Share Your Blog 2021

When I moved into residence for my first year of university, they said, “the walls don’t make the experience, the people do.” They were right. I think if you apply that sentiment anywhere in life, it holds true.

People need people.

When it comes to WordPress, the blog layouts don’t make the experience, the bloggers do.

With that in mind, I’d like to welcome you to the 3rd annual Share Your Blog event. Please help yourself to refreshments at the back. No one leaves until all the food is gone. I don’t make the rules.

The purpose of this event is to grow your community, by meeting new bloggers and discovering new blogs. Maybe it’s just me, but having this event at the beginning of the year reinvigorates my desire to write.

It creates an energy between bloggers and I feel like we’re at our best when we’re feeding off one another. It’s a domino effect. At least, that’s my theory as to why a lot of us get writer’s block at the same time.

My other theory is that August is a boring month that lulls our inspiration to sleep.

Anyway, to participate in this blog sharing event, all I’m asking you to do is the following:

1. Introduce yourself in the comments section below

2. Tell us the name of your blog and what you write about

3. Share a link to your blog (home page, most recent post, or a post you like)

Feel free to say as much, or as little, as you want.

And then throughout the day, or coming days, come back to this post and check out the other comments. Say hi to the people you don’t know. Mingle, I guess. If you remember how to do that.

If you so choose, feel free to spread the word of this event on your blog.

I think we all have our own blogging community, so why not bring them all together? This isn’t one of those gatherings we must keep to 10 people or less. I checked.

Thank you in advance for your participation!

If you need me, I’ll be wandering around, occasionally frequently glancing at the kitchen doors to see when new items are being brought out.

Have fun and happy sharing!

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27 Responses to Share Your Blog 2021

  1. wrookieschu says:

    Love this idea! Hi I’m Wayne and I’m a travel blogger living in Sydney, Australia. I share mostly local travel which is handy considering we can’t travel very far at the moment. Would love to meet some other bloggers as I’m still pretty novice. Thanks everyone. My blog can be found here Feel free to have a look and I will do the same for yours 🤗

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  2. Hello People of Paul’s world, GF here but you can call me T. I write about my life, opinions, random thoughts – a personal diary of sorts. Currently posting on Wednesdays and Sundays.

    Feel free to pop on over! Here is my post from New Years and what 2021 holds for my life:

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  3. Sabrina B says:

    Hello people who do not know me, my name is Sabrina, my blog is notsoteenagewitch, and I have mostly been talking about movies and TV and music so far, but really it’s anything I’m feeling like talking about that week. Here I am having strong feelings about the live action Mulan

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  4. Catherine says:

    Hello everyone. I’m Cathy and you can find my blog here: I write poetry (micro-poetry), short stories and everything else that comes to my mind. Right now, I am also posting songs daily. Lots of eclectic music – I am a bit of a music addict, to be honest. What else? Oh, I am a published author. I published four books so far, a fifth is in the making. Take a look around and leave a message, so that I can return the favour. I am a curious person. xx

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  5. Barron says:

    Hi all! My name is Barron and my blog is called 10nineteen, which is my birthday

    Every day I take a photo and write a blog post. Usually the post is related to the photos, but not always. I also review books, movies, and products that I use.

    Nice to meet you all!

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  6. Bill says:

    Greetings, everyone! My name is Bill, and my blog is A Silly Place —

    I write about whatever strikes my fancy, mostly tales from my life. For example, last month my posts included a song in my exercise class giving me a flashback to high school dances, how I never thought much about borders before until crossing them actually meant something, remembering that people actually lived normal lives for 2 1/2 months last year and a group project where I joined a bunch of my blogging buddies in writing about actual good things that happened in our lives in 2020.

    As long as the writer’s block isn’t too bad, I post a couple times a week, plus a recap on Sundays of whatever I wrote and other folks’ blog posts and tweets that I liked.

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  7. gsilvosa63 says:

    Hi Paul and hi all! I think this is my third year to join Paul’s annual share-your-blog activity. My name is George and my blog can be found at

    My hobby is photography and I blog about my photographs. I usually take photographs whenever we go places or attend special occasions. The resulting blog comes out as a narrative of where I’ve been or what I’ve done.

    Check out my blog, leave a note, and I will return the favor by checking out your blog too.

    Paul, thanks for doing this annual activity!

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  8. cd says:

    Hello everyone!
    Let me just start with a huge thank you to Paul for this annual ‘let’s make friends’ it’s always so nice to get to know other bloggers!
    My name is Cass, & I kind of write about whatever comes to mind. My adulting attempts, life in general, what books i’ve been reading, sometimes sports & the bachelor franchise, trips i’ve been on – honestly anything that actually sounds okay once it’s written is fair game really.

    You can find my blog here
    Feel free to stop on by & say hello, I’ll be sure to return the favour on yours 🙃

    Thank you again Paul for the opportunity to meet other bloggers!

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  10. peckapalooza says:

    It’s that time of year again already?! Always a great idea, Paul!

