Good Reading Habits

I almost feel like I’m walking into a room I don’t belong in. Nevertheless, I have the paperwork to prove my attendance is necessary. Let me just get that out for you. Alright, here it is. Should I read it like it’s an old-timey scroll? Sure, why not.

On this day, I, The Paul, have been nominated by The Becky at Strikeouts and Sprinkles to participate in a “Good Reading Habits Tag”, thus, my presence at this Book Nook Society social is of utmost importance.

See, told you I was meant to be here. Do I get a Book Nook Society jacket now? Take me to your leader.

Also, be sure to check out Becky’s blog! I’ve only been telling you to do so for over two years, so if you haven’t listened to me by now, MAYBE I’LL SAY IT A LITTLE LOUDER.

By the way, as I was reading that scroll (of parchment?), I pronounced the word “Good” as if I was Dracula. Just a minor detail. Go back and read it in that voice, if you must.

Now then, someone hand me a small paper plate, so I can fill it with cubes of warm cheese and giant strawberries.

Before I started this, I warned Becky that I may not have any “Good” (Dracula voice, like you’re saying Gouda, but ignore the “a”) reading habits.

So, this is my official warning to all of you. These might not be “Good”, but they’re Gouda-nuff for me.

Who brought me here? Why am I like this? Can I still be in the secret society?

Let’s begin before I pour myself a drink and am forced to carry a styrofoam cup around all night.

Oh, too late

A Page A Day Keeps The Dust Away

I find that if I keep a book next to my laptop, it gives me the chance to read a few pages, while my laptop is starting up. If the chapter is short enough, I’ll complete it, even if my laptop is ready.

Not only does this technique help prevent books from sitting too long without being opened, but it allows me to subtly let the laptop know who’s boss and that technology will never win.

Muha haha ha ha ha ha.

That was my “normal human laugh”.

All About Angles

If you were to fall asleep while sitting, chances are your head would drop and put strain on your neck, while your drool introduces itself to your shirt.

That is to say, if you’re reading a book at an angle that causes your head to be in the same position it would be if you had fallen asleep while sitting, you might get tired, faster.

Body see, body do.

Reading is an activity that must be done while you are awake. Unfair, I know.

So, switch it up. Hold the book out in your lap a bit, so the angle between your eyes and the words is a bit more obtuse, even if it is still an acute angle.

Or, lay on your back, prop a pillow up for your head, and read your book out in front of you. You could also do this while lounging on the couch.

Or, lay entirely on your back and hold the book above you like it’s a baby mobile. This position may also give your arms an unintentional workout, so be sure to move them around so your blood doesn’t coagulate and kill you.

Play A Song In The Background

Sometimes, a room can be too quiet. I know, that’s why it’s called “Quiet Reading” in school, but sometimes the stillness can make me feel bored, or dread reading for a long period of time.

The key is to pick one song and play it on repeat, while you read. Don’t put it too loud and eventually it’ll turn into background noise. You won’t even hear the words. You’ll be more focussed on the ones in the book.

I read most of Ronda Rousey’s book while doing this. I think the song was “Colors” by Halsey. I have no idea why, but it worked. Not that her book wouldn’t have been a joy to read without music; it just added to the experience.

I guess it’s like when people pair a wine with food. Every book has a song it goes with, too.

This may not work for you. It might just be a Paul Thing. Many things are just a Paul Thing, I’m discovering. But if you want to give it a try, then give it a try!

Set Chapter Checkpoints

I enjoy reading, and God knows I still have a bunch of new books in my room, still in their bags, but I’m not someone who will sit down and read for two hours. I have too many sporting events to watch. (Let’s just imagine the world is normal for a second).

So, when I do find time to read, I’ll look ahead and see how long the chapters are and set some checkpoints for myself. I’ll normally stop reading if I’ve been doing so for a while, and have arrived at a chapter that is over 20 pages long.

I don’t like putting the bookmark back in when I’m in the middle of a chapter, so I’ll just stop and pick back up there the next time.

Read What You Need

As I mentioned before, I have a bunch (maybe a baker’s dozen?) of new books waiting for me. Some have been screaming from their bags for over a year. Sorry, guys, I’ll get to you later. NOW KEEP IT DOWN.

When I’m picking my next book to read, I try and pick one that not only interests me, but one that will, hopefully, tell me something I currently need to hear.

I’d say 98% of the books I read are non-fiction, so I’m usually reading about someone’s life, in their own words. I’ll try and pick the one I think I need to read. This may sound weird, or maybe it’s just another Paul Thing.

Hopefully, at least one of you understands what I mean.

I’m currently reading a book called, “Ego Is The Enemy”. I got it and it quickly jumped to the front of the (orderly) queue of new books I have because I felt like it I had to read it. I think I was right.

I’ve been saying “Ego is the enemy” to myself a lot, and I think it’s helped me see a few situations a bit differently. Or maybe I’m just hypnotized. If so, send help.

So, read what you need. No idea how that applies to fiction novels, but maybe it can?

That’s All

Hopefully, I said at least one thing that was semi-useful in this post. I think I’m supposed to nominate people to do this tag, but I don’t think I have the authority to do that yet. You’ll have to take it up with a higher-ranking member of the Book Nook Society.

I totally just created the Book Nook Society because I wanted to entertain myself while writing this, but I guess if you’ve already done this tag, that means you’re in the society.

I don’t make the rules. Everyone gets a jacket!

I’m going to stop typing now and ditch this styrofoam cup at the large table everyone else has been ditching their styrofoam cup at.

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I think of my blog as an all-you-can-read buffet. There's something for everyone and complimentary mints at the door as you leave.
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5 Responses to Good Reading Habits

  1. I also like to read by chapters. Like unless I need to change activity quickly, I will usually read until the end of the chapter and then stop.

    But I could read for hours! Oooo I love it!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Authoress51 says:

    I love to read and just borrowed some more books from Beans.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Speaking of cheese (cheesy, that is) now would be a great time to promote my book since you’re in the reading mood. Yes, a cheesy line.

    It’s fiction but I assure you a lot of me is in it. So in many ways it’s non-fiction.

    But I’m not much of a seller so I would never do that to you. Please ignore the link that leads you to my book. It has a mind of its own. 🙂


  4. Becky says:

    See I told you that you’d come up with something creative! This is great!

    Liked by 1 person

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