Book Tag: Two Truths, One Lie

Now, don’t be offended, but I’m about to lie to all of you. Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t. Maybe I would, though. But that’s beside the point. Everyone still with me? Right on.

Thanks to Becky for nominating me for this Book Tag! Without any further adieu, here are the rules. Oh, and I hope you’ve been paying attention.

How To Participate

  • Create a post with your two bookish truths and one bookish lie—but be sure to keep it a secret so your readers can guess!
  • Reveal the lie in a spoiler at the bottom of your post.
  • Tag 8 friends to play along.
  • Link back to the original post.

Two Truths & One Lie

1. I once handed in a book report, without finishing the book. Thankfully, I had seen the movie.

2. I won a haul of eight books and two posters from the Scholastic Book Fair in Grade 8. They put it all in a large see-through plastic bag. I felt like Santa.

3. I used to be in a summer book club at the local library. For every book you read, you wrote your name on a piece of paper and posted it on the wall.

I’m nominating: J, Jaimie, Linda, Michelle, and Manessah! If I didn’t nominate you but you’d like to participate, please do and just say I slighted you, or something slanderous along those lines.

I think this is the part where I’m supposed to reveal my lie. Becky did a fancy little reveal that I’m still amazed by. I, on the other hand, have opted for something different.

If you take the first letter from each sentence at the top of my post, before I list the rules, it spells out which answer is my lie.

BEAT THAT, BECKY. Actually, your reveal is still cooler.

Okay, the end.

Did you guess correctly?

This part is unrelated to the tag, but I just wanted to mention a book I read when I was a kid called, The Borrowers. Pretty sure there was a movie for it, too. It was about a family of tiny people living in the walls and floor of a house, who used cans as an elevator to go “borrow” things.

Anyone know what I’m talking about?

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38 Responses to Book Tag: Two Truths, One Lie

  1. J♡ says:

    Well darn. I feel like I don’t know you at all…I guessed wrong. 😣
    Awesome reveal strategy.
    I loved The Borrowers. Movie was good too, but the book was better.

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  2. Dutch Lion says:

    I’m lost here Cap’n. You lost me. It’s your fault.

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  3. I love the Borrowers! Such an odd book looking back on it but still so good! Also, loved this post 🙂

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  4. Dang it, Paul! Making me have to use my brain to figure it out!! Hehe I guessed number one. I just can’t imagine you handing in an assignment without doing what was required of you. You make me work for it and prove me wrong? Pffftttttt

    *dont worry I’m not upset! Hehe*

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    • Paul says:

      Haha I can’t imagine it either. It was in Grade 6 and was the second book in the Harry Potter series. I just couldn’t get through the last 35 pages, or so. Still haven’t. Never read beyond that in the series, but watched every movie.

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  5. Authoress51 says:

    I love your # Reveal. Got it wrong, though.

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  6. Manessah B. says:

    I’m not going to lie, but something sounded off about the Scholastic Book Fair haul. LOL! But I went against better judgment and picked number one! (hangs my head in shame). haha! I loved your clever way of revealing the answer in your introduction! That was awesome! I don’t think I could follow that! Haha!

    Thank you so much for the kind tag, Paul! When I get some free time, I will do my best to make the lying community proud! LOL. 😁 Awesome, awesome post, my friend!

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    • Paul says:

      Thank you! I did win a poster from the Scholastic Book Fair, but that was it. Never lucky enough for a bigger prize.

      And no pressure to do this! I just wanted to put your name and link on my blog to hopefully send more followers your way! But if you do do this, I’m sure the lying community would be very proud lol

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      • Manessah B. says:

        You’re very welcome, Paul! And thank you so much for the kind gesture! That is very sweet of you! There’s no pressure at all. I love these kind of activities. It’s a great way to let loose on WP! lol

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  7. Bryan Fagan says:

    Cool stuff as always. Nice way to end my weekend.

