Leave It All Behind

Should’ve moved on long ago, but I didn’t know
Should’ve listened to the words I never heard
Should’ve just kept walking and forget to turn around
Because the words on the paper have gotten old
Maybe the ghosts read them to learn some English
They can talk like I do
Can talk like I do
Like I do
They can talk

Could’ve tried a little bit harder, I know
Could’ve looked the other way before today
Could’ve believed all the hype and gone to sleep at night
Let the moon find my room and rock me to sleep
Because the streetlights have reported me missing
They knew I was chasing a different world, around the world
I had to run after it
Had to run after it
Run after it
I had to

This the part where we turn around
Pick it all up and put it down
Crank the sound
And let ’em all know
We’re pound for pound
The best in the world
There’s no rest of the world
‘Cause the best in the world
Don’t rest
This is all in jest
Make a laugh, make a funny, oh look it’s the Easter bunny
Make it random, make it cool, make it to the pizza parlour after school
Bring a pencil and make a note
Never forget the first thing you wrote
The things I see are the things are write
And things I write are the things you see
Find the rest of me
It’s the best of me
I’ll get dressed and see
How it’s more than three years later
And I’m the only instigator
Find me another debater
I’ll build this pile higher and higher and make it straighter
So give it to me straight
I’m late, I know
But I have a lot to show and tell
So let me tell
So we can all feel well

Didn’t say what was wrong, but what was right
Didn’t ask for assistance despite persistence
Didn’t have anything to keep for my own
Now the faces don’t even move in the distance
And these goosebumps only come when I’m cold
Find me another blanket, this one is getting old
I have to move on now
Have to move on now
Move on now
I have to

I’ll pour this heart out on the nightstand because I can
I’ll prove it
I’ll take these words and teach them gymnastics because I can
I’ll prove it
I’ll bend the unbendable because I can
I’ll prove it
I’ll win a staring contest with the sky because I can
I’ll prove it
I’ll find a needle in a haystack because I can
I’ll prove it
I’ll turn this into a story you can read later because I can
I’ll prove it
I’ll enter this year with an empty backpack because I can
I’ll prove it
I’ll take a look back, smile and nod, and then leave it all behind because I can
I’ll prove that, first.

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19 Responses to Leave It All Behind

  1. micqu says:

    I love it. Amazing poem. Surprising rhymes and a message that is loud and clear.
    I guess I need to go and clean out my backpack too. xx

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  2. Little Rants says:


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  3. leegschrift says:

    Fantastic. It’s gives a happy feeling when I read you. And a bit of a laugh. Excuse me for that. Let’s jump into the year and dive far deeper than words ever can get.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Barb Knowles says:

    So many emotions here, Paul. May this new year bring you what you need and the impetus to change what you need to, while you celebrate what you have. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Ely says:

    This is a song, right??!!?

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