50 Thoughts XXXIII

1. Food trucks should drive around neighbourhoods but, instead of playing music to alert people, the driver uses a microphone to announce what foods they have onboard. Imagine hearing, “FRIES! PULLED PORK SANDWICHES! CAESAR SALAD!” coming down your street.

2. I didn’t want to bring it up at the time, but it felt like last week went, Monday-Wednesday-Wednesday-Wednesday-Friday.

3. Seedless grapes, that have seeds in them, have some nerve.

4. Libraries are great, but have you ever thought about how many people sneezed into the book you’re reading?

5. It bothers me when a famous person signs an autograph for a kid, but never looks at them.

6. I feel like we’ve been in the, “Vinyl is making a comeback!” phase for at least nine years.

7. Did Robin Hood’s friends ever call him, “Rob”?

8. I can’t believe I watched every episode of the musical version of The Bachelor.

8.25 The series they have planned for the summer better delve into the early years of the show.

8.5 I need a two-hour deep-dive into Jen Schefft winning her season, only to come back as the next bachelorette, reject a proposal from the guy she picked, and break up with him before the season finished airing.

8.75 2005 was the wild, wild, west in Bachelor land.

9. Everyone should know who Henry The Duck is, specifically the story: “Henry’s Important Date”. Look it up.

10. There was a play in the 2001 NBA Playoff series between Philadelphia and Toronto where Allen Iverson subtly dragged his pivot foot and moved about 3-4 feet without dribbling. Travelling was not called. No one noticed.

10.5 I rewound it four times just out of respect for the brilliance.

11. If you flip backwards through Instagram stories, you won’t see any ads.

12. The beginning of Jerry Seinfeld’s latest Netflix special is reminiscent of how Jeff Probst used to transport the final votes back to America in the early seasons of Survivor.

13. Why does America always have to declare war on everything?

14. Carlos Delgado’s swing was a thing of beauty. It had so much torque in it. I thought he deserved to be in the Hall of Fame, but I might be biased.

14.5 Look at his stats, though. Thirteen consecutive monster seasons. What more do you want?

15. My theory as to why the writers of Outer Banks named the main character, John B., is this: They wanted to name him Johnny, but that would come across as too childish. And since his antics could already be misconstrued as childish, they didn’t want to re-enforce that theme in our head. So, they went with John B. because it sounds similar, but the inclusion of the middle initial makes him sound like a historical figure from 1697, whom we should respect.

15.5 This probably isn’t the reason.

16. We need to bring back the phrase, “Good night, nurse.”

17. Social media is the day-to-day equivalent to a school yearbook.

18. It’s crazy how everyone has the exact same thoughts regarding IKEA.

19. I have lost about 4 lbs. since I started sleeping on the floor two weeks ago. I hope this doesn’t mean I have to start a fitness account on Instagram.

20. Dr. Phil is the most infuriating contestant on the celebrity version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION, PHILIP.

21. It is not a meal from McDonald’s unless there are fries. I don’t make the rules.

22. More people should start a blog. It forces you to discover things about yourself you never knew existed within you. Plus, you become friends with people all over the world which is cool.

23. I still sing the Mighty Machines theme song to myself.

24. My favourite display of team camaraderie was when most of the players on the Toronto Raptors wore purple headbands during the 2001 NBA Playoffs.

24.5 Just warms my heart.

25. Everyone thirty and younger is a kid and everyone older than that is a professional adult.

26. Is there a more unsanitary sport than baseball? From experience, your hands are covered in dirt the whole time, and if they aren’t, you make sure they are.

27. Life would be simpler if dust didn’t exist.

28. Shad Gaspard was a former wrestler for the WWE and was in a tag team called, Cryme Tyme. They were great. Sadly, Shad got caught in a riptide yesterday and when lifeguards went out to help, he directed them to save his son first. Shad is still missing. It’s a sad story, yet a heroic one.

29. I saw a person walk down the street in a zig-zag formation, as if they were a race car trying to warm their tyres.

30. How many words can you spell, using only the letters in the word, “Weather”? I got up to 18 in about 25 seconds.

30.5 Google says THERE ARE 111 WORDS.

31. The MLB on TSN theme song is my childhood.

32. My Nonna is so confused by my ankle socks.

33. I am forever in need of someone with which to play catch.

34. Karen, the neighbour in Dead To Me, is absolutely hilarious.

35. I looked up the main premise of Star Wars and, basically, it’s Mario saving Peach from Bowser, but with weird costumes. Who knew?

