Things I Will Never Do as a Teacher (Reblog)

I normally only reblog posts that mention me in them (I’m trying to change), but this one is different. I found it very relatable and think it deserves more attention. If you’ve ever been a student, teacher, or just a decent person, I encourage you to read this. Thanks!

A Journey

“Can I please go to the bathroom?

“I don’t know, canyou??”

*insert eye roll*

The title of this post either made you flashback to the classroom of a teacher that made your life hell, or think about some of your own personal pet peeves.

After 13.5 years of schooling, I’ve come across a handful of truly influential adults in my educational career that have inspired me to pursue my future career as a high school teacher.

I love everything about school -except for the exams and busy work, of course.

I love the relationships you create with the different people in numerous classes you thought you would dread.

I love the feeling when you get back a paper or assignment you know you put your best effort and see that all the late night hours paid off.

I could go on and on, but the fact of the matter is that…

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6 Responses to Things I Will Never Do as a Teacher (Reblog)

  1. Outstanding post👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼I told the author I was a TA and taught 4 classes and all of these are sooo important.

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  2. I’ve had my share of bad teachers, so I appreciate the post Paul!

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  3. Excellent casting with Cameron Diaz. I’d love her as a teacher.

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