FED Talk: Foods I Like

Welcome back to another FED Talk, my name is still Paul. Last week, I shared a list of foods I’ve never had. As expected, most (all?) of you were shocked by some of the things I’ve never eaten. That is okay. 

I will say this, though: At some point in my life, I know I’ll eventually try all of those foods on my list. Just not right now. You can call it stubbornness, opportunity cost, not the right time, or “waiting on the world to change”.

We keep on waiting (waiting), waiting on the world to change. 

Sorry, I had to finish the lyric or it was going to be stuck in my head. Now it’s your problem.

This time, I figured I’d share a list of foods I like. I tried to pick ones that aren’t as simple as pizza and chips, but are a bit more advanced/”out there”/less popular.

DISCLAIMER: I don’t know if any of these foods actually qualify as “out there”, but just go with it. 

For some reason, I always struggle getting them out of the can. More than once, I’ve had the oil attack me. Other times, the little tab breaks off. Nevertheless, I keep going back.

If you’ve ever seen an Italian use bread to scrape the pasta sauce off their plate, that’s pretty much how I eat sardines. 

Dump them on a plate, break them into smaller bits, rip off small pieces of bread or a bagel, and pick up the fish. Shockingly, four small sardines are incredibly filling.

I always used to have my dad make tuna fish (from a can) for me. He had the magic touch and knew how to mix it together perfectly. And then I gave it a try and accidentally dumped too much garlic powder in it. 

Since then, I’ve become pretty good at making it for myself. I also eat it by breaking off small pieces of a bagel and making mini sandwiches out of it. 

I like mushrooms on pizza, in pasta, on the side of a steak, or mixed with veggies in a pan. 

Das good. As a kid, I always found it to be too sour, yet that didn’t stop me from adding some to my plate whenever we had it, which wasn’t often. In recent years, my Nonna has sent me leftover sauerkraut with small bits of sausage, and that inspired me to start making it for myself. 

I haven’t had it in a while – we’re on a break – but I still love it.

Orange Juice w/Pulp
That’s right, fight me. I won’t drink chocolate milk, but I’ll have orange juice with the pulp. That sentence really sums me up in a nutshell. 

However, for some reason, orange juice makes my throat hurt, so I don’t really drink it anymore. It’s always in our fridge, but I resist temptation. 

I’m only including this on the list because I want to bring attention to the fact that there aren’t many good bread options out there these days. I’ve always loved crusty buns that make a crunch when you bite into them, but the problem with them is they don’t taste good after Day 1. If you buy five buns and freeze them, it’s impossible to get them back to their natural self. 

Outside of a few types of buns, I’ve moved away from bread, and into the loving arms of bagels. Bagels are like a pool tube.

Anyway, I’ll put the bagel in the toaster and then fill it with: turkey, lettuce, tomato, onion, and then have provolone cheese or a deli meat like mortadella, make a cameo on top.

German Potatoes
They served these in the cafeteria at school, maybe once every two months, and they were delicious. I’ve been meaning to make them at home, but have never committed to the process of finding a recipe and actually doing it.

Maybe I’m subconsciously preventing myself from disappointment.

Lamb is good. 

Fried Rice/Risotto
I never used to like rice, but now I love it, which is proof that I can evolve.

I attended a wedding when I was about 10 years old and there was just a heaping amount of rice on my plate. It was grey and wet and instead of eating it, I made it into a really tall pile, but it kept collapsing. Unstable base.

Fast-forward to five years ago and I find myself at a Japanese restaurant for a friend’s birthday. They made the food right in front of us – THE CHEF THREW A SMALL PIECE OF EGG INTO MY MOUTH FROM ABOUT 15 FEET AWAY; IT WAS AWESOME – and that is where I was forced to eat fried rice.

Lo and behold, I loved it. 

Also at that dinner, I had to drink tea with my meal because it was free and I was too embarrassed to ask for something else. You may remember that I don’t like hot drinks. The whole time I was thinking, “If only I had something cold to wash down this hot drink with.”

