The Captain’s Quiz 2: Lost in the Quiz (RESULTS)

Seven were lost, but only one can be found. Who will it be? Find out this time on, The Captain’s Quiz 2: Lost in the Quiz!

Dim the lights, here we go!

But first! Let’s see who is playing today.


Blogging out of Not-so-teenage Witch, Sabrina!

Blogging out of The Confusing Middle, Aaron!

Blogging out of Creatively Sustainable, Krista!

Blogging out of Crazy Talks…., Hira!

Blogging out of No Love for Fatties, the reigning, defending, Captain’s Quiz Champion, T!

Blogging out of The Finicky Cynic, rebbit7!

Blogging out of Uniquely Cass, Cass!


All of these are at my discretion, but here is my general thought process:

5 Points: If you provide me with a full answer

3 Points: If your answer is wishy-washy/not definitive, doesn’t completely follow instructions

1 Point: If your answer doesn’t fit the question

Bonus Points will be announced for the questions in which they are available.

In case of a Tie, Bonus Points will be the tiebreaker.

Just know that when I take points away because I’m a stickler, it pains me. I feel awful. But it must be done!


Under each question, you’ll see your name and a few numbers next to it. The first number will be a 5, 3, or 1. The additional numbers are the Bonus Points.

I also provided a bit of commentary in some spots, so others had an idea of what your answers were.


1. What is the best hiding spot in your current place of residence?

Only looking for one answer here. Hence, the BEST hiding spot.

2 Bonus Points if the hiding spot is behind a door

Sabrina: 3 + 0; Coy about hiding spot, probably smart
Aaron: 5 + 2; Fishy answer, but the correct one
Krista: 3 + 2; You gave two answers and one of them was the closet
Hira: 3 + 0; Was going to give a 1 since there wasn’t an answer, but your son thinking he’s invisible by covering his face salvaged it
T: 5 + 0; I’m assuming there is no door under the stairs, unlike Harry Potter
rebbit7: 5 + 2; A cupboard under the stairs, LIKE HARRY POTTER
Cass: 3 + 2; You said three things and one of them was the closet. Also, your balcony is not a hiding spot, clearly. Ahem.

2. The person walking in front of you drops $20 on the ground and doesn’t notice. What do you do?

The key to this question is you saw who dropped it.

Sabrina: 5
Aaron: 5
Krista: 3
Hira: 5
T: 5
rebbit7: 5
Cass: 5

3. In elementary school, I read a book called, Lost in the Barrens. What is a book you read in school and what do you remember about it?

Full disclosure: I can’t remember what that book was about. Just that they were lost. In the barrens.

2 Bonus Points if I recognize the book you mentioned

Sabrina: 5 + 0; Never heard of Maniac Magee
Aaron: 5 + 0; I’ve technically heard of Maniac Magee since Sabrina said it…but no bonus points for you
Krista: 5 + 2; I have heard of Lord of the Flies
Hira: 5 + 0; Never heard of The Gift of the Magi
T: 5 + 0: Never heard of Where the Red Fern Grows
rebbit7: 5 + 2; I have heard of To Kill a Mockingbird
Cass: 1 + 0; No recollection??

4. In Eminem’s song, “Lose Yourself”, he says: “There’s vomit on his sweater already, mom’s spaghetti.” Describe, in detail, your ideal pasta meal.

I just want to say that a lot of you gave me sass over including “vomit” and “spaghetti” in the question. Blame Eminem! I’m just a blogger coming up with these ridiculous questions.

2 Bonus Points if you added a side dish

Sabrina: 5 + 0; Mmm Lasagna
Aaron: 5 + 0; Penne is a smart substitute for fettuccine
Krista: 5 + 2; Side dish: Sautéed greens and mushrooms
Hira: 1 + 0; I’m so sorry. I didn’t take into account that pasta isn’t a staple in some parts of the world.
T: 5 + 0; Mmm the restaurants
rebbit7: 5 + 0; Wish I could give bonus points for al dente
Cass: 5 + 2; Finally, someone said garlic bread

5. If you and a partner went on The Amazing Race, would you be the driver, or the navigator in the backseat with a map? Explain your choice.

