Recently Played (May 2021)

You may or may not have noticed that I didn’t do a Recently Played post for the month of April. That is because I didn’t have enough songs to share, nor the motivation to put words into sentences.

I guess that brings us to May and today.

That would be a good name for a daytime talk show – Mae & Today. All people not named Mae, need not apply.

Anyway, here are some songs I’ve been listening to lately and how I discovered them.

My Own Soul’s Warning – The Killers

It’s only been two weeks and I already can’t remember how I first heard this song. However, I seem to recall being on YouTube and listening to another song by The Killers (see below) and seeing this one pop up on the side.

I clicked on it and now here we are. May and today.

It’s a catchy song, which seems to be typical for The Killers. I don’t know how they do it.

They do it with instruments, Paul.

Faded – soulDecision

Alright, listen. Listen. I was talking to my friend Sabrina about weird songs that were supposedly apart of our childhood and she mentioned this one (along with others that I’m too embarrassed to share). She’s yelling at the screen right now that I left a certain one off this list.

It’s probably been about twenty years since I last heard this song, but I remember it because I think it’s one of the first songs that I thought I knew a lyric, but didn’t, and was just substituting my own line instead.

Man, the things that stick with you.

Sanity for the Summer – City Mouth

I found this song on my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify. It is one of those songs that you describe as, “it starts slow, but picks up in the middle” and hope that’s good enough for people to give it a chance.

One of the lines is, “crying to Julien Baker songs in my car” which stood out to me because I mentioned her on a previous edition of Recently Played. Understanding pop culture references, in real time, isn’t something I do all the time, so I was shocked by this one.

I’m quite proud of myself.

Chalk Outline – Three Days Grace

I believe I first heard this song on TV during a “Three Days Grace Thru Time” show.

This is a classic Paul Situation when it comes to music. I’ve liked some Three Days Grace songs ever since I was a kid, but does that mean I’ve listened to all/most of their songs? No. I just listen to the same ones I like.


I do this with a lot of bands. I don’t really explore their other songs – just the ones I like. And then years later I’ll stumble upon a song I like and wonder why I hadn’t heard it before.

It’s a vicious cycle that I sometimes break. When that happens, I normally find a bunch of songs I like. I don’t know why i do this to myself.

I think…that I think…that when the time is right for me to hear a song, I’ll hear it. That’s what i think, I think.

Caution – The Killers

Ah, yes. This is the “see below” I was referring to above. This is the song I was listening to on YouTube when “My Own Soul’s Warning” was recommended to me on the side of the screen.

But how did I find this song? No idea. I don’t know if I’m losing my marbles, or if I even had any to begin with (what do you even do with marbles?), but my memory for song discovery isn’t strong this month.

Anyway, it’s a good song. That I do know.

Something Like This – Gordi

Oh oh, I know where I first heard this song! Pick me, pick me. It was on an episode of New Amsterdam. Boom, nailed it.

This is the acoustic version, so of course I went to listen to the original. And wouldn’t you know it, the original sounded even more stripped down than this one.

We have a double acoustic on our hands, kids. A cous-coustic, if you will.

I prefer this version.

Head of the Table – Roman Reigns Theme

This one is just for me.

WWE Superstar Roman Reigns (he is The Rock’s cousin, even though they aren’t related by blood) finally got new entrance music, which has been long overdue. You may not care, but wrestling fans just want every wrestler to have the most epic song possible to usher them to the ring.

I won’t say that it makes or breaks the wrestler, but it kind of does. And lately, WWE has been using too much generic music for entrance themes.

That being said, boy did they get it right with this one. This song took Roman Reigns to a Final Boss level of character and fits perfectly with the persona he is now portraying.

That’s my list. Thanks for reading and listening!

Have a good May and today.

What songs have you been listening to lately? Recognize any of these?

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  1. I know none of these songs Paul…. 😫

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