36. It is incumbent upon bloggers to introduce their readers to bloggers who don’t yet have a huge following. That being said, go check out Toni’s blog and give her a follow!

37. I am very satisfied with the winner of this season of Survivor. My pre-season pick to win came in second.

38. I am a big fan of commemorative patches on sports jerseys. The Maple Leaf Gardens – Memories and Dreams patch is one of the best.

39. There has been an uptick in the number of TV shows that have a “money laundering” storyline.

40. I tried ramen the other day, for the first time. My throat was on fire for 20 minutes.

41. The hope is that all the bad days prepare us for the good days.

42. Nothing gets people out of the house more than the presence of a fire truck on their street.

43. Can you have pomp without circumstance?

44. Remember when “Somebody That I Used To Know” came out and the song and music video felt like a glimpse into the future of the music industry? I think we were wrong.

45. Season 3 of Dynasty hits Netflix in four days. You should watch it.

46. Nocciola means “hazelnut” in Italian. Uovo means “egg”. This has been your Italian Translation of The Day. Now go make pasta from scratch.

47. I need more Japanese game shows in my life.

48. Vince Carter got so much flack for attending his college graduation the morning of Game 7 against the 76ers in 2001, yet in the fourth quarter, the commentators said it didn’t look like Carter’s play had been affected by his decision.

49. I would love to give a speech at a university/college graduation some day, just so I can avoid using every motivational cliché.

50. “I know there’s someone out there feeling just like I feel. I know they’re waiting up, I know they’re waiting to heal. And I’ve been holding my breath, are you holding your breath, for too many years to count?”

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32 Responses to 50 Thoughts XXXIII

  1. Bill says:

    Excellent observations as usual, but it’s a different Larry Csonka.

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  2. Frede says:

    I like #25. Can I use it as an excuse to stop working 12 hours a day? Like… Can I send my clients to you and you back me up? 😂

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  3. I think that MMA is a more unsanitary sport than baseball. Like two sweaty people all over each other? Biting and spitting and hitting? (I have never watched it so if I’m wrong please don’t correct me) So much more unsanitary than baseball. Dirt on your hands just doesn’t compare to another person’s sweat and spit.

    Why do you think you’ve lost 4lbs while sleeping on the floor? You might want to look into the weight loss possibilities of floor sleeping.

    Why is Nonna confused about your ankle socks? Yeah I’m not gonna call her YOUR Nonna. I don’t know any other ones so I won’t get confused.

    You CAN have the pomp without the circumstance, but then it’s just pompous and a tiny bit rude.

    Why did the ramen burn your throat for 20 minutes? More details, Paul!

    And not a comment to one of your points: why did you show up in my reader as a blog I follow, but when I check my follower’s list you were not listed at all. So I come to your site and it says I’m following you so I unfollow and follow again and now you’re on my list… Good thing you posted this to Instagram or I would have never known it was here or that there was a problem…


    • Paul says:

      Oh trust me, there are a lot more unsanitary aspect to baseball I didn’t mention. They spit all the time because they’re always chewing on sunflower seeds which they keep in their back pocket. The pitcher licks his fingers before most pitches so they have better grip. Players spit into their gloves and wipe it around. Then all that transfers to the all when they catch/throw it. It just never ends. Lol there is no biting in MMA and they wear mouth guards so I don’t know how much spit comes out, but the sweating and bleeding on each other part is highly unsanitary and probably dangerous.

      I’m not sure – maybe the floor is pushing my stomach into me? Haha. I also think it has to do with me not sleeping a lot and having to go up and down the stairs a million times a day.

      I think Nonna thinks there was a manufacturing problem with my sock lol. She can’t figure out why they’re so short and not like normal socks.

      Apparently I tried a spicy ramen bowl? I’m not good with spice.

      What!? WP is trying to keep my posts from you! I don’t really know why it did that, but sometimes I’ll get a notification from someone and it says I’m not following them (when I know I am) so I click on their blog and when I get there it shows I’m following them. So maybe it’s just a glitch? I really don’t know.

