Viewing Notes: The Bachelor (Matt) – Ep. 9

We are down to the final three: Michelle, Rachael, and Bri. Overnight dates are this week which means it will be the first time the women and Matt can gave a conversation without being filmed.

But first, Matt’s Dad has stopped by. Matt is confronting him for not always being there when he needed him, growing up.


  • It’s raining, it’s pouring, they’ve scheduled another spa day, which is boring.

  • Oh, it’s going to be a Pennsylvanian Dutch experience!

  • They walk in the room and there is a tub filled with milk, oatmeal in a container, and a bear in the corner to keep an eye on them. Can we not have one date without a chaperone?

  • Matt says the set up looks relaxing. I say it looks like they stumbled upon the Three Little Bears’ house.

  • There is a pyramid of butter blocks. I repeat, a pyramid of butter blocks. Michelle says she smells like butter cookies.

  • This date looks like the producers grabbed a bunch of breakfast items and told them to cover themselves in them and call it a massage.

  • They soaked their feet in an oatmeal tub. Covered themselves in butter. And then hopped in a milk bath.

  • I may never look at food again after this.


  • Matt says if they’re going to spend a life together, he wants Michelle to know everything about him.

  • He tells her about the conversation he had with his Dad earlier.

  • The way they edit this show makes it look like they had one, three-minute conversation, and are now perfectly content about everything.

  • Matt just tilted his plate up and we saw all the food he’s not going to eat. I don’t even know what those foods are. They look glued to the plate.

  • Underneath his plate is the fantasy suite invitation. Michelle accepts the invitation.

  • Once in the fantasy suite, Michelle says she loves Matt.

  • The next morning she tells him again that she’s in love with him. He says, “Thank you for sharing that.”

  • What a cold show this is.

  • The date is over and Michelle goes back to tell the girls about her spa day. They look like they regret not covering their ears.


  • She’s trying to balance being jealous of other girls spending time with Matt and being excited to see him. She also hasn’t forgotten that he gave her the final rose at the last Rose Ceremony and what that might mean.

  • This date is in the forest. What a shock! Every date is either at a “spa” or in the wilderness.

  • “Welcome to the outdoors.” – Matt

  • They are going for a hike. Matt has sleeping bags. Don’t tell me her fantasy suite is going to be a tent.

  • Their backpacks weigh about 186 pounds.

  • They have arrived at their campsite. Matt is hiding the fact that he’s never been camping, as they start to pitch the tent.

  • Bri says she is the least outdoorsy person, yet all of her dates are outdoors. I mean, it was either this or covering yourself in breakfast food.

  • Bri thought Matt was joking about sleeping in the tent, but he’s not. This is the fantasy suite.

  • There are times when camping can be fun, I don’t know if this is it. However, they will have no problem staying up all night talking.


  • Oh wow, they’re actually having dinner inside at a table next to a fireplace.

  • I was expecting them to eat outside and Matt pull out a thermos of leftover oatmeal from Michelle’s date.

  • Maybe they realized they were filming this in November and it’s freezing outside.

  • Dinner conversation is about their families.

  • Matt offers Bri the invitation to the fantasy suite and she says yes.

  • OH they’re getting an actual suite, INDOORS. Well, good for them.

  • So then why did they waste their time pitching a tent earlier in the day?

  • It’s the next morning and they’re making breakfast. Matt is melting butter in a pan. Too much butter in this episode, if you ask me.


  • Rachael is going into this worried that Matt’s feelings have changed throughout the week…because she has had to listen to Bri and Michelle recount their dates.

  • She walks up to him and doesn’t look excited at all.

  • On their date, they will be making ceramics. Lauren, a ceramics instructor, is there to…what’s the word…instruct them.

  • Rachael is there but she’s not there. She’s still thinking about how Matt was with two other women this week.

  • She finally sits him down and says this week was unbearable for her because she pictures him as her future husband.

  • Matt says when she jumped out of the plane last week and face-planted her landing, he asked himself, “What would life be like without Rachael?”

  • That moment made him realize how much he cared about her.

  • They proceed to get their clay-covered hands all over each other’s clothes. No washing machine in the world will be able to salvage these clothes.


  • It’s time for the night portion of the date, but they are sitting on a couch, instead of pretending to have dinner.

  • I’ve been tuning out for most of the “serious chats” on tonight’s episode.

  • It’s hard to be invested when they spent the first seven episodes shoving drama down our throats and barely telling us anything about anyone.

  • Rachael says if he pulled out a ring right now, she’d say yes.

  • OH, there is a fruit platter and maybe some rolled up prosciutto. It wasn’t totally clear. Either way, they didn’t touch the platter.

  • There is a fireworks show happening outside their bedroom window. It’s like Inauguration Day all over again.


  • The first rose goes to Michelle.

  • The second rose goes to Rachael.

  • Bri is going home, unfortunately.

  • Bri represented herself well this season. Mature, classy, drama-free. She stood out for the right reasons. The show should cast more people like Bri.

The season finale is next week, so I’ll see you then!

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