I’m 35?

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I gotta say, I’m a bit offended.

Have you tried this new Internet fad? Upload a picture of yourself and it will tell you how old you are, in case you’ve forgotten. Prepare to be insulted!

Here is the site: http://how-old.net

I’m a few months away from my 24th birthday, but this site says I’m 35-years-old. No wonder I feel older than I am.

You’re all invited to my 36th birthday in September, I guess. See you there. Bring the food.

Also, you’re all required to tell me how young I look the moment you arrive to my party.

If you can’t find me, I’ll be crying in the washroom over how I aged 13 years in 365 days.

It’s quite traumatic.

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50 Responses to I’m 35?

  1. Mindy says:

    I do recall you saying you were an old man… 35 isn’t that old though! haha

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  2. rebbit7 says:

    The Internet LIES. You’re still young!

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  3. datingflops says:

    35 must be the magic number! I just did my photo and it says im 35!! Hahaha, it’s made me younger! In reality I do get told I look like I’m in my early 30’s. In reality add about 10 years to it and you have the right age lol.

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  4. shubhada says:

    Don’t worry, you don’t look 35! 😛

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  5. Little Rants says:

    Hahahaha!!! 35 is fine!:p

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  6. heymeghan91 says:

    Depending on the photo I use it says I’m either 18 or 37. I think this website has some bugs to get fixed ha. I’m the same age as you……

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  7. shubhada says:

    The page is not responding! :/ urghh


  8. Barb Knowles says:

    *sigh* 1) Today is my day for numbering my replies since I’m so far behind. At first I thought WTF is wrong with you because for me 36 was my best year ever on the face of the earth but I don’t remember why, 2) For anyone older it seems silly that you are complaining about 35, 3) then I remembered that 30 wasn’t a bad birthday for me because I had just been in my 20’s, but 31 was a nightmare because I truly was not just in my 20’s and that decade had come and gone forever, but most importantly 4) I’m 61 and it said 56. That may not sound like a biggy but looking 5 years younger at my age is a compliment. And it was a current picture. I quickly abandoned the thought of posting a picture of myself when I was 22.

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  9. Saw this on the news the other day – it got everybody wrong. What I don’t get is – what is the point of this app? You know your age; why would you upload your photo to see if a computer knows it? People have too much time on their hands. 😛 LOL

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    • Paul says:

      I thought the exact same thing. To think that people at Microsoft took the time to create something so useless when they could’ve been doing something else is either pretty funny, or very alarming.


  10. I shall not dare…… for I cannot deal with knowing the age I already am….*shivers*

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  11. sltaylor1206 says:

    Mine kept saying I was 37. I’m guessing you’re about 22, which is close in age to me. Sorry, I was kind of stalking your blog actually and stumbled across this lol.

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