50 Thoughts XVIII

1. Sometimes, when people post a picture of their tattoo on social media, I can’t tell where it is located on their body.

2. If people in their twenties refer to themselves as, “twenty-something”, do 20-year-olds call themselves, “twenty-nothing”?

3. New Idea: Shoes with built-in socks. We’ll call them, Shocks.

4. I always thought a “t-shirt” automatically referred to a shirt with short sleeves. Didn’t know until recently that a long sleeve shirt is also called a t-shirt. Still not 100% sold on it.

5. If a foodie is someone who likes food, then a cookie is someone who likes to cook. No?

6. I realized today that my blog has been read in 165 countries. That’s too many.

7. I really want to know why they stopped giving me a balloon when I go to the dentist. It’s because they don’t trust me with a helium balloon, isn’t it?

8. A cash bar should be a place where you order money.

9. People need to stop calling themselves a super fan when they go on these reality competition shows, mainly Big Brother and Survivor.

9.5 The guy who won Big Brother last year thought he revealed the secret of the century on finale night when he said he was super fan.

9.75 I want to hit myself in the face, just writing that.

10. INFP

11. I want to know what goes on inside a garbage truck and why the waste and recycling is put in the same one. Are there dividers in the truck, or is this whole recycling thing a sham?

12. Food places should open at 10:45am instead of 11am. That way, they’re actually ready to go by 11am. Boom roasted.

13. There’s at least one self-employed person out there who has, “Tweets don’t express views of employer” in their bio. I can sense it.

14. Randy Orton has been boring since 2010.

15. Doubles luge only scratched the surface at these Winter Games.

15.5 I should’ve worded that better.

16. This “Don’t @ me” stuff on Twitter needed to stop three years ago.

17. Crispy bacon is basically a fried ruler. Don’t @ me, bro. Don’t @ me.

18. If we think birds chirp, what do they think we do?

18.5 Pollute their habitat. Boom roasted.

19. Saturday Night Live should let Kate McKinnon do an entire show by herself. It would be great.

20. If you were given a blank keyboard and told to put the letters on it, would you know where they go?

21. Where do ice cream trucks go in the winter? Where do they come from to begin with?

22. Go watch, Derren Brown: The Push on Netflix. Also, Flint Town. Also, Seven Seconds.

23. When I listen to my music on iTunes and don’t randomize the order, I know which song is coming next, 95% of the time.

24. Imagine if a popcorn machine was seen as an essential home appliance, like the stove.

25. Total Eclipse of the Heart is one of those songs you either know completely, or not at all. There is no middle ground.


26. I don’t like ketchup on hotdogs or burgers. I only like ketchup next to a stack of fries.

27. I’m still furious that the Hostess Cupcakes recipe seemingly changed (for the worse) around 2007.

28. The other day, I needed to look at a calendar of March so I Googled “March 2017”. It took me 4 hours to realize what I had done.

29. I’m under the impression that no one on The Walking Dead has changed their underwear in eight seasons.

30. Stop building robots if you don’t want robots to replace us.

31. Water has no shape. I thinks it’s beautiful the way it is.

32. There is nothing normal about watching celebrities accept awards for doing their job better than everyone else.

33. The first date card on The Bachelorette is going to say, “Let’s do the damn thing” isn’t it? My head already hurts.

34. You can always tell how old a person is depending on how they react to the words, “Windows 95”.

35. If the vowels ever fight the consonants, which side does the letter “Y” take?

36. I’m still waiting on a Family Matters reboot. Top 5 TV show theme song of all-time.

37. I don’t know what Vero is.

38. I don’t know what Venmo is.

39. I can never remember what “hmu” stands for.

39.5 I say it in my head as, “Hmm you?”

40. You know a mall is legit when it has a fountain with coins in it.

41. I’ve never understood the appeal of streetcars. It’s an above ground subway, that doesn’t travel as fast. Whoops, I just described a bus.

42. Why would you ever want to grow up and be a politician?

43. I could stand in a bakery all day and just inhale through my nose the whole time.

44. Imagine if every baseball field had to be the same dimensions?

45. “Bracketology” is a made-up word.

46. I’m surprised there hasn’t been a sequel to Bananas in Pyjamas called, “Oranges in Shorts”.

47. Less than two weeks until the Formula One season starts. Red Bull unveiled their car with a black and blue camo livery (colour scheme) and it looked great! Then they pulled a bait and switch and went back to their old colours. I’ll never get over this.

48. Bloggers are a different breed than the rest of the world.

49. It saddens me that the Toronto Rock (lacrosse team) get no attention in Toronto.

50. “I adore you because you don’t care where I came from.”

