Viewing Notes: The Bachelor (Peter) – Ep. 7

We’ve made it to the seventh episode of The Bachelor. Hometown dates are next week, which seems a bit premature for a litany of reasons, but what do I know?


~ The final six have landed in Lima, Peru and the girls are excited to explore the city, even though they’ll be locked in their hotel room unless Peter takes them on a date.

~ Peter is video chatting with his mother and updates her on how things are going. She tells him to believe what’s in his heart.

~ Clever of the show to include a scene with Peter and his mom because the previews have her playing a (significant?) role later on.

~ Peter arrives at the girls’ place to tell them his biggest fear is falling for someone who thinks they’re ready for a future with him, but aren’t.

~ “We’re at a point where we’re still getting to know him.” – Kelley

This comment comes a few minutes after Madison says it feels like she’s spent five minutes with him.

~ Well…hometowns are next week, so they only have a few more days to “start falling in love”.


~ Peter has removed his forehead bandage and his Harry Potter scar is coming in nicely.

~ Madison didn’t notice, so Peter had to point it out.

~ They make their way down to the water and hop on a boat to go fishing.

~ But what are they going to do with the fish they catch? They’re not allowed to eat on this show.

~ “Madison’s a total catch.” #FishingPuns

~ “This is getting really confusing for me.” – Peter

~ Copy and Paste: Peter is perpetually confused.

~ Madison tells him not to doubt her and then they roll around together on the boat.

~ Peter keeps telling the camera that he doesn’t want to be blindsided again. Hannah really left her mark on him. He can’t trust anyone this season.

~ At the hotel, we learn from Kelsey that Madison is very religious but hasn’t shared the extent of that with Peter.


~ Madison says she’s looking for a man who shares the same characteristics and qualities as her dad.

She reveals that she wants to be with someone who shares her faith in the Lord.

~ Peter sits there silently, without response, for the longest six seconds in television history.

~ Peter says he was raised in a Christian household but feels like his faith could be stronger. He promises her that his faith is important to him.

~ He’s struggling to find words, so he says “I know that I’m falling in love with you.”

~ Madison is glad he said that.

~ Again, they don’t even touch their dinner.

~ Peter gives Madison a rose.

~ As impossible as it may seem, they do seem to have a connection that Peter doesn’t have with anyone else on this show.


~ Natasha is finally getting a one-on-one date.

~ She immediately notices that Peter’s bandage is gone. Point to her!

~ They go around town doing a bunch of different things, while we get a voiceover of Natasha saying things are great…but it’s scary…but she’s happy. Okay then.

~ Now they’re dancing in the street because Peter loves to dance.

~ This show is not introvert-friendly at all.

~ Peter tells Natasha that she has shown him more sides of her than anyone there.

~ She tells him that her brothers “are a lot” and that she hasn’t brought a guy home to meet her parents in four years.

~ Will this scare Peter off? Stay tuned.


~ I just want them to eat their food. At the very least, they should talk with utensils in their hands, so they can punctuate their thoughts.

~ Natasha asks him what their lives would look like if they end up together.

~ Peter dodges the question and says he has ideas of how he wants it to go, but for right now, he’s focussed on finding that person, and seeing who he wants to spend his life with.

~ Natasha says she trusts him.

~ Did she not listen to his answer?

~ He basically gave her The Bachelor version of, “Gotta get pucks in deep.”

~ Peter tells the camera that their relationship is more of a friendship. Well, it’s a good thing he waited until the Final 6 to figure this out.

~ He tells her he can’t give her the rose.

~ His tune started to change as soon as she mentioned her brothers and parents.

~ Peter says he might’ve waited too long for them to develop something.


~ Natasha tells us this was unexpected.



~ Before the date starts, the girls find it scary that Peter sent Natasha home because it made them realize this could end at any moment.

~ These people are constantly living in fear on this show.

~ In a way, I get it. They’ve been closed off from the world for over a month, with nothing to do except date a guy, who is also dating a dozen other women, who are your roommates.


~ Peter is looking forward to seeing if Kelsey is someone he could see himself marrying. He has about 12 hours, or less, to figure it out.

~ They’re riding ATVs through the mountains.

~ “I love exploring and getting lost.” – Peter


~ Peter wants to be with someone he can do these things with.

~ Heaven forbid you want to go on this show, get married, and stay home watching TV eight nights of the week.

~ They are now laying on a hill because climbing the mountain was exhausting.

~ Kelsey would like to be involved in their kids’ lives, but still have something for herself.

~ She’s worried that what she has to offer isn’t what Peter wants. This gives her anxiety.


~ Kelsey says that if Peter goes to Iowa to meet her family, her mom has probably already make the cookies. Her dad will not be there.

~ She hadn’t talked to him in 10 years, but then he reached out via text and they started talking. Her mom and sisters don’t know this.

~ Peter is inspired to see that she still wants to salvage a relationship with her father.

~ Peter says it’s obvious to him that her view of love hasn’t been tainted at all.

~ He’s really good at spinning a negative into a positive, even if it’s not entirely true.

~ He says he appreciates their relationship because it is “their own” and is not a “standard relationship”.

~ Peter gives her a rose and says he can see himself going to meet her family.

THREE-ON-ONE DATE (Victoria F., Hannah Ann, Kelley)

~ Two will stay, one will go.

~ Funny how this set up perfectly, with him only sending home Natasha so far. Almost feels planned.

~ These three have been front-runners for a while, there was no way he was sending two of them home on this date.

