The Blogger Games II – Week 2

It’s time for Week 2 of The Blogger Games, hosted by Aaron at The Confusing Middle. The theme this week is Sports.

Before we get to his questions and my answers, I just want to quickly mention my gold medal achievement in Week 1, where I answered 8 out of 10 questions correctly. I haven’t received a mark that high in almost 10 years and had forgotten how good it feels.

I’m not going to be cocky about it because the questions this week were tough.

Aaron, I just want you to know that this “Sports” quiz actually turned into a geography quiz on my end. Google Maps is probably wondering why I kept looking up Virginia. You’ll see why in my answers.

1. As a student at Bluefield College, why was I not allowed to participate in intramural flag football?
A) I had asthma
B) I was a dropper
C) I was too slow

When it comes to intramural sports, there really is no authority figure, so I’m assuming the decree of “not allowed” came from friends. Speed isn’t as important as it seems, so I’m not picking C. I’d like to think that if you did have asthma and were willing to play through it, they would’ve let you. So, my answer is B. You were a dropper.

2. As a 7th grader I played baseball for Woodrow Wilson Middle School. What position did I play?
A) Short Stop
B) Catcher
C) Right Field

I’ll spare you the detailed positional breakdown I did in my head and just cut to the chase – you played Right Field.

3. On New Year’s Eve, 1999, I sustained an injury while roller skating. What was that injury?
A) Dislocated Shoulder
B) Sprained Ankle
C) Broken Tailbone

I don’t think you’ve ever broken a bone, so bye bye to C. I feel like roller skates have a good base (four wheel drive), so it might be hard(er) to sprain an ankle. Whereas if you outright fall, or someone runs into you/you run into someone, a dislocated shoulder can happen. I’m going with A because I know that the slightest movement could set shoulders out of place and it’s not fun.

4. Where did I attend my first Major League Baseball game?
A) Fenway Park
B) Yankee Stadium
C) Camden Yards

I think I remember you saying your Dad was a Yankees fan, so I’m going with Yankee Stadium, even though the commute to Camden Yards would be closer.

5. What is my favorite movie about baseball?
A) A League of Their Own
B) Field of Dreams
C) Bull Durham

A League of Their Own is a good movie. Admittedly, I’ve never seen Bull Durham, so that’s a blind spot. If Field of Dreams were a person, it would have a twinkle in its eye. That’s the type of movie someone hangs their hat on as a favourite.

6. I have been to one NHL game in my life. Who was the home team?
A) Washington Capitals
B) Philadelphia Flyers
C) Carolina Hurricanes

I went with Carolina, just because it’s the closest to Virginia. Perhaps, Washington or Philadelphia could’ve happened on a field trip of some sort, but I’m going with Carolina.

7. As a bank teller, I often ran transactions for what college athlete and future NFL star?
A) Russell Wilson
B) Andrew Luck
C) Robert Griffin III

If my answer is correct and my theory as to why B and C were options is also correct, then you may not even know the rabbit hole you sent me down with this question.

My research into this question began with finding out where all three players went to college. That would tell me their proximity to Virginia. Andrew Luck was out in California, Robert Griffin III was in Texas, and Russell Wilson was in North Carolina and then Wisconsin. So, I leaned toward Wilson, but it seemed too far away.

And then I looked up if any player had a connection to Virginia.


Luck’s father was Athletic Director at West Virginia.

Griffin bought a house in Virginia, though that was well after his college years.

Wilson grew up in Richmond, Virginia. So, that pretty much settled it for me.

All three players were in the same NFL Draft, which was smart on your part to make sure they were all in college at the same time. Luck and Griffin went 1st and 2nd overall, so I guess you just got them from there.

Anyway, this question took me about 20 minutes.

8. As a child, I bowled in a Saturday morning youth league at what local bowling alley?
A) All-Star Lanes
B) Lee-Hi Lanes
C) Hilltop Lanes

Also did some Google Maps research with this one. All-Star Lanes didn’t show up, so unless it closed, I can’t pick it as the answer. My best guess is Lee-Hi Lanes, though it’s just a guess.

