Recently Played (March 2021)

At the beginning of the month, we experienced a high music system sweeping across our ears, from left to right, which peaked around the Ides of March, before slowly dissipating into a mere pitter patter as we headed toward April.

And this has been your Music Minute.

I am too proud of that introduction. If you didn’t understand it, I was trying to say that most of the “new” songs I discovered this month were found within the first two weeks. I just felt compelled to tell you that by sounding like a weatherman.

Stay tuned for our overnight forecast, or take me with you by downloading our app – APPaul.

APPaul: Everything you don’t need to know, when you need to know it!

Okay, I’m done.

Here are some songs I added to my Liked Songs list on Spotify this month.

I Know The End – Phoebe Bridgers

After including a Phoebe Bridgers song from her SNL appearance in this post last month, I was told to go back and listen to the second song she performed that night because it didn’t stand out to me the first time.

It was this one.

And what do you know? I like it now.

Phoebe really likes the skeleton onesie. That’s my takeaway.

Tell Your Girlfriend – Rebecca Levy

I found this song on Discover Weekly on Spotify and I’m a bit surprised it’s not more well-known. It sounds like a song that would’ve come out in 2011 and been really popular, even though the artist was relatively unknown.

See: Gotye and Rebecca Black.

I like being able to understand song lyrics without having to look them up. This song checks that box for me.

Big enunciation fan over here.

Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) – Eurythmics

I’ve heard this song for almost my whole life but, lately, I’ve discovered a couple of new things about it.

A few minutes ago, I found out that Eurythmics is a British pop duo consisting of Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart.

I guess this explains why Lennox and Stewart are also listed as artists, but then why have a group name if you’re just going to put all three names? Je suis confus.

This is like the time I found out Billy Talent was a band and not a person. Complete shock.

Anyway, of course I know who Annie Lennox is. Shoutout to “Walking on Broken Glass”. I have no idea who Dave Stewart is. Sorry, Dave. He played for the Blue Jays at some point, that’s all I know.

My other “discovery” came a few weeks ago when I realized the lyrics is, “Sweet dreams are made of this” and not “Sweet dreams are made of these.”

I’m still in denial about that one, actually.

The song is addictive, but my ears deceive me.

Fluxland – XL

Don’t get me started with this one. I was on a wild goose chase trying to track down another song and stumbled upon this one, which I was also on a wild goose chase for many months ago.

Get that?

I caught a goose, while looking for another goose. So, one goose is still out there and I don’t think I’ll ever find it.

This song plays at the start of Toronto Raptors home games. I like it. It’s a toe tapper.

I found it while trying to look for a song that plays at Leafs games. That’s the missing goose. It’s an instrumental song that plays at the start of the second period, or whenever they feel like it. I think it has trumpets, but do I look like I know what instruments are used in songs?

No. I do not.

Rock Me Amadeus – Falco

Time out, this song is about Mozart? THE Mozart? Mr. Instrument, himself? It’s almost as if these songs know they’re in a post together and are mocking me by connecting themselves to things I previously wrote.

Amadeus is his middle name.

You know you’ve made it when people make a song about your middle name. I look forward to mine someday.

This is another song I’ve known for a long time, but just made it Spotify official recently.

It is also very addictive. I may or may not be listening to it while I write this post.

I forgot to mention: Sometimes I sing, “Hot potatoes, hot potatoes” in my head instead of, “Amadeus, Amadeus.” Try it at home!

Does Somebody Love You – Hardcastle

Just heard this song today on my newest Discover Weekly playlist. I normally click to the next song once I realize I don’t like it, but that didn’t happen with this one.

Still not entirely sure what all, or even some, of the lyrics are. Probably couldn’t remember the tune if it wasn’t playing. That’s how brand new it is to me, but I figured I’d throw it in here.

This song sounds like 2007, or whenever Snow Patrol was breaking out.

You know the time period.

Well, that’s my list!

Unfortunately, there is no time for our much anticipated overnight forecast. Maybe next month.

Until then, bundle up with a warm cup of music.

Do you like any of these songs? Any other commentary you’d like to add?

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6 Responses to Recently Played (March 2021)

  1. Ooooo I know one!!! Sweet Dreams – obvi haha but still not all caps worthy.

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  2. Sabrina B says:


    Here’s another iconic Eurythmics song:

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