Share Your Blog 2020

Hello out there, it’s time to share!

As bloggers, community is everything. We sit here and type out our precious thoughts, as if we’re talking to ourselves, but then we realize someone, who lives in a faraway place where they don’t know what bagged milk is, heard us. And that feels good.

We’re a support system, motivating each other to write more and more. But sometimes it’s hard finding new bloggers to follow.

Now that I’ve buttered you up, let’s roll.

That was a bread and butter joke. We like food here.

Exactly one year ago, I did this exact same post – Share Your Blog 2019. I asked bloggers to introduce themselves in the comments section and add a link to their blog.

75 bloggers participated and many new connections were made. The comments section was bumping. Did I use that word correctly? It’s 2020, I’m trying new words around here. I’m feeling self-conscious about it, though.

Anyway, we’re doing it again. We’re going to start the year out right, so I hope you brought your appetite.

If you want to meet new bloggers, introduce yourself in the comments section below and leave a link to your blog. It could be a link to your homepage, or to one of your favourite posts.

If I were to leave a comment, I’d say something like this:

Hi, I’m Paul! You can call me Paul. My blog, The Captain’s Speech, is six and a half years old, which means it starts Grade 2 in the fall. When I’m not comparing it to a child, I’m comparing it to an all you can eat buffet – there’s something for everyone and mints on your way out. I try to incorporate humour into as many of my posts as I can because laughing is important. My goal is to keep your interest for every single word, without skipping any, or getting bored. If I feel like you’re skimming, I’ll put some words in italics or bold, to draw you back in and make you think they are more important. Here’s a link to my blog, feel free to say hello, or goodbye. You pick.

Just be yourself. They’re just words, you just have to pick the right ones.


1. Introduce yourself in the comments section below
2. Talk about yourself/your blog
3. Leave a link to your blog
4. Interact with the other bloggers who comment

Optional: To spread the word and really get this comment section bumpin’ (I dropped the ‘g’, did it make a difference?), feel free to include a link to this post in your next blog post. Just say, “Hey, Paul made me do it!” or something.

Let’s try and spread this like a virus in flu season. But not literally. Sneeze and cough into your sleeve.

Last year, we got 75 bloggers. This year, let’s get more. Don’t let me down, it’s only the second day of the year.

And remember, sharing is daring! Or is it caring? Carolling?

Sharing is carolling, so let’s toot our horns and sing our own praises. Bam.

Thank you!

About Paul

I think of my blog as an all-you-can-read buffet. There's something for everyone and complimentary mints at the door as you leave.
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135 Responses to Share Your Blog 2020

  1. James says:

    Hello fellow bloggers, I’m James and my blog is called James Proclaims. And it used to be quite good. Or at least not all of it was bad. And sometimes it would be quite funny. Or it would try to be funny, which is the main thing. Unfortunately I’ve been neglecting my blog of late, mostly due to becoming a parent about 17 months ago, which is surprisingly time-consuming. But I’m trying to get back on the blogging horse and I’ve written some stuff recently and plan to go on writing some more stuff in the near future. But I need some encouragement. So pop over to and make some supportive noises (even if you think my blog is rubbish because it’s nice to be nice).

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  2. Becky Turner says:

    Hi all! 👋🏻 I’m Becky from Strikeouts + Sprinkles: From my blog name, you can tell that I like baseball (I’m a die-hard Boston Red Sox fan) and ice cream (I work at an ice cream shop on the weekends). I yell a lot about sports (baseball and football), I complain about how much I hate running (I run a lot of 5K races and will be tackling my first 10K race in March!), and I share the adventures that I go on plus some of the cool things I get to do at my full-time job. I think you’ll find a little bit of everything on S+S and would love to get to know some of the other bloggers in the comments of this post! ☺️

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  3. markbialczak says:

    I’ve been reading Paul’s posts for years and years now. He’s got an interesting mind. As for me, at times I like to be contrary so I’ll say hello and merely link to today’s post instead of digging back into archives. OK, you can substitute busy and getting ready to leave for work for contrary … Happy 2020 to all.

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  4. Siddhesh says:

    My name is Siddhesh and I write and blog on SidTheBlogger: I would be really delighted and excited to meet new bloggers, and we all know why, the blogger community has got the right answer to this, very few people are actually interested in reading, especially reading blogs nowadays. I am constantly creating content for my #blogfam and I would love to meet other bloggers and explore their art and talent too!

