Spicy Food Mood

Don’t ask me why the word “mood” is in the title. I don’t have an answer for you. This is my 705th post, alright. By this point, the fingers type what they type and I have no control over them. So, just go with it and we’ll get through this together.

If I’ve learned anything about people, it’s that those who like – and can handle – spicy food, make sure everyone else knows of their super power. It’s fascinating, really.

I guess it’s a badge of honour. It’s like they want you to know that they can host a fire fest in their mouth and manage the flames just fine.

Good for them. The really cocky ones will call out the people who can’t handle spicy foods and make them seem like muggles.

I’ve always been on the side of the fence that can’t handle spicy food. However, in the past, I’ve tricked myself into thinking that I can. Big mistake. I’ve learned my lesson.

Growing up, I preferred spicy sausage over mild because they seemed to have more flavour. Then I’d eat them and realize the taste isn’t worth the pain.

I’ll explain that pain via this story.

Over five years ago, I went to a restaurant with friends after a Blue Jays game. The restaurant was called, East Side Mario’s. Hey budda boom budda bing!

A handful of you understand what I just said. The rest of you want me admitted to the nearest hospital.

Anyway, for you non-Canadians, East Side Mario’s is an Italian restaurant, complete with pasta, pizza, sandwiches, and endless salad and bread. It’s like the minor league version of Olive Garden.

Since I like pasta, I ordered Sausage and Peppers Penne. Being Italian, I like mixing sausage with pasta. By choosing this option, I completely ran the red light staring right at me, which was the red “S” on the menu to signify that it was spicy.

I thought I would be fine. The pasta wouldn’t be spicy, right? Just the sausage and peppers. I could avoid the peppers if they became too much, and I can manage the sausage.

Wrong. It came with arrabbiata sauce which means, “What the matter with you?” in Italian. Or something like that.

There was a pitcher of water on the table and a refreshing caesar salad, what could go wrong?

I started eating the pasta and it was delicious. And then about halfway through, the alarm bells started ringing. My mouth was on fire.

To quote the Rocky song:

In the burning heart mouth
Just about to burst
There’s a quest for answers
An unquenchable thirst

Note: I’ve never watched any of the Rocky movies, but I have the soundtrack on CD because of course I do. 

There was not enough cold fluids in the world to make my mouth stop burning.

And then I started sweating. And then my nose started to run. And then I had tears coming out of my eyes. I was in rough shape and was quickly running out of serviettes.

Yeah, I call them serviettes instead of napkins. This should surprise none of you.

It was bad. My friends started to notice I was in rough shape. I kept poking at the food, wanting to eat more, but I couldn’t finish it. I had been defeated.

The waiter asked if I wanted to take the rest home. I declined.

When you’re on fire, you stop, drop, and roll.


Since then, I’ve avoided spicy foods and spicy pastas. However, if I’m at an Italian buffet, I’ll put about five penne arrabbiata on my plate to send a message to the Pasta Gods that they will never defeat me. 

Shoutout to seafood linguine and penne a la vodka for being delicious, by the way.

Lately, I’ve been getting into spicy chicken.

This includes: the junior chicken from McDonald’s, spicy chicken sandwich from Wendy’s, and as of last weekend, the spicy chicken tenders from Popeyes.

I realize I just gave a free advertisement for unhealthy takeout food, but I’ve been the same weight for four years, so if there’s anyone who can deliver this message, it’s still probably someone else, but I’ll fill that role for now.

Spicy chicken sandwiches have a little kick to them, which I enjoy. It’s not the kind of kick a bull gives when someone tries to ride them at a rodeo but rather, the kind of kick a five-year-old would give a soccer ball.

As for the spicy chicken tenders from Popeyes – oh man, they had me sweating for bit, but they were good. That was my first time eating Popeyes.

What I’m getting at is, spicy food can turn me into a one man sprinkler within minutes. However, there are some milder levels that I can handle and do enjoy, without needing a serviette to mop myself up.

The End.

How about you? Can you handle spicy food? Ever find yourself sweating at a restaurant because you’ve had something spicy? 

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49 Responses to Spicy Food Mood

  1. Running the Race says:

    I like spicy food but not as spicy as I used to eat it when I was younger and, looking back in it, I might have had a “the spicier the better” attitude back then because I thought it was cool.

    Anyway, I’m 50 now, more mature, and have experienced the heartburn that overly spicy food causes people of a certain age so, no more overdoing it for me.

    I do like Italian sausage and Wendy’s chicken sandwiches though. I don’t eat at Popeye’s much which might be weird considering I live in Louisiana.

    Good post 🙂

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    • Paul says:

      Thanks for the comment! Oh yes, I completely get the whole “spicier the better” mentality in an effort to be cool. Ultimately, it’s not worth the pain that follows, which we figure out in time.


  2. tisfortracy says:

    I do like spicy food, but I’ve learned my limits and I eat it in moderation 😂 listen, as long as you can stomach black pepper then you can handle spice 💪🏾Don’t beat yourself up lol

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  3. Dutch Lion says:

    You dig it Paulie. I love the idea of sweat running down your face as you take another bite of pasta. Personally, I hate when I’m eating “Mild” wings at Buffalo Wild Wings and my lips and cheeks start burning. If that’s the “Mild” version, then how hot is the “3 Mile Island” option?