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  8. lindasschaub says:

    Well, I’ve never done one of these nor circulated anything on my blog before, so I’ll do it right here if that’s okay …

    1. Not to copy from Paul’s #1, BUT literature was my minor in college and I had to read “Beowulf” three times – to this day I don’t think I’ve ever gotten past the first chapter … I relied totally on Cliffs Notes to get through that Middle English book and did book reports based on what Cliffs Notes said it was about. I just did not “get it” as to that book, no matter how hard I tried.

    2. I had no siblings – my parents were 30 when they had me and that was considered
    old” back in the (ahem) 50s, oh okay … 1956. They both liked to read. They read the newspaper from cover to cover every night after dinner. When I was young, I had my little chair and my basket of “Golden Books” and sat in the kitchen with them. This was before I went to kindergarten or school and had homework. I memorized the books because my parents had read them to me before I learned to read. Whenever someone came to the house, my parents said “Linda – show __________ how well you read” … well I had the story memorized and just told it like it was.

    3. I used to take the bus to work in downtown Detroit. I read back and forth to work, on my lunch and sometimes at night. I was an avid reader back in the day. Since I started working from home in 2009, the reading regimen has hit the skids – bigtime. In fact, I cannot remember the last time I read a hard cover book, even a paperback – not even a magazine. I let my magazine subscriptions lapse. The computer has taken over my life – I do read things online, but to pick up a book, and I don’t own an e-reader either, well … that has been 10 years. I read other blogger’s reviews on “Goodreads” or other forums about books they’ve read – one fellow blogger reads 100 or more books a year. I must be an oddity. I also have not watched TV since January 2010. What do I do with myself – oh yeah … I’m a blogger.

    Which are truths, which is the lie? Scroll down a little – not too much, as I don’t want to take up all Paul’s band width, er … blog space up.

    #2 is a lie, though I read those little books so often, I likely could have spouted off the storyline verbatim. Thanks for tagging me in this post Paul – it was because I lied to the teacher about needing glasses. 🙂

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    • Paul says:

      Wow, I appreciate the effort you put into this! Honestly, I thought you were going to pull a fast one on me and say all three were true! I guessed #1 so that was wrong haha. I guess you are still a good liar!

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  9. Bex says:

    You gave too many details in your lie, which is why I guessed correct! Boo-ya! I love how you revealed your answer; so original, so you! 🙂 Aaron at The Confusing Middle nominated me, so I’ll be posting mine soon, though my reveal won’t be nearly as noteworthy.

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    • Paul says:

      Darn! I was wary of giving too many details, thinking it might tip some people off. But I figured if the details sounded true, then people would believe it. You’re too good. And thanks! I was proud of my reveal.


  10. peckapalooza says:

    The reveal is brilliant.

    BTW… I tried #1 once. In 11th grade (or Grade 11), I turned in a book report based on a movie based on the book. My teacher called me out on it. He didn’t fail me, but that D sure didn’t do my GPA any favors.

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    • Paul says:

      Oh wow. The movie must’ve been way different from the book. Mine was the 2nd Harry Potter book in Grade 6. I left about 35 pages unread, maybe more. By that point, the whole story is known and the movie wouldn’t change the ending so I was in the clear.

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  11. Great job, and I love seeing my tag being done by so many people! The spoiler/reveal code is actually part of the original tag post though; it looks like someone edited the code screenshot out of the rules somewhere along the way

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  12. Becky Turner says:

    I got it wrong. I’m not very good at these haha. But I feel like the “BEAT THAT BECKY” is a little aggressive. Especially since our entire friendship is in shambles because of Glasses-gate. I’m not a code nerd by any means but I can find my way around HTML so that’s why I used the little reveal thing.

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  13. Squid says:

    I did NOT guess it right 😂 but, THE BORROWERS WAS A SWEET BOOK I LOVED IT

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  14. Ely says:

    Wow!!! That was the most clever thing I’ve ever seen!!!! I can’t believe you nailed that reveal! It’s like a damn magic show! Hahaha

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