NFL Snapshots: Divisional Round (2023)

Two quick things before I get to the Snapshots.

1. The weather for the Bengals vs. Bills game was perfect. When I say I want a Snow Game, that is what I want.

2. If the NFL decides to go through with their idea of hosting every championship game at a neutral site in the future, it will be awful. Not for them – they’ll make millions – but for the rest of us. Please don’t do it. Please forget you ever had this idea.

Buffalo Bills (Lost 27-10 vs. Bengals)
The defence couldn’t stop the Bengals. The offence couldn’t score enough points to keep up. I expect the Bills to make upgrades to their offence over the offseason. If Josh Jacobs wants to go to Buffalo, get him. It can’t be the Josh Allen Show forever and always. Give him a running game to lean on.

Cincinnati Bengals (Won 27-10 at Bills)
The Bengals are just clinical and precise and unrelenting. They’re like Dexter. Remember that show? Their defence is so good and it feels like no one noticed until this week. There is a lot to like about this team and the Chiefs should be concerned next week.

Dallas Cowboys (Lost 19-12 at 49ers)
I’ve never quite understood the hate that Dak Prescott receives. The Cowboys offence underwhelms me, outside of Tony Pollard and Ceedee Lamb. Pollard went down with a fractured left fibula and a high ankle sprain in the first half. They looked lost without him.

Jacksonville Jaguars (Lost 27-20 at Chiefs)
I am proud of the Jaguars. They got themselves in the playoffs, won a home game, and then went into Arrowhead and didn’t look out of place. This season was a huge step in the right direction.

Kansas City Chiefs (Won 27-20 vs. Jaguars)
Patrick Mahomes could probably find Travis Kelce on a football field with his eyes closed. I don’t know if this connection can be stopped, but if the Bengals find a way to slow them down, the Chiefs’ receivers will need to step up.

New York Giants (Lost 38-7 at Eagles)
What was that?

Philadelphia Eagles (Won 38-7 vs. Giants)
Dominant. That’s what that was. It was an, “In case you forgot who we are” game and the Eagles needed it.

San Francisco 49ers (Won 19-12 vs. Cowboys)
Statistically, Brock Purdy had the worst start of his career, but he didn’t turn the ball over and made good throws. The defence shut down the Cowboys and now they’re off to Philadelphia.

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5 Responses to NFL Snapshots: Divisional Round (2023)

  1. Travis Bille says:

    The moment Pollard went down, I said to no one in particular, it’s over. Dallas defense kept it in reach, but Pollard is that x-factor… the guy who can take it to the house on any play, even against a great defense like SF. All they needed was one of those to change the game. I don’t know if Dallas ever really understood his value until the second half of that game when they looked already beaten.

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    • Paul says:

      I agree with you – I don’t think Dallas knew how much he meant to the team until the second half. To me, they’ve been so infatuated with the idea of Ezekiel Elliott and make sure he gets his touches, even though he’s not the game breaker he used to be. They also never replaced Amari Cooper. I know they couldn’t afford another high end receiver, but Noah Brown and Michael Gallup aren’t #2 receivers.


  2. Dutch Lion says:

    Fantastic points. I think I agree with you 100%, especially on the neutral site championship games. I had just read about that idea somewhere else. This is a horrible idea. I usually like Championship Sunday better than the Super Bowl because there is something about home crowds, weather, and a double-header that is more fun and satisfying than one neutral site Super Bowl game played indoors. On top of the neutral site thing, I read that the NFL has an idea to play the games on separate days, like one game on Sunday and then one game on Monday night. DUMB! We don’t want to watch after a long day of work. The tradition of Championship Sunday is fantastic. Don’t mess with success!

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    • Paul says:

      You’re bang on. The home crowd and weather and stadium add a whole personality to the game that we don’t get at a neutral site. Most of the time, the Super Bowl is a step down from all the other playoff games. Rarely, if ever, it’s the best game of the season. At this point the NFL has enough money, they don’t need more from neutral site championship games. I hope the owners shoot it down quickly.

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      • Dutch Lion says:

        The NFL is so weird. I’ve never heard anybody complain about the current Championship Sunday tradition. Why does the NFL try to fix something that isn’t broke? Instead, they should focus on fixing the things that ARE broke. There are plenty of complaints. Work on those.

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