50 Thoughts: 2018 NHL Draft

The first 31 thoughts will follow the draft order and pertain to the team picking at each position. Thoughts 32-50 won’t follow the draft order and will be about anything. 

1. It’s no secret that Buffalo is taking Rasmus Dahlin. He’ll probably be a Leaf killer for years to come, but jokes on them, the Leafs rarely win in Buffalo anyway, so ha! Take that Buffalo!

2. Based on mock drafts, Carolina is taking Andrei Svechnikov. I know nothing about him.

3. The Montreal Canadiens need a centre more than I need oxygen to breathe, yet they fall in love with undersized wingers who are all the same. If they don’t take Jesperi Kotkaniemi here, I’ll be laughing for a long time.

4. Oh, Ottawa. Lovely city, great people, an arena in the middle of nowhere. I feel like they want Brady Tkachuk. That would be cool.

5. Eventually all of Arizona’s high draft picks will give them a good team, right? They could use a defenceman here.

6. It feels eerie seeing Detroit this high in the draft. They’ll make a smart pick because they’re a smart organization.

7. In a perfect world, I think Vancouver would want Tkachuk to still be there at 7. That would create the rivalry with his brother Matthew in Calgary. Personally, I’m all in on the Tkachuk boys. Love everything about them.

8. Another eerie sight seeing Chicago this high in the draft. What do they need? Maybe a defenceman. Seabrook and Keith aren’t going to be around forever.

9. The New York Rangers need to go in full rebuild mode and stay the course. None of this signing free agents to large contracts nonsense. It won’t work.

10. Apparently, the Edmonton Oilers want to trade this pick for a “quality defenceman”. Ahahahaha. I do not trust Peter Chiarelli as a GM. In his career, he’s traded Tyler Seguin and Taylor Hall, who won the Hart trophy this year. There are no words. Just laughter.

11. Lou Lamoriello has turned the New York Islanders into a respectable franchise in about one month on the job. They could probably make a TLC show out of this. They’re putting on an all-out blitz to keep John Tavares this summer.

12. The Islanders are on the clock again. Do they trade one of these picks for a goalie? Who’s available? Philipp Grubauer? That’s a huge risk.

13. Next up is Dallas. They’re hosting the draft so don’t be surprised if they try to be extra busy. Maybe they’ll trade down a few spots and pick up an additional pick.

14. Philadelphia is next. I don’t know what to say about them. They need goaltending, but goalies don’t get picked 14th overall. It’s either in the Top 5 or the later rounds.

15. The Florida Panthers need to put butts in seats. Adding another defenceman to pair with Aaron Ekblad might be in the cards here.

16. I used to own a Colorado Avalanche jacket when I was a kid. I loved it. I also have a mini stick somewhere with the Avalanche logo. Additionally, I fell asleep the night they won the Stanley Cup in 2001 because it was late. I have a soft spot for that franchise. Hope they do well.

17. The New Jersey Devils need to find secondary scoring to help Taylor Hall.

18. Columbus is building a strong defense core. They could probably use this pick on a forward.

19. Philadelphia again. Still need a goalie. What if they bundle the 14th & 19th picks and trade into the top 6? Or what if they traded for Grubauer?

20. When I think of the LA Kings, I think of a heavy team. One that just leans on you and wears you down. I wouldn’t be surprised if they get a big player here.

21. Since the year 2000, San Jose has selected a forward with their first selection in all but four drafts.

22. Ottawa again. Lovely city, great people…I’ve said this already. Their franchise is a mess. This draft is important for them in selling hope.

23. Quack, quack, quack, quack….can you tell this is Anaheim’s pick? Their forwards are getting older, a forward is probably the best bet here.

24. Minnesota doesn’t really have a star player. I don’t know if they’re going to get one here, but they can try, I suppose.

25. If my math is correct, the Toronto Maple Leafs will be making this pick around 9:10-9:15pm ET. Plan your washroom and snack breaks accordingly. I don’t know what they do here. The mock draft I’m looking at says we should take Alexander Alexeyev. I like the name. Sold.

26. It’s the New York Rangers again. They also have the 28th pick. Do they trade one?

27. Chicago with another pick. They’re used to selecting in the late first round, they should have no problem finding a diamond in the rough.

28. It’s the New York Rangers again. This has been a recording. Inbox is full. Please clear messages.

29. I don’t know what St. Louis does here, but I’m going to guess they draft a player from the WHL. The mock draft I’m looking at has them picking a kid from Niagara in the OHL. I’m cool with that. I was one number off from winning the 50/50 prize at one of their playoff games in 2013. Niagara has a special place in my heart, but not my bank account.

30. Detroit again. Wow, many teams have multiple picks. This is the Vegas pick they acquired in the Tatar trade.

31. Washington ends the first round. Will Ovechkin stumble on stage in a drunken stupor and announce the wrong player?

32. It bothers me how the players always sit in the aisle seat and then when they get picked, they go down the row to give hugs, but then they have to go back down the row to get out. All the while, they’re bumping knees and causing a disturbance. Why can’t they just sit in the middle of the row, that way they can give hugs while exiting to the aisle. I know, I’m brilliant.

33. People always boo Gary Bettman, but I’m starting to feel bad for the guy. He’s just representing the owners. That’s all. He’s just a patsy.

34. I realized tonight that Mike Babcock sounds like Paul McCartney. I’ll say no more.

35. “I have a trade to announce” are the best six words in sports.

36. Montreal is a mess. Why does their front office keep allowing their GM to make such crazy moves? None of them make sense.

37. I’ve always been jealous of the kids at the draft who walk around wearing the team jersey and hat, and accompany the management team on stage to take a picture with the draft pick.

38. Unlike the NBA Draft, reporters don’t feel the need to spoil every pick two minutes before it’s announced. Thank goodness. I like the suspense.

39. I think some teams are going to unveil new jerseys during the draft tomorrow. That should be fun.

40. If the Oilers trade their 10th pick, I’m going to fall off my couch.

41. If Phil Kessel gets traded, I’m going to fall off my couch and do donuts on the ground.

42. If Erik Karlsson gets traded to Las Vegas, I’m going to fall of my couch, do donuts on the ground, and then…uh…get back on the couch.

43. There’s no way Karlsson is back in Ottawa next year. There can’t be. That team is not finishing ahead of the Leafs, Bruins, and Lightning for a playoff spot in the Atlantic Division for the next 2-3 years.

44. “Congratulations! Can you put into words what this moment means to you?” – Get ready to here this 31 times.

45. Every team should have entrance music as they walk up to the podium.

46. At the NBA Draft, half the players showed up without wearing socks and their pants ended at their shins. I’m setting the over/under at 1.5 NHL prospects dressing like that.

47. I really hope Dallas went cheesy with slogans around the arena like, “Meet the future Stars of the NHL.”

48. What team will be the first to not congratulate the Stanley Cup winner or thank the city of Dallas for its hospitality?

49. It looks like Brian Burke will be on Sportsnet’s coverage of the draft tomorrow. I wish he was on the draft floor. He likes big moves. (See: Sedin Heist circa 1999)

50. Get’cha popcorn ready.

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  1. Barb Knowles says:

    I know this is very random, but why does desert filled Arizona have a hockey team?

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