Share Your Blog 2022

It’s the first Monday of the year, which means it’s time for the 4th annual Share Your Blog event!

Yes, we have food and refreshments. We also have music, swing sets, bowling, laser tag, mini golf, chairs that recline, soft carpets to rub your feet on, hidden passageways behind the bookshelf, a puppy play pen, a piñata, a money tree, and more (this implies loot bags)!

We also have hors d’oeuvres falling from the ceiling every 15 minutes, in the basket of miniature hot air balloons. Be sure to catch them.

Basically, there’s something for everyone, as I have combined all of your childhood birthday party experiences with your wildest dreams. If I’m missing something, we are already over budget.

I started doing this event in 2019 as a way for bloggers to meet other bloggers because as much as we say, “I’m blogging for myself”, it’s pretty cool when other people are around to support us.

So, let’s make this as big as we can make it!

All I ask of you is the following:

1. Introduce yourself, and your blog, in the comments section below

2. Share a link to your blog (will also accept social media links)

That’s it! Have fun with it.

Please feel free to advertise this on your blog! We each have a blog circle, the goal is to make the circle bigger. Almost like an outrageously large game of Duck, Duck, Goose. I promise, no one will have to run.

Throughout the day, as well as the days that follow, come back and see who else has joined the party in the comments.

I’ll also be sending a tweet out today where you can reply to it with a link to your blog.

Now, to introduce myself:

Hi, my name is Paul and I’ve been blogging since 2013. I like sports, seafood pasta, the colour red, tennis balls that have bounce, jokes that don’t land, and many things from the 90s. I watch too many TV shows, listen to too many songs on repeat, and drink milk every day.

The theme of my blog is me and whatever is running through my mind at the moment. If you scroll through my posts, you will find me bouncing around to different subjects, making references you didn’t think I was capable of making. If you don’t appreciate someone who tries to infuse a little bit of humour into almost everything, allow me to try and change your mind.

Blog: The Captain’s Speech
Twitter: @CappyTalks

Fun for all, vote for Paul!

Now it’s your turn!

Again, let your blog friends know this is going on! I didn’t put out any newspaper ads, so we’re going old school – word of mouth aka gossip.

Happy Share Your Blog Day!

Note: To keep the comments section easy to scroll through, I won’t be replying to comments. Just know I see you and if you’re new here, welcome!

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34 Responses to Share Your Blog 2022

  1. gigglingfattie says:

    Awww yay Paul! I love this!

    My name is Giggling Fattie, you can call me GF or T. My blog is mostly a personal diary. I blog about my life and things that I’m thinking about. I have a few regular posts, like Sunday Scribbles and a nail art post every two weeks or so.

    Twitter: noluvforfatties
    Instagram: tattooedgingernails

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  3. Thanks for the opportunity to share Paul! I’m Rosie, I blog over at and basically just complaint about being in my twenties. You can also find me on Instagram at 🤗

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  4. Catherine says:

    I was wondering if this would come back this year.
    Thank you, Paul.

    My name is Cathy (Catherine) and my blog is a mix of many things: poetry, short fiction, pictures, stuff about me, and music. I love music. Nothing is ever planned ahead and everything I write is unedited and impulsive.
    Twitter: @ micqu1
    IG: @ micqu_1
    (Wattpad: Catherine Micqu or micqu_mxm)

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  5. peckapalooza says:

    Hard to believe it’s that time of year again! So… uh… hey, everyone. I’m Aaron. But you can call me A-a-ron if you want. Lots of people do. I’ve been blogging for-literally-ever. I don’t really have a niche with my blog. I kind of just write what I feel like writing. I watch old TV shows. I watch lots of movies. I read the occasional book. I write the occasional fiction. I just try to have fun with it.
    My blog:
    Blog Twitter: @ConfusingMiddle
    Personal Twitter: @Peckapalooza
    Facebook: (but that’s because my old blog was called Carp Dime… it’s this whole thing…)

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  6. Ely says:

    Insert Slim Shady beat thumpin in the background ::::guesss whoseee back…. Back AGAIN…. ELY’S back…. Tell a friend….”

    Paul, (hold on, let me grab my mini hot air balloon from that basket because what the actual hell…. How amazing IS that?!) you made this possible. You said “I’m gonna get you back to writing in 2022” and BOOM! Here I am. First of all are you a Canadian Wizard of some sort? Well, duh. You are. But seriously, this is absolute witchery!!! Not only am I writing again, I HAD BREAKFAST THIS MORNING after a fasted workout. WHO THE EFFFFFF AM I??! 2021, where did you the the fox?!

    Anyways, per my usual way-too-long-introductions, I’m Ely and I have been on a TWO YEAR writing hiatus. Enter every excuse known to man here: __________. I’m not sure what I write about anymore but it’s always sketchy. I have so much to say about everything and nothing. I like to think I’m a humor-memoir-ish type of writer but then you’ll get those too-deep posts every now and then because I have this urge to share my experiences which can include, well, the ugly. What can I say. I’m a hot mess and that’s not gonna change.

    I’m so PUMPED to get back to our blog circle and grow this thing!!!!! Xoxox

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  8. Epi B says:

    Hi there Paul. Thank you for making this sweet show and tell possible.

    I’m a Dutch blogger who stumbled upon your welcoming little corner of the Blogoverse via ‘The Confusing Middle’. My blog is a reflection of my chaotic mind, all though I must say that it sometimes feels like my blog knows things about me before I do… which is kind of creepy… but also amazingly useful!

