50 Thoughts: 2018 NBA Draft

I love the NBA Draft. It’s so much fun. I did this for last year’s draft, it’s the only way to focus my thoughts. Enjoy.

The first 30 thoughts will follow the draft order and pertain to the team picking at each position. Thoughts 31-50 won’t follow the draft order and will be about anything. 

1. Phoenix is taking Deandre Ayton. He went to Arizona. The fans know him. If he can turn into an All-Star calibre centre for them, he and Devin Booker will be a great tandem for years.

2. God bless the Sacramento Kings. They make draft night so much fun. They can’t mess up the second pick, right? They won’t take Luka Doncic because they’re a team that likes to draft college players with hype. Since 1997, they’ve only drafted 3 players that didn’t go to an American college/university. Boom, research. Marvin Bagley fits the description.

3. The Atlanta Hawks have apparently made Dennis Schroder available, which means they’ll need a point guard to replace him. If they don’t take Luka Doncic or trade down to get someone else, I’ll be more confused than when they changed their logo to the Target logo.

4. Memphis has a bland team. That’s the first word that comes to mind. They need some spice. Some chutzpah. Though I can see them trading the pick and including Parson’s contract in the deal. What a mess.

5. Dallas wants Doncic, reportedly. Do they trade up? Do they hope he falls? I don’t know, but hook up this draft drama to my veins.

6. I’m sorry, but I’d hate to be drafted to the Orlando Magic. Whoever goes here is going to have the weight of the Disneyworld on their shoulders. Good luck.

7. I feel like the Chicago Bulls go with a big man and take Mo Bamba if he’s available. But don’t they also like trading picks on draft night?

8. I have no clue what Cleveland does. I think LeBron is gone no matter what, so they might as well keep the pick.

9. God bless the New York Knicks. They are the spouse of the Sacramento Kings on draft night. I want to say that Trae Young feels like a Knick pick, but they go off the board so much. There’s an 80% chance the fans boo their selection.

10. Whoever the 76ers pick better not have a burner account.

11. Charlotte should take a point guard and let Kemba Walker go somewhere else. Clear house, take the light bulbs, start over.

12. The Clippers also have the 13th pick. I feel like one of these picks might get traded. Toronto, perhaps?

13. Deep down I want the Clippers to take Mikal Bridges and Miles Bridges, so it’s like the time the Vancouver Canucks took the Sedin twins back to back. However, Mikal and Miles aren’t related, but still, the last names provide all the glory and puns. Two Bridges too far?

14. I don’t know what Denver does. Hope their pick likes high altitude.

15. The Wizards need a front court player.

16. This is the guard heavy part of the first round, Phoenix will take one, right?

17. Milwaukee is going to pick a guy with a really long wingspan because they’re trying to build a team that can reach the concession stands from the court, when everyone is connected.

18. I don’t know what “Don’t cry for me, Argentina” means exactly, but I feel like it fits the San Antonio Spurs current situation perfectly.

19. The Atlanta Hawks again! They need talent. They’re not in a position to draft for need, go get the best player available.

20. Does it really matter who Minnesota picks? Coach Thibodeau rides his starters like their horses going for the Triple Crown. Their rookie won’t get any minutes.

21. Utah probably takes a shooter here. Dare they go for Grayson Allen? I don’t envision the teams ahead of them taking Allen. Minnesota would be forced to play him, the Hawks have no one to compliment him with, the Spurs are too high class, he’s not long enough for Milwaukee, etc.

22. Chicago is on the clock again. What if they trade this pick for two other lower picks in the draft?

23. Indiana could use a shooting guard or small forward.

24. How long are the Blazers going to go with Lillard and McCollum as their stars before realizing they just don’t have enough.

25. The Lakers are up. Does this pick matter for them? They’re probably getting LeBron, another superstar, and then Kawhi next summer.

26. Do the 76ers trade this pick away so they don’t have another guaranteed contract on the books? Or do they draft a European and stash him over there for a few years?

27. The Boston Celtics will either package this pick with a player in order to move into the top 10, or they’ll draft another scrappy player who can defend.

28. The Golden State Warriors don’t care about the draft, come on.

29. Brooklyn needs so much help, I don’t know what the 29th pick will do for them. But hey, they acquired Dwight Howard the other day, so let’s party like it’s 2008!

30. The Atlanta Hawks are on the clock for the third time in the first round. If they trade Schroder, they may have more than 3 picks. For their sake, I hope they get a good haul.

31. The Toronto Raptors want to move into a lottery position to draft Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. He’s a point guard out of Kentucky and is also from Hamilton, Ontario.

32. Do the Raptors get one of the Clippers’ picks? Who would the Clippers want? The DeRozan connection with LA and new Assistant Coach Rex Kalamian is strong, but I don’t think he’s worth just the 12th pick. There would have to be way more and the Clippers don’t have desirable assets.

33. I’m hoping the Kings acquire another first round pick, somehow.

34. I like the little noise that plays when the commissioner is announcing the picks.

35. I’m going to try and stay off Twitter during the draft. There’s always someone announcing the picks 2 minutes before they’re announced on TV. Ruins the whole draft.

36. At the same time, I’m unable to read any trade rumours. Darn reporters.

37. The Raptors don’t have a pick in this draft, but they probably have a few guys lined up to sign as undrafted free agents as soon as it ends, like they did with Fred VanVleet.

38. So if the Raptors trade into the draft, it’s first round or bust. No need for a second round pick.

39. I kinda like that the NBA Draft never moves around from city to city anymore. It was in New York for awhile, now it’s in Brooklyn. The draft wouldn’t be fun in front of fans with winning teams.

40. Every guy taken in the first round will be talked up as a great prospect. A lot of them will be a bust in less than two years.

41. I’m always nervous for the teams that have multiple picks in the first round. I feel like that gives them freedom to take at least one gamble, and then they flop on both picks. (This theory is based on no research).

42. I miss the days when the players all wore tan suits that were 16 sizes too big for them. I’m specifically talking about the 1998 Draft they show on NBA TV around this time every year. So much tan.

43. I know David Stern retired, but can he come back just to announce the picks? He had great comedic timing.

44. Jalen Brunson is in the draft. His dad, Rick, played for the Raptors for 10 minutes. Literally, 10 minutes. Look at the stats.

45. Gary Trent Jr. is in the draft. His dad, Gary, played for the Raptors for 355 minutes. Literally, 355 minutes. Look at the stats.

46. Orlando won 25 games last season and are picking 6th. Two or three fewer wins and they’re in the top 3.

47. Are the Spurs planning to trade Kawhi today and none of us are expecting it to happen this quick?

48. The Magic should trade picks 35 & 41 for a first round pick in the 20s.

49. Some players won’t be in attendance and ESPN will interview them via Skype or FaceTime and family members will be on their phones in the background, waving at the camera. You watch.

50. I want trades. I want surprising picks. I want players to fall in the draft. I want the Raptors to do something. I want to laugh at, not with, the Kings.

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2 Responses to 50 Thoughts: 2018 NBA Draft

  1. Barb Knowles says:

    I love 6,14,17 haha. Don’t throw popcorn at me but LeBron can’t last forever. And #40 is spot on.

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