Back Pain is a Pain

I don’t know if you’ve ever had to carry something heavy. Maybe a mini fridge. Maybe one of those fat back televisions from 2006. Maybe your group members for a school project. Maybe the weight of the world. Maybe a dozen pizza boxes for a Super Bowl party.

Regardless, any of the above could give you back pain. Do we agree? Great.

A few weeks ago, I found myself battling some intense back pain. What caused it, you ask? Alright, I’m going to say it once…and then I’ll repeat it later. Follow along.

So, I was sitting on the couch. Can you picture it? And then I stood up. Still with me here? And then I stretched my arms to the sky like a toddler waking up from a nap.


Pain all over the upper east side of my back.

I should mention that I’ve never seriously injured myself before.

I’ve torn ligaments in my fingers, taken a line drive off my shin playing softball, been kicked in the face and punched in the nose by children, pulled muscles, and had wisdom teeth taken out, but nothing seriously painful.

This newfound pain in my back was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. Right around the right shoulder blade was the root of the problem. I felt paralyzed.

I couldn’t turn my head to the right. I couldn’t tilt it down – my chin could not reach my chest. Do that right now. See how easy it is? Don’t take it for granted.

I was in a world of hurt, all because I stood up and stretched my arms in the air. I didn’t even do it aggressively! What the heck!? This doesn’t happen to me.

The closest I’ve ever felt to that kind of pain was the day after my Grade 7 cross-country ski trip because I had spent the whole time falling all over the trail. That trail was the longer one of the two we could choose from. I took it by accident.

I still remember finally returning to the lodge for lunch and people asking me, “Where have you been?” Then I bought french fries because I felt like I earned them.

But that was just soreness all over my body. I could power through.

This back pain, however, was stabbing me up and down from the inside. It would spread to my neck and poke its head through to my left shoulder. I needed to put up barricades to contain it.

I went up to my room to lie on my back. You know how slowly I had to ease myself down on the bed? It hurt so much. I finally ended up with an ice pack and put it under my back.

At that point, I was wondering if I need a hospital, chiropractor, or divine intervention. Do I need to be re-aligned? What does that even mean? I just want to be centred again, like the title on a Microsoft Word document.

In order to look to my right, I had to turn to my left and spin around 270 degrees. Try that right now.

But Paul, you could’ve just moved your feet to look to your right!

You know what, let me be dramatic!

The ice brought the pain down a bit, but I was still sore and lacking mobility. I’m sure some of you want to chime in by saying I should’ve used a heating pad, but we can’t go back in time now, can we?

In the days following my back pain, my mom, cousin, and grandmother all developed the same issue! It spread like wildfire!

Back pain is contagious, y’all. It spreads via genetics.

I don’t care if your relative lives three hours away and you never talk to them, their back pain will soon be your back pain. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

After a couple of days of applying ice to my back and neck, I was finally able to look to my right without having to spin around 270 degrees. I could also touch my chest with my chin again.

I could still feel mild pain for a couple of weeks after the initial incident and applied ice just to be safe.

Also, an ice pack on your back feels pretty good in the summer months. 10/10 – would ice it again.

I think I’m back to normal now, but it was scary at first.

You don’t always realize how lucky you are to have a healthy body and the moment something happens and your ability to do something as small as look to your right gets taken from you – it hits you.

So, that’s my story about getting back pain by standing up and stretching my arms in the air.

The lesson here is to stay seated on your couch. Nothing bad can happen if you don’t stand up. This is why they always made us sit in school, probably.

Have you ever had back pain? Have you ever injured yourself in a strange way? General thoughts on anything I wrote? 

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I think of my blog as an all-you-can-read buffet. There's something for everyone and complimentary mints at the door as you leave.
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43 Responses to Back Pain is a Pain

  1. Yes back pain is a pain. A BIG pain. In the A.

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  2. The Lit Biwi says:

    This was super funny. And a pain. I swear, once your get older and you feel sharp knee and back pains, it NEVER goes away. 🥺

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  3. Frede says:

    I recently injured my back… by sitting for too long. Nothing is safe anymore. Be careful out there!

