Viewing Notes: The Bachelorette (Tayshia) – Ep. 9

Previously on The Bachelorette: In an attempt to squash their beef, Bennett got three gifts for Noah. Tayshia walked in the room and noticed the gift box. She asked what it was. The episode ended.

11 remain, who will go home tonight?


  • Bennett says he gave a gift to Noah. Tayshia says, “okay” and takes him aside to talk. That was it? She didn’t ask what the gifts were?

  • Tayshia asks Bennett if he’s ever questioned her integrity. He says no and then reiterates that Noah has a 0% chance of ending up with her. She explains to him that that is him questioning her integrity.

  • Bennett is telling her the four components of emotional intelligence and the three in which Noah has a deficiency.

  • I’m getting flashbacks to university exams where I had to memorize a bunch of lists and create 18 different acronyms.

  • Tayshia says, “okay” and stares at him with a, “you’re not getting a rose tonight and you don’t even realize it” look on her face.

  • Tayshia sits down with Noah and says there has been a lot of drama in the house lately and he seems to be the common denominator. That’s a math term!

  • Noah says Bennett talks to people in a way that he shouldn’t, before going into the condescending gifts he was given.

  • Oh good, at least she knows.

  • Noah and Bennett go sit on the couch, while Tayshia thinks about what to do.

  • Tayshia has made up her mind. She tells Bennett that he can be condescending, and tells Noah that she’s worried he’s not ready for marriage at the end of this.

  • Tayshia says she can’t give Bennett a rose and walks him out.

  • Noah rejoices, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she goes back in and sends him home too.

  • Bennett is shocked. He says he didn’t question her integrity. Instead, he saw behaviours in Noah that he thought Tayshia couldn’t put up with.


  • Tayshia returns to Noah, picks up the rose, and says, “that wasn’t a victory for you, by any means.”

  • Boom.

  • Tayshia isn’t giving him a rose right now, but he doesn’t have to go home, he can stay here.

  • Noah goes back to the guys to tell them what happened.


  • “Hometowns are around the corner” – Tayshia. Oh?

  • Riley gets her a 1-week anniversary cake to celebrate them becoming boyfriend and girlfriend.

  • Has she only been there a week in real time?

  • Zac gives her a picture frame of their wedding photo from last week’s date.

  • Ivan says he’s at a point in his life where he’s ready to be a great husband. He’s probably the frontrunner right now.

  • JoJo walks in and says it’s time for the Rose Ceremony. That’s right! She’s filling in as host, so Chris Harrison can move his son into college.

  • I’m now having images of Chris H. hauling a mini fridge up five flights of stairs. He rests the box on the railing, so he can catch his breath. Poor Chris.


  • The guys are counting the roses on the table. There are only five, which means three guys are going home. Two guys already have roses, so only seven will remain. Math!

  • Brendan gets the first rose.

  • Riley, Blake, and Ivan get roses.

  • The final rose goes to Noah.

  • Demar, Spencer, and Ed are going home.


  • JoJo walks in and informs the group of seven that Tayshia is feeling great this morning and is falling in love. She also says Tayshia will be meeting their families next week.


  • Oh look, JoJo is rolling in on Chris Harrison’s scooter. She has set up an oasis, but they have to solve her clues in order to find it. She provides them with their own scooters.

  • That last viewing note would make no sense in 2019.

  • Clue #1: Find me the place where the score is love.

  • To the tennis courts!

  • They find the next clue and head to a water fountain, where they promptly jump in.

  • And now they’re smashing pinatas. Hide the children!

  • It turns out the “oasis” is a bench outside the spa. What a trickster that JoJo is.


  • Tayshia says Ben is almost too perfect and knows he’s holding back.

  • Ben says he’s been conditioned to default to what’s most comfortable, when he’s feeling vulnerable.

  • He talks about how 2018 was a rough year, between leaving the army and breaking his back, and the only person he confided in was his sister.

  • Ben is really opening up about some serious things and I don’t think I’d do it justice by just sharing a one line snippet.

  • Tayshia is glad he opened up, it’s what she’s wanted.

