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Look Good, Feel Good, Blog Good

When you go on a tour of a university campus and they bring you to a dorm room, your entire body takes a panoramic view of the place and your head tilts to the strangest angles, as if you’ve never … Continue reading

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Share Your Blog 2019

It’s 2019, let’s cut to the chase. We all want more blog followers. We all want to interact with new people and grow our community because bloggers are fun, we understand each other, and this written world we’ve created is … Continue reading

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Computer Updates Are Mean

Check…check…check one, two, four. Is this thing on? If you can hear me, clap once. If you can hear me, clap twice. If you can hear me, invite me to your Christmas party so I can taste test your food … Continue reading

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Please Like My Words

Originally posted on A Crack in the Pavement:
Not too long ago I mentioned that Canada reminds me of that really cool cousin that you seek out whenever a family get together comes into play. Paul reminds me of that…

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They put a timer on us at the start a lovely piece of hardware next to the magnet of our heart we may feel a push, but never feel a pull forever spinning with the wind careful not to spill … Continue reading

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Call of the Wild Café

It was opening night at the Call of the Wild Café. It was more of a traditional sit-down restaurant, than a café, but the owners hoped no one would really notice. The staff had worked tirelessly to prepare the inside … Continue reading

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I Am The Pizza

I’m in one of those writing ruts again, where I have a bunch of ideas in my head, but lack the energy to process them one sentence at a time. It would be so much easier if you could all … Continue reading

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To The New Desk Chair In My Life

To the desk chair it most definitely concerns: Please note, this is not a letter. This is more of a notice. A warning, if you will. Actually, that’s a bit too catastrophic. I see the word “warning” and I think … Continue reading

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I just wrote 1496 words in a draft. I’m glad I did, even though I may never post it. Lately, my keyboard has felt like quicksand. I have all these things I want to write about, but haven’t been able … Continue reading

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The Dining Room

“It’s a quarter to twelve, and a nickel to five. It’s a quarter to twelve, and a nickel to five.” Ribble the waiter repeats this to himself as he walks into the dining room and gives a quarter to a … Continue reading

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