50 Thoughts XXVII

1. Do the random, far-fetched scenarios you think about before falling asleep, ever actually happen in real life?

2. Famous people really love to complain on Twitter when their flight is delayed. I’m sorry all of your money has put you in such a terrible situation.

3. I’ve made the switch to thin-sliced steaks and don’t think I’ll ever turn back. Let it cook on the stove, ONE MINUTE on each side, and it’s done.

4. Fred VanVleet’s son was born on Monday. Nick Nurse’s son was also born on Monday. The Raptors have some weird baby magic going on and IT MUST CONTINUE.

5. I woke up the other day and noticed the pulse in my ankles for the first time. It was beating out of my foot. It startled me, but then it disappeared and that freaked me out even more.

6. Back in elementary school, there was a time when the librarian gave us an individual pack of Chips Ahoy Cookies for reading a certain number of books.

7. Christine Sinclair is the best soccer player Canada has ever had and I still remember seeing her on TV for the first time in 2002, when her and Kara Lang were dominating some other country at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton.

8. All Elite Wrestling is what professional wrestling should be. The WWE better be worried.

9. Anders is the best character on Dynasty. Cristal Carrington is second. The final spot on the podium is up for grabs.

10. I still don’t understand why the pineapple on pizza debate just took off in the last few years, when it’s been a topping since at least 2003.

11. Whenever something doesn’t go the way I thought it would, I’ll say it was “Foibled”. This is Paul-speak for “Foiled”. When this catches on in five years, I want credit.

12. I miss the presence of “the lollipop man” in Formula 1 pit crews. Now they just have automated systems, telling the drivers to go.

13. It bothers me that they don’t interview the horses after horse races.

14. A few months ago, I was cornered into watching an episode of Project Runway with my sister. Almost every outfit looked like it could get caught in an escalator.

15. Orange freezies are the best.

16. The third season of Designated Survivor is coming to Netflix on June 7. ABC should’ve never cancelled it.

17. “Hold On” by Wilson Phillips is a banger. I dare you to tell me otherwise.

18. There’s been a shift in the keyboard industry, recently. Best to keep tabs on it.

19. “Hey, let’s fill a flexible bag with a gas and make it the primary decoration at birthday parties!” – The origin story of balloons


21. Laura Secord has the best mint chocolate bars on the planet.

22. Ever lay on your back, stare upwards, and imagine you were able to walk on the ceiling?

23. It’s not a garden salad unless you can taste cucumber on every leaf.

24. I’m just learning that people actually hate Scrappy-Doo. I will not stand for this.

25. My friend was mad at me the other day because they HAD A DREAM that I was being awkward around them and didn’t pet their dog.

26. The weather app goes all out during thunderstorms.

27. The word “picnic” was created because it makes “eating lunch on the grass, while flicking a mosquito off your sandwich every 23 seconds” sound somewhat fun.

28. I’m already excited for fantasy football.

29. Did I miss the memo that said you’re only allowed to use sand to make castles?

30. Picture a beach full of sand castles. Now bring it to life. That’s what Monaco looks like.

31. The Michelin Man looks like he can be the father of Casper The Friendly Ghost.

32. Care Bears Countdown.

33. Betty Crocker is a fictional character, who was created for marketing purposes. And here I am thinking I haven’t made it in life until they name a boxed cake mix after me.

34. Pool Noodles should be called Pool Straws, which would make more sense because WATER.

35. Paint cans are so positive and optimistic. Otherwise, they’d be paint can’ts.

36. Back in my day, May had warm weather.

37. The human behaviour inside Costco is preparing us for the end of the world.

38. I always laugh when a sports team introduces new jerseys and over-explains what the logo and colours mean. Your jersey is blue. End of sentence. I don’t care that it represents the sky, which means the sky’s the limit for your team. Stop.

