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I Thought I Was Born In The Fall…NOPE

Ever go your whole life believing something to be true and then you realize it isn’t? No? Well then bear with me. I was born on September 2nd. Up until about an hour ago, I thought I was born in … Continue reading

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2014 in Review

This review is more a reflection of the great people who read my blog, rather than a reflection of anything I’ve done. I continue to be humbled by this. Thank you. The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual … Continue reading

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The Internal Struggle

It’s 5:54AM and I need to write this right now so I can stop thinking about it and fall asleep. I started this blog in June 2013 to write about sports. It was never meant to be a personal blog. … Continue reading

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The First Day

My very first day of kindergarten didn’t get off to a great start. My Mom dropped me off, and left. The bell rang at 9AM and I ran to line up. I didn’t quite get there. Instead, I tripped over … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About Poutine

I don’t know any other way to write this without coming across as stubborn and closed-minded. Of course, that isn’t my intention. Hopefully you can find some humour in this. So here we go. I don’t like poutine. This is … Continue reading

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Wise Words

My grandfather said something interesting to me the other day. He said: “The world was made so older people could pass on lessons to younger people. Now, it’s changed. I have young people telling me what to do and how.” He’s right. … Continue reading

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