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    • Paul says:

      Oh man, your head might fall off with the 3 Mile Island wings. I don’t understand how people can eat and enjoy wings that hot. Mild is perfectly fine. I’m just in it for the chicken and the tasty sauce.

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  4. gigglingfattie says:

    I can’t handle spice at all! The people at my bible study now bring yogurt to eat with their food because everyone else is from the Caribbean and loves spice lol and the people I work with too!

    Although when I am majorly stressing, like exams at university or something, I crave bold bbq Doritos. They are the only spicy food I will seek out. Just had some tonight actually lol

    Liked by 3 people

    • Paul says:

      Someone else in the comments said they put red chili powder in their yogurt, so beware of people spiking your yogurt!

      Ooo I’ve never had bold bbq before – my mouth is already having a reaction to it, just thinking about it lol

      Liked by 1 person

      • gigglingfattie says:

        Lol they aren’t that bad! It’s the purple bag and sooo hard to find! Although Walmart always seems to have them so when I was there this week I decided I needed some lol

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  5. ~M says:

    I like to say I can handle spicy food, but the truth is I can’t. Why does it have to be so darn good!!!

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  6. tonigray says:

    I LOVE spicy foods! I’m not one to like things too spicy though. If I’m gonna be in constant pain I don’t want it. I’ve been trying to figure out WHY I love spice so much bc most of the time it just leaves me in pain, yet I still love it?! 😂

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    • Paul says:

      Sounds like a real dilemma! I think it’s a combination of how good the food looks as well as the allure that there is some spice to it, which gives some extra flavour, that makes spicy food appealing, even if it leaves people in pain. Or we’re just stubborn lol

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  7. Ahem…..soooo I’m not going to be one of those people that “brag” about being able to eat spicy food, because you know I’m like, Hispanic grew up on the border (the other border) with Mexico and if we didn’t try we’d have to give back our Hispanic card and be outcast from our culture and an embarrassment to the “family” (just like Italians, we must answer to the family) and so on. But I will add this, I keep a bottle of Tabasco in my purse, and in my desk and in my car. And it’s not the “normal” one either, it’s the Habanero Tabasco. Okay I said I wouldn’t brag, so it’s not bragging its stating a fact! Once again Paul you’ve made my day! Now I’m going to go add some Tabasco to my coffee……just a touch of sarcasm there, why should you have all the fun? lmao

    Liked by 5 people

    • Paul says:

      Haha I appreciate you not bragging about carrying Habanero Tabasco around EVERYWHERE with you, but merely stating a fact. I applaud your tolerance for spice. Enjoy your hot coffee!

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  8. Tanushka says:

    I’m Indian I add red chili powder and salt in my yougurt.

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  9. Wendy Weir says:

    I enjoy spicy foods, all the more so the older I get, but my litmus test is the runny nose factor. That mess, along with the need to repeatedly announce just how spicy the dish is, really takes away from the enjoyment of the flavors. Eating is supposed to be enjoyable, right?

    Liked by 3 people

    • Paul says:

      It should be enjoyable. My theory is we eat with our eyes first and that persuades us to put spicy foods in our mouth with the notion that a cold beverage will solve every problem. Then the nose starts running….

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Barron says:

    I admit that I love spicy food… the spicier the better. Thankfully I’ve never gotten myself into trouble. I’ll hiccup if something is too much, but that has only happened a handful of times, and it’s definitely the red flag for me.

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  11. Hira says:

    Did you ask if I can handle spicy food😀 Am from India ..from North East India where grows the hottest chilli in the world☺

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  12. Ely says:

    I like spicy, but for sure prefer the 5-year-old kicks a soccer ball level of spicy. Not the angry bull-kick spicy. If I had to choose any fast food it’s for damn sure, Wendy’s lol. Their spicy chicken is my ABSOLUTEEEEEE FAVE! It has like justtt the right amount of umph to it ya know?!
    Ps- again. Writing something about nothing and making it everything. #teamgenius !!!

    Liked by 3 people

  13. Little Rants says:

    My grandpa would make this spicy fish curry – Oh how I’ve grown to resent it. It used to be so spicy, you’d get ulcers if you kept eating it. Yikes.

    Liked by 3 people

  14. ArtbyHinglaz says:

    Mm.. bring it on!

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  15. writershilpa says:

    Being an Indian, I have had my share of spicy food. And, no, I cannot eat it if it’s way too spicy for my palette. Like yesterday, hubby got for me this spicy pancake with a coriander chutney, and god, was it spicy! My mouth, too, was on fire. I just stuffed it in my mouth and then chewed it as fast as I could and as soon as it was down in my throat, I reached for the sweet mango that was there to help me. Thank god it’s summer here….the season for mangoes! 🙂
    Loved reading your post! 😀

    Liked by 3 people

    • Paul says:

      Haha a spicy pancake? I don’t know if I’ve ever heard of that before! I definitely wouldn’t be able to handle it, I like to enjoy pancakes without having to put out a fire in my mouth. Thanks for reading!

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  16. 705?!? Blogging goals…. haha

    Liked by 2 people

  17. Haha! Hilarious read! I’ve actually written about my introduction to spicy foods… you thought you had it bad, I had INDIA!! Definitely changed my life forever 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

  18. Courtney says:

    Oh how I love when spicy food is exponential. I can handle a taste, but an entire dish gives me the runny nose like no other! I can soooo relate!

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