A Letter To Suchie

Dear Suchie,

Where do I even start with you? 

You didn’t give me an outline of what to write to you about and I think that’s a good thing. If I didn’t know you well enough by now, then you’d probably fly all the way over here, from India, just to kick my shins and pull my ear.

Don’t do that, please.

We’ve known each other for just over two years. You’ve been one of my best blog friends over that time.

Every time you comment on one of my posts, you’re always full of compliments, humour, and references to our past conversations. They make my day.

The most fun I’ve ever had blogging was between March – May 2015, and you were a big part of it. Do you remember those days? You must. There were so many of us, who knew each other and would comment on every post.

I’m certain we all brought out the best in each other because we were all cranking out a new post just about every day. Not a lot of people do that anymore.

A lot of those bloggers have disappeared since that magical time. I’ve always sort of blamed myself for it, even though it’s probably not my fault.

I barely blogged that year in July and August. By the time I came back in September, things had changed. You were still here, but a lot of people weren’t. I always think that I had something to do with it. That I sort of broke up the gang.

Probably not, though.

But enough about that! 

Back in those days when we didn’t really know each other, you were always so supportive of me. You were reblogging my posts when I didn’t think they deserved it.

If I remember correctly, you were one of the first to reblog “Growing Up Millennial“. That eventually got featured and reblogged about 150 times. You started it. That was your fault.

You related to me when I wrote that post about how I Eat Pizza, Donuts, and Cookies. And since then you’ve been sending me a million and seven (I counted) emojis of pizza, donuts, and cookies.

I appreciate it. 

Then there was the day we both wrote about being in orange jumpsuits and that became our thing. I scrolled back through your blog to your post from May 2015 about it, and realized I left a comment where I endorsed the idea of a pee bag being installed in jumpsuits.

Aren’t I brilliant? From that, we became orange jumpsuit buddies. 

This probably looks ridiculous from the outside.

While I was scrolling, I noticed you mentioned me at the bottom of one of your posts from 2015. You said this:


The tradition thingamajig you were talking about was Looney June! People were excited about it for about a week and then it slowly died off, but you believed in it!

I had high hopes for Looney June. It was my way to combat the people who celebrated “May The Fourth”. Daffy Duck is my idol, so I figured him and his gang of Looney Tunes deserved their month of recognition.

Apparently, the rest of the world did not. I’ll never forget Looney June. Thank you for trying to help make it a thing. 

I searched your name in my WP Admin Comments section, and 22 pages of comments came up. 

The first comment you ever left on my blog was from May 1, 2015 on a post called, “I’m 35“. That was the stupid thing where you submit your photo to a website and it tells you your age, as if we didn’t know.

It was probably a scam and they just wanted a database of everyone’s facial features.

Anyways, you laughed your head off at me and then you said it told you that you were 17. 

We were both 24 at the time. I guess I age like a banana. Quickly.

Did that make sense?

Moving on.

You might be the most famous person I know, if I’m basing that off of your 33,000 Instagram followers. Thanks for taking the time to be friends with the little people like me. 

Remember last Christmas you sent me a short video to wish me a Merry Christmas? That was great. Then I sent you one back and you said my face was too close to the camera and I’ve been self-conscious ever since.

Hahahahahaha I’m kidding not really.

Maybe I need a selfie stick? NO. We don’t like those.

Moving on, again.

You’re probably the biggest fan of Chef Paulo in the world. I wouldn’t be shocked if you have a t-shirt with his name on it by now. I also think you’re a bigger fan of him than you are of me. I can’t blame you, he’s the best.

Quite honestly, my WordPress experience wouldn’t be the same without you. Your comments and rants always put me in a good mood, except maybe the ones about makeup.

They put me in a confused state of mind, as you could probably tell by the humorous comments I’ve posted on your makeup tutorials over the years. I’m like an elephant – I’m just trying to fit in places I don’t belong.

Elephants do that, right?

Thanks for being a friend. Thanks for supporting my writing. And thanks for spreading my brilliance stupidity throughout India. 

*Insert all the pizza, donut, and cake emojis here*

With an orange jumpsuit and a mouthful of food,


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14 Responses to A Letter To Suchie

  1. Little Rants says:

    At this point I definitely have on a T shirt with Paulo (and Camera Guy Sam)’s faces on it and I’m resisting the urge to go, “Miramé!”
    I agree you broke up the gang, but I’m to blame for that too. I didn’t blog much either but YOU disappeared.
    So glad you’re back now though. And I can’t believe we met on the “I’m 35” post hahahahhahahahahahahhahahah. I’m ageing like a coconut. So I’ll accompany the banana. Is that okay???

    Jokes apart, thank you, Paul. I’ll send a video of me with my nose too close to the camera to compensate for not being close enough to the damn thing the last time. Hahahah.

    I miss Looney June. Cause it’s my birthday Month. And we need to make September BIGGGGG cause it’s your birthday month!! See, I remember. #brotherhoodoftheorangejumpsuit

    And I LOVE YOU for writing me this letter. And in general.


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  2. Issa says:

    yeah you are right sooch is super fun…

    Liked by 2 people

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