NFL Snapshots: Week 11 (2022)

Is it just me, or has this NFL season felt like it’s gone by at an abnormally fast pace? We’re just over two months away from being bored on Sundays again. It has gone by way too fast. Can we go back to Week 6, or something? I vote yes. Who’s with me?

Once again, I am posting my Week 11 Snapshots after Week 12 has already started. Please ignore that and imagine I posted this before the Thanksgiving games. Thank you. Enjoy.

Arizona Cardinals (4-7)
Week 12 will be the first time this season (and ever) that Kyler Murray, Deandre Hopkins, and Marquise Brown will be on the field together.

Atlanta Falcons (5-6)
Kyle Pitts sustained a torn MCL that will require surgery. He finishes the season with two games in which he made more than three receptions. Not what anyone expected going into this year.

Buffalo Bills (7-3)
If Josh Allen is going to play through pain, then he has to protect himself on the field. With only three carries against the Browns, I’d say he’s protecting himself.

Baltimore Ravens (7-3)
I feel like the “no one is talking about us” moniker has landed on the Ravens. They have a good shot at ending the season with a 13-4 record, or thereabouts.

Carolina Panthers (3-8)
Baker Mayfield was the first overall pick in 2018. Doesn’t it seem like ages ago?

Chicago Bears (3-8)
Justin Fields sustained a left shoulder injury in Week 11, which he described as a “dislocated shoulder with torn ligaments”. He’s on my fantasy team and I want nothing more than for him to play every game the rest of the way but, honestly, he should probably shut it down. Even for a week. Heck, come back after the Week 14 Bye. The Bears shouldn’t throw him into the fire with an injured shoulder. For what?

Cincinatti Bengals (6-4)
The Bengals have gone 6-2 after an 0-2 start.

Cleveland Browns (3-7)
Donovan Peoples-Jones has been good for the Browns this season as a WR2. I also just realized that 1) I forgot to include the Browns in my post last week; and 2) I’ve been listing the “C” teams out of proper alphabetical order all season. Oopsy daisy.

Dallas Cowboys (7-3)
The Cowboys were beating the Vikings so badly that CBS switched over to the Bengals-Steelers game in the third quarter. About five minutes before they did, I wondered if they would be so bold.

Detroit Lions (4-6)
Three wins in a row for your favourite underdog! Jared Goff is doing a good job of taking care of the football.

Denver Broncos (3-7)
The Broncos saw Tom Brady go to the Buccaneers and win a Super Bowl. The following year, they saw Matthew Stafford go to the Rams and win a Super Bowl. They tried to continue the trend by trading for Russell Wilson and…it hasn’t worked out at all.

Green Bay Packers (4-7)
It’s just not going to happen for the Packers this year. I don’t know if they looked at their schedule and thought the first half of the season was going to be easy (I certainly did), but losses to the Giants, Jets, Commanders, and Lions are just too much. Fine, maybe one of those teams sneaks out a win against you. But all four?

Houston Texans (1-8-1)
For the last two seasons, the Texans offence has ranked last in the NFL in yards.

Indianapolis Colts (4-6-1)
The Colts were leading 13-3 heading into the 4th quarter against the Eagles. They lost 17-16, but at least they put up a fight? Sorry, I just Participation Trophied them.

Jacksonville Jaguars (3-7)
Coming off a Week 11 Bye, I am once again urging the Jaguars to embrace the role of spoiler and surprise a few teams.

Kansas City Chiefs (8-2)
Patrick Mahomes is the MVP this year, right? We looked in other directions for a little while, but it’s becoming clearer and clearer to me that the answer was right under our nose the entire time.

Las Vegas Raiders (3-7)
Remember last week when I said it would be fitting if the Raiders and Broncos ended in a tie? Well, they tried their best to make it happen! But the Broncos insisted on leaving Davante Adams wide open in overtime and allowed him to score the winning touchdown.

