NFL Snapshots: Week 4 (2022)

The parity in the NFL this season looks a lot like my fantasy football league. One team is undefeated and everyone else is clumped together. The next four weeks are when we’ll start to see teams separate themselves from the pack.

Until then, here are my Week 4 snapshots:

Arizona Cardinals (2-2)
Kyler Murray is on pace to throw 735 passes this year. It would be an NFL record.

Atlanta Falcons (2-2)
All four of their games have been won or lost by 4 points or less.

Buffalo Bills (3-1)
The Bills have allowed the second fewest points in the NFL (58) and will face Kenny Pickett this week, who will be making his first career NFL start. Good luck to him.

Baltimore Ravens (2-2)
This is not the same Ravens defence you grew up having nightmares about.

Carolina Panthers (1-3)
With the 49ers, Rams, and Buccaneers coming up over the next three weeks, the Panthers offence is going to get trampled.

Cincinatti Bengals (2-2)
Joe Burrow has been sacked 16 times this season, but only 3 times in the last two weeks.

Cleveland Browns (2-2)
Nick Chubb has been very good this year.

Chicago Bears (2-2)
The Bears may be 2-2, but it feels like they’re 0-4.

Dallas Cowboys (3-1)
I’m already looking forward to their Week 6 matchup against the Eagles.

Denver Broncos (2-2)
The offence finally looked good against the Raiders, but they lost.

Detroit Lions (1-3)
The Lions have the #1 scoring offence in the NFL. It hasn’t translated to wins because their defence has allowed the most points in the league.

Green Bay Packers (3-1)
An overtime win against a third-string Patriots quarterback is nothing to be worried about, right?

Houston Texans (0-3-1)
The Texans face a really good Jaguars defence this week, so they might have to wait a bit longer for their first win.

Indianapolis Colts (1-2-1)
Nyheim Hines pointed out that every year, the Colts have a new quarterback and have to go through growing pains while teams like the Titans have stability. In a year or two, the Colts will be starting over again. Sorry, Nyheim.

Jacksonville Jaguars (2-2)
They came out swinging against the Eagles, taking a 14-0 lead after the first quarter. But the Eagles are too good.

Kansas City Chiefs (3-1)
Patrick Mahomes is proof that children should play multiple sports growing up. His baseball background is apparent on most of the throws he makes while scrambling.

Las Vegas Raiders (1-3)
I said last week that their matchup against the Broncos was a must-win, and they won. They have the Chiefs at Arrowhead this week. Good luck.

Los Angeles Chargers (2-2)
The Chargers’ schedule gets tough after the Week 8 Bye. I wouldn’t be surprised if they hold out Keenan Allen until then. He’s been sidelined since Week 1 with a hamstring injury. Let him sit another 4 weeks and heal; you can handle the Browns, Broncos, and Seahawks without him.

Los Angeles Rams (2-2)
I finally figured out what feels off about the Rams. It’s the fact that the offence runs through Cooper Kupp and no one else. This is akin to Nelson in The Simpsons playing quarterback and throwing the ball down field to himself.

Miami Dolphins (3-1)
I just hope Tua is okay. Among the many questions I have, one of them is why was he watching a movie on the team plane after suffering a concussion? I thought you weren’t supposed to look at screens.

Minnesota Vikings (3-1)
I find it a bit unfair to the Vikings (and Saints) that they went to play a game in London, England and don’t have a Bye week immediately after. I know Week 5 is probably too early for a Bye, but still.

New England Patriots (1-3)
Damien Harris and Rhamondre Stevenson should run all over the Lions defence this week.

New Orleans Saints (1-3)
The Saints were inches away from defeating the Vikings with a field goal, but London was treated to a double doink, instead. Their schedule gets impossibly hard after this week.

New York Giants (3-1)
The Giants are in London this week to face the Packers. Anything can happen in these games.

New York Jets (2-2)
Zach Wilson is back, Breece Hall is getting more touches, and the Jets aren’t at the bottom of the AFC East. A win against the Dolphins this week would send the city of New York into a frenzy.

Philadelphia Eagles (4-0)
The Cardinals throw the ball a ton, so the Eagles defence is going to be running a marathon this week.

Pittsburgh Steelers (1-3)
The future is now in Pittsburgh. Kenny Pickett took over for Mitch Trubisky in Week 4 and all 13 of his passes were caught. Three of them were caught by the defence, but we don’t have to bring that up.

San Francisco 49ers (2-2)
The 49ers defence is very good. Deebo Samuel is a runaway school portable when he has the ball.

Seattle Seahawks (2-2)
Geno Smith has completed 77.3% of his passes this season. You have to be happy for him. That being said, the Seahawks will meet reality over the next few weeks.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-2)
The Buccaneers are going to beat up on the bad teams, compete against the better ones, and end up 11-6.

Tennessee Titans (2-2)
The Titans have won two games in a row and face the Commanders this week.

Washington Commanders (1-3)
Rookie running back, Brian Robinson Jr., who was shot five weeks ago in attempted robbery, has returned to practice. Comeback Player of the Year?

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  1. Wonder if all the announcers will talk about at the Tampa Bay game is Tom’s marriage.

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