Viewing Notes: The Bachelor (Matt) – Ep. 8

We are down to the Final Four which means it’s time for the hometown dates. Instead of travelling all over the place, each family will be coming to the resort in Pennsylvania.


  • Michelle has arranged for them to go bike riding. Yes, the bikes have baskets and look like they were found in an old garage.

  • They both showed up wearing lavender shirts.

  • Michelle takes him to her classroom, which is basically a theatre/lecture hall, and her students are on a screen, virtually. I’d say they’re about 8-years-old.

  • Will she point out the troublemakers?

  • The students wave at “Mr. James” and one of them asks if he’s her boyfriend. They laugh awkwardly.

  • Another kid asks if he’s going to give Michelle a rose. He said we’ll see what happens.

  • One kid asks him what is one thing that Michelle has taught him, while another asks if they’ve kissed yet.

  • “How many girlfriends do you have?”

  • “I’m loving the questions from these kids.” – Matt

  • Is he, though?

  • “Are you going to marry her?”

  • Matt says he will Zoom call the kid when he knows. Uhhh, I don’t think that’s allowed.

  • Kids loves to play matchmaker. It’s like, “Oh, those two people have been talking for two minutes? Something must be afoot!”

  • I should point out that the girls are asking much more meaningful questions than the boys.


  • Michelle’s parents are there to meet Matt. He tells them about how she arrived the night of a Rose Ceremony and he requested a date with her the next day.

  • Michelle’s father, Ephraim, pulls her aside to talk.

  • He says Matt seems like a nice guy, but he’s concerned that there are other women. Every dad on this show is obligated to say that.

  • Michelle says she would accept a proposal.

  • Ephraim now sits down with Matt and asks how he sees things once the show ends. Matt says he’s open to moving to Minnesota to be with her.

  • What a sweet guy Ephraim is. Never know what you’re gonna get with dads who make their television debut. He did good.

  • Michelle’s mom says she just wants her daughter to be happy.

  • The four of them have gone outside to play basketball. Boys vs. Girls. Michelle’s mom is left wide open and drains a jump shot!

  • Matt and Ephraim need to work on their defensive coverages.

  • It’s the end of the night and Michelle says she’s falling in love with Matt.


  • They are not wearing matching shirts. I know you were wondering.

  • Rachael has a surprise and puts a blindfold on Matt and helps him into a car. She speeds down the road. Oh, so she’s re-enacting a traumatic kidnapping? That’s…dark.

  • Her “surprise” is a plane. They’ll be jumping out of it. Oh.

  • Matt is so excited. Is there anything he’ll ever be like, “Nah, let’s not.”?

  • And out of the plane they go, attached to two strangers. What a moment.

  • Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t understand the thrill of jumping out of a plane.

  • Matt lands first and here comes Rachel…it’s a crash landing!


  • They came in sideways and Rachael slammed right on her face, taking the brunt of the hit for the professional. She has grass in her mouth.

  • I can’t put into words how hard that landing was. I keep rewinding it.

  • A part of me actually thought it was a crash test dummy and they were playing a prank on Matt. BUT NO. IT WAS A PERSON.

  • And this is why I wouldn’t jump out of a plane.

  • It looks like she’s okay but, maaaaaaaaaan, what a hit. Look it up on Twitter if you get the chance.

  • Love hurts?


  • Rachael’s parents and sister are there.

  • She immediately tells them that her skydiving landing was a little rough. They don’t seem to care (I’m sure it was edited out) and her mom says she’s always wanted to go.

  • She might change her mind after watching the footage. I really don’t know how Rachael’s face isn’t a giant bruise right now.

  • OH, Rachael just said you can’t see it (the bruise) because there’s a lot of makeup on her face.

  • She tells her mom that the way Matt reacted to her crash – how he comforted her – was the way she would want her husband to react.

  • I feel like that’s just human decency? If you saw someone’s face make a thud with the Earth, you’d try and comfort them too. I’d hope.

  • Rachael’s dad expresses to Matt that he doesn’t know how he can get to an engagement in a few short weeks.

  • Matt says he’s never connected with someone the way he’s connected with Rachael. The dad says he doesn’t know how that’s possible when he’s still dating other women.

  • Matt is giving very “bachelory answers” and the dad isn’t buying it.

  • Time for dad to talk with his daughter, while he’s sipping on some lemon water.

  • Rachael thinks she’s different and that Matt isn’t telling the other girls the same things he’s telling her.

  • It’s the end of the night and Matt tells Rachael he told her family that he’s falling in love with her.

  • Matt says he didn’t feel right asking her dad for his blessing to marry Rachael. He says he doesn’t want to do that when there are four families. If the moment comes, he’ll phone her dad.

  • Rachael seems disappointed by this.

  • Everyone is in such a hurry, geesh.


  • Bri pulls up to the forest (??) in a green Jeep. She tells Matt they’re going to be taking things back to their first date, when Matt almost killed her.

  • Oh, I guess no one told her that Rachael just jumped out of a plane and landed on her face?

  • Maybe ixnay on the dying tay, or whatever it is in Pig Latin. Oink.

