Happy January 2nd!

Feels weird seeing that, doesn’t it? Happy January 2nd. Saying it even feels weird. As if the words don’t belong together.

Everyone is so kind in December.

“Merry Christmas Eve!”

“Merry Christmas!”

“Happy New Years Eve!”

And let’s even stretch that December cheer for the first day of January.

“Happy New Year!”

Now, I understand the greetings on Christmas and New Years. Those are big days.

But why are we telling someone to have a “Merry Christmas Eve!”? I don’t get it. I know it’s printed on calendars. Is it really necessary to wish someone a greeting the day before the actual event?

What is so special about December 24th, besides the fact it’s the day before December 25th?

December 23rd gets the short end of the stick, no? It’s just there. A means to an end. No one cares about it. Everyone is anticipating the three days that follow it. Man, what a rough life December 23rd has.

Once January 1st turns into January 2nd, that’s it. No more excessive greetings for each day. Back to reality. Forget the holiday cheer. Let’s leave it behind.

As per usual, I had a crazy thought.

Why don’t we say things like “Happy January 2nd Eve!” on January 1st in conjunction with “Happy New Year!” That way, we can look forward to the next day with the same excitement and buildup that January 1st had.

Who’s with me?!?

And then January 2nd will come and we can say “Happy January 2nd!” and “Happy January 3rd Eve!”


I mean, if December 24th can piggyback Christmas, why can’t every other day of the year?

Then we can get creative.

“Happy Friday Eve!”

“Happy Weekend Eve!”

“Happy Halloween Eve!”

Then we can start confusing people.

“Happy February 30th Eve!”

Then we can sympathize with people.

“Unhappy Monday Eve.”

That last one can’t end with anything other than a period. No exclamation mark.

This is getting ridiculous. I’m done. Don’t take me seriously.


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2 Responses to Happy January 2nd!

  1. Hahahaha December 24th is quite important to some people! We have a French couple staying at my house and they have their big Christmas dinner on the 24th instead of Christmas Day 😀 I found it weird at first, but I think I would actually prefer to do that! Man, I really love your posts. Happy almost January 3rd but not quite because you live in the Northern Hemisphere 😉

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    • Paul says:

      Wow, that’s actually smart! We have our feast at lunch on Christmas and then everyone falls asleep because it was so filling so we don’t even experience Christmas haha. One year when I was a kid we opened our gifts the night of the 24th, felt really weird.

      Ok, so here’s the plan. You start this “Happy (next day) Eve” trend in your part of the world, I’ll start it in mine and then it’ll meet in the middle and everyone will do it!

      Glad you like my posts!


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