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  5. Bill Fonda says:


    Hi, I’m Bill. My blog is called A Silly Place, named after my late cat Silly and because the world can be … well … a silly place. I write about sports, travel, music, work, anything and everything else that strikes my fancy.

    Here’s my blog:

    In case you’re wondering if this connections thing works, I found out about Paul’s site because my blogging buddy Becky ( cited it or tweeted it or something and I thought I’d give it a look!

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  6. I’m in!! I am totally in need of finding some new blogs that I can obsess over instead of watching Netflix!

    So my name is Giggling Fattie, you can call me GF or T. My blog is a personal diary of sorts that has turned into a page where I just share my own thoughts and opinions about random things. I think it’s a funny place, not sure if others do! I’m a teacher so Thursday posts have silly things my students have said. It’s not much but it’s home 😉 It’s just over 4 years old and I’m in the process of rediscovering my love of blogging and writing and looking to make new connections with old friends, and invite new friends in!

    I just posted this supporting a fellow blogger:

    Or this new Kids Say post:

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  8. tisfortracy says:

    Hey guys! My name is Tracy, I’m 25 years young and I live in sunny rainy Ireland 🇮🇪. My blog does exactly what it says on the tin, I ramble! But in a witty, giphy, topical, punny and charming kind of way. I’m always on the look out for new blogs to read, so thank you Paul for being an absolute legend and setting this thread up 🤙🏿 looking forward to connecting with you all ✌🏿

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  9. Bex says:

    Hi there! I’m Bex. I write about me because that’s the one thing I know well enough to write about. 🙂 We have a pretty good time over at my blog (though not as good a time as Paul’s little slice of heaven; have you seen the jokes this guy can write!?). Some of the topics I’ve written include tales of my love life and wedding, my travel adventures around the world and locally via my motorcycle, poop stories (yes, there are more than 1), the time a flipped a college professor the bird in the middle of class, the time I slipped on stage after a performance, oooo! Also the time I drove my friend to confront her husband’s gay lover! My life can be pretty interesting, so I like to share my experiences and have fun along the way.

    Any who, if you’re interested in any of those they can all be found here: Happy blobbing! *** that was supposed to say ‘blogging’, but my fingers messed up and I kind of liked the flub, so here we are.

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  10. cd says:

    Hey friends, I’m Cass from Uniquely Cass
    So UC (as I like to call it for short) is where you can find me talking about anything really, sometime you can find me talking about sports, or places I’ve been or things I’ve went to, or just little random things like which workout program I tried & maybe didn’t like, but you can always be sure I’ll update you on which books kept me busy each month & well how the last month went, with some juicy details on things that happened!

    Huge thank you to you Paul, for bringing us all these new blogs & friends!

    Happy 2020 everyone

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  11. scr4pl80 says:

    Hello Everyone. My name is Janet and I am here because “T” said I should come and check it out. My blog is called “Janet’s Smiles” and my mission in life is to make the world a better place one smile at a time. Also because my last name is Miles and my maiden name starts with an S so if you put it together it is Janet S Miles – get it? I’ve been blogging for about 5 years now and mostly it is just tidbits of this and that. I am a dreamer and lover of the full moon and it’s powers and believe in telling the Universe just what I want. I love blogging challenges and participate in quite a few. I also have an Etsy shop (A Smile 4U from Janet) so occasionally I will showcase my latest crafting project. Through the magic of ITTT I have a blog on both WordPress and Blogger so whichever one suits your fancy, come by and say hi! Thanks, Paul, this is a great way to start the new year.

    WordPress Janet’s Smiles

    Blogger Janet’s Smiles

    I also think typing 2020 is way more fun than 2019.

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  12. Ashley says:

    Hi, I’m Ashley! And my blog’s name is Ashley M. Eveland. I’ve been blogging on WordPress for about 6ish years, but my blog is about a year old as I wanted to write under my name and have a little professional writing repertoire going. I write about anything but mostly about writing, every day life and my relationship. I can be found at I would like to have more of a following and make some blog friends and just some ideas of what to write. I’ve read Paul’s blog for a really long time and like how he writes about anything. Hopefully you’ll follow me too?