  • Bri takes him on a bumpy off-road ride. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if she flips the Jeep.

  • They’ve made it to an empty field and have set up a picnic. This show loves picnics. If only they showed the food.


  • Matt has brought a giant stuffed bunny, for some reason. It’s the size of a child and is creepy. It looks used.

  • Bri’s mom, as well as her best friend, Bri, are there.

  • Ohhhhh her baby sister is there. And she’s crying. Oh no!


  • Bri’s mom pulls Matt aside and asks if he’s in love with Bri. He says he’s falling for her.

  • Don’t you dare make a baby cry with a stuffed bunny (not entirely sure it was the bunny that made the baby cry, but what else would it be?) and then send Bri home.

  • Bri’s mom can’t tell if it’s love or lust, with Matt.

  • It’s the end of the night and Bri tells Matt she’s falling in love with him.

  • Every contestant in the history of this show must feel obligated to say that to the bachelor/bachelorette by the end of this date, or else they know they have no shot. I wonder how many have forced it, just because.


  • I’m interested in seeing how she turns this into a typical Toronto date.

  • “Because I can’t take you to Canada, I thought I’d bring Canada to you!”

  • Here we go.


  • She presents a map of Canada and labels her hometown – Markham.

  • Now, she’s teaching him Canadian words.

  • Matt thinks a toboggan is a hat. GOOD GRIEF.

  • She asks him how many points are on the maple leaf on the flag. He closes his eyes, even though the room is filled with Canadian flags. Ugh.

  • To be fair, I didn’t know the answer to that. I didn’t know it was a thing Canadians knew.

  • She’s having him try poutine and it looks like it’s been sitting out for a few hours because the gravy is chunky. I wouldn’t eat the cheese either.

  • I don’t like poutine to begin with, but this is a poor representation of what it is.

  • When they pause the Rose Ceremony tomorrow because Matt feels “unsure of himself”, that’s just a cover up for, “Matt has to go be sick for a few minutes”.

  • Out come the beaver tails.


  • They’re playing hockey on an ice surface that has appeared out of nowhere?

  • Did they make the ice just for this date? I’m impressed.

  • Overall, they covered most of the Canadian stereotypes. In the future, Serena will have to teach him that the correct response to “Sorry” is “Sorry”.


  • Matt is beyond nervous to meet her family. Serena’s parents and her sister, Talia, are there.

  • Talia takes credit for Serena’s “step stool” limo entrance.

  • Serena’s mom tells Matt that this process is fast. She also mentions Matt having three other girls there.

  • The parents are double stuffing the Bachelor Bingo card tonight.

  • She doesn’t know if Serena will be ready to get engaged this quickly.

  • Serena tells her sister that she’s falling in love with Matt.

  • Her sister says it looks like there’s something missing between Serena and Matt. She doesn’t look smitten with him.

  • I like her sister. A fresh set of eyes, analyzing the situation the way she should.

  • It’s the end of the night and Serena tells Matt that she’s dealing with internal doubts. She also mentions that there’s a time limit with all of this.

  • Matt tells her to trust him and that’s it.

  • These two don’t really seem to be on the same page.

  • Serena tells us she’s overwhelmed and emotionally exhausted and wasn’t expecting him to be so calm when she expressed her thoughts. I think she was expecting a different response.

  • She says she wanted this date to get her to the mindset of, “Yes, he’s my husband.” She didn’t seem to get there.


  • Matt is going to see Serena because he wants to put her at ease.

  • It feels like he’s had stronger feelings for her than she’s had for him, since the beginning. But there never seemed to be a collection of moments that lead to him feeling so strongly for her.

  • Remember, he took her on a yoga date last week that she hated and he came out of it liking her more than he did going into it. Just very weird.

  • Matt says he’s known how he’s felt about Serena for a long time and she’s the one he’s intentionally spent the most time with.

  • He says he can see a life with her.

  • Serena looks like she’s about to break up with him.

  • “I don’t think that you’re my person.” – Serena

  • This is incredible. It’s like she turned into the bachelorette and he’s just a contestant.

  • Leave it to a Canadian to break up with the bachelor when they weren’t feeling it. Good for Serena. Everyone else just waits to be broken up with.

  • Matt says this stinks.

  • Serena walks him out. This is a heck of an audition to be the bachelorette. She has proven that she’s capable.

  • Matt gets a teary-eyed exit in the back of a car.


  • It’s right before the Rose Ceremony and we get shots of Matt looking uneasy and unsure of himself. I told you this was coming! Don’t be fooled. It’s that stale poutine from the other day that has him sick!

  • Nah, I don’t know that for sure. He’s probably just thinking about how he was going to send one of the three remaining women home, but now that Serena is gone, he has to keep one.

  • Matt informs them that Serena is not here because she couldn’t see herself as his wife.

  • Michelle, Rachael, and Bri accept their roses, respectively.

  • Bri feels a little bit disheartened that she got the last rose.

  • See, if I were on this show I’d 1000% be paranoid about the order the roses are handed out and when I receive mine.

Next week is the Women Tell All episode, which I won’t be watching. So, I will see you in two weeks!

Thanks for reading!

What did you think of tonight’s episode?

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