The Blogger Games II – Week 3

It’s already the third week of The Blogger Games II, hosted by Aaron at The Confusing Middle. Last week, I took home my second consecutive gold medal, which means things can only go downhill from here.

The topic this week is: Preferences.

Again, all of these questions are about Aaron.

1. Which way do I like the toilet paper roll to hang?
A) Over

B) Under

I prefer it under and realize I am in the minority, so I’ll assume you are in the majority and prefer it over.

2. Sandwiches taste better when they are…
A) Not Cut
B) Cut Diagonally

If you ask me, you get more sandwich when you cut it diagonally. It’s not scientifically proven because it’s just too obvious to waste time doing an experiment.

3. When it comes to watching shows on TV, I like to watch them…
A) Week to Week
B) Binged All at Once

There’s nothing wrong with following shows that come out once a week, but if you have all of them at your disposal, it’s a lot more convenient.

4. I am a…
A) Night Owl
B) Morning Person

I’m going to guess night owl.

5. Which fast food French Fries do I prefer?
A) McDonald’s
B) Burger King

The one time I had fries from Burger King, there were mounds of salt at the bottom of the bag and that turned me off of them. McDonald’s fries are universally liked.

6. I like to sleep on my…
A) Side
B) Back

Personally, I can’t even fall asleep on my back, unless it’s an accident while I’m watching TV. I’m assuming you prefer your side.

7. When I order my beverage at a restaurant I…
A) Use a Straw
B) Drink from the Glass

Most restaurants I’ve been to provide a straw, maybe that’s just a Canadian thing. I’d say you prefer drinking from the glass, though.

8. I would rather be…
A) Hot
B) Cold

This seems too easy. Surely, if you’re cold you can put on more layers to be warm. If you’re hot, you’re basically doomed.

9. I would rather live…
A) On a Lake
B) At the Beach

This one threw me off because in my head, I think of them as the same thing. But then I thought, maybe every lake has a beach, but not every beach has a lake. Maybe a beach has an ocean. So, I went back to Google Maps, after its help last week, and noticed Virginia Beach. So, it has to be the beach. However, this would potentially go against me assuming you prefer to be cold, rather than hot. And maybe that’s still true and you just enjoy the beach for the scenery and not the temperature.

10. Which young adult book series do I like more?
A) Percy Jackson
B) Harry Potter

It has to be Harry Potter, right?

My turn to share…

What are some preferences you have? What do you like that others don’t? What would your answers be to my 10 questions above?

I’ll just go rapid fire with some preferences.

I prefer cold drinks. I’ve never had coffee, outside a teaspoon to try it.

One thing I’ve noticed recently is I no longer sleep with one foot hanging out of the sheets. Maybe because it’s winter and it’s too cold to do that? But I feel like I always preferred to sleep with one foot out.

I prefer lunch and dinner over breakfast. Never been much of a breakfast person. It’s hard for me to get excited about food that early.

I am a night owl.

I’ve run out of things to say. Hopefully, my answers earn me another gold medal!

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4 Responses to The Blogger Games II – Week 3

  1. Monty Vern says:

    I think we shared all our answers but one…this is going to be interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

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