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  13. Happy New Year everyone!!! My name is….The Huntress915, and I’ve been on WP for a little over a year now. I follow Paul because he’s the bomb (did I say that right?, lol). He’s in-quizzical and philosophical all rolled into one!

    My blog started out as therapy of sorts at the recommendation of my therapist for a bad relationship and then it evolved into a blog of daily comedic happenings in my life. You can check out my blog here

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  14. Authoress51 says:

    Hey All, I go by Authoress51 and my blog is Final Chapter.

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  15. micqu says:

    Hello, dear people. Well, I was a part of this last year and made a handful of new blogger-friends, and I thought I’ll try again?
    So, my name is Cathy and at my blog you can read all about me, but also, a lot of poetry. I published (self-published) two collections of poetry – one in 2018, one in 2019. I am a passionate and emotional writer, but truth be told, typos and missing words are kind of my thing. Everything on my blog is an impulsive post.
    By the way, do you know anyone from Luxembourg in Europe? Hi, nice to meet you, I am Cathy from Luxembourg. Poet, writer, blogger (?!) and overall random person. See you at

    Happy New Year to all you beautiful people. xx

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  16. V Donovan says:

    Hi hi! I love the idea of starting the year off by finding new blogs to follow!
    I go by Donovan a lot online, but you can also call me V. I’m a 23yo Canadian with an addiction to TV and musicals and pizza. My blog is almost five years old, and it’s a fun mess of weekly lifestyle and pop-culture posts in the form of rants, opinion pieces, and listicles. If any of that appeals to you, give it a gander!

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  17. Hi! My name is Michelle and my blog is 6 years old. I started it originally back in 2011 after I retired from the Air Force as an outlet to express myself. I write about all sorts of things from running, stories about life and recipes when I have time to cook!

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  18. Good afternoon lovely people 💙 My name is Chiquita and my blog platform is “Chronicles of a Virgo” I created this platform is September 2019 after enduring a very devastating time in my life. My intent is to create authentic, pure and inspiring content for others. My overarching goal is to help and motivate others on a daily basis as I have overcome many things and by lifting just one person up with a post is enough gratitude for me to continue my purpose! 😉 Please check out my page at I look forward to connecting with you😊

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  19. haley crowe says:

    Hi everyone! My name is Haley Crowe and I am a fitness and nutrition blogger. I am in no way an expert, just a girl who loves the gym! I would love if you’d join me so we can meet all of our goals for 2020 together. Motivation is key. I just started my blog a few days ago! Check it out here: I hope you come join the amazing community that the fitness world is ♡

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    • Paul says:

      Thanks for sharing and welcome to WordPress! Just a heads up, when I click on your name in my notifications, it leads to a blank page of your old web address. Under account settings, you can edit your web address to the one you included in your comment. Hope that helps!

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  21. thealvarezchronicles says:

    Hey guys. My name is Robert and my blog is called “The Detective and the Case of the Missing Lol”. It’s a personal blog of sorts about just about anything you can think of. I am a former police detective with a few stories to tell about life, death, writing, and donuts. Take a peek at mine and I will take a peek at yours. (I had to make it weird) I hope all of you have a great writing year! -Robert

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  22. Hello, I am Tony from Chattanooga, Tennessee. I have a pretty cool and nerdy blog that I would be honored for you to visit. I blog about stuff I am interested in and stuff going on in the world around us. Check it out

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  23. Sarah Warsi says:

    What an awesome idea, Paul. Thank you. 🙂 My name is Sarah and I am from Toronto. Canada. My blog is called ‘Happiness, Positivity, Inspiration’ and the link is simply my name:

    I’ve been actively blogging for over four years and love it. I am grateful for all the connections I’ve established through blogging and also the inspiration I’ve received from others.

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  24. peckapalooza says:

    Once again, this is genius!

    Hi, I’m Aaron. You can call me A-A-Ron, just like that Key & Peele sketch. When I introduce myself to people as A-A-Ron, it usually gets a laugh. Unless they haven’t seen that Key & Peele sketch. Then they just look at me like I’m a crazy person. But that has mostly nothing to do with the point of this comment.

    I blog over at The Confusing Middle ( where I definitely don’t fall into any sort of niche. I talk about movies. I talk about TV shows. I talk about books. I talk about pop culture. I talk about some of the funny observations and day to day things that happen in life. I can’t promise you’ll always agree with me. I can’t even promise you’ll always be entertained. But I’m sure gonna give it a good shot.