Sabrina: 5; Navigator
Aaron: 5; Navigator, but yelling
Krista: 5; Navigator
Hira: 5; Navigator
T: 5; Our first Driver!
rebbit7: 5; Navigator
Cass: 1; Staring out the window was not an option, sadly

6. In Home Alone 2, Kevin (a 10-year-old boy) ended up in New York by himself, while his entire family was in Florida. What is something you did when you were 10-years-old, that “kids these days” wouldn’t understand?

2 Bonus Points if it’s technology-related
2 Bonus Points if it’s something I did as a kid

Sabrina: 5 + 2 + 0; What kind of internet were you on?
Aaron: 5 + 2 + 0; My phone cord wasn’t long enough to get tangled up in, sorry
Krista: 5 + 0 + 2; Spending the day with neighbour kids – yup, I remember that
Hira: 5 + 2 + 2; Cassettes. Yes, I know what they are!
T: 5 + 2 + 2; I absolutely recorded songs from the radio
rebbit7: 5 + 2 + 0; Can’t say I ever power walked on a treadmill with a Walkman
Cass: 5 + 0 + 2; I played outside and read books but did not play with Barbies

7. Is Tic-Tac-Toe a fair game?

The correct answer is No. All answers of Yes will be given 1 point.

Sabrina: 5
Aaron: 5
Krista: 3; “Not in one session…but if you take turns, it evens out.” Ahhhhhhhhhhh
Hira: 3; I did not expect to give any 3s here, but now I’ve given out two
T: 5
rebbit7: 5
Cass: 5

8. Velma, from the Scooby-Doo series, is known for losing her glasses. If you were a character in a TV show, what would you be known for?

The wardrobe department would force me to wear a very worn baseball cap, that looks like it hasn’t been washed. The writers would make me say things like, “Wanna come over and watch the game?”

It’s all a stereotype, I say. A stereotype! They don’t know me.

But yeah, I’d be known for liking sports…in a stereotypical way.

Sabrina: 5; Wrapped in blankets/wearing sweaters all the time (cold)
Aaron: 5; Quick one-liners and extreme sarcasm
Krista: 5; Petting all furry animals
Hira: 5; Freezing or laughing
T: 5; Her nails
rebbit7: 5; Very dry, very sarcastic humour
Cass: 5: Being really sassy

9. What causes you to lose your temper?

The answers to this one made me laugh.

2 Bonus Points if “other people” are involved in your answer

Sabrina: 5 + 2
Aaron: 5 + 2
Krista: 5 + 2
Hira: 5 + 2
T: 5 + 2; Everyone has included people, so far. This is getting hilarious.
rebbit7: 5 + 2; The streak continues!
Cass: 5 + 2; “Everything these days” includes “People”, I’m assuming

10. How many contacts in your phone have you not communicated with in the last three years?

I ask this because I have a ton of contacts that I haven’t communicated with in years, but I’m afraid to delete them because what if one of them randomly texts me? I’d like to know who it is without saying, “Who’s this?”

2 Bonus Points if you give an exact number

Sabrina: 5 + 2; Thank you for counting
Aaron: 5 + 2; Thank you for counting
Krista: 5 + 2; Thank you for counting
Hira: 5 + 1; You started counting, but then concluded with “loads”
T: 5 + 2; Thank you for counting…to 1. Well done.
rebbit7: 5 + 1; 1 Bonus Point for giving a percentage
Cass: 5 + 1; 1 Bonus Point for giving a percentage


1. Think about items you might find in a Lost & Found. Now, draw as many of those items as you can in 60 seconds. Share your picture.

5 Points for sharing your drawing
3 Points for each item you drew

Sabrina: 23 (6 items)
Aaron: 29 (8 items)
Krista: 17 (4 items)
Hira: 0
T: 29 (8 items)
rebbit7: 23 (6 items)
Cass: 26 (7 items)

2. Text someone, “I can’t find my phone.” What is their reply?

The purpose of this was to see if the person on the other end would fail to realize that you’re texting them via a phone that is supposedly lost. I am just trying to stir things up. Don’t mind me.

5 Points for making me think you did it
5 Points if the person replied
5 Points if they didn’t reply with a variation of “How are you texting?”

Sabrina: 10; I hope that person knows they cost you 5 points
Aaron: 15; I accept the reply being a phone call
Krista: 15; I like that you texted 3 people and 2 were concerned
Hira: 15
T: 15; Quite possibly the greatest response in Captain’s Quiz history
rebbit7: 5; Maybe the person you texted lost their phone? What a twist.
Cass: 10; I hope that person knows they cost you 5 points

3. You are alone in a city you’ve never been to, and have $500 to spend. What city are you in? What places do you go to? What do you spend your money on?