Los Angeles Chargers (5-5)
Seven games left, the Chargers can/should beat the Raiders, Colts, Rams, and Broncos. That gives them nine wins. Then they have the Cardinals, Titans, and Dolphins. Pull out a win in one of those games, end the season 10-7, and hope it’s enough to leap frog the Patriots for the final playoff spot.

Los Angeles Rams (3-7)
Quarterback, Bryce Perkins, will make his first career start this Sunday against the Chiefs. I always like QB debuts because – as hard as it is – there is always a chance that they can be really good and elevate themselves out of a backup role. If nothing else, it’s a great moment for the player and his family and friends.

Miami Dolphins (7-3)
Dolphin-mania is running wild…no wait, that’s just their running back duo of Jeff Wilson and Raheem Mostert rushing for 184 yards on 25 carries against the Browns.

Minnesota Vikings (8-2)
The Vikings lost to the Cowboys by a score of 40-3, at home. Excusez-moi?

New England Patriots (6-4)
The Patriots held the Jets to 2 yards of offence in the second half, but still needed a last second punt return TD to win the game.

New Orleans Saints (4-7)
Alvin Kamara only had three more carries (12) than Taysom Hill (9). What even is football anymore?

New York Giants (7-3)
No. No no no no. You cannot lose home games to the Lions if you want to make the playoffs this season. Odell Beckham Jr. is not walking through that door.

New York Jets (6-4)
To circle back on the 2 yards in the second half thing. Why not put 5 Wide Receivers on the field, have them all run verticals 20+ yards down the field, and while they’re doing that, let Zach Wilson tuck the ball and run? It works in Madden all the time. It’s the football version of an ISO play in basketball. Clear everyone out and do it yourself. You only got 2 yards doing it your way. Why not try this?

Philadelphia Eagles (9-1)
The Eagles are going to have to figure out how to fill the void that Dallas Goedert has left. He was Jalen Hurts’ safety valve. Who plays that role now? It’s a First World problem for a 9-1 team, sure, but they didn’t come all this way just to relinquish the #1 seed in the NFC to the Cowboys or Vikings.

Pittsburgh Steelers (3-7)
The Steelers secondary has not been good.

San Francisco 49ers (6-4)
Only four players caught a pass for the 49ers in Mexico City. McCaffrey, Kittle, Samuel, and Aiyuk. They won by 28. This is a message to all NFL coaches: GIVE YOUR BEST PLAYERS THE BALL AT ALL TIMES.

Seattle Seahawks (6-4)
The Seahawks entered the Bye week atop their division, with home field advantage in the playoffs. They exit the Bye week, clinging on to the 7th playoff spot, with the Commanders(!) hot on their tail.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-5)
It feels like a Revenge Tour is on the horizon. I wouldn’t want to play the Buccaneers down the stretch. No siree, Bob.

Tennessee Titans (7-3)
I just imagine defensive players having trouble sleeping at night, thinking about having to tackle Derrick Henry 30+ times on Sunday.

Washington Commanders (6-5)
The Commanders have lost one game in the last 47 days. Their confidence should be high.

How do you feel about your team at this point in this season?

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3 Responses to NFL Snapshots: Week 11 (2022)

  1. I do agree this season seems to have flown by, Paul. The Eagles still have some things to work on defensively. Sometimes I wonder about our defensive strategy attacking certain teams…but what a nitpicker I am considering the record, huh? Our GM Howie Roseman continues to put all the pieces together for a potential Super Bowl berth. Hopefully, they will get the #1 seed in the NFC…and teams will have to go through Philly in Philly.

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    • Paul says:

      I think it’s fair to nitpick. The Eagles do seem to be giving up more to opposing offences lately. On the bright side, they have time to figure it out and they’re still winning games.

      Holding that #1 seed will be key for them. The other division winners, and the Cowboys, are all warm weather/dome teams, so forcing them to play in Philadelphia in January should, in theory, be an advantage for the Eagles.

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