    If you’re interested in checking out my blog, I suggest reading the About Me list that I updated last year ( It’s everything you’d ever want to know about me but wouldn’t think to ask.

    Thanks again for doing this Paul! And, to you, my fellow blogger, thanks for stopping by. I look forward to getting to know more of you out there.

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  25. Hi there! My name is Phil and my blog has the unfortunate distinction of bearing my full name,, formerly I dislike it as a name, but in true introverted writer form, I felt self-conscious about my alter ego, The Scientist (read: seemed like a dumb name for a blog) so I changed it to something that made me even more self-conscious. Anyway, I write about what I know, aka not much.

    Thanks, Captain, for the opportunity. And for everyone else, if you haven’t read Paul’s end-of-year post, please do – it’s a powerful and fun read that I’ve thought of several times since I first read it.

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  26. What a great idea! Thanks, Paul!

    Hello, Everyone! I’m Biff and I am a humor writer. (SFX: crickets chirping)

    I hope you’ll hop over to my blog, Biff Sock Pow ( and visit my humor buffet. I write (or attempt to write) humor in the style of Robert Benchley, E.F. Benson, P.G. Wodehouse, Dorothy Sayers, S.J Perelman, and other humorists who were (and are) my idols. My blog has also been called Seinfeldian in that it is sort of a blog about nothing. However, it’s not nothing to me … it is my life. So that one kind kind of stings.

    On my blog you can find short, quick-to-read essays on everyday life as well as an occasional attempt at short humorous fiction. As I like to say, “Come for the humor; stay for the broken links”.

    I look forward to seeing you at my blog, and am anxious to expand my network of fellow writers!

    And here’s to a great 2020 for all of us.

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  27. Ann Coleman says:

    What a wonderful idea! Thanks for letting us share a link to our blog on yours, Paul. Not sure this will work, but here goes: Happy New Year to you!

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  28. hello, my name is chris, and I work in a button factory and write poetry! Anyone else who writes similar stuff let me know! Always looking for new poetry blogs to follow!

    mine is

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  30. mich1202 says:

    Hey guys, my name is Michel. I’m a college senior but will soon be graduating and pursuing medicine! Would love to have more convos on WordPress. I like writing about school, post pictures, write prose, and lots of random things!

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  31. OnElliesBookshelf says:

    Hey everyone, I’m Ellie and my blog is called “On Ellie’s Bookshelf”. As the name suggests, I blog about books! I love writing book reviews (which is what I share most on my blog) about contemporary fiction and literary classics. I took a long break from blogging, but now I’m back with a more book-ish focus. I’m working on a new blog series about amazing women who have shaped the world through literature…coming soon! I also adore travelling and you can scroll back through my archive to find posts about the places I’ve been. Hope you stop by and say hi!

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  32. littledingen says:

    Hi! My names Helen and my blog is 4 days old. It’s a baby but i’m looking to raise it to a big beautiful place. There’s no real theme as of yet, just musings of day to day life. Hope you can have a gander!

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  33. mydangblog says:

    Hey Paul! I’m Suzanne from Canada, and I write a weekly humour blog. I try to focus on life’s weird and wonderful quirks, so if you like to laugh, or at least snicker a little, give me a try–this one is about drinking wine in space:

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  35. writershilpa says:

    Hello, everyone,
    I am Shilpa, from Mumbai, India.
    I am a health and wellness blogger and artist. Recently, I started another blog dedicated solely to essays. I also dabble in fiction (on my fiction blog) as and when my mind is in the mood for some fun. So, yes, I have three blogs–my three virtual ‘babies’–who keep me on my toes and also keep my creative juices flowing!
    I am also a mom to three very intelligent parrots, who keep reminding me every now and then that it is they who need to be given priority over my three virtual babies. 😛 ( Sorry, Paul, I suck at humour 😦 )

    Anyway, I am sharing a link to my blogs. Do drop by sometime. 🙂

    Here are my blog links:

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  36. Hi, I’m Myriah, I write a blog about travels my sister and I go on, hiking and road tripping in the US in whatever free time we have. Not a travel blog, just some fun pictures and memories. Followed everyone here! Looking forward to keeping up with some new blogs.

