NFL Snapshots: Week 8 (2022)

For the first time that I can remember, the NFL Trade Deadline was actually…fun? There were 10 trades on deadline day, which is a record. How cute. I’m sure NBA, NHL, and MLB front offices got a good chuckle out of that.

It is refreshing, though, to see professional sports teams value their draft picks. I understand that NFL teams have rosters twice the size of other sports leagues, and the player turnover rate is much higher, so they need the picks to replenish their depth, et cetera. But when you see NBA teams dishing out four first round picks (and pick swaps) for players who won’t win them a championship, you almost laugh at NFL teams that cling to late round picks like they’re gold.

The disparity between the value of picks across different leagues is hilarious.

I realize I’m a few days late and Week 9 has started, but let’s act like I posted this before the Thursday Night game.

Arizona Cardinals (3-5)
It may be premature to say this, but a loss this weekend to the Seahawks means their season is over.

Atlanta Falcons (4-4)
The Falcons find themselves in first place in the NFC South, which is doing its best NFC East impersonation this year.

Buffalo Bills (6-1)
Every game from here on out is a dress rehearsal for the playoffs. That’s it.

Baltimore Ravens (5-3)
Storylines for the Ravens this season include: 1) Their defence isn’t the same as it once was; and 2) The offence can’t stay healthy. Yet here they are, atop the division.

Carolina Panthers (2-6)
I’ve never really understood why a player feels the need to take off their helmet in the end zone to celebrate a touchdown. I’ve also never really understood why it needs to be a penalty.

Cincinatti Bengals (4-4)
I wondered why the Bengals and Browns were chosen as the matchup on the Halloween edition of Monday Night Football, but then I realized their colours are black, brown, and orange. Halloween colours. Of course.

Cleveland Browns (3-5)
I still don’t think they’re better than the Bengals, but for one night they were.

Chicago Bears (3-5)
The acquisition of Chase Claypool will help out Justin Fields a lot.

Dallas Cowboys (6-2)
Tony Pollard was electric as the starting running back.

Denver Broncos (3-5)
A win in London against the Jaguars kept their season alive, but then they traded Bradley Chubb to the Dolphins, which doesn’t exactly help.

Detroit Lions (1-6)
The Lions have not turned their positive Hard Knocks appearance into success on the field.

Green Bay Packers (3-5)
The Packers have lost four games in a row. Raise your hand if you were expecting that this season.

Houston Texans (1-5-1)
No one met the Texans’ asking price for Brandin Cooks (2nd rounder, 4th rounder, and $18 million guaranteed for next season), so they did not trade him. Fine. However, this ends with the Texans releasing him, or trading him at the draft/in the offseason, doesn’t it? It just feels like they missed an opportunity to do right by a veteran player and send him somewhere he can help a team win. Not exactly a good look for the organization.

Indianapolis Colts (3-4-1)
The Colts are tanking, right?

Jacksonville Jaguars (2-6)
The Jaguars traded for Calvin Ridley at the deadline. Although he won’t play for them until next year, I think this was a very shrewd move.

Kansas City Chiefs (5-2)
You just know Andy Reid has drawn up some “wow” plays for Kadarius Toney for his Chiefs debut on Sunday Night Football.

Las Vegas Raiders (2-5)
The Raiders were shut out by the Saints last week. Going into the season, I thought the Chiefs and Chargers were the two best teams in the AFC West, but I didn’t think the Raiders would fall this far behind.

Los Angeles Chargers (4-3)
Keenan Allen returned from a hamstring injury in Week 7, after not playing since Week 1. I was shocked by the decision. The Chargers had a Bye in Week 8, so why not just keep him out one more game and get two extra weeks of rest and rehab? Now, Allen is out for Week 9 with a hamstring injury.

Los Angeles Rams (3-4)
Sean McVay said he feels the Rams are wasting plays when they try to run the ball.

Miami Dolphins (5-3)
Tyreek Hill is on pace for 2042 yards this season. Remember before the season, when we all thought his numbers would take a hit because he wouldn’t have Patrick Mahomes throwing him the football anymore?

Minnesota Vikings (6-1)
The Vikings acquired Tight End T.J. Hockenson at the deadline, which is a move I really like for them. He also looks like a Viking, so I’m sure the marketing team is pleased.

New England Patriots (4-4)
Where would the Patriots be without Rhamondre Stevenson?

New Orleans Saints (3-5)
The Saints went from giving up 30+ points in three straight games, to shutting out the Raiders last week.

New York Giants (6-2)
The Giants face the Texans and Lions over the next two weeks, before heading to Dallas for Thanksgiving. Wouldn’t it be something if they walk into AT&T Stadium at 8-2?

New York Jets (5-3)
There are probably nine teams that are going to be in contention for the seven playoff spots in the AFC. The Jets currently sit in 5th place. This week’s game against Buffalo is a measuring stick game.

Philadelphia Eagles (7-0)
The Eagles ran the ol’ schoolyard play against the Steelers. You know the one. The quarterback says to the receiver, “Go long”, and just chucks the football as far as they can, and the receiver runs under it and takes it to the end zone.

Pittsburgh Steelers (2-6)
The Steelers ran the gauntlet with their schedule for the first eight weeks of the season. Things get a bit easier for them after a Week 9 Bye, but the rest of this season is about getting Kenny Pickett on an upward trajectory for next year.

San Francisco 49ers (4-4)
Who’s house? Rams 49ers House.

Seattle Seahawks (5-3)
You know how the story over the last few years was how Russell Wilson has never received an MVP vote? Well, what will happen when someone gives Geno Smith an MVP vote this season? Chaos. Board up the windows at ESPN.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-5)
The Buccaneers host the Rams in a rematch of the Divisional Round of the playoffs last year. Both teams are under .500 right now and the hype for this game is not what it should have been.

Tennessee Titans (5-2)
We’re going to see what the Titans are made of this week when they go to Arrowhead.

Washington Commanders (4-4)
The Commanders have a better record than the Rams, Buccaneers, Packers, and Cardinals.

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  1. Sorryless says:

    Hill is playing ball on another planet right now. Meanwhile, if anyone would have predicted the Packers would be 3-6 and the Jets would be 6-3, they would have been committed.

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