39. Wilma Flintstone always looks like she’s off to a toga party.

40. I have a hard time remembering when to use “peak” vs. “peek”, but I think I’ve figured out a way to help myself. “PEAK” has an “A” in it which looks like you’re climbing to the pinnacle of something.

41. I started reading a book about nine months ago and I’m only 107 pages into it. This is what happens when you combine a semi-interesting book with a mildly interested reader, who is too stubborn to give up on it and start another book.

42. Dust accumulates too fast.

43. MLB should extend the protective netting all the way down the foul line to the outfield wall. It’s only a matter of time before someone gets a line drive to the face. The netting will also prevent fans from reaching over and touching a live ball.

44. The social media of the future is called, YourSpace, and it’s where you just step away from the chaos and let others continue to look like fools on the internet.

45. I feel inferior to people who know how to play chess.

46. Dimetapp and Banana Medicine were the best tasting medicines when I was a kid.

47. Chocolate brownies.

48. Recently got a new pillow for my bed and it is already in my Pillow Hall of Fame. Don’t know where it’s been my whole life.

49. I’ve grown to appreciate shorts that have a mesh lining on the inside.

50. Sign, sign, everywhere a sign.

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I think of my blog as an all-you-can-read buffet. There's something for everyone and complimentary mints at the door as you leave.
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27 Responses to 50 Thoughts XXVII

  1. cd says:

    Okay so in terms of number 9, I have to say that Anders is the best hands down, but Liam totally is my second. He’ll be your fav shortly!

    Oh & I just don’t get why people are so against pineapple on pizza, its definately my favourite topping, but that just means more pizza for me..

    Also, banana medicine… really Paul. It was all about the bublegum flavours

    Liked by 2 people

    • Paul says:

      I don’t trust Liam (if that’s his actual name) one bit which excites me for what’s to come.

      The first time I had pineapple on pizza, it was good. Every time since, I haven’t enjoyed it.

      Cass…I’ve never had bubblegum before, let alone bubblegum flavoured medicine……Are we still friends?


  2. Project runway is one of my guilty pleasures! I watch it and the all stars too. But this season they have all new judges and host and mentor. Not sure if I’ll keep watching.

    That is a strong statement about blogging hiatuses lol

    I hate Scooby- Doo and all affiliated characters and plot lines. I’m sorry if this angers you.

    BETTY CROCKER WASNT A REAL PERSON?!?! *curls into a ball and cries* why would you say that to me?!

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  3. Authoress51 says:

    Hmmm, Tell us how you really feel.
    I think most of the newer so called fashion could get stuck in an elevator.

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  4. Dutch Lion says:

    Regarding #2,

    I just don’t understand the entire plane boarding situation. Why do people rush to get in line so that they can wait while people stare at them while they’re sweating from holding heavy bags that they “accidentally” ding people with? (Was that a sentence?) Why do “first class” passengers want to get on first?……so that they can sit there and stare at sweaty people who “accidentally” ding them with their sweaty luggage? Why sit there for an even longer time than the lower level ticket holders? The whole system is broken. Being in first class would be nice (not that I’d know. I’ve never been first class. I’m always, always steerage. “Rose, Rose, come down here for a real dance party”) because you can exit the plane first. But why do they want to BOARD the plane first? Right?

    Thanks Paul,

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  5. 40andfeelinit says:

    2. SAME. It’s like, at least you are going somewhere… Grab a drink in the lounge and ride it out, jeez.
    10. I love pineapple on pizza. There, I said it.
    18. Groan! 😆
    33. I did not know this! I kind of feel cheated now… I looked up to her.
    42. Can I get an “AMEN” to that!?? It is taking over the world in a never ending supply, I can’t keep up!
    47. Yes please! (But I need mine Vegan… I know, I know, there’s got to be a pain in the ass in every crowd, lol.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Paul says:

      10. I don’t, but I respect those who do!
      18. Sorry! Sometimes I tell jokes that I know are terrible just for a reaction lol
      33. Same, our sweet tooth has been lied to
      42. AMEN