~ Every time they show Kelley, she looks like it’s such a hassle for her to be there. That feeling is reiterated in her chats with the camera because the editors know what they’re doing.

~ Kelley says Hannah Ann is too young, while Victoria F. is always breaking down.

~ The women are dropped off and have to walk across a large field to meet Peter.

~ “You’re making us walk awfully far.” – Kelley #Hassle

~ Peter points out that he got his bandage off. They don’t really care.

~ Going to be a lot of awkward silence on this date.

~ They are at a historical place that has horses and vineyards, but don’t have access to their phones to take photos, so it’s a sombre day.


~ Peter pulls Hannah Ann aside to talk.

~ Kelley says she’ll be napping. She’s really playing up this whole, “Such a hassle” storyline. Or maybe the editors are shaping it that way.

~ Hannah Ann immediately starts crying because she knows Peter likes girls who cry.

~ She has written down the reasons why she has started to fall for Peter.

~ Meanwhile, Victoria F. is already freaking out and he hasn’t even talked to her. She says, “It’s annoying to be around me.”

~ “The weak get cut.” – Kelley

~ It all makes sense now. Kelley is treating this like the Hunger Games.


~ Peter comes back to talk to Kelley.

~ She tells him she’s been frustrated this week because she didn’t get a second one-on-one.

~ Kelley says she really likes him, always has fun with him, and that not every relationship has to be hard. Peter looks perplexed.

~ Kelley has mentioned before that she doesn’t have a story of personal triumph to present to him to make it seem like she’s overcome so much. She’s just a normal person. Peter can’t seem to wrap his head around it.

~ “Is it more than just fun for you?” – Peter hates when she uses the F word

~ She thinks it’s obvious they are the best match.

~ The editors are doing a great job at making her “I’m drama free” schtick look like she’s crazy. That’s unfair, but that’s what the show does.


~ Peter is talking to Victoria F. and they immediately go down the “this is such a struggle” route.

~ Peter says they’re at a weird spot right now and he’s (perpetually) confused and wants to know how she feels about that.


~ Victoria F. wonder why he wants to spend their time talking about that. Me too, frankly.

~ She says he’s always in a mood when they talk.

~ “I’m not in a mood. You’ve given me reasons to doubt.” – Peter

~ Oh man, Peter is using the Bachelor buzzwords a lot tonight.

~ Can they never just sit down and talk about normal things?

~ Victoria F. starts crying, so she’ll probably get a rose.


~ Peter says he doesn’t need a dinner; his mind is made up.

~ Kelley: “I think Peter has an easy decision. I mean, look at me, I’m an attorney. The other girls, what are they?” #EDITING

~ They’ve been airing way too many “Confident Kelley” lines today, so she’s probably going home.

~ Peter takes Victoria F. aside and walks her to a car, but he’s bringing a rose with him.

~ She looks so sad and doesn’t look at him until he tells her he’s giving her a rose.

~ “I don’t mind a little crazy.” – Peter

~ “I, like, cannot even.” – Victoria F. in the car.

~ The amount of times people say “like” on this show is out of control.

~ Peter walks back without the rose and the women know what that means.

~ The final rose is going to Hannah Ann.

~ Peter and Kelley walk away and Hannah Ann starts crying her eyes out.

Hey, save some tears for when Peter is around!


~ Peter says he was holding on to how they met and what it meant. This explains the shaman date.

~ In the car, Kelley says she questions Peter’s intentions and wonders what phase of his life he’s in because the four remaining girls are like children.

~ “Thank you for not coming to meet my family.” – Kelley


~ Final Four: Madison, Hannah Ann, Victoria F., and Kelsey.

~ He can definitely see one of these women as his wife.

~ In the previews, things get wild and we see Peter’s mom, in tears, tell him that, “God has placed her there for you. Bring her home. Bring her home to us.”

Hometown dates are next week. Get ready for the over-protective fathers who question the purpose of this show!

Let me know what you thought of last night’s show! Who’s the frontrunner? 

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12 Responses to Viewing Notes: The Bachelor (Peter) – Ep. 7

  1. Haha, this show is nuts. Are you going to audition?

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Authoress51 says:

    I am confused. Didn’t he date Hannah Ann before and bring her back? I think he made his mind up for her a long time ago.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Paul says:

      That was a different Hannah. He was on her season of The Bachelorette and came in 3rd place. She came back for the first two episodes this season “to help”.


  3. Hahahaha I just can’t fathom having a conversation with these women.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. So what do you think the big twist they keep pushing in the previews. My guess is that one of the girls is pregnant and for all the play up on the windmill thing They haven’t really gone into that aspect to much. Keep up the work. I look forward to reading this as much as I enjoy watching the show.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Paul says:

      I appreciate the support! The pregnancy thing was a theory I had too, but if that were the case, I feel like it would be hyped up a bit more in the promos as “Something that has never happened before” or “Unprecedented”. We haven’t gotten to that level of hype. And the whole thing with his mom crying and telling him to “bring her home”, I don’t know if that fits the pregnancy theory. My thought is they get down to the Final 2 and one of the girls leaves – they don’t even show up to the final rose ceremony. That would explain the line from his mom and also why Peter looks so distraught (though that could be for a million reasons). That’s my best guess at this point.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Loewe Chan says:

    I only watch via clips and recap videos on Youtube but I love being on Twitter after Monday when the episode is aired. The season is so exhausting (imagine 6 Luke P.s) but I hope Kelley is the next bachelorette!


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