About Paul

I think of my blog as an all-you-can-read buffet. There's something for everyone and complimentary mints at the door as you leave.
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28 Responses to 50 Thoughts XVIII

  1. rebbit7 says:

    Also not sold on the idea that long sleeves are called T-shirts! Just call them long sleeves! 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ilah says:

    😂 😂Thanks for the laugh! But now “Total Eclipse of the Heart” is playing on repeat in my head and I’m not so thankful. There are so many things about this that I’m curious about, but I’m afraid if I were to list them all I’d just be going all: Shocks! Hmu! Randy Orton! I’m a little intrigued though by ‘INFP’. But ah, thanks again for the laugh 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Paul says:

      Still have the song stuck in your head? Haha. I read this comment and still said, “Hmm You?” after you said Hmu. It’s forever a mystery to me. Do you know what INFP is or was that confusing lol. Thanks for reading!


      • Ilah says:

        Haha, 2 days after, it still is. I think I’ll just have to listen to it once and for all so that the ghost of this song stops haunting me and finally goes to the light or something lol. Oh, I know what INFP is, it was just intriguing to me because it was probably the one thing listed without much of an elaboration about it 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  3. m4gical says:

    EVERYTIME I read these I scroll down and have a chuckle and think of something I’d reply with in the comments and then when it comes to me writing a comment I can never remember which ones I wanted to say what about. And it’s not that I took no notice is because I have a memory of a sieve. 28 made me lol hahaha

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Wendy Weir says:

    9.5 and 9.75 are my favorites! Your ordinal skills are as solid as mine. Thanks for this especially fun list.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Little Rants says:

    The tattoo location bit is true.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Little Rants says:

    …and Yeezy made sock booties.

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  7. Letih☼ says:

    Vero is a shit💩. You really don’t need care about it😂

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  8. peckapalooza says:

    5. I can’t stand the term “foodie.” So you like food? Guess what, so does everyone else who enjoys living. I like breathing oxygen. Should I be called a breathie? Ugh…
    10. ISTJ
    20. Yes. Yes, I would.
    21. Well, you see, when two big ice cream trucks love each other very much…
    25.5 Every now and then I fall apart.
    35. If it were a movie, Y would be a double or triple agent. We wouldn’t know its true loyalties until the third act, when it turns out Y is an anarchist who worships chaos.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Paul says:

      5. You would be called an Oxygenie! That actually sounds cool. But I’m with you on the foodie thing.
      21. Hahahahaha well done. I’ll never look at an ice cream truck the same way.
      25.5 Probably the most relatable song lyric ever created.
      35. I like it. And in the sequel, the letter Y wraps a circle around itself and calls itself the Peace Sign.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. onebigstressball says:

    Long sleeved tops are not t-shirts! 😮
    165 countries is NOT too many, you are a blogging celeb.
    I think birds think we garble.
    I will watch The Push v soon !
    50 interesting thoughts as usual, giggles galore!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Paul says:

      They are “long sleeve t-shirts”! We must fight back against this.
      A blogging celeb ahahahahahah oh no
      We should actually garble when we’re around birds, that’ll throw them off.
      The Push is crazy, Blend!

      Thanks for reading! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Ely says:

    First of all. I’m currently listening to Total Eclipse of the Heart. THANKS BUDDDDD (ha!). Also, whoever told you that long sleeve shirts are ALSO called T-shirts is conspiring to ruin your life- what did you do to this person Paul? Say you’re sorry, and call it a day and let’s all go back to our everyday lives where T-shirts remain T-shirts and long sleeve shirts are just long sleeve shirts. SO MUCH VIOLENCE!
    Next: venmo is an app where people send eachother money (I use it and it’s great!) ALSO so what about if I love PASTRIES. Does that make ME A PASTRIE? I don’t like this game lol. Crispy bacon is just awful. For sure a fried ruler I agree! And what is INFP? My first guess was IM NOT FUCKING PLAYING!!! No? Ok I’m not with it anymore!
    And I neeed you now tonight
    And I need you more than evA…

    What a classic.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Paul says:

      LOL I saw it on a website…”Long sleeve t-shirt” and my life hasn’t been the same since.
      Mmm I love pastries, so then I guess I am a Pastry too? That ties in well to me standing in bakeries all day just for the smell haha.
      Hahaha your definition of INFP is amazing! It actually stands for Introverted Intuitive (yes I know that starts with an I, I don’t make the rules) Feeling Perceiving. It’s my personality type as determined by the Meyers-Briggs personality test on the internet that most people have done. You should look it up and do it! It’s shockingly accurate and tells you all about yourself lol

      Once upon a time there was light in my life

      I don’t know why I chose the only morbid lyric from that song haha

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Ely says:

    You have a little bit of black glitter in your soul like me it’s all good lol and we have had this conversation before! PAUL! Remember? We have the same personality type, INFP (I’m not fuckin playing we really do!)Totally forgot about that! Great minds I tell you. Great minds.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Paul says:

      So that’s why I felt a bit strange when you asked what it stood for! I do remember! #TeamGenius Also, it is black iridescent glitter or….?


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