Viewing Notes: The Bachelor (Matt) – Ep. 7

It’s Episode 7 and I know very little about the people still on this show. Let’s see if that changes tonight, or if petty drama will once again take over.


  • Heather, from Colton’s season, has interrupted the proceedings and the women want to know why.

  • Heather tells Matt that she is here because Hannah Brown said she’d be a good match for Matt. This is a silly storyline to have during a pandemic.

  • Pieper is crying because her time with Matt was interrupted.

  • Matt tells Heather he’s going to take some time to think about her joining the show.

  • Heather goes back out to meet the girls.

  • “You’re so late.” – Jessenia

  • They’re being so mean to her and saying she’s, “Bachelor hopping”.

  • Pieper has asked for an apology.

  • I mean, does Matt want a wife who makes others feels so unwelcome? I wouldn’t. This is reflecting so poorly on all of them.


  • Matt says Hannah’s opinion means a lot to him, however, they are too deep into the process for this to work.

  • Matt says he’s falling in love with women who are there.

  • Heather flew across the country and rented a minivan, just to be sent home as soon as she arrived. I respect her determination. Can’t leave stones unturned.

  • Matt walks her out and the other women rejoice.

  • Heather’s minivan has been retrofitted with cameras, so we can watch her driving away.


  • Bri receives the first rose. She has been very graceful throughout this process. A role model for how to act on this show.

  • Rachael, Serena P., Kit, and Jessenia receive roses.

  • The final rose goes to Abigail.

  • Chelsea and Serena C. are going home.


  • Matt says he’s worked his way into the friend zone and they haven’t had a breakthrough moment yet, so today’s date is important.

  • They are going to be doing tantric yoga.

  • To loosen up, the yoga instructor wants them to shake around and throw a tantrum. They do that for a few seconds and are all loosened up! It’s magic!

  • Matt says he doesn’t know a lot of the poses they’re doing. Yes, people who don’t do yoga don’t know the poses.

  • Every yoga position is forcing them to be intimately close together. They aren’t at that point in their relationship, though. Serena tells us this isn’t the date she would’ve wanted.

  • Serena couldn’t wait for it to be over and says so afterwards. Matt says he enjoyed it a lot. Oh.

  • Serena says she’s not overly affectionate, especially in public.

  • I’m glad she’s being honest. Anyone else would’ve been like, “Wow, we’re so much closer and I’m falling in love!”


  • They’re still talking about yoga, oh no.

  • They really dwell on one thing a lot.

  • The whole format needs to be overhauled. I’m sure they’re having conversations we don’t see, that are so much more interesting.

  • Matt says he has feelings for Serena and wants to meet her family.

  • Serena receives a rose, which means she’s made it to the Hometown Dates portion of the show.

  • So, Matt took her on a date she hated, they talked about it more at dinner, and Matt came out of it thinking he can see himself falling in love with her?

  • Poor editing.

GROUP DATE (Pieper, Michelle, Rachael, Bri, Kit, and Abigail)

  • I feel bad for Abigail. She received the first impression rose and still hasn’t had a one-on-one date.

  • This group date didn’t have a day portion? They’ve skipped right to an evening of conversations.

  • How are they supposed to build a relationship based off a 20-minute conversation, once every few days?

  • Bri tells Matt that she had to resign from her job a few days ago, in order to continue to be here.

  • Bri says she had a dream job, but being here to pursue a life with Matt makes it worth it.

  • Abigail reiterates to us that she’s the only girl remaining who hasn’t had a one-on-one. Honestly, she should just go home. She deserves better than this. She was a front-runner from Day 1 and Matt hasn’t given her a chance.

  • Abigail tells Matt that she sees the possibility of a future with him and wants to know if he sees that too.

  • Matt says he was instantly drawn to her on Night 1 and the first impression rose was a no-brainer.

  • He says he was so comfortable in their relationship, that he explored other relationships. In doing so, he developed strong feelings for them.

  • His heart is pulling him in that direction.


  • Matt walks her out and says, “Sorry, I wish I had more time.”


  • Abigail: “I’m constantly the person who makes men realize what they want next, but they never want that with me.”

  • That just broke my heart.

  • Matt informs the other women on the date of what he just did.

  • They all looked terrified because they knew he had a connection with Abigail.

  • Kit lays out her future plans and says she doesn’t want to have kids until she’s at least 26. She calls herself a “long-term investment”. Reminder, she is 21.

  • She told him this because she’d rather be sent home now, if Matt can’t see the same future as her. However, he seems to be okay with it and now she says she’s falling in love with him.

  • This show moves faster than the speed of light.

  • The group date rose goes to Rachael and they head out for something special that Matt had planned.

  • The other women are gutted.

  • Aloe Blacc is there to play a private concert for Matt and Rachael.


  • Kit drops by Matt’s house and she’s not happy.

  • She says she wished she had clarity heading into hometowns and that Matt deserves someone who is 100% sure of Matt proposing, and that isn’t her.

  • In retrospect, when she laid out her life goals earlier, was she trying to scare him off and get sent home? And then when it didn’t work, she had to do this?

  • Matt walks her out while hugging her from behind. It’s very weird.

  • She stayed on the show long enough for people to know who she is, but not long enough to be a serious contender. And that is how you become an Instagram influencer in 2021, kids.

ONE-ON-ONE DATE (Jessenia)

  • Tony Angelo, a professional drifter, is teaching them how to drift. This is a car date.

  • Jessenia is cranking that steering wheel like she’s done this before. She says she’s drifted by accident.

  • Matt gives it a try and immediately runs into every barricade that is set up.


  • You know what I’d love? A dinner conversation where they talk about the food they’re eating and say things like, “You gotta try this. Can we order more?”

  • Jessenia says her family would welcome him with open arms.

  • The look on Matt’s face says, “I don’t think I’m giving her a rose.”

  • Jessenia says she is falling in love with Matt. He says, “thank you for sharing that.”

  • Matt tells us they’re missing that compatibility, and that love, he needs to be feeling going into hometown dates.

  • His face always gives away exactly what he’s thinking. I think I’m the same way, so I find this hilarious.

  • Matt tells her he can’t give her a rose tonight and walks her out.

  • Jessenia is blindsided.


  • Serena P. and Rachael already have roses. Pieper, Michelle, and Bri do not. One of them will be going home.

  • I’m throwing fists if Bri goes home.

  • Bri receives the first rose. Phew.

  • The final rose goes to Michelle.

  • Matt walks Pieper out and she opens the car door and hops right in without saying anything to him. Alrighty then.

Next week, we meet the parents of the Final Four.

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