NFL Snapshots: Week 15 (2022)

What a week. We saw the Indianapolis Colts blow a 33-0 halftime lead to the Vikings and lose 36-33 in the largest comeback in the NFL history.

We also saw the New England Patriots try and lateral their way to a game-winning touchdown, even though the game was tied, and they could’ve just gone to overtime. I’m positive you’ve seen the play by now.

It was very confusing and I don’t think any of us will ever understand what they were thinking. There were about six different, “WHYYYY!?” moments involved in the play, if not more.

1. The play call. You don’t need to run the ball from your own side of the 50, in a tie game, with 3 seconds left. Call a QB Kneel and go to overtime. After the game, Bill Belichick said the end zone was too far away to call a pass play. Basically, he was saying Mac Jones can’t launch the ball 55-60 yards. Fine. Kneel, then!

2. Rhamondre Stevenson laterals the ball to Jakobi Meyers to avoid getting tackled. Why?

3. Jakobi Meyers runs backwards 10 yards with the ball. Why?

4. The play was unfolding right in front of the Patriots bench. If every single person on the sideline wasn’t yelling at Meyers to go down, or step out of bounds, they should have.

5. Meyers throws the ball back to Mac Jones – who is quite possibly the last player on the field you want to throw the ball to, thinking he can scamper for 50 yards. At least a lineman could truck some people on the way. The pass is intercepted (officially, it’s a fumble) by Chandler Jones of the Raiders.

6. Mac Jones gets run over by Chandler Jones, who now has the ball and is on his way to the end zone. Mac Jones has to get him on the ground. I’m sorry. I don’t care what the size difference is, do what you have to do. Grab an ankle. Pull the face mask. Anything. This isn’t the CFL where the game can’t end on a penalty. Commit a penalty, Mac! Just prevent Jones from getting by you – you’re the last man back.

When I rewatch the play, my only thought for why Rhamondre lateralled the ball to Meyers in the first place was because he thought he was about to get tackled by three Raiders, and he didn’t know there was another Raider trailing behind.

In which case, it’s possible that he thought if he dumped it off to Meyers, all Meyers would have to do was take it down the sideline and maybe make one guy miss. I don’t think he anticipated the swarm of defenders being on the scene immediately.

As for what Meyers did next, I’m not sure I can provide a plausible excuse.

Arizona Cardinals (4-10)
Amidst all the hoopla, I didn’t even realize the Cardinals lost to the Broncos this weekend until I had to write their updated record in this post. Colt McCoy left the game with a concussion, so the Cardinals are on to their third string quarterback, Trace McSorley.

Atlanta Falcons (5-9)
The Falcons are still just one game out of first place in the division. Desmond Ridder threw for 97 yards in his debut.

Buffalo Bills (11-3)
The “OMG SNOW GAME” we were all promised, was more of a “4th quarter flurry fest”. Yes, I feel cheated. Anyway, the Bills are rolling and Josh Allen has thrown only one interception in his last five games, after throwing six interceptions in the three games prior.

Baltimore Ravens (9-5)
Out of their previous eight opponents, only one of them is a playoff team…but it was the Buccaneers, who are 6-8. I don’t know what the Ravens are, but I don’t fear them.

Carolina Panthers (5-9)
The Panthers are still just one game out of first place in the division. They rushed for 21 yards against the Steelers.

Chicago Bears (3-11)
I watched most of their game against the Eagles. Justin Fields is like Nelson on The Simpsons, when he joined the football team and just did everything himself.

Cincinatti Bengals (10-4)
The Bengals outscored the Buccaneers by a score of 31-6 in the second half. Did they have “Michael’s Secret Stuff” in the locker room, or something?

Cleveland Browns (6-8)
I don’t think Nick Chubb gets the credit he deserves as one of the most dependable running backs in the league.

Dallas Cowboys (10-4)
Dak Prescott has thrown 11 interceptions in 9 games this season. The winning offensive formula in the playoffs is going to be: run/dump the ball off to Pollard and Elliott as much as possible, while hitting Lamb down field, and Schultz in the flat, when necessary.

Detroit Lions (7-7)
The Lions are 6-1 in their last 7 and if you don’t mind, I’m going to make a projection as if it’s Election Day: The Lions are going to make the playoffs.

Denver Broncos (4-10)
Brett Rypien completed 80% of his passes and the Broncos won.

