Viewing Notes: The Bachelorette (Tayshia) – Ep. 8

Previously on The Bachelorette: Ed showed up at Chris Harrison’s house at 2AM, the guys got mad at Noah, and Tayshia got mad at the guys for getting mad at Noah.

Let’s see what happens tonight.


  • Tayshia woke up with an anxious stomach and is setting the table for breakfast. I count at least eight croissants on the platter, to go along with a bowl of orange slices. Who is she feeding?

  • Ding dong, it’s the doorbell! Just kidding, they knocked. It’s former bachelorette, JoJo.

  • Say it with me now…DID SHE QUARANTINE?

  • Tayshia says she’s falling for multiple people and doesn’t know how to juggle that. Maybe she should sign-in to MSN Messenger and see which guy messages her first?


  • Chris Harrison walks in and lays out the week ahead for the Final 12. He says he will be stepping away for this week, as he has to take his son to college!

  • Chris H. is leaving the bubble! For a while, he was the only one keeping this show from going off the rails.

  • Stepping in to help out is JoJo. She walks in with the date card. I don’t think the guys have any idea who she is.


  • Zac and Tayshia are going to be playing dress-up today, as in they’ll be taking wedding photos.

  • Tayshia is second-guessing this idea, but goes along with it.

  • The photographer is wearing purple slippers that may or may not be from a Barney costume.

  • Zac and Tayshia have decided to laugh through the whole thing because taking this seriously is too scary.

  • They take photos while jumping on a trampoline. You just know the producers were spending all season trying to figure out what to do with that trampoline.

  • Zac reveals that he was married before for a year.


  • Tayshia says she saw a smile on him today that she hasn’t seen, but she doesn’t know much about him.

  • Zac says he found out he had a brain tumour after he graduated from college.

  • This introduced him to pain medication, which sent his life spiralling.

  • He went to rehab for 4.5 months and now, years later, he is on the Board of the rehab centre.

  • Tayshia appreciates him opening up and gives him a rose.

  • They wander around and find a lever that says, “Pull Me”. It lights up a ferris wheel. Nothing abnormal about this.

GROUP DATE (Spencer, Ivan, Ed, Blake, Brendan, Riley, Demar, Bennett, Ben, and Noah)

  • They walk into a room and there are two nude models posing for an artist. The guys think they’re going to have to pose, as well.

  • Nope. The guys will be sketching the models. They are relieved.

  • Bennett claims the seat next to Tayshia, even though Noah was already sitting there. This is very Kindergarten of them.

  • None of the guys have any artistic ability.

  • Now, everyone is getting blindfolded and has to mold something with clay. Good grief, Charlie Brown, they’re already bad at art. Don’t do this to them.

  • Spencer made a pepperoni pizza.

  • Ben made an infinity symbol.

  • Brendan made a “delicious brownie”.

  • Blake made something inappropriate.

  • Noah made breakfast in bed.

  • Bennett made him and Tayshia at their New York home, Hampton’s home, and California home. Oh.

  • No one made cacciatore? That would’ve been simple.

  • For the final exercise, the guys must draw a self-portrait. Whoever opens up the most will get extra time with Tayshia.

  • Brendan’s self-portrait is an empty picture frame that he turns sideways so a second person can fit in it with him. That’s a brilliant way of getting out of art.

  • Ivan created a big puzzle, with a blank spot in the middle.

  • No one seems to have drawn a picture of themselves, so I guess I misinterpreted this.

  • No wait, Ben did draw a picture of himself, but he’s walking out to get something.

  • Oh no, he comes back in wearing a robe. He takes it off and says, “This is me showing up for you.”

  • Tayshia doesn’t want to choose one person, so she decides to hang out with all of them tonight.


  • Tayshia has some good conversations with some of the guys as Noah and Bennett exchange chirps back and forth.

  • Ben shares that he’s in fitness and nutrition because he had an eating disorder for 15 years. It’s something he kept from everyone except his sister.

  • The conversations this season have been a lot deeper and meaningful than we’ve seen in the past.

  • Tayshia is giving the group date rose to Ben.

