Hello From…?

I assure you, the title of this post isn’t meant to be a guessing game. So, if you’re yelling, “from the other side!!!” at your screen, you don’t win a prize. You win something much better! I don’t know what that is, though. Stop pressuring me. Stop! Now no one gets anything.

Okay, this post is in response to this week’s Sunday Scribblings prompt from Aaron at The Confusing Middle. The prompt is, Hello.

Immediately, I thought of Adele because….hello, it’s her. Also, last Sunday, she had a sit-down interview with Oprah. I watched it and found one of her responses to be so relatable that I’ll probably never forget it.

At one point, Adele said that she can’t really explain where her music comes from.

She said, “I don’t think, as a person, I have what my singing has. I’m pulling from somewhere else and I don’t know how I access it.”

She went on to say, “I don’t think I’m that deep in real life.”

Of course, Oprah had to sit there with an inquisitive look on her face, as if she couldn’t fathom what Adele was saying. All interviewers would do that.

Meanwhile, I’m sitting on the couch in disbelief that Adele just put into words how I have always felt about myself and this blog. In that moment, I felt understood.

I am Adele and she is me. Okay, maybe that’s too much. I am Adele-adjacent. No? Fine. I am Paul-far away. Happy now?

I have said many times that I don’t really plan what I’m going to write, it just comes out of me when it’s ready. I sit, I type, and whatever I say, I say. And then I’ll look back and sometimes not recognize my words because I don’t know how I came up with them.

How do I access these words?

I’m pulling from somewhere else…just like Adele.

Yes, I am going to milk this comparison.

This is the first time I’ve ever heard anyone else describe their writing experience the same way as mine. I am, for the lack of a better word, gobsmacked.

That part of her interview won’t stand out to anyone else. I’m sure it’s already been forgotten about by most. But I’ll always remember it.

“I don’t think I’m that deep in real life.”

Yes, that’s me.

I’m not sitting down with people and having long, insightful chats about things the way I sometimes do with my blog posts. I’m not presenting the optimistic or idealistic view to everything. That’s not me.

Let’s get food and talk about if it’s good or not and complain about things that don’t matter, before transitioning to sports, or sharing old memories, or just finding stuff to laugh about. Or, my favourite, creating random scenarios out of one small thing and letting it snowball into a dozen other things to talk about that border between fiction and reality.

That’s me in real life. I think. Maybe. I don’t know. Leave me alone.

And then I come to my blog and dig out words from deep within that I didn’t even know were there. I uncover feelings, thoughts, and opinions I never knew I had. The keys on the keyboard just have a way of extracting them from my fingers.

It’s osmosis.

So, yeah, hearing that my creative process is similar to Adele’s was quite a confidence boost, as well as validation that my style can work.

Most of the time, interviews with famous people are about what they’ve done, rather than how they did it. The “how” is always more interesting and inspiring to me. I appreciate Oprah for uncovering the “how”.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got to say, so let’s end this abruptly.


What is your writing process like?

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13 Responses to Hello From…?

  1. gigglingfattie says:

    I’m going to say that my writing style is similar to yours. Although mostly I will have a topic in mind when I sit at my laptop and then I just type whatever comes into my mind. I will probably read it over once when I’m done and then either publish it or schedule it and let it go haha I’m definitely not the type to have a plan for the month in a day book just waiting to be accomplished LOL

    Also, I did sing Adele from your title so I would like my winnings now. Thank you.

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  2. peckapalooza says:

    I’m with you. I’m always fascinated by the how or the why behind someone’s creativity. I can find a list of the what in a Wikipedia article, but the how and why can only come straight from the creator. I used to love watching Storytellers on VH1 back in the day. If I’m even remembering it right… I think they would bring in a band or a solo artist to give a small, almost unplugged kind of performance. But between the songs, they would actually talk about the songs and describe what inspired the choices they made that got them through the creative process. But now I’m an old man and I’m pretty sure you’d find fewer and fewer musicians these days with an actual creative process. I’m biased toward the music of the past, but I feel like Adele is the exception among modern artists, rather than the rule. I feel like if Oprah were to ask Bieber about his process, he’d just come back with something like, “It sounds dope.”

    This “Get Off My Lawn” rant has been brought to you by Oops I Crapped My Pants.

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    • Paul says:

      A quick YouTube search just pulled up a bunch of those Storytellers episodes. I’ve never seen them, so I might have to check some out. I agree, I feel like a lot of newer artists would just say, “I liked the sound and knew it would be a hit” rather than actually explaining what the song means to them. A lot of popular songs don’t even have a meaning, I find. Maybe that’s why the lyrics are hard to understand.

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  4. Catherine says:

    Yes, yes, yes. I am the same. Nothing I ever wrote was planned or premeditated. Most of my poetry is written in under 10minutes. It’s like, I get pulled into a creative tunnel where I forget the world for a moment. And when I wake up, those words were written, and I had no idea they were in me in the first place.
    Most know that I am in touch with many artists, mostly musicians. Many say that their best songs are the ones that need to be born, the ones that just happen. I like that. Goodbye, Hello.

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  5. rebbit7 says:

    My writing process has evolved tremendously since starting this blog almost eight years ago. At the very beginning, I just wrote whenever I felt like it, before pushing myself to write daily as a goal, getting burnt out and not writing for months before returning to publishing once a week (where I’m at currently). I actually don’t run out of things to say, and otherwise have a draft of things to talk about when I can’t get to them at the moment. Especially for my travel blog, I still have a lot of travel-related posts to write about (at least 40 ideas in my drafts!), so I won’t be running out of things to say for a while. Everyone blogs differently, but all have great ideas to contribute!

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    • Paul says:

      40 ideas! That’s awesome. I don’t think I’ll ever run out of ideas either, but I haven’t written many down. They just roam around my brain and every few days I check in and make sure I still remember them haha. I think writing/blogging is meant to be enjoyed and once we start forcing ourselves to do it, it becomes less fun. Doing it in moderation is probably the best way to go.

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  6. Hello from the other side ha. I totally agree with everything you have to say in this post. My friend asked me the other day how I come up with my blog ideas and what to write, and the ideas just randomly pop into my head. It’s strange how some days I can’t write, and other days my fingers just won’t stop moving. I think when you love to do something it just comes naturally.

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    • Paul says:

      Yes, exactly! Most of it is random. A small idea will pop in our head and we’ll turn it into something bigger. Whenever I tell friends to start a blog or ask if they ever want to guest post, their main concern is, “What do I talk about? I’m not a writer.” And I’m like, you can write about absolutely anything. I think only bloggers/writers understand that.

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      • I always wanted to start a blog but never had anything exciting to write about, but then when I was about to move to NYC it all came together. I also find it interesting how people are curative in different ways. I can’t draw/paint/sculpt but I love taking pictures and writing.

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