Green Bay Packers (6-8)
I understand that the Packers are still technically “alive” in the playoff race, but I am here to tell you, “No, it’s over. Stop.”

Houston Texans (1-12-1)
Have I underestimated the Texans? First they scare the Cowboys, and then they take the Chiefs to overtime. They lost both games, but they were in both games.

Indianapolis Colts (4-9-1)
Trying to run out the clock for the entirety of the second half, because you have a 33-0 lead, is just asking for trouble. Especially when Jonathan Taylor isn’t even the one you’re handing the ball off to. What were they afraid of? The scouting report was literally, “You can pad your stats against this Vikings defence”.

Jacksonville Jaguars (6-8)
Here we go! For the last few weeks, I’ve been on here saying I’m all for the Jaguars playing spoiler for the rest of the season. Well, they’ve been doing such a good job of it (and the Titans have lost 4 in a row), that they find themselves one game out of the division lead. Doug Pederson has been great for Trevor Lawrence.

Kansas City Chiefs (11-3)
The Chiefs have allowed a combined 52 points to the lowly Broncos and Texans in the last two weeks. That worries me.

Las Vegas Raiders (6-8)
Their improbable walk-off win against the Patriots will be replayed for generations to come. I’m sure they’ll look to ride the momentum, but if they didn’t let Baker Mayfield go 98 yards to win the game last week, this win would’ve made the Raiders 7-7 and given them a real boost.

Los Angeles Rams (4-10)
Remember when Cam Akers was the subject of trade talks earlier in the season? And now he’s basically the last man standing on offence.

Los Angeles Chargers (8-6)
We don’t talk enough about how big the Chargers pass catchers are. Mike Williams is 6’4. Gerald Everett is 6’3. Keenan Allen is 6’2. Joshua Palmer is 6’1. They have the size advantage over most defenders.

Miami Dolphins (8-6)
They may have lost to the Bills, but their performance was much better than what they showed in California over the last two weeks.

Minnesota Vikings (11-3)
I don’t want to act like their historic come from behind win wasn’t amazing, but going down 33-0 at halftime…to the Colts…at HOME…is alarming. Let’s not forget that part of this.

New England Patriots (7-7)
The Patriots should make it a priority to hire a proven offensive genius in the offseason. We’ve seen the leap forward Trevor Lawrence has taken this year with Doug Pederson. Mac Jones needs a Doug Pederson, just so we know what his ceiling can be. Because right now, he’s just treading water and it’s not his fault.

New Orleans Saints (5-9)
The Saints defeated the Falcons, so now we have three teams in the NFC South at 5-9. This division is like when they have baby races at halftime of NBA games.

New York Giants (8-5-1)
I’ll be honest – I fell asleep about five minutes into the Giants/Commanders game and didn’t wake up until it was over. The stats from the game tell me these two teams are very even.

New York Jets (7-7)
Despite the loss, Zach Wilson threw for 317 yards and 2 touchdowns, which is encouraging.

Philadelphia Eagles (13-1)
Jalen Hurts had been diagnosed with a right shoulder sprain, so Gardner Minshew will start at quarterback against the Cowboys on Saturday.

Pittsburgh Steelers (6-8)
Mitch Trubisky had 17 completions against the Panthers – 10 of which went to Diontae Johnson.

San Francisco 49ers (10-4)
The last quarterback taken in the 2022 NFL Draft, Brock Purdy, has more touchdown passes (6) than the first quarterback taken in the draft, Kenny Pickett, who has 4. I think Pickett will be just fine, but this is not a stat anyone was expecting.

Seattle Seahawks (7-7)
Even if the Seahawks end up missing the playoffs, I think they (and their fans) can look back on this season as a success.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-8)
The Buccaneers have a first round playoff exit on their menu, don’t they?

Tennessee Titans (7-7)
Ryan Tannehill is going to miss the rest of the season with an ankle injury, which means rookie Malik Willis is taking over as the starting quarterback. He’s started two games this year and didn’t throw for more than 80 yards in either one.

Washington Commanders (7-6-1)
Coming out of back-to-back games against the Giants without a win is what may eventually sink their playoff hopes.

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  1. I actually screamed out loud when the Patriots decided to lateral that game over to the Raiders. The most bizarre ending to a game in…a long time.

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  2. Im hoping the lions make the playoffs!

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