There were also no utensils. I don’t know how to (properly) hold chopsticks. It was rough.

And this is why I don’t consider myself a picky eater. Because if I’m forced into a situation where I don’t have a choice, I’ll eat and drink what’s in front of me. But when I have choices, I’m going to go with what I like because you can never have too much of a good thing, right? 

My friend saw me struggling and asked the waiter to bring me utensils. The waiter chuckled at me. CHUCKLED.

When my family makes meatloaf, it looks like a giant brain sitting in a glass pan. But then you bite into it and it tastes like the child of a Meatball and Burger.

I can’t recall ever having a problem with greens. Most kids don’t like broccoli, it seems. I didn’t fall under that group. Whenever we went to restaurants as a kid, my dad would tell me and my sister in the car that he wanted to see greens on our plate.

Feed me the broccoli, spinach, rapini, salad, coleslaw, peas, brussels sprouts, peppers – I’m good. 

Green beans, however, I’m only lukewarm on. They smell so bad when you cook them and don’t really taste like much.

I love green olives on pizza. Black olives are no bueno, though. I don’t understand them.

I also like the dark purple olives that have pits in the middle.

Mint Chocolate
The mint chocolate bars from Laura Secord are my favourite. Laura Secord is a chocolate company in Canada.

I also prefer Mint Aero bars to the regular ones. 

Back in 2004, there was an ice cream flavour that combined chocolate ice cream with mint ice cream, and had small rectangular chocolate chips (they weren’t crunchy) dispersed throughout. It was my favourite and I can’t find it anywhere anymore.

Now, there’s just mint ice cream with tiny chocolate chips in it and the chocolate chips are too hard and, therefore, annoying.

Love it, especially when you can add some tomato sauce to it. Maybe that’s just an Italian thing.

The key is to never pick a pickle from the top of the jar. Dig to the middle – that’s where the good ones are. From my experience, the pickles near the top of the jar are too soft.

Curly Fries
I’m only putting this in here because I think we can all unite over them. 

Fruits & Vegetables
Gala Apples
Bananas (this includes Banana Pudding and Banana Bread)
Red Grapes > Green Grapes

And More. 

On Burgers
Lettuce, Tomato, Onions, Mayonaisse, Hot Peppers (if I’m feeling alive). 

On Hot Dogs
Mustard. That’s it. One stripe down the middle. As a kid, I’d put mustard, relish, and hot peppers, but a few years ago I realized I don’t like relish that much anymore. 

Shoutout to hot pepper relish. That’s good stuff.

I like ketchup, but I don’t put it anywhere other than on the side of my fries. It just doesn’t taste the same for me with burgers or hot dogs.

On Pizza
Combo #1: Pepperoni
Combo #2: Pepperoni & Green Olives
Combo #3: Pepperoni, Green Olives, and Sausage
Combo #4: Pepperoni, Green Peppers, and Sausage
Combo #5: Mushrooms & Green Peppers

A Word Regarding Pineapple on Pizza
It was good the first time I had it, which was in 2004 or 2005. Every time since then, I haven’t enjoyed it. So I’m confused why I liked it the first time, but never again.

Therefore, I won’t shame you for liking pineapple on pizza because that was one of the most memorable slices of pizza I’ve ever had. There’s a whole story and everything.


I’ll end this here, before I get into the fact that bacon is good, except when it’s crispy. I rank bacon as a C-list celebrity in the food world. I like it, but it can go away for two years and I won’t notice.

Anyway, thank you for listening to my FED Talk. Hopefully, it helped you learn a bit more about me and why I yam the way that I yam.

Yes, that was an intentional yam pun, do you even need to ask? I’ve never had yam. It kills microwaves. That’s a story for another time never.

Do we like the same foods? Do you dislike some of the foods I listed? What “out there” foods do you like, that a lot of people don’t? What do you put on a burger?

