forgive my ignominious whining about our good friend, Barbara, getting a letter when I thought I didn’t even rate a grocery list. I guess this would be a good time for me to come clean and confess that I’ve become a little rusty in my regularly reading Canadian (your blog) as fluently as I once did— ever since not moving from Canada to America. But, as you know, being that I am your accepted identical American twin brother (because we both share the same first name ’cause mom and dad both lacked imagination when it came to creating names for us), I now feel I should probably participate in this, your blog’s moment of pure genius—since it’s never too late to brown-nose one’s pseudo Canadian identical twin brother. So, here goes: (1) You already know my first name so why be redundant. (2) And where I live could be a city, country, or continent, but it’s really on earth in Canada’s southern province known as California. (3) The topic I think everyone is dying to hear about (seeing as we our Amphibological brothers) is the obscure history of our ambiguous but indistinct relationship. What it’s like being enigmatic Canadian/American identical twins who lack a common bloodline and yet we both somehow share a tenebrous heritage, in spite of a caliginous language barrier which grew out of a nebulous childhood argument that never actually happened but your readers don’t know that yet, so it’ll come as a complete surprise when it’s finally revealed—over our love of American Maple Leafs! (4) And why the only thing that has ever interested me since our childhood (growing up together in… wait for it… Nepal) is why Nepal’s flag doesn’t have a rectangle on it—since it’s the only country in the world that does not have a rectangular flag. (5) And the only question I’ve never asked, and I don’t know why: Is Snidely Whiplash his real name? 😀

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  44. Jad says:

    Dang I guess there is like 5 million people before me but I do hope I will eventually have my turn and get a letter from you

    1. Your first name/nickname/the name you want me to call you. JAD
    2. Where you live. Could be a city, country, or continent. Ummmm errr right now I am homeless, I am in a hotel in Dallas getting ready to get on a plane to fly home to Australia forever so depending on when you send your letter I could be over the pacific ocean, in the pacific ocean if the plane crashes but most likely I will be in Australia
    3. A fictional topic you want me to tell you about. I really really want to know how much is a peck when picking pickled peppers
    4. One thing that interests you. Just one? errrm okay Casinos, I love the penny slots
    5. One question you have for me. Ummm how many pennies do you have in your pocket right now?

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  45. Ely says:

    Hi bud! (Lmao you didn’t think I forgot that right?!) so here’s the deal. I want a letter. Why?! Well because everyone else got one and I think we’ve reached the point in our writelationship where I can just straight up ask you for a letter. Ok cool so I’m going to follow your rules captain:

    1- ely is fine. It would be weird if I asked you to call me the fox. I don’t want this letter to be awkward for you in any way. So Ely.

    2- We both have grand “borderline disliking” towards cats. If you ever saw Men In Black, you’d know about the Cat from another planeh that holds like the universe on its collar. Basically cats are aliens thats why they are smart and independent and weird. The stray cat that recently invaded your yard and sprayed on your grass and stared at you was an alien. It was testing you. Cats are aliens. Go with that. Run wild.
    3- ONE thing that interests me?! That’s impossible don’t make this so difficult. I’m a healthcare professional by day, a cake designer by night, a mother of 2.5, and an aspiring web designer and a wanna-be-blogger. I mean………
    4- Paul. You have never tried tacos. Why is that?! Is it because it’s not pizza? Is it because it’s not an available food in Canada? Is it because there are too many ingredients mixed together an wrapped up into a tortilla and this MESS in your mouth is an overwhelming thought?! Is it because they aren’t aesthetically pleasing to the eye? Is it because you don’t like Mexico? Is it because you fear tacos will take over your life because they’re conspiring with the alien cats to rule planet earth? Is it because you had nightmares of tacos eating YOU inside of a tortilla? Did someone hit you with a taco in a stadium during a hockey game and it stained your favorite jersey and now you’re all like TACO LIVES DO NOT MATTER! Are you on taco strike?! Did a taco harass you? There’s an 800 help line for that you know we can get through this Paul. Let’s taco ’bout this. Because you have clearly yet to start living your life and as a friend I fear for your future.

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  46. I want one too.
    1. Your first name/nickname/the name you want me to call you.
    2. Where you live. Could be a city, country, or continent.
    Albay, Philippines
    3. A fictional topic you want me to tell you about. about a fictional neighbor who keeps leaving doughnuts at your doorstep?
    4. One thing that interests you.
    Better Call Saul, the Netflix series
    5. One question you have for me.
    What was the last movie you watched?
    Sorry I guess that wasn’t creative enough but I still hope to get that letter. 🤗

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  48. Becky Turner says:

    Good luck with my answers:

    1. Becky, but I also answer to Beck, Beckster, and Beck-Beck.
    2. I live in Connecticut. It’s okay. They want to put in tolls on the highway which is stupid. And we have high gas taxes.
    3. Tell me a story about a dog wanting to play professional baseball.
    4. I’m wicked obsessed with the Watergate scandal.
    5. What is the dumbest way you’ve been injured?

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