    Hi, my name is Aaron, and I am a blogger. My blog is called The Confusing Middle which is a reference to the confusion that comes with living life. I try to post something every day and actually succeeded in 2020. You’ve got a lot to catch up on if you’re new, so get crackin’. I don’t have a niche that I fit into where blogging is concerned. I write about TV shows I’ve watched. I write about movies I’ve seen. I geek out about the things I geek out about. I dabble in short fiction from time to time. I post some odd observations I’ve had about life in general. I’m kind of all over the place, but I try to make it fun. I’ve had this blog on WordPress since 2015, but I was blogging elsewhere for 10 years before that. Stop on by and check out my latest post which is an update to my 100 Random Facts About Me…

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  11. sopantooth says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to share. I’m Jeremy and if you like poorly written unedited prose (like this comment) I have you covered bigtime. Blog 1 – journal of a neophyte wrestler who also does magic, Blog 2 – superhero hijinks in the most fabulous of decades the 1970s,

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  12. Hello good people! My name is Tony Burgess and I have a personal blog where I chronicle and curate the silly, serious, and sacred things in my life. My blog is full of nerdiness and hopefully some fun. I invite you to check it out and follow along if you like at

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  13. Becky says:

    Hi all! I’m Becky and I write over at Strikeouts + Sprinkles: (My blog name comes from my love for baseball and ice cream.)

    I write about my life, my current working from home adventures, running, reading, what I’m watching on Netflix, and I yell a lot about sports (baseball and football). I think you’ll find a little bit of everything on S+S and would love to get to know some of the other bloggers in the comments of this post! ☺️

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  14. Hi my name is Rosie! I started blogging in my early twenties and now I’m in my late twenties and I complain all about it at 😊 thanks for the opportunity to share!

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  15. Rebecca says:

    Hello, bonjour, and 你好! I’m Rebecca, and I’m an American from Los Angeles who has also lived abroad in France for a few years and traveled extensively around the world (prior to COVID-19, that is). My blog is “Rebecca Goes Rendezvous” in which I share my adventures in traveling and life in France/the US, and the occasional poetry. Feel free to join along for the ride! 🙂

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  16. Dutch Lion says:

    I’m Reid. Nobody actually reads or likes my posts. That’s fine by me. I enjoy writing them anyway.


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  17. Binx Thinx says:

    I love this so much! I have been struggling with keeping up with blogging due to my mental health the past few years but I really want to get into it again this year 😊 I blog about books and mental health and other things I love like yoga and movies is my main blog and I “journal” over at

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  18. I love this idea. My name is Krista and I share ways to lower waste / be more sustainable, as well as my creative endeavours. Lately I have been posting my photography and stories of my grandfather’s life.

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  19. Tanushka says:

    Hey everyone!
    What I love about WordPress and it’s community of bloggers, is that I met my best friend, my soulmate, my rock, in one of these community pool things. So I hope to make some friends now too (no pressure!) I am Tanushka, and my blog is called That desperate friend. Yes it sounds very cringe, but it was started by a much more emo 15 year old me, and I am attached to it. I mostly write poems, sometimes stream of thoughts type essays, and it is mostly what you expect from a teenager. It’s about me dealing with mah feelz, stating opinions, trying out poetry prompts, writing 2000 word rants about inconsequential topics. But I like to think that I’m funny, and that my end note under my poems are witty. So feel free to check it out, and let’s be friends.

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  20. Sarah Warsi says:

    Thank you for doing this again, Paul! Always a great idea and way to spread the love!

    Hi lovelies, my name is Sarah and my blog is all about positivity, happiness and inspiration – 3 things I’m sure we can never get enough of. Please visit my site at and have a look at some of my latest content. If you like what you read, just hit that subscribe button. Thank you so much in advance. Lots of love!

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  21. Hey everyone!

    With 2020 bumming us all out, here’s a fresh new way to look at things and help you feel like the protagonist of your very own movie! A little inspirational boost for heading into a brand new year!

    Hope you guys like it! Will return all favours graciously!

    Thank you for this opportunity Paul, and I wish you all a very happy new year! 🥳

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  22. Hi all!

    I am Paul’s blogger sister! I have held this title proudly for hmm…7 years?? Wow time flies. My blog is about my musings in life. Among heartbreak, family, friends, work, travels, education, and just every day random things that happen in my life- I’ll try to make the best of it in my funny or emotional writing. I try to write and hop over as often as I can, I’m a public health worker and things are just a tad busy right now 🙂 I LOVE FRIENDS. Hop on by and I will do the same!

    Thanks for the opportunity Paul! Our blogs are in second grade now aw 🙂

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  23. tayahmay says:

    Hello, my name is Shantayah.

    My blog is name Formally Informal. I write poetry about various things. Things I observe, feelings that I or others may have experienced, or new perspectives on topics that I may encounter.

    Here is the link to it. Feel free to check it out –>

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  24. Hi, I’m Jonathan I’m a writer for which is a theatre blog. There are reviews, articles, discussion posts. I want it to be an active location and community

    Hopefully this interests some of you and you come take a look x

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