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17 Responses to FED Talk: Foods I Like

  1. darthtimon says:

    Hmm (or is that mmmm?). We share some common envelopes food wise…. Not that food I
    In envelopes tends to end well…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. gigglingfattie says:

    HECK YES to sauerkraut!! YUM! I want to buy it but whenever I have the urge the grocery store only has two sizes of jars: family reunion at the park, or feeding the whole city. So I never get it lol!!

    I don’t like a few things on your list: sardined and tuna – no thank you. I can have black olives on my pizza but that’s it. Not in any other foods or any other types of olives.

    But for the most part I’m totally on board with this list! I was even eating a bagel while I was reading it! I hate breakfast foods lol I never know what to get/make that is easy and I don’t have to spend time doing it in the morning so it’s usually bagels lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • Paul says:

      YES sauerkraut! And same! That’s why I haven’t had it in a while – the jars are too big and I’m the only one eating it. There should be a small jar meant for one person, the size of a mayo jar.

      I figured sardines and tuna would be the ones people wouldn’t like. I totally get it.

      I hate breakfast foods too…or at least I hate eating in the morning because I’m never hungry. Do you like Eggo waffles? Those are an easy more food.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh Paul, I absolutely LOVE these FED Talks of yours! Finally a list, which I might be able to relate to. Okay maybe that’s a stretch, but as I read down the list of foods you do like, I was impressed, shocked and bamboozled by some of your choices. Nevertheless I, respect you my dear friend Paul, for those brave (and not so brave) choices you’ve made culinary, lol.

    Sardines – yuck, they should be banned in all forms
    Tuna – same as sardines
    Mushrooms – love!
    Sauerkraut – LOVE
    Orange Juice with Pulp – You must be my blogger soul mate!
    Bagels – Your ideas of using bagels are so much more than breakfast
    German Potatoes – Have no idea what these are
    Lamb – Nope, not doing it
    Fried Rice/Risotto – Fried rice like Chinese food, yes! Risotto, oh so creamy risotto, yes!
    Meatloaf – Oddly enough I love it and my boys don’t. I love making meatloaf sandwiches, they are delish!
    Olives – I could eat them with everything…okay not ice cream because that would be just weird.
    Mint Chocolate – Girl Scout Cookie time! Yaaasss!
    Cauliflower – only if it’s deep fried
    Curly Fries – Nope, I love straight fries thank you very much
    Fruits/veggies – I don’t think banana pudding and bread is considered a fruit Paul, lol
    Pizza – Only if it my fave, Pizza Hut’s Super Supreme pan pizza with extra jalapenos. As for pineapple on pizza, only if it has jalapenos on it.
    Hey I’m from Texas, it has to have a spicy/hot kick to it…lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • Paul says:

      Bagels: I never eat/use bagels for breakfast! Mainly because I’m never hungry in the morning lol

      Rice: Pork fried rice is my favourite
      Mint Choc: I’ve never had girl scout cookies…
      Curly Fries: Oh come on!
      Fruits/V: Banana Pudding is 50% fruit, can we agree on that?
      Pizza: I love Pizza Hut

      Really enjoyed your comment! Glad I was able to impress, shock, and bamboozle you.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m buying bagels for my sammies now thanks to you Paul.
        Also pork fried rice, the BOMB 💣.
        Curly fries are not normal, enough said.
        What do you mean you’ve NEVER had Girl Scout cookies? That’s Le sacrilege!
        We’ll meet half way on the banana pudding, Paul.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Paul says:

        Ok now that I’ve Googled them, I HAVE had girl scout cookies. I’ve never seen a girl scout selling cookies (might be a Canadian thing, or I’m just oblivious) so the only way to get them is in the store. Enjoy your bagels!

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Belladonna says:

    This is my kind of list!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. mydangblog says:

    What about mint hot chocolate? That’s my favourite–we buy the mixed boxes and Ken has to suffer with Rolo or Turtles flavour while I get all the mint:-)

    Liked by 1 person

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