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Becky Turner says:

    13. It also bothers me that they don’t talk to the horses. I mean, they’re the ones who are doing all of the work.
    28. Sames. I’m bringing back “All Hail New York Giants.” Assuming you’ll have me in the league again.
    34. I agree about the pool straws thing.
    37. Have you been to Costco lately?
    43. This makes sense but I feel like everyone argues against it. Because it takes away from the look of the park, people who pay a lot for those seats close to the field don’t want to be looking through netting, etc. It’s a safety thing. Like I’m sorry, do you want to be hit in the face with a foul ball?
    47. My mom made me frosted brownies with chocolate chips in them for my birthday.
    50. Blocking out the scenery, breakin’ my mind, do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Paul says:

      13. Exactly! #LetTheHorsesTalk
      20. Haha thank you. I just don’t like when people start off a post with “Sorry, I’ve been on a hiatus”. There’s no need to apologize.
      28. You’re obviously still in the league!
      37. I haven’t because Costco is a terror. It’s like Black Friday every day
      43. I just worry every time a line drive goes into the stands. Vlad Jr. has already had a close call with taking someone’s face off. I don’t think players want that burden. The NHL put up netting years ago because someone died from getting hit by a puck. Baseballs travel so much faster.
      47. Oh cool, we had frosted brownies yesterday too!
      50. NO WAY. I didn’t think anyone would know this song.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Becky Turner says:

        43. So your main concern in all of this is keeping Vladdy safe. I get ya.
        47. I’m not too big on cake so she makes me brownies instead haha.
        50. I can thank my dad for that. I feel like it was in a video game I used to play when I was younger (like the background music) or I just knew it from listening to classic rock as I was growing up. It’s an interesting song haha. I’m surprised you knew it, too.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Paul says:

        43. Correct. A 20-year-old doesn’t need to be scared every time he hits a foul ball into the seats.
        50. I can’t remember where I first heard the song, but in university I had to do a 10 minute seminar for a communications class, and the pages in the textbook I had to discuss, mention this song. So during my seminar, I randomly slipped a line in there like “Who here has heard this song before? Did you like it?”

        Liked by 1 person

  7. The Lit Biwi says:

    I love that you mentioned Anders. Cannot wait till you get to season two. Aaaarghhh.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. peckapalooza says:

    17. Not to be that guy… But did you mean “Hold On”? If so, I agree. That is my jam.
    20. Was this one for me? It’s mostly been unintentional…
    24. I put Scrappy-Doo in the same category as Cousin Oliver from The Brady Bunch and Olivia from The Cosby Show.
    27. Yet we say, “It’s no picnic,” when dealing with something difficult. I say we petition society to change that around.
    31. Growing up, I always thought the Michelin Man was a mummy.
    36. Are you not experiencing warm weather? Having a heat wave in Virginia. Wanna trade?
    50. Blockin’ out the scenery, breakin’ my mind.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Paul says:

      17. Ahhhh thanks for pointing that out! I can’t believe I got the name wrong.
      20. Haha no no. All I meant was I don’t like when bloggers come back after 3 months away and say, “Sorry, I was on hiatus”. There’s no need to apologize. Writer’s block/no time to write is different.
      24. Is this a good category?
      31. Hahahah
      36. Well today it’s 12C and raining, so no not warm at all.
      50. I can’t believe you and Becky know this song. I didn’t think anyone reading would

      Liked by 1 person

  9. peckapalooza says:

    My favorite part of “Signs” is the part where they go, “Sign said you’ve got to have a membership card to get inside,” and then they throw in that guttural HUH!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. #5.. literally the story of my life.. I have to disagree with number 15, white freezies are the best! Number 34 made me laugh out loud… not sure why, but I could detect the tone of sarcasm. Funny Paul, as always 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Squid says:

    22. Not as often as I should.
    42. YES
    45. I could teach you??
    48. OoooOooo those pillows are the BEST.

    Liked by 1 person

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