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      • Ew. Sports are gross!!

        Nonna sounds delightful! I’d like to apply for adoption please.

        I’m not good with spice either! The first phrase I learned in Korean was “no spices please”

        And I KNOW! So angry! Sometimes on my phone if I open a blog it will say I’m not following it but I know I am because I got the email! So rude, WordPress. So. Rude.

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  4. Toni Gray says:

    Wow you’re awesome and I was not expecting a shoutout! Also Japanese game shows ruined my childhood and gave me dark humor. I miss them 😂 BRING THEM BACK

    Thanks again Paul you’re the best!!

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  5. rebbit7 says:

    I had NO idea that you can avoid ads on IG Stories by going backwards! Going to try this out. I hear you on the US-war point: we always declare war, just because we can (which is annoying). Likewise, I also try to introduce up-and-coming bloggers so they get more exposure; it’s like welcoming a new family member! Very strange you found ramen spicy…if anything, I think it’s more salty than hot. Enjoyed your 50 thoughts, Paul!

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    • Paul says:

      Once you watch IG stories in reverse, there’s no going back. The ads ruin everything.

      Very true, it is like welcoming a new family member! That’s probably the best thing about the blogging community.

      Apparently, what I tried was ramen from a spicy bowl? I didn’t think it was going to be so spicy, but then it hit me.

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  6. Hi Paul, another great list of 50 thoughts. I posted responses to a few below, as always thank you for bringing a smile to my face 😉

    1. Agreed, totally
    2. Also agreed, it seemed to drag on forever
    3. HOW DARE THEY!!
    5. Yes extremely
    7. I think his merry men called him Rob, because why not?
    13. It’s the leadership in power, it doesn’t make it right, but what can I say?
    34. Karen is hilarious! Did you know she also plays a commissioner on Tacoma FD, that
    show is hilarious too.
    42. I know right?
    43. You cannot, it’s like having peanut butter without jelly, sorry
    46. Water, eggs, flour, potatoes, DONE…………gnocchi anyone? And I’m not even Italian.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Paul says:

      I love when people break down my 50 thoughts posts like this!

      3. Especially during times like these. NOT NOW, GRAPES.
      7. Probably. OH, I wonder if his neighbours referred to him as “Neighbour Hood”
      34. I did not know that!
      43. This is what I thought
      46. Sounds right!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. peckapalooza says:

    7. I feel confident that there are several times in Disney’s animated Robin Hood where Little John refers to him as Rob.
    11. That is a game changer.
    13. Because we are an obvious warrior race, like Spartans. Or Klingons. A thousand years from now, high school mascots will be named after us.
    20. I haven’t seen any of the latest version of Millionaire, but I actually stopped watching the regular version years ago because I got fed up with all the contestants apparent need to share their entire thought process as to why they’re taking their 1 in 4 shot.
    43. No, but you can have circumstance without pomp.
    47. We all do.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Paul says:

      11. Total game changer. I’m just hoping Instagram doesn’t catch on
      20. Dr. Phil goes beyond sharing his thought process. For multiple questions, he was questioning the wording of the question and asked if it was a trick. There was also one question where the show had to put up a graphic that said “15 minutes later” because he took so long to answer.
      47. YouTube quences my thirst for Japanese game shows, thankfully

      Liked by 1 person

  8. ~M says:

    #8 – I’ve almost watched them all. But why? Seriously… Lol…

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Becky says:

    1. YES I would love that.
    4. 🙄
    26. When I managed my high school’s team sometimes the guys would spit their sunflower seed shells at me in the dugout…
    34. KAREN!!
    39. And we watch all of them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Paul says:

      1. I’m shocked no one has done this yet
      26. Haha poor Becky. Sunflower seeds were popular when I played. Kids would put them in their back pocket and snack on them while in the field.
      39. Somebody has to


  10. mydangblog says:

    I laughed so hard at some of these–your mind must never shut off (and I know that feeling!).

    Liked by 1 person

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  12. Japanese game shows? I’m sensing a huge story behind this.

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  13. Belladonna says:

    You are something else! LOL

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  14. Geri Lawhon says:

    This was a good way to clear my mind of all the negative virus and political news. Thanks for posting this.

    Liked by 1 person

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