New Glasses

I got my first pair of glasses in 2008 – the summer before starting Grade 12. Did I wear them at school that year? No. I was too afraid of people pointing and staring and asking, “Since when do you wear glasses?”

I convinced myself I could still read the board. I could, so long as I sat in the front row, or squinted if I was further back. Some classes were tougher than others.

Truthfully, I probably needed glasses in Grade 8, but I didn’t want the attention I thought glasses brought. I didn’t want to be the only one taking out a pair of glasses, just to see the board.

Silly, right?

I never wore my glasses in a school setting, until I got to university.

Looking back, I don’t know what I was so afraid of. It’s easy for me to say that now, of course. But, however I felt at the time, was how I felt at the time.

Last November, I went to the eye doctor and was told my vision had gotten slightly worse. I didn’t need new glasses, unless I wanted them.

I was still on my very first prescription with my first pair of glasses, purchased ten years ago. The glasses were still in style, not that I care about that, but they didn’t look out of place on my face.

That being said, I decided I’d just replace the lenses, immediately after the eye appointment since LensCrafters was right next door.

Maybe I was hungