Viewing Notes: The Bachelor (Matt) – Ep. 1

The first episode of The Bachelor is always my favourite. You never know who’s going to get out of the limo next, or what their “memorable introduction” will be. It’s a night of unpredictability, unless you read the spoilers ahead of time.

The only thing I don’t like is when I pick out a favourite based on a 30-second limo entrance and then they’re sent home on the first night. Why do they do this to me?

Unfortunately, that happened again tonight. I am in shambles.


  • Chris Harrison welcomes us to a new season of The Bachelor, as he walks down the front steps of a mansion that looks like it was inhabited by a rich family from a Netflix show.

  • We’re not at the La Quinta Inn anymore, kids.

  • This looks nice. Makes the show seem “big time”. This is being filmed at the Nemacolin Resort in Pennsylvania. Book your stay today in about a year.

  • Chris says the show received a record-breaking amount of submissions from women who wanted to be on the show. Yes, because we’re in a pandemic, Christopher.


  • The bachelor this season is Matt James. He is 29-years-old and is the first Black Bachelor in the history of the show. He hasn’t appeared on any previous seasons, though he is close friends with Tyler C., who was on Hannah’s season.

  • Matt is a Commercial Real Estate Broker in New York City; he grew up in North Carolina. He also works with kids in the inner city.


  • Here are some video packages of some of the women, who have been quarantining at the resort.

  • Alicia is a professional ballerina/ballet teacher and is dancing in the hallway.

  • Abigail was born completely deaf and if she takes her cochlear implant off, she can’t hear anything. She says it’s awkward to bring up, but likes when people ask her about it.

  • Kristin is a lawyer, but she likes to go out to rooftop bars and have a drink.

  • Magi is a pharmacist who was born and raised in Ethiopia and moved to the US nine years ago.

  • Anna is a caffeine fiend or at least she “used to be”. She was holding two coffees.

  • Sarah is a broadcast journalist, but moved home to be a caregiver. Her Dad has ALS.


  • Chris Harrison is there to greet Matt and immediately comments on his height. Chris really has to look up, it’s like he’s staring at the roof of a house.

  • Matt says he has a few questions for Chris before they get started. They go inside.

  • The inside of this mansion/chateau/giant property is extremely luxurious. If a lamp falls off a table and breaks, someone’s paying $800 just for the bulb.

  • A theme that arises during this pre-limo chat is that Matt needs to learn how to be vulnerable.


  • This is my favourite part of every season.

  • First out of the limo is Bri. She says she is here for this opportunity to get to know him.

  • Out next is Rachael, who is so nervous, she’s shaking. We are 2/2 on green dresses, if you’re keeping track.

  • Here comes Sarah, who says she may feel a bit homesick. Her dress is not green.

  • Next out of the limo is Jessenia, who says she is looking for someone who can be her rock, just like she would be for them.

  • Chelsea is next. She says he’s making history as the first Black Bachelor and hopefully they can make history together.

  • Mari says that love makes the world go ’round and even though they can’t travel anywhere, she’s looking forward to this journey with him. She walks away and he says, “You ever meet somebody and just don’t know what to say? That was that moment.”

  • The next limo is pulling up. So far, everyone seems nervous, especially Matt.

  • “My heart is racing a mile a minute.” – Matt

  • I love when they give me a quote at the exact moment I need it for these notes.

  • Magi says she came all the way from Ehtiopia to meet him.

  • Carolyn says her mom knew she was nervous, so she sent her some lavender from her garden. She shares the lavender with Matt.

  • Sydney says Matt is the “hottest human being” she’s ever met.

  • Kristin says the verdict is in and Matt has been found guilty of being “so incredibly fine”.

  • Anna has brought him a Bachelor Survival Kit! It contains a stress ball and some mini red flags he can hand out to some women. Anna is fun. That was a good gimmick.

  • Khaylah arrived in an old pickup truck to remind Matt of home. She’s from North Carolina, just like him. This put him at ease.

  • Serena C. trips up the first step as she goes to meet Matt.

  • Serena P. is from Toronto and is only 5-foot-2, so she brought a step stool to get on his level. Okay, that was fun. I’m a fan.

  • Alicia, the ballerina, comes out of the limo dancing.

  • Saneh thinks Matt is the Greatest Of All Time and hopes he thinks she’s also “The GOAT”. She then pulls up the bottom of her dress to reveal really large, furry goat shoes on her feet. HA! So cheesy, I love it! She has an infectious laugh, too. Saneh has won me over.

  • Has anyone ever received the first impression rose before all of the limo entrances are complete?

  • Alana, also from Toronto, gives him a small bowl of pasta and they share a noodle, which results in a kiss. The girls watching from the top floor window aren’t please.

  • Kaili shows up in lingerie and a clothing rack with two outfits. She has him pick one out for her. He picks out the red strapless dress.

  • He loves her confidence.

  • Abigail arrives and tells him she’s deaf, so she’ll be reading his lips tonight. She’s sweet.

  • Corrinne is super excited to be there.

  • Marylynn feels that everything in her life has brought her there to meet him.

  • Emani thinks this is crazy and never expected to be here.

  • Lauren says she doesn’t settle for anything in her life.

