Viewing Notes: The Bachelor (Matt) – Finale

We have reached the end of the line for this season of The Bachelor. There were a lot of spa dates, trips to the woods, and drama that had nothing to do with getting married. But we made it.

Will Matt choose Michelle or Rachael?


  • It’s not a Bachelor finale unless there are a dozen scenes of people staring off into the distance, looking concerned.
  • Michelle is staring out the window at nothing in particular.

  • Rachael is writing in a journal, but looks up to stare at…nothing in particular.


  • Matt’s mom, Patty, and brother, John, are there. Matt preps them for the women they are going to meet.


  • Michelle has arrived with a bouquet of flowers. It is snowing outside.

  • John tells Michelle that Matt looks like he’s in a good place right now.

  • Michelle tells Matt’s mom that she’s in love with Matt.

  • The decor in this room is straight out of a furniture store catalogue. There’s a couch and then a million different things around it, like a random vase that serves no practical purpose.

  • That’s the end of the meet and greet. We haven’t even hit the first commercial break yet.

  • Michelle and Matt throw snowballs at each other.


  • Rachael has arrived with precisely four (maybe five, but it looks like four) sunflowers. It is not snowing outside.

  • She is smiling through her nervousness.

  • Matt’s brother asks Rachael if she’s ever experienced true love before. She said no, but Matt feels like the other half of her that she’s needed.

  • “Every time I see him, I can’t breathe.” – Rachael

  • Rachael tells Matt’s mom that this show was God’s way of putting them together. They’re both crying.

  • Matt and Rachael have transported to a forest. Rachael isn’t wearing a jacket.

  • Matt and Rachael have transported, again, to the car out front. Rachael is wearing a jacket.

  • Where did the jacket come from, where did it go, where did it come from, I don’t know.


  • Matt’s mom says she has nothing but warmth in her heart for the two girls.

  • Matt has no idea what he’s going to do, but says he has to make a life-changing decision.

  • Well, he doesn’t have to.

  • “People fall in and out of love and love isn’t the end-all be-all.” – Matt’s mom

  • “Whatever you decide to do, I’m on board.” – Matt’s brother

  • The way the edit of this episode is going, they’re sort of buttering us up for the possibility that Matt doesn’t propose to either girl.


  • Matt is deep in thought, sitting on a counter top, staring at…not a tea pot. Sorry, I wanted that whole thing to rhyme.

  • Now, he is staring out the window.


  • There’s a knock at the door and it’s Chris Harrison. Matt needs to talk.

  • I’m skipping ahead. He’s just recounting his chat with his family.

  • The chat ends and Matt is back to staring at stuff.


  • Matt and Michelle look like they have matching His & Her jackets.

  • He has taken her to the top of the resort and points to where they are going to go. To get there, they have to repel down the side of the building.

  • Hey, this is what they normally do during the final leg of The Amazing Race.

  • Matt immediately goes over the edge and gets stuck. They aren’t wearing helmets.

  • Matt fell again.

  • I’m fast-forwarding until they’ve reached the ground.

  • They have reached their destination: a couch on a landing strip.


  • Michelle says that Matt is her person and they’re going to spend their lives together.

  • I don’t know what to think of the producers/editors putting that line in there. Optimistic comments are normally followed by a negative action.

  • Michelle says she came into this looking for a teammate and couldn’t picture leaving there without him.

  • She got him a present. It’s a basketball jersey that says Mr. James on it.

  • She also has a jersey that says Mrs. James.

  • Matt looks like he just got socks for Christmas.

  • OH NO, he’s about to break up with her.

  • Matt says he’s having doubts and he shouldn’t be having any right now, since they’re two days away from a proposal.

  • This is completely out of left-centre field.

  • Matt says this is the first time he’s felt this.

  • He’s been trying to push through it today, but he doesn’t want to tell her what she wants to hear.

  • Michelle wants clarity.

  • “Am I supposed to fight for you? Am I not supposed to fight for you? Tell me where you’re at, actually.” – Michelle

  • “I don’t think I can get there with you.” – Matt

  • And BOOM goes the dynamite.

  • Matt hugs her, says he’s sorry, and leaves.

  • What a blindside of a breakup. Who saw that coming?

  • All of a sudden she pulled out matching basketball jerseys and that was his cue to bail, without much discussion?


  • Matt is pacing around outside with tears streaming down his face.

  • Chris Harrison shows up to talk and they sit on a curb.

  • Matt says he loved her but he wasn’t “in love” with her.

  • Matt is shook by what his mom said about feelings fading.

  • He doesn’t know what he’s going to tell Rachael because he’s not ready for an engagement right now.


  • It’s cancelled. Chris Harrison shows up to tell her the news.

  • He says that Matt feels lost and needs some time.

  • Rachael sits on the couch and is sad. She doesn’t know what went on with Michelle, so she thinks Matt is doubting her.

  • Matt is on a balcony, staring off into the distance again.

  • Just once, the cameraman should pan to the side so we can see what is so mesmerizing.


  • Matt just wants to be by himself, but Neil Lane is there to help him pick out an engagement ring.

  • This show has a schedule and they are sticking to it!

  • “I’m not here to make you get a ring. We can look at rings if you want and we’ll take it from there.” – Neil Lane

  • And out come the rings. What a salesman.

  • Matt asks if he can touch the ring.

  • Neil pulls out a pear-shaped ring and says it’s his favourite. Matt says it’s his favourite as well. He’s going to keep that one.


  • Rachael wakes up and stares out her window, before going to sit on the couch. There’s a knock at the door.

  • A letter is slid under the door. How mysterious.

  • It’s from “Matt”. I put that in quotations because it’s clearly an intern, or a producer, who writes it. The handwriting is the same every season. He apologizes for making her wait and says, “Meet me at the lake.”

  • Well, that’s not ominous.


  • Matt has arrived at the lake in a suit, as has Chris Harrison.

  • I’m getting a very Twins Peaks vibe from all of this and I don’t like it.

  • They have set up a walkway leading up to a small stage, under a canopy, with a fireplace, and a back wall.

  • It looks like it was inspired by the Tribal Council set on Survivor.

  • Rachael was told that Matt needed some time, which is why they didn’t have their final date. And then they skip right to the final rose ceremony? No conversation before this??

  • Rachael goes into her speech and says she loves him and will choose him every day if he lets her.

  • No expression appears on his face.

  • Matt says he can’t propose to her today because he’s seen what rushing into a proposal can do to a family.

  • Matt says he doesn’t want to lose her and sees her as his wife one day.

  • Rachael says he is the most amazing person she’s ever met in her life.

  • All right, so no proposal, but they’re going to remain a couple.

  • Rachael accepts the final rose.

  • A one horse open sleigh is there to pick them up and take them away through the forest.

  • The End.


I normally don’t talk about the After Show, but there are some newsworthy items to mention this time.

Emmanuel Acho is hosting, instead of Chris Harrison.

Matt came out to talk to Michelle. She says she asked him for a conversation after he broke up with her and he said no. She was looking to find some inner peace because the break-up blindsided her.

Since filming, some racially insensitive images from Rachael’s past (2018) emerged. Chris Harrison defended her. He has since apologized and so has Rachael. Chris Harrison is on a temporary hiatus from the show and will not host next season. Matt and Rachael have broken up.

Katie is the new bachelorette. Her season will come out this summer.

Michelle will also have her own season of The Bachelorette, later this year.


If you’ve been reading my recaps every week, or even just once, thank you! I really appreciate it.

What are your thoughts on how this season turned out? Are you excited for the new bachelorettes? Let me know!

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