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Running Like A Runner

Here’s the thing about running around the neighbourhood that no one wants to talk about. First of all, sidewalks are a pain. Literally. Second, your neighbours stare at you like you’re in a really long Scooby-Doo chase and they’re like, … Continue reading

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A Letter From Jen

Yesterday I posted a letter I wrote to my blogger friend, Jen. She is less than two weeks away from running a marathon and asked me to write here a motivational letter. So, I did just that. Then she replied … Continue reading

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A Letter To Genealogy Jen

Dear Genealogy Jen, I just got back from an exhilarating run and thought this was the perfect time to write to you! Actually, that’s a lie. I’ve been sitting here for a while. I didn’t go for a run. I’m also … Continue reading

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Run Like a Cheetah or Run Like a Cheater?

I will never understand what goes through an athlete’s mind when they decide to take performance enhancing drugs. Do they want to win that badly? Do they NEED to win that badly? Do they think they will never get caught? … Continue reading

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