NFL Snapshots: Week 16 (2022)

I don’t think it’s hyperbole for me to say that this has been the wildest NFL season ever. The 17-game schedule, which came into effect last year, has added layers upon layers of chaos. Team have gone on lengthy losing streaks, but still find themselves with a chance of getting into the playoffs with two games left to play. Amazing.

I love it. Let’s make it an 18-game schedule and add even more chaos. We all know that’s how many games we are going to get, eventually. Might as well do it as soon as possible. This league has never been better.

Arizona Cardinals (4-11)
The Cardinals were leading 16-6 with just over 10 minutes to play, when they let Tom Brady do what he always does – get back in the game. The birds would go on to lose in overtime.

Atlanta Falcons (5-10)
It finally happened – the Falcons have been eliminated from playoff contention.

Buffalo Bills (12-3)
If the Bills win their last two games, they will be the #1 seed in the AFC. However, they face the Bengals on Monday Night Football, so get your popcorn ready.

Baltimore Ravens (10-5)
The Ravens have given up more than 14 points to an opponent just once in their last six games.

Carolina Panthers (6-9)
They still sit 1 game out of first in the NFC South and face the Buccaneers in Week 17. Win or go home.

Chicago Bears (3-12)
I heard a radio analyst say the Bears should commit to playing a fast paced game on offence next year and I didn’t think it was a bad idea.

Cincinatti Bengals (11-4)
The Bengals have won 9 of their last 10 games and if there were a way to have a triple threat match in football, they’d be in it with the Bills and Chiefs, with the winner going to the Super Bowl.

Cleveland Browns (6-9)
The Browns haven’t won their division since 1989. They’ve finished in second place only three times since 1990. Think about that.

Dallas Cowboys (11-4)
The Cowboys haven’t scored fewer than 27 points since Week 7.

Detroit Lions (7-8)
The loss to the Panthers was a setback in their fairytale push for the playoffs. They should beat the Bears this week and then they face the Packers in the final game of the season.

Denver Broncos (4-11)
The Broncos fired first year head coach Nathaniel Hackett and the general manager came out and said they believe they can fix Russell Wilson. Well, they don’t really have a choice but to try and fix him, right?

Green Bay Packers (7-8)
At one point this season, the Packers had lost 7 of 8 games. But now, they seem to be getting help from absolutely everyone and find themselves right there in the fight for the last playoff spot in the NFC. I didn’t see this coming, but I guess that’s the theme of this NFL season.

Houston Texans (2-12-1)
The Texans defeated the Titans for their second win of the season! They had been building up to this in recent weeks, with strong showings against the Chiefs and Cowboys.

Indianapolis Colts (4-10-1)
Every time they try to replace Matt Ryan at quarterback, it becomes crystal clear that he is their best option at the position.

Jacksonville Jaguars (7-8)
Let me introduce you to your current leaders of the AFC South! No matter what happens this week, the winner of this division will be determined in Week 18 when the Jaguars face the Titans.

Kansas City Chiefs (12-3)
I’m going to assume that the Chiefs are going to beat the Broncos and Raiders to close out the season, which means they need the Bills to lose one of their remaining games in order to clinch top spot in the AFC.

Las Vegas Raiders (6-9)
Eight of their nine losses have been by 7 points or less. The Raiders are benching Derek Carr for the rest of the season, in favour of Jarrett Stidham. I like Carr, but he’s played in one playoff game in nine seasons as the starter.

Los Angeles Rams (5-10)
The Rams put up 51 points at home on Christmas against the Broncos.

Los Angeles Chargers (9-6)
The Chargers have clinched a playoff spot and seem to be clicking at the right time. They won’t be an easy out in January.

Miami Dolphins (8-7)
“Free Fallin'” by Tom Petty plays in my mind when I think of the Dolphins. Tua Tagovailoa is back in concussion protocol after developing symptoms on Monday. He played the entire game on Sunday, but suffered a concussion at some point. Already, the team is saying he’s improving and he was at the facility on Wednesday, though he won’t play in Week 17. With the Dolphins barely holding on to the final playoff spot, and four teams right on their heels, I am hoping they don’t force Tua back on the field for a must win game in Week 18.

Minnesota Vikings (12-3)
I’ve given up on trying to understand the Vikings.

New England Patriots (7-8)
Bill Belichick and the front office must be kicking themselves that they wasted a year in which they had a really good defence. Outside of Rhamondre Stevenson, I don’t think anyone’s job is safe at the skill positions on offence.

New Orleans Saints (6-9)
Andy Dalton threw for 92 yards, the Saints won, and remain just one game out of top spot in the division. What?

New York Giants (8-6-1)
The Giants have seven different scenarios in which they can clinch a playoff spot this week. The simplest one being: defeat the Colts.

New York Jets (7-8)
There’s going to be a support group for teams that started the season on fire, but trailed off at the end. The Jets have gone 2-6 ever since Breece Hall suffered a season-ending torn ACL injury.

Philadelphia Eagles (13-2)
The Eagles suffered their second loss of the season, despite scoring 34 points with Gardner Minshew at quarterback. I wouldn’t rush Jalen Hurts back just yet – they should be able to take care of the Saints at home.

Pittsburgh Steelers (7-8)
The Steelers have gone 5-2 after starting the season 1-6. Is it too little too late? I don’t know, but the door is open for them to sneak in the playoffs.

San Francisco 49ers (11-4)
No Jimmy Garoppolo? No problem. The 49ers are averaging 31.5 points/game with Brock Purdy.

Seattle Seahawks (7-8)
The Seahawks will be joining the Jets at that post-season support group, I think.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-8)
Just like the Vikings, I’ve given up on trying to understand the Buccaneers. I have no faith in their offence, except when they’re trailing in the fourth quarter. Then, and only then, do I believe they will put drives together that will end with points.

Tennessee Titans (7-8)
The Titans have lost 5 in a row, Ryan Tannehill is out, and Derrick Henry is doubtful for Week 17. That’s all okay because no matter what happens this week, if they defeat the Jaguars in Week 18, they win the division.

Washington Commanders (7-7-1)
Carson Wentz is once again the starting quarterback as the Commanders try to hold on to what they got (the final playoff spot) because it doesn’t kind of makes a difference if they make it or not.

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2 Responses to NFL Snapshots: Week 16 (2022)

  1. Travis Bille says:

    It’s impossible to understand the Vikings. They’ll either win the Super Bowl or lose by 30 on wildcard weekend. My favorite playoff scenario is that after all this, we might see Tom Brady v. Aaron Rodgers in the NFC Championship. This season is wild and I’m loving it.

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    • Paul says:

      You said it – those are pretty much the only two outcomes I’m expecting from the Vikings. That would be a great NFC Championship and put a cherry on top of this crazy season.


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