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  37. gsilvosa63 says:

    Hi! My name is George. I participated in this blog sharing link that was done by Paul last year. Thanks to all who responded to my post last year and allowed me to have more friends. I hope the same for this year. Here is a link of my last post for 2019:

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  38. Dutch Lion says:

    Hi, I’m Reid!

    My friends call me “Reid” or “Dutch Lion” or just “Dutch”. My website is Dutch Lion Sports found at I enjoy sports obviously but I also have many more interests. I enjoy the WordPress community. Follow me and let’s be friends!


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  39. Hi guys. I am portuguese but I am living in London at the moment. My blog is and I like to speak about life in general, music, sports. My goal is to make you laugh and feel inspired. I hope you enjoy it 🙂 Great work Paul

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  40. Hi there!! My name is Hannah & my blog is my own personal brand—Hannah Shelby Morgan. I started this blog last January but life got in the way & I didn’t really launch it until last fall. I’m from Missouri (ope, just gonna squeeze past ya!) & I’m literally obsessed with my dogs. I’ve always loved writing & sharing my thoughts with others, so naturally I talk about a ton of different things on my blog. Since I feel like I’m still fairly new to this I’m still trying to find my exact niche. I would be so excited to gain a following & have an encouraging community to share my life with. Check me out, you won’t regret it! 🤩

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  41. rumandting says:

    Hi all!

    I’m G, a twenty-something living in the north of England. I use my blog to talk about anything and everything, from my mental health struggles, to beauty reviews, to work-life. I’m excited to make some new friends through blogging, and of course to read all of your posts! My link is:

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  42. Hi, I’m Sinead but also go by Me on my blog. It’s a story that is better explained over there. I recently got notified about my 5 year WordPress anniversary. I blog about living with a chronic illness and whatever else passes through my sometimes weird brain.

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  44. Unishta says:

    What a great idea this is . I’ve been blogging for years but for most of the tome I was treading water in the middle of the sea and getting nowhere . Finally, I’ve managed to come closer to shore and have begun to understand what blogging is all about . As a stay at home mom , full time gran and general dogsbody in a four generation home , I find blogging the perfect way to reach out to the world and share my very public views on travel, food, books and life.
    Blogging from Bombay most of the time , I can be found at
    I go by the name Unishta. Do stop by my blog and help me take my blog to higher heights.

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  45. Greetings to all fellow bloggers. My name is Tiger Lily Evergreen, and my blog focuses on speaking from my heart. Experiences, observations, and poetry are just a few of the kinds of posts. Here’s the link to my blog: Thanks in advance for checking it out, and I wish you all the best.

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  46. Happy Day everyone! I live in NY but originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil.
    I am my blog and my blog is me. Sometimes interesting, sometimes as boring as watching paint dry. I have been blogging since 2012.
    I look forward to visiting everyone here and I welcome everyone to my blog:
    Come and stay awhile 🙂
    Thank you Paul for the chance to share my blog.
    Blessings to all! ♥♥♥

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  47. Hi everyone! I’m Mama, in the literal and figurative sense. I’m the married mother of two rambunctious little girls and a quirky little dog, and work full time. I blog as an outlet, and I wanted to share in case any others were in the same spot as me – working, parenting, basically trying to survive this crazy ride we call life! I look forward to visiting all the blogs shared here, and I would love some feedback on my blog – it’s raw, but any feedback is welcomed!

    Thank you for letting us share here, Paul!
    ♥ Mama

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  48. Hi everybody! I’m seeing this post late and I’ve never done this before, but here goes. My name is Melissa. I live in the beautiful mountains of East Tennessee. It’s now March and COVID-19 is, unfortunately, raging. Finding myself at home a lot more, I have been feeling more creative. It’s breathed new life into my blog which is mostly sewing and crafts with some writing inspiration mingled in. I can be found at Thanks and stay safe!

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  49. Emmanuella Nwanua says:

    Hi everyone, I hope I’m not late. I was surfing the internet and looking for way on improving activities and reaching other through other through my blog. I’m glad I saw this post.

    My name is Emmanuella. I am from Nigeria. I just started blogging last year. I’m a Christian, I blog about my life lesson, faith, lifestyle and influence. The name of my blog is Ella’s Blog (Yahweh’s Daughter). Here’s a link to my blog

    I’m open up to new followers, and meeting amazing people.


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