5 Points for naming a city
3 Points for every place you go/everything you’d spend money on

Sabrina: 23 (6 things)
Aaron: 14 (3 things); Sneaky. Trying to pocket the money you don’t spend, eh?
Krista: 29 (8 things); All the fruit!
Hira: 29 (8 things)
T: 17 (4 things); The “bribe myself out of a kidnap situation” earned you 3 points!
rebbit7: 17 (4 things); Smart for picking an inexpensive place
Cass: 15 (5 things); “I have always wanted to go to the northern part of Italy or Spain. So probably a city there.” Ahhhhhhh you didn’t name a city. 


Your Bonus Points have been added to your final score.

1. T: 119 (8 Bonus Points)
2. Krista: 117: (12 Bonus Points)
3. Aaron: 116 (8 Bonus Points)
4. Sabrina: 110 (6 Bonus Points)
5. rebbit7: 104 (9 Bonus Points)
6. Cass: 100 (9 Bonus Points)
7. Hira: 93 (7 Bonus Points)

The winner…AND STILL Captain’s Quiz Champion…T!!!!!!


Thank you T, Krista, Aaron, Sabrina, rebbit7, Cass, and Hira for participating! This was a lot closer than I thought it would be. I hope you all had fun and will consider doing this again in the future!

II already have the name picked out for the third instalment of The Captain’s Quiz, so be on the lookout for that in a month or two, or sooner.

Until then, a big congratulations to T for successfully defending her title! I am kind of shocked, though I love the storyline that’s developing.

Who will dethrone T? Can it be done? Will it be YOU?

See you next time.

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24 Responses to The Captain’s Quiz 2: Lost in the Quiz (RESULTS)

  1. Wwwhhhhhaaattttt oh wow oh wow!!!! Seriously Paul this is amazing! Is it an April Fool’s joke?! Cos I will DIE and cut you out of ALL future Butt updates. I know its harsh but I hate April Fools jokes – plus its my dad’s birthday (for realsies) and I can’t be sad on his birthday!

    there’s no door under the stairs, BUT there is a door at the top of the stairs? If I remember when our spare key comes I’ll send a picture.

    Haha I’m glad you enjoyed the “where is my phone” answer LOL it really is the best!

    And you just KNOW I’d travel into some black market situation alone and touching things I shouldn’t and then I’d be taken and I’d start telling stories about how men are stupid and a few hours later they’d let me go. Its a talent of annoying people I have and I will use it gosh darn it!

    Thanks for making my day! *puts pink glittery and feather crown back on* now I don’t have to figure out how to mail an imaginary glittery crown to someone during a pandemic.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. peckapalooza says:

    I don’t think T can be dethroned. Glad I improved, though. Bronze isn’t bad.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. You have me thinking Captain! thank you for the quiz 🖊 💯

    Liked by 1 person

  4. sopantooth says:

    Congratulations to all the contestants. Can anyone dethrone T? We’ll find out!

    In regards to bonus question #2, like many people who work in IT I hate technology. As such I did not get a cellphone telephone until a couple years ago. But as you may know, more than a couple years ago dating went totally to text. If you tried to call someone, or (gasp) e-mail them you were a freak of nature. Ergo I had an application on my desktop PC that allowed me to text.

    Even more amusingly most land line phone services actually can receive texts – and for the one I had a lady robot voice would read them. Being the classy individual that I am I was not interested in “sexting” but listening to a lady robot read dirty texts is a laugh riot.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Sabrina B says:

    Middle of the pack yet again! No regrets. I also found a website kind of like the lyrics ones I used to go on? Imagine this, but also with some older pop songs and songs from musicals

    Also, you 100% would be the cartoon character dude with the hat.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Ooh so close! I will do better next time. Watch out, T!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. rebbit7 says:

    I had a great time reading the scores! It’ll take some time before I place in the Top Three, but until then, I’m very happy to have partaken in this fun, interactive quiz. Keep them coming, Paul!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I got so sidetracked this time around and totally forgot to play 😫😫 Congrats again T!

    Liked by 1 person

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