  • Pieper said her Dad always wanted her and her sisters to keep their last name, which is James.

  • Hey! That’s Matt’s last name! Well isn’t this perfect.

  • A pizza car has pulled up! Yes! I don’t know who this is, but I’m a fan.

  • Out of the car comes MJ. She gets out and tries to open the back door, but it’s locked. Unintentional prop comedy! Yes!

  • MJ gives him a pizza! Send her to the Final 4.

  • Out next is Katie, who brought a toy from home, that needs to be censored.

  • Amber arrives on a two-seat bike.

  • Kimberly steps out of the limo with a giant fish from Bass Pro Shops. I don’t know if non-Canadian readers will understand that. She throws the fish at him and it falls on the ground.

  • Casandra is dressed like a football player and says she’s his number one fan.

  • Illeana asks if she can put her meatballs in his mouth. It’s the size of a five-pin bowling ball. Nonnas everywhere are astonished.

  • Kit arrives in a Bentley. She says “K.I.T. stands for Keep In Touch”. She likes to be the centre of attention.

  • Victoria…”like the Queen”…is carried in on a throne. She’s wearing a tiara and gives Matt a crown. She falls down the stairs on her way in the house.

  • “I’m Victoria, like the Queen” is quickly becoming a catchphrase.

  • She kind of reminds me of Stephanie McMahon. The show should’ve played her theme music when Victoria entered.

  • “Welcome to the Queendom…The Queendom, where the kings bow down, then relinquish your crown, y’all gonna hate me now, I’ll just turn that around and make you love me, love me, love me.”

  • No one has any clue what I just quoted. It’s fine, let’s move on.

  • That seems to be everyone!


  • Matt has everyone bow their head, so he can say a quick prayer. Well, this is different.

  • Matt says whenever he’s feeling nervous, he says a prayer to put himself at ease.

  • The leads in the past have always brought a sense of comfort to the role because they’ve been on the show before. He hasn’t, so he’s going through everything for the first time too.

  • Bri tells us she appreciated Matt’s vulnerability in that moment. Ah! She’s reinforcing the theme of the episode.

  • Matt is going around, talking to the women.

  • Matt tells Kristin that he feels a load of responsibility, being the first Black Bachelor.

  • Rachael wasn’t sure about going on the show, but loved to hear that Matt would be the Bachelor because he hadn’t gone through the process before, so they’d get to go through it for the first time together.

  • You can tell that Rachael is genuine.

  • Serena P. (from Toronto!) brings Matt outside to play chess. He tells her he was in chess club, but that doesn’t mean he was great at it.

  • Mari gives Matt a boarding pass, which is a placeholder until they can actually travel somewhere. It has some facts about her on it, including that she’s originally from Puerto Rico.

  • Matt asks how her family has dealt with the hurricanes there. It’s a very serious chat, until Katie and her toy break it up.

  • Khaylah and Matt are sitting in the back of the pickup truck she arrived in, to remind him of home (North Carolina).

  • Kit has brought Matt a snow globe to remind him of home (New York), but it reminds me of The Santa Clause.

  • Queen Victoria quickly breaks it up.

  • Matt uses a “drinking through a fire hose” expression and Victoria doesn’t understand.

  • Chris Harrison is dropping off the first impression rose.

  • Queen Victoria is going to steal Matt away for the second time tonight, which is a big no-no on night one and a quick way to get everyone else to dislike you.

  • “What do you do?” “I do marketing.” “Well market yourself to Matt.”

  • Matt’s favourite animal are panda bears because they eat and then take a nap. This is a great answer.

  • Bri says she forgot about everything else when she was talking to Matt. She has her head on straight. I can see her going far.

  • Abigail and Matt have a really easy conversation and they kiss.

  • Abigail is getting the first impression rose.

  • I approve this decision. They are already adorable.

  • Chris Harrison is breaking up the party, as Matt has to prepare for the first Rose Ceremony.


  • The first rose goes to Bri.

  • Rachael accepts the second rose.

  • Chelsea, Sarah, MJ, Serena P., Khaylah, Kristin, Kit, Magi, Pieper, Mari, Illeana, Jessenia, Kaili, Marylynn, Serena C., Lauren, Syndey, Alana, Katie, and Anna accept roses.

  • We are down to the final rose. Saneh hasn’t been called yet. I’m ready to yell.

  • The final rose goes to Queen Victoria.


  • Did the goat shoes scare Matt? She probably had the most comfortable footwear out of anyone in the house, so that just shows off her sneaky brilliance.

  • Why do my favourites never survive the first rose ceremony? This is like Sarah from last season all over again. What a travesty.

  • Alicia the ballerina also didn’t receive a rose. I’m surprised by that.

  • It seems to be a good group, though. But maybe they should consider letting me hand out one rose during every premiere episode.

  • My favourites after tonight are: Saneh, Serena P., Abigail, Bri, Rachael, and MJ.

That’s all for tonight. The previews show that more women arrive in a future episode, so that’ll be dramatic.

Thanks for reading!

Did you watch the show? Do you have any thoughts? Who are your favourites?

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  1. Sabrina B says:

    Not to be predictable but I didn’t even watch and am low key offended he didn’t choose the dancer

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