The Blogger Games – Week 4

Welcome to Week 4 of The Blogger Games! The competition is heating up and we don’t have any air conditioning. Before getting into this week’s questions about all things Entertainment, let’s look back at last week and see who solidified their spot on the podium.


Competitors: T, Ben, Aaron, Venus, Monty, rebbit7, Reid

1. Which way do I like the toilet paper roll to hang?
A) Over
B) Under

Correct: Reid

I’m not a monster, okay. If the toilet roll were to be over, I wouldn’t feel the need to switch it to under. It’s fine. However, I do prefer it under and put it that way when the roll finishes. When it’s over, I feel like it’s a bit too intrusive. It’s like when you enter a store and a sales representative asks you right away if you need help. They’re just doing their job, but let me breathe for a second. Toilet roll under lets me breathe.

2. Sandwiches taste better when they are…
A) Not Cut
B) Cut Diagonally

Correct: T, Ben, Aaron, Venus, Monty, rebbit7, Reid

I normally eat sandwiches on bagels or buns, but if it’s on two pieces of bread (like a grilled cheese), then it’s getting cut on a diagonal. There is more sandwich when you cut it that way.

3. When it comes to watching shows on TV, do I like to watch them…
A) Live
B) Later (Recorded)

Correct: Ben, Aaron, rebbit7, Reid

Sports are the only thing I watch live. Every TV show is taped (I still call it “taped”, even though I put “recorded” in the question), so I can watch it later and skip commercials. Sometimes, I’ll start an 8PM show at 8:20PM because by then, I’ll be able to start from the beginning and be done by 9 without watching any commercials.

4. Would I rather…
A) Stay Up Late
B) Wake Up Early

Correct: T, Aaron, Venus, rebbit7, Reid

I can wake up early if/when I have to. I enjoy staying up late because I can get things done without getting distracted…like this post.

5. Though I like both, which fries do I like more?
A) Wendy’s
B) McDonald’s

Correct: rebbit7

I love McDonald’s fries, but Wendy’s fries get the very slight edge.

6. I like to sleep on my…
A) Side
B) Back
C) Stomach

Correct: T, Ben

I’ll start off on my side and after a few minutes, I’ll transition to my stomach as if to tell body, “Okay, you can fall asleep now.”

7. When drinking from a small milk carton, do I…
A) Use A Straw
B) Not Use A Straw

Correct: Ben, Venus

I’ve always used a straw. I have tried it without a straw and the texture of the carton is just not…good. This is just a Paul thing, I’m sure.

8. I prefer a desk chair…
A) Without Arm Rests
B) With Arm Rests

Correct: T, Ben, Aaron, Venus, rebbit7, Reid

My elbows have to rest somewhere when I’m not typing.

It’s bad enough I don’t know what to do with my arms when I sleep, but if I also don’t know where to put them while sitting at a desk…that’s just too much.

9. Which do I prefer on my feet in the summer?
A) Shoes
B) Sandals

Correct: T, Venus, rebbit7

I’m not a sandals guy, sorry.

10. Which type of book do I enjoy more?
A) Fiction
B) Non-Fiction

Correct: T, Ben, Aaron, Monty, rebbit7

As a kid, I would’ve said Fiction. As an adult, I enjoy Non-Fiction a bit more. I like getting the behind-the-scenes story on why people are the way that they are.

Total for Week 3 – Combined total in parentheses
1. rebbit7 – 7 (13)
2. T – 6 (14)
2. Ben – 6 (9)
4. Venus – 5 (14)
4. Reid – 5 (11)
4. Aaron – 5 (10)
7. Monty – 2 (5)
DNP: Sarah – (3)
DNP: Meghan – (3)

Congratulations to our third gold medallist in three weeks: rebbit7! Very good job! T keeps her medal streak alive with a silver, while Sir Ben of Meerkovia gets on the medal table with a silver as well!

There is no bronze medal because there were two silvers.


Thanks to Monty (@MontyVern on Twitter) for allowing me to use this image.


1. Which Toy Story movie did I like the least?
A) Toy Story
B) Toy Story 2
C) Toy Story 3

2. Which is my favourite TV Show theme song?
A) Family Matters
B) Friends
C) Saved By The Bell

3. The first CD I ever owned was of which genre?
A) Rock
B) Classical
C) Country

4. I have never been…
A) On TV
B) On The Radio
C) In The Newspaper

5. Which famous person once liked one of my tweets?
A) Howie Mandel
B) Mindy Kaling
C) Jason Segel

6. I have never seen this movie series…
A) Rocky
B) High School Musical
C) Harry Potter

7. Which show have I seen in-person?
A) Canadian Idol Tour
B) Disney On Ice
C) Disco Dogs

8. How many famous people have I met at an autograph signing?
A) 0
B) 6
C) 11

9. Which reality show do I think I’d be best at?
A) Survivor
B) Fear Factor
C) Big Brother

10. Which show did I not watch as a child?
A) The Brady Bunch
B) Leave It To Beaver
C) Murder, She Wrote

You Share: Tell me what you like/dislike about the entertainment industry. Any celebrity encounters? Have you ever been on TV? What was your first CD?

To Play: Answer these questions in a blog post of your own and link back to this post. You may put your answer in Bold or Italics and share your thought process behind each answer, if you want. If you haven’t participated in any of the first three weeks, you can still participate this week!

Good luck!

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13 Responses to The Blogger Games – Week 4

  1. Ben Berwick says:

    I got a medal! The floggings are cancelled!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. gigglingfattie says:

    Woooooo one of each medal! I’m on a roll!

    Liked by 2 people

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  4. rebbit7 says:

    Yay, I made it to the top! The pressure’s on to maintain that now…

    Liked by 2 people

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  6. Pingback: The Blogger Games - Week 4 - Meerkat Musings

  7. montyvern says:

    Although less perfect this week I’ve kept my “clean” record for the medal count! 加油 (literally “give gas”; figuratively “go for it”) for the next round as I feel I’ve got to keep my streak going.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Paul says:

      You’ve put yourself in a win-win situation now where you can either keep your clean streak and get praised for that, or sneak out a medal and also receive praise. You’re a smart one.

      Liked by 1 person

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