Share Your Blog 2023

Wow, typing 2023 feels weird. We always wonder where the time goes, but it doesn’t actually go anywhere. It’s not like it steps out to make a run to the grocery store and offers up a time-related joke on its way out the door like, “I’ll be back in a jiffy.”

Although, if time did have a sense of humour, that’s what it would say. Or, “back in a sec”.

Anyway, it’s the first Monday of the year which means it’s time for the 5th annual Share Your Blog event!

This is where I offer up my comments section as the banquet hall for meeting and greeting other bloggers. As always, there is a copious amount of food, including cheese cubes with toothpicks in them because this is nothing if not a fancy event.

Once you’ve put a plate together and found a refreshment, feel free to share the following below:

Who you are, where you blog (include a link), and what you write about.

Feel free to share any additional information you deem necessary.

This is about building community and making new connections.

Thank you in advance for your participation!

If you need me, I’ll be back in a sec. I need to pick something up at the grocery store.

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12 Responses to Share Your Blog 2023

  1. Yay! I love these parties!
    I’m Venus, the Midlife Cat Lady from CatsandCoffee here at WordPress. My Blog is True Life about a single woman in her 50’s, living on Disability due to various health issues and being a Mother to three, beautiful cats! I was never blessed with human children.

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  2. Travis Bille says:

    Cool idea! I’m Travis, my NFL blog is the passion I don’t have nearly enough time for, and blogging is involved in just about everything I do. Even my 9-5 is writing and curating the blog for a fairly large school supply company. I’m addicted to writing.

    The History: During the last wild NFL offseason, Tyreek Hill and Davante Adams got traded and signed massive contracts with their new teams, and Stefon Diggs put out what I consider the defining tweet for the 2022 season: “The hell going on…” and thus, my blog was born.

    I do weekly power rankings with a blurb on each team, and a few other throw-ins articles when I have time.

    I also have a Facebook group that’s fairly new, but I’d like it to be a spot with real discussion and little to no cheerleading, where people who write and create content about the NFL can share their work. Currently it’s just discussion and mostly me posting, but it’s better than some other NFL groups I’m in that are just people posting in all caps about their super favoritist team ever.

    Found your blog recently for obvious reasons, and I love sharing links, so don’t be surprised if you write something clever and get a ping!

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    • Paul says:

      Awesome, thanks Travis!

      By the way, just wanted to let you know that when i click on your name it leads me to a different blog other than your football one. Perhaps an older one you were using?

      If you want to change what your name links to, you can go to your profile > account settings > edit website. Hope that helps!

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  3. Rebecca says:

    Hi! I’m Rebecca, an American who works a 9-5 and travels on the side (whenever possible). I used to live in France and did a bunch of solo travels throughout Europe, along with other stints in South America and my home country the US. Although my travels really took a hit during the pandemic (that, and starting a new job, getting busy with adult life), I still find time to do trips and write about them on my blog Rebecca Goes Rendezvous. Also expect to see the occasional poetry and personal thoughts on there, too!

    (…and happy new year to you, Paul. Thanks for sharing this opportunity again!)

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  4. Catherine says:

    Thank you, Paul, for hosting this event for the 5th time.

    My blog can be found at
    I write fiction, poetry, but also about my personal journey with every up and down. In addition to that, I love music and share links on occasion. I am not a critic and don’t write at length about the songs I share, I just like spreading music.

    Who I am? That’s an answer I am still trying to find. Superficially though, I am an almost 40 year old woman, educator (currently working with kids), mom, wife from a tiny country in Europe: Luxembourg… I am a bit loveable and a bit annoying at times… A right mix of everything and me – Cathy

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  5. Thanks for this opportunity to share our blogs in 2023. I invite everyone to check out my personal blog at where I post about the serious, sacred, and silly stuff in my life.

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  6. Becky says:

    Cheese cubes with toothpicks—I’m in!

    Hi folks! I’m Becky and I blog over at I write about sports, running, what I’m reading, what fun adventures I’m going on, and my ongoing Condo Chronicles series about living in my own place for the first time.

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  7. Barron says:

    Hi Paul! Thank you for the creating this annual blogging tradition. 🙂

    My name is Barron, and I like to post a daily photo on my blog . It’s sort of a journal of things that happen during the days.

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  8. peckapalooza says:

    Hard to believe it’s the start of another year and it’s already time to share our blogs again! Happy new year, Paul!

    I’m Aaron… or A-a-ron if you prefer. I recently took a blogging hiatus, so I’m still trying to get back into the swing of things. Typically, I like to write about whatever’s on my mind. And a lot of what’s on my mind happens to involve movies, TV, books, geek culture, video games… Every now and then I’ll throw out some short fiction just to try and stretch my creative muscles. If that sounds like something you might want to check out, I’m happy to have you stop by:

    Thanks for putting all this together yet again, Captain!

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  9. Ben Berwick says:

    Howdy, and Happy New Year to you all!

    I’m Ben, and I post regularly at My site is largely a blog, with regular Meerkat Muses, and other goings-on to amuse, bewilder, and hopefully stir some discussion! Being a sci-fi geek, and a Disney nerd, and a Formula 1 fan, a lot of my site’s posts veer in that direction, though I am not afraid to get political, and will make social rants as well. Hopefully you will find it entertaining!

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