9. Which of the following would I support in becoming an Olympic sport?
A) Ultimate Frisbee
B) Calvinball
C) Competitive Cup Stacking

If it’s not Calvinball, then you just pulled off a double reverse psychology on all of us. I think.

10. As a freshman in high school, why did I attend every Girls’ JV Soccer home game?
A) My cousin was on the team and was my ride
B) I had a crush on a girl on the team
C) My earth science teacher was the coach and gave her students extra credit for attending

Alright, so the games would be after school. That makes A a very viable option. Also, it’s possible you developed a crush on one of the girls on the team, while the true reason you were there was waiting for your cousin, who was your ride. I’ve never heard of getting extra credit for attending games, but maybe it’s a thing?

Time for me to share.

Did you play any sports growing up? What did you like/dislike about gym class? Which sports do you like to watch/follow? Have you ever gotten hurt playing sports? Anything else about sports you’d like to share?

Well, sports are my life.

Growing up, I played softball for five years and won three championships. Not to toot my own horn, but I was one of the best – if not the best – pitchers in the league. I kept track of my own stats and still have them.

I rarely, if ever, struck out. In my final year, I only struck out twice. On one of those occasions, I went back to the bench and a teammate said to me, “Wait, what happened? Did you just strike out?” And he whispered to other teammates, “Paul just struck out.” It was an event they couldn’t believe had happened and were in shock.

That was the only organized sport I played, though I played road hockey a lot with the kids on my street. I’d play soccer, basketball, and football at recess. Any sport was fine with me.

Playing soccer at recess in Grade 8 still remains one of my favourite memories.

I didn’t dislike anything about gym class in elementary school. Floor hockey and european handball were my favourites. I was one of the only ones who could consistently serve a volleyball over the net. It was a fun time.

Gym class jumped the shark for me a bit in Grade 9. The “warm-up” consisted of running 800 metres (2 laps around the track) outside at 8am. I had zero endurance back then. Remember, I was baseball player. Running the bases and being the last out in an inning, and then quickly turning around to pitch the next half inning, was the most “continuing to play while catching my breath” I’d ever experienced. So, not a lot.

Meanwhile, other kids had played soccer or hockey and their lungs were used to running.

Adults always assume “kids have energy, they can run for days!” But that’s not true. I couldn’t just roll out of bed and run 800 metres.

Sports I follow include: hockey, baseball, basketball, football, auto racing, curling, rugby, lacrosse, and I’m probably missing a few others. I also like following amateur sports – the ones that pop up at the Olympics – as much as I can. I am a sponge for everything.

Soccer, golf, and tennis are on the periphery for me, though I am “aware” of stuff that goes on. I’m just not into them like I am other sports. Golf only pulls me in on Sundays, if it’s tight at the front and Tiger Woods is in contention.

I could go on forever about sports, but I doubt anyone is still reading.

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12 Responses to The Blogger Games II – Week 2

  1. You put way more effort into these questions than I did lol I just picked one and moved on haha! Although for the at home hockey game I did make the same choice as you for the same reasons

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  2. peckapalooza says:

    I am absolutely interested in the positional breakdown you did in your head for Question 2. If you feel like it, please share.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Paul says:

      I looked at it from the perspective of my coaches and how they put players at certain positions. We always rotated positions throughout the game, but Shortstop was always reserved for one of the best defensive players on the team because that position was responsible for so much. Catcher was the same way. And then the outfield was one of the positions they slotted everyone else. Since you’ve said in the past you’re not much of a sports person, I made an educated guess that you were probably Right Field. Please don’t be offended by that!

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  3. Monty Vern says:

    Your a workhorse Paul. I don’t mind coming in behind someone that puts the effort in. Good luck on another gold performance!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow! That was a lot of study and research! Proud of you and hope you did well.. although not better than I did. Lol

    Liked by 1 person

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