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  4. Okies, I’m going to go into mothering mode: Paul, you need to go see a chiropractor. Maybe your muscles were just having a little spasm, or maybe the pain is going away now because they are relaxing in their new position and really aren’t back to normal. I have the number of a great one (my kidlet’s dad) if you need it. He’s amazing. And has weird and long hours at his clinic.

    Back to regular Tryna mode: so you’re saying that if any of my relatives have a sore back, then my back will hurt? This is amazing! I just thought I was getting old!! But really, it’s them HAHA

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    • Ariel Lynn says:

      Oh dear. I’m not a mother, nor will I be, but I had the same instinct & recommendation for Paul. Hearing it called “mother-mode,” while completely accurate, makes me feel uncomfortable.

      I hope I’m not getting soft. I have a rep to preserve. 😉

      Definitely sounds like a muscle spasm or pinched nerve. Take it from someone who has dealt with back/neck/spine pain! I’ve also seen my Dad & a close friend deal with other types of back/neck/spine issues.

      See the chiropractor. If absolutely nothing else, you leave the appointment feeling taller!

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    • Paul says:

      Well this just sent me into a panic! I appreciate the concern and the offer for the chiropractor, though! Thanks for looking out. If the pain comes back my family does know a chiropractor so I’m already set, but let’s hope it doesn’t come to that!

      And yes! It’s not you, it’s THEM! They’re sending you the pain.

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  5. Oh my , such a funny read, I can’t stop laughing, having said that I feel your pain because I’ve done the same thing many times … or go to stretch my calf and it seizes up … crazy pain .. happy to hear you are feeling better , lots of voltaran will help that as well

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    • Paul says:

      Glad you enjoyed it! It’s just the worst when pain creeps up out of nowhere and completely ruins your mobility, isn’t it? I’m glad I can laugh about it now.


  6. Authoress51 says:

    Glad you’re better. Love the moral! Never heard of back pain being contagious, before. 😃

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  7. Mike Hartley says:

    Just be glad it’s gone. Those of us who live and deal with it every day of our lives live for a few minutes a day without it.

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  8. Suzi Tench says:

    I had a similar pain in my right shoulder/neck a month ago… I’d taken Roxy (my dog) for a walk and she yanked hard on the lead which travelled up to my shoulder. It was alright that night but the following day was horrendous, and I needed to drive to work… I could barely turn my head to see properly while driving. It took a few weeks and gentle stretching into the pain for it to go. I have no idea whether it was muscle, ligament or some kind of trapped nerve but no pain meds seemed to touch it! I hope that it gets better soon xxx

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  9. I’m by no means a doctor, but I’m a mom and I work with so many physicians in every specialty. This happened to me last summer too, and we’re not even related! One of the orthopedic physicians told me that I caused a muscle spasm by stretching the “wrong way.” I’m like, I didn’t realize there was a wrong way, anyway she said the thoracic spine is what keeps us balanced and connects all our tendons & muscles. When that long “muscle” gets a knot or spasm, it hurts like a mother…..ahem it hurts a lot. You can still make me laugh Paul, even at your pain, I hope that didn’t last too long and that your feeling better. 😉😁👍😎

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    • Paul says:

      It’s kinda alarming to know that I’m one “wrong stretch” away from so much pain. It’s like walking a tightrope every day lol. I’m glad I can laugh about it now and it’s good to hear you got a laugh from this as well! Maybe laughing really is the best medicine.

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  10. Paul, zis is Doctur Paulz here. You know za vun zat lives zouse of za border in za-merica? Ya, ya, zat Doctor Paulz. Anyvayz, I zink za back problem you haz is probably connected to za basketball team zat you woot for, za vun you call za Vaptors. Vell, in my medical opinion, vhen you ver wooting for zem back in za zeries against za Varriors (by za vay, a much more zuperior team zen za Vaptors), you ver probably prone to jumping ups and za downs at every basket zay made. Naturally, zis put a tremendous strain on za back—not to mention za Varrior fans, of vhich I am one. I zuspect zat your backbone (vhich is connected to za … neck bone) vwas invariably damaged by za exzessive hooliganism onz your part. Of course, zis is not your vault az you ver probably hazing an out of za body experience at za time—vhich is less common to fans of teams ozzure zan za Varriors—vhich probably came aza complete zurprise to yur body at za time. Now, normally I vould zay zis calls for za taking of two azperines and calling me in za morning. But, in zis case I zink it better you zink about finding a newz team to woot for. The Varriors perhaps? After all, zis is your health ve are talkingz about. Az you probably already knowz, nutsing is more important zen vuns health. Unless of courze, it’z wooting for za Varriors, in vhich case all betz are off and you should avoid Vegas at all cost! Calm, calm, calm yourzelf I’m sure it von’t come to zat az you are za very best patient I haz—za only PAYING VUN ANYVAY! Zo zare is no need to fear, az zis is completely curable and vill cost you nutzing. Vel, nutsing until Helga my secretary(better known az za enforcer), zends you my bill—Zen, you zend za moneyz! Good healthz to you until zen, Paul. Bye, byes for now.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Paul says:

      Paul, have you veen hanging out vith zee Dr. Fronkenshteen? You sound alike. Also, Helga zounds nice except for zee enforcer part. I don’t know vhere to start vith you and I’m realizing how hard it is to commit to using v and z in every other word, so once again, you have outdone yourself! I accept your diagnosis and promise not to jump up and down during the finals next year….since Kawhi is gone.


      • Very good, Paulz. Your prognosis zounds much bitter. Oh, and please, vatch out for zose zofas—za spring-action … can be t r e a c h e r o u s. 😀

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      • Ely says:

        I think I just died lol 😂

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      • Ely, zo nize to hear from you and zank you very much for za kind verds. I zo zorry to hearz about za gloze encounter you had vith za Glim Weeper! Az opposed to say—a clothes encounter vith, Prada? Butz, I’m sure I don’t haz to tell you zat za LOL’s are no laughing matter. No. Alzo, zay could very well be a zine of zumzing much more zerious. Perhapz you should make an appointment vith my secretary, Helga, to zee me (but not Helga) veay zoon. And, of coursz, you should postpone any visit to za land down under az I hear it’z very hotz down zare zis time of year—or any time of year vor zat mattah! I’m alzo available vor za conzultation every SECOND Monday thru Sunday of every week, vith za exzeption of zose first Mondayz thru Sundayz—zatz ven I seez za patient known az, Paulz from za Canada. Zat vun, oh, he has za back problems—I mean … back payments. Ooops, a little Freudian slip zare—we german doctors tend to make zose from time-to-time. 😀

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      • Ely says:

        LOL 😂!!!!!!!!! I can’t keep up with you, this is hysterical lol 😂 I needed this laugh today ZANK YOU!!!! Lol 😂

        Liked by 1 person

      • You are velcome, Ely. No vurries zo, I know it zounds like I’m zome zort of bloodzucker from Transylvania, but no. Just a zimple doctor trying to practice medicine from za old country. Practice makes perfect you knowz, and za new country is going to let me practice and practice and practice until I getz it right. 😀

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  11. Becky Turner says:

    You’re such an old man.

    But I had my back seize up on me two summers ago. It happened over night and was so bad that my mom had to pull me up out of bed. And then in the fall I had a muscle spasm in the middle of my back. And then my neck sort of seized up again earlier this year. So yeah, I know what it’s like haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Paul says:

      I am, aren’t I?

      It seized up overnight? Oh man, I would not want to wake up and realize I can’t move. I already felt like I needed to be pulled out of bed, it was so hard to sit up. We’re falling apart Becky!

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      • Becky Turner says:

        Yeah, I woke up and couldn’t move. I had to call out of scooping that day and then went to the chiropractor the next day. It’s something that I don’t want to experience again.

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  12. Barb Knowles says:

    Did you twist when you stretched? That can do it. Otherwise I think you need to work on your toddler skills.

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  13. Laura says:

    Oh man, do I feel this. Back pain is serious CRISIS MODE. It hurts to move and breathe and think so yeah, you should probably just stick to sitting. 😆

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  14. Ely says:

    Hey OLD PAL lol 😂 I hope you’re back is BACK like nothing ever happened! Us Cubans just blame all bad things on the evil eye. Someone must’ve put a voo-doo spell on ya. Next time, you’ll have to dance naked under a full moon with the hair of an cat in the palm of your left hand while chanting Baby got BACKKK 100 times consecutively. Does the trick every damn time!

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