  • One more thing! Tayshia says there is something going on between Noah and Bennett and she’s going to get to the bottom of it!

  • Tayshia leaves and Noah calls out Bennett for his snarky comments and talking down to him.

  • Bennett doubles down on his snarky comments.

  • “I’m not on The Babysitter, I’m on The Bachelorette.” – Bennett



  • Tayshia has planned a scary surprise for Eazy.

  • They are going ghost hunting tonight. That’s a new one.

  • They read the story of “The Haunting of William Morgan”. Mr. Morgan’s body was discovered on the property.

  • I don’t know how real this is because would this resort really want this information made public?

  • Tayshia and Eazy have entered a haunted house. They have flashlights and a tendency to scream.

  • I’m going to fast-forward a bit. They’re exploring the property looking for ghosts.


  • Eazy tells Tayshia that he’s falling in love with her.

  • Uh-oh, Tayshia just gave him a look. I don’t know what it means yet, but it wasn’t good.

  • Tayshia says, “you deserve so much”. OH NO. Here comes the boom.

  • She picks up the rose and says, “Unfortunately, I can’t give you this rose because I’m not there, where you are, and I don’t know if I can get there.”

  • She’s dousing him in compliments, but you can tell he’s just drowning on the inside.

  • Eazy is going home. He was one of the good ones.

  • “It went from great to goodbye in no time.” – Eazy, in the car


  • JoJo says there will still be a Cocktail Party, just not right away, because Tayshia is still concerned about the tension between Bennett and Noah.

  • Bennett says he has no tension with Noah.

  • JoJo says Tayshia wants to see both of them tonight and will send one of them home.

  • JoJo is really good in this role. Remember I said a few episodes ago, when Chris was overworked, that we shouldn’t be surprised when he has a co-host next season?

  • Paul The Prognosticator.


  • Bennett is 11 years older than Noah and that seems to be the reason why he feels like he can belittle Noah so much.

  • Bennett has brought a gift, but it’s not for Tayshia. It’s for Noah? Because he’s a peacemaker?

  • “The last thing that I want is Noah to leave and to think there was beef or tension with us.” – Bennett

  • Noah calls it a “war gift”. Bennett calls it a “gentlemanly gift”.

  • Is it socks?

  • Bennett is going to open the gift and explain it.

  • He begins with “the friendship gift”. DOES THAT MEAN THERE ARE MULTIPLE GIFTS IN THE BOX?

  • It’s a red bandana, which signifies their first conversation where they talked about the ranch and Noah’s upbringing in Oklahoma.

  • It’s red because he hopes there’s no bad blood.

  • I need some crackers with this cheese.

  • The next present is something Bennett wore the other night.


  • The socks have moustaches on them because “the only place you should wear a moustache is on your feet.”

  • Is this real, or did I die?

  • The next gift is a book called, “On Emotional Intelligence”. Bennett says that Noah is deficient in three of the four components of emotional intelligence.

  • I can’t tell if I’m enjoying this, or not. Send help.

  • Bennett is trying to be genuine (maybe?) about this, but this book is 100% condescending. Should’ve stopped after the red bandana.

  • Bennett has crossed over into SNL character mode.

  • Tayshia has entered the chat!

  • She says she likes both guys but is over the pettiness between them.

  • Bennett says he feels no ill will, or tension, towards Noah.

  • Noah is recounting the times Bennett belittled him, while Bennett is sitting there with his, “What, who, me? I would never!” replies.

  • Tayshia finally notices the box on the table and asks what’s in it.

  • Oh my God, I love this.



  • Agh, this show got me. I was really hooked there.

Next week, it looks like the guys are taking a lie detector test. See you then!

What did you think of tonight’s episode? If you’re bad at art, how much worse would you be with a blindfold on?

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2 Responses to Viewing Notes: The Bachelorette (Tayshia) – Ep. 8

  1. -Blake made something inappropriate.

    -Noah makes breakfast in bed.

    LMFAO.. reading this made me laugh out loud.. out of context this sounds mental.

    Thank you for the laugh 🙂

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