  • Ben receives a rose.

  • They walk down the street and around the corner to a private concert, by Adam Hambrick.

  • I do not know who Adam Hambrick is, but good for him for getting on primetime television.

GROUP DATE (Zac, Ivan, Brendan, Riley, and Noah)

  • The guys, and Tayshia, will be taking a lie detector test, administered by JoJo! Chris Harrison would never.

  • The guys are nervous.


  • Tayshia goes first.

  • When asked if she is truly falling in love, Tayshia said yes. The results from the test reveal…SHE’S TELLING THE TRUTH.

  • Okay, when the truth is told, a green light bulb lights up. When there’s a lie, a red one lights up.

  • Is this actually legitimate?

  • If and when Maury walks through that door, I’ll know it’s real.

  • The machine says Tayshia regrets sending someone home.

  • Noah says he doesn’t miss his moustache. The machine says…IT’S A LIE.

  • Brendan says he’s ready for Tayshia to meet his family, but IT’S A LIE.

  • Zac admits to cheating on someone before. Tayshia doesn’t like that.

  • JoJo asks Riley what his name is to set a baseline…AND THE MACHINE SAYS HE’S LYING. Hark!


  • Riley is nervous tonight and is pretty sure he has to explain why his name came up as a lie.

  • I wonder if the issue with his name came up when he was interviewing to be on the show, which is why he ended up on this date. Or, it’s just a coincidence because there are only seven guys left and five are on this date. Probability! More math!

  • Tayshia pulls Zac aside first to tell him that cheating does not sit well with her.

  • “I will not date a cheater.” – Tayshia

  • Zac says he was in love with his first girlfriend, but met up with another girl at a bowling alley and kissed her while still with his girlfriend.

  • He had his first girlfriend when he was in 6th Grade. That’s when this happened.

  • Tayshia is relieved.

  • How’d he end up at a bowling alley with a girl at Age 11? I feel like it was a birthday party, or something.

  • Tayshia checks in on the other guys before talking to Riley.

  • Riley says he has to talk about things he doesn’t want to talk about.

  • He says his name was Dwayne. He was named after his father, who was his best friend.

  • There was a falling out and Riley decided he want to start over and get his name changed.

  • I’m leaving out some personal family details that were also mentioned.

  • Tayshia is very receptive to what Riley just told her and tells him he did nothing wrong and it’s okay.

  • One good thing from this season, that I hope carries into future seasons, is the deep chats we’re getting to see. In a regular season, the editing makes most chats feel rushed and we get to the later episodes without knowing much about anyone.

  • The group date rose is going to…no one. Tayshia will wait until the Rose Ceremony to give it out.

  • Tayshia walks out and arrives back at her house (a house?) and BENNETT IS STANDING AT THE FRONT DOOR.

  • “Howdy neighbour!”

  • No, I’m kidding. He didn’t say that. At least the footage of it wasn’t shown, so maybe he did?

  • She should put him through a lie detector test.

  • They go inside to talk.

  • He is “so, so, so sorry” for making her think he questioned her decision-making ability.

  • Okay, when someone is sent home on this show and comes back to “salvage things”, it never works.

  • The person who returns is just duped by a producer into doing it. They probably let it slip that Tayshia took a lie detector test that revealed she regretted sending someone home. Bingo bango bongo, Bennett thinks it’s him. He’s on her doorstep.

  • Bennett says he realized he LOVED HER in the moment she sent him home.

  • Tayshia is speechless.

  • Bennett says he would love to stay.

  • Chris Harrison steps away for what, 72 hours, and this show goes into chaos.

  • Hey Chris, hurry up with the mini fridge. We need ya!

  • Tayshia says she will let Bennett know tomorrow what her decision is.



  • Okay, in the previews for next week he walks in and surprises the guys, so I’m half right.

Next week, there is an episode on Monday and Tuesday. Monday is the Men Tell All episode, so I won’t be doing notes for that. If anything “wild” happens, I’ll mention it in my notes for Tuesday’s episode.

See you then.

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  1. Becky says:

    WAIT she’s going to visit these guys’s families during a pandemic???

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