    A nickname my family gave me when I was young (I am now 37) is Epi. I thought it would be cool for my blog to be called the Epi Center. That one was already taken though, so I settled for:

    Bee is the first letter of my last name. Also it’s what those crucially important buzzy bugs are called that we all need to protect in order to save our planet.

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  9. Becky says:

    I can’t believe it’s already this time of year again.

    Hi folks! I’m Becky and I blog over at Strikeouts + Sprinkles ( I blog about the books I’ve read, what I’m watching on Netflix, fun day trips and adventures I go on, and the occasional rant about sports.


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  10. Hey Paul! Thank you for doing this

    I am Dream or you can call me Dream Girl or even TDG.
    I have been blogging for 5 years now and I generally write about me and my feelings, occasionally rant, dabble in poetry and fiction! I also LOVE reading and eating xD
    I am a very outdoorsy person but I can totally curl up in a corner and read. I like to keep things interesting 😛
    Here is my blog:
    Can’t wait to discover new blogs!

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  12. Hey,
    I’m Venus
    My blog is
    To continue, My Blog is my life. Everything I post is True. I am a total Cat Lady and my favorite color is Purple.
    I’m taking a Purple Balloon home from this party!

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  13. Monty Vern says:

    Hi All! First of all thanks Paul for the opportunity and inspiration for community building. I only ‘met’ Paul and started blogging mid-year 2021 so this is my first go around for this annual tradition.

    I’m Monty and like to call myself a work-in-progress human being. I’m also an author and illustrator (you can find my work under my full pen name Monty Vern). And at least since last year a personal blogger. I’m originally from Vermont, USA but currently live, work, and create in Shanghai, China.

    My Words: My words are as varied as the experiences life has thrown at me. Always personal and emotionally honest. Mostly autobiographical, observational, and free of fake news. Periodically humorous, sometimes intentionally but often not.

    My People: My people are those that use human connection to inspire each other’s creativity. Our personal journeys intersect in the most curious and interesting ways. Let’s embrace each other’s differences and celebrate each shared moment.

    Join me:
    Monty’s Blahg:
    Author Site:
    Twitter: @MontyVern

    Be well,

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  15. Hi, I am Paul. My blog is Ups and Downs of Family History – I post a lot about Genealogy, DNA, and other topics.

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  17. CARAMEL says:

    Thank you for inviting us to take part Paul!

    My name is Annette. I started my site on WordPress just over a year ago. I dropped the topical discussion posts (because it was rather depressing!) and have stuck with recipes, drinks reviews and music. I tried to make my site easier to navigate by installing menus and three distinct categories:

    I have enjoyed creating posts and all the interaction on WordPress so much more than I ever imagined. It’s been a great diversion during the Pandemic.

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  18. Michelle says:

    Hi there! I’m Michelle and my blog is called ‘Michelle’s Clutter Box’. I blog about whatever pops up in my mind – usually something random. The link is

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  19. Sarah Warsi says:

    Hi Paul! Thank you so much for doing this. 🙂

    Hi everyone, my name is Sarah and my blog is my namesake at I have been blogging since 2015 and I write about all things inspirational and motivational. I write about personal life experiences, lessons learned, how to become a better person, and just hope I can uplift my readers somehow along the way. 🙂

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  20. Hi, my name is Tony and I blog about the serious, sacred and silly stuff in my life. I welcome each of you to check out my blog at I did take a short break but I’m getting back into the swing of things.

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  21. Ben Berwick says:

    As always, thanks to Paul for this opportunity.

    My name is Ben, and I run I speak of my life and experiences and I will indulge in social and political commentary, alongside some silliness and fun. There is a blog that gets regularly updated, and a main site with articles on topics like F1 motor racing and Nintendo. There is now a forum as well.

    The main ‘feature’ over the last year and a half has been a bi-weekly Meerkat Muse, which was a bid to create a structure to the site. I think it’s vaguely worked?!

    Anyway, that’s me!

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  22. wrookieschu says:

    Hi Paul, thanks for this. I love connecting with other bloggers and getting to know the community. I’m Wayne and I’m a travel blogger living in Sydney, Australia, currently partaking in Bloganuary. You can check out my blog at ☺️

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  23. katiegirl06460 says:

    Hi Paul I am Kate and I am at

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  24. Bill says:

    Sorry I’m late. Is there any food left? Anyone still bowling?

    My name is Bill, and my blog is A Silly Place.

    I write about whatever strikes my fancy, and I have been known to do this thing where I add other people’s links to a blog post every week that people tend to like.

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  25. enchantedwords says:

    Heyy thanks for the opportunity to share my blog!!
    My blog is basically a mirror of every random impulse or idea I get in the moment. I don’t post regularly but I do end up putting out something every other week:)


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  26. cd says:

    Time flies by!
    Thanks for doing this again Paul, it’s always fun to find more blog friends!

    Hi everyone, I’m Cass, you can find me over at Uniquely Cass (
    I write about anything & everything pretty well life related, I share my love for books monthly, things i’m trying / loving & have even starting sharing my wedding planning updates.

    Where you can find me:

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  28. Dutch Lion says:

    My name is Reid and I’m the “Dutch Lion”.

    Thanks Paul. Love you man!

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  29. Sharon says:

    Hey guys, I’m sorta late to the party. Anyway.
    I’m Sharon and I love reading and writing. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Here’s my blog. Do drop by sometime:

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