Two Zero Two One

Is it too late to write a year-end/start-of-year post? If it is, just let me know and I will stopping typing and go look in the fridge for the eighth time in the last hour, just to see if anything moved when I wasn’t watching.

Quick question: Anyone else watch Toy Story as a kid and then arrange their toys in a weird way, so that if they moved when you weren’t looking, they had a really difficult position to get back to?

Because I…I didn’t do that. Nope. Not me. Not once. Not ever. Nope. What is Soy Tory anyway? Never heard of it.

Anyway, I’ve talked myself in and out of writing this post for about a month because who really wants to talk about “the year that shall not be named” more than necessary?

It was a hard time for everyone, whether we’ve shared our story on social media, or not. And it remains a hard time.

But one thing I’ve always been able to come back to is this blog. For some reason, this place feels detached from the real world and it’s just us – the people who like to talk to themselves, via writing.

Analogy: I don’t know if you ever had a class in a portable during your years of education, but that is what this feels like to me. We’re apart of the school, but not really, because we’re outside in our little silo.

Last year, though, I felt like this blog was slipping away from me. I don’t know if you would’ve come to that conclusion looking back on everything I wrote, but deep down, it felt different.

And I’m not even entirely sure how to explain all of this. I just felt out of rhythm most of the time. My blog felt stale. I’ve been meaning to edit stuff on my home page and have kept putting it off.

More than that, I fell victim to the stats page and the parabolic shape the “views” bar graphs have taken. Are my best years of blogging behind me? Have I run out of interesting things to say? Why are 98% of my new followers not real? Why am I finding it harder to find new blogs I enjoy? Does anyone care?

I felt like an athlete who was starting to feel like the game had become too fast for them.

Note: If you’re thinking I ever thought about giving up blogging, I didn’t. I’m doing this until I’m 100-years-old.

There were so many ideas that entered my mind, that I wanted to follow through on, but never did. I couldn’t muster up the energy for them.

In the past, I’d be like, “I can’t wait to share this!” And all of a sudden it was like, “It’s a hassle to write. Who would even care?” I just felt really discouraged a lot of the time.

I’m very willing to blame that mindset on the pandemic as well as personal things that transpired last year.

For some reason, I get a lot of inspiration for posts by just doing something mundane like walking down the street and picking up lunch. Something always seems to happen, or a stranger comes up to talk to me.

I couldn’t do that anymore. It was a lost source of inspiration.

That being said, I am proud of the “First Time Watching” series that I started. It forced me to do something new (watch movies) and I’m having fun discovering a world that every else was already aware of.

This blog has always provided me with so much relief. I finish writing posts and can feel a physical weight being lifted off my shoulders. There is a sense of joy that comes along with it.

That’s another thing that’s hard to explain.

I tell myself all the time that I can feel that joy more often if I just sit down and write more often. Simple, right? Yet, the opposite happens. I write less.

One thing I’ve noticed in the first two weeks of this year is that I seem to have adopted a “Just Go For It” mentality. I don’t know where it came from, or if someone’s going to put up “Missing” posters and I’m going to be forced to return it, but every time I thought about writing this post, or trying out a new idea, a voice inside me kept saying, “Just go for it”.

So, that’s what I’m going to try and do this year. At least, for this blog. Maybe it’ll trickle into my own life, too.

If you want to join in on that mindset, feel free to hop onboard.

I’ve had a new idea that I’ve been kicking around for a few months, that I think I’m ready to unveil tomorrow. It’s a fun idea (I think) and it includes all of you.

Now that I’ve said that, I’m terrified it’s not going to go over well, so I guess this is me pre-emptively guilting you into pretending to like it. So, ha!

Let’s all have a good year – at least out here in our blogging silo – and just go for it.

Thanks for reading!

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25 Responses to Two Zero Two One

  1. gigglingfattie says:

    “Are my best years of blogging behind me? Have I run out of interesting things to say? Why are 98% of my new followers not real? Why am I finding it harder to find new blogs I enjoy? Does anyone care?”

    This has been me for a few years now. And its hard to overcome. 😫

    I hope your new idea brings you lots of inspiration and reignites the joy of your blog!’

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    • My most mundane ‘slice of life’ posts seem to attract more attention than the longer, researched posts I put actual thought into…Don’t ask me. But I’ve been doing this for 15 years and for some reason, I can’t stop… πŸ™‚

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    • Paul says:

      Ok so I’m not alone. I also think it’s hard when bloggers come and go so frequently. We get used to the interaction/friendship and then it’s gone.

      Thanks! It’s a fun idea and I have a few more up my sleeve!

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      • gigglingfattie says:

        Yea exactly! I miss some of the friends I had at the very beginning. But some have lasted the test of time!

        Can’t wait to read them!

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  2. peckapalooza says:

    New followers not real? Are you suggesting that one of my new followers, Bitcoin Fund Management, is not a real blog reader?!

    The absolute, unmitigated gall.

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  3. Love your 2021 motto! Reminds me of they saying “If not now, when?”

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  4. I enjoy your posts. Happy New Year! πŸ™‚

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  5. Yup, Nike really nailed it on the head when they came up with ‘Just do it’.

    Wishing you all the best with this new rigour, and just thought I’d drop by to tell you I enjoy your writing style. Thanks, Paul!

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  6. nfa7 says:

    Looking at how well you express yourself, I’d say you should keep writing what and when you feel like! If it feels like work then doing something else you like, will make you feel better..then when you feel up for it, you can come back to blogging and we’ll be there to listen! (And yes I’m aware I used the word ‘feel’ a lot, though I dont know why! πŸ˜…). But thank you for the post and know that you are not alone, a lot of us FEEL exactly the same way! πŸ˜†

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  7. rebbit7 says:

    I started feeling this way beginning in 2018…I ended up taking several months to almost a year off to recharge, and now I’m back to blogging just once a week (as opposed to every day at my height of blogging). I think I might’ve gotten stale a bit, but it’s not too bad, as I’m writing more on what I want to write than before. I try to continue finding inspiration by reading more, whether books or other blogs online; I find it helps! Hope you get your mojo back, Paul; your humor and wit never cease to impress me, and I can’t wait for the reveal soon!

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    • Paul says:

      Thank you, I appreciate that! I find that my blogging mojo is at its highest at the beginning and end of the year and it dips in the middle. I’m going to hopefully try and avoid that dip this year.

      Reading is one thing I want to do more of this year for the exact reason you said. It gives me inspiration. Whether it’s the books I’ve collected or the blogs I follow/new blogs I discover.

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  8. Oh Paul, just know that you are an amazing blogger and I’m sure your following is a true audience that appreciates the time and consideration you put into each blog post. I have a lot of catching up to do on your blog because my notifications were not working 😫

    My thoughts are with you during this time. I know you mentioned that get most of your inspiration from walking down the street getting lunch. I’m sure you’ll end up started to look deep within yourself and notice you have so much to offer in writing regardless!

    Paul! Your my fav ❀️ good luck

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    • Paul says:

      You’re the best, Jenna! This was the first thing I read today and it made my whole day. Thanks for always building me up!

      Also, I was wondering if you were ok. Turns out it was just those darn notifications!

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  9. Everything was weird last year, so I guess it only makes sense that inspiration was the same way. I certainly was more on/off with blogging/other creative interests. I think the whole β€œjust go for it” mantra is a good one, I’m definitely trying to do more of that this year!

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    • Paul says:

      So true! And I guess it makes sense that since none of us were out doing anything, we didn’t really have a lot of new things to write about or share.

      Also, just wanted to mention that I saw your latest video about creativity and it really resonated with me, especially when you said we shouldn’t have to focus on just one thing or one dream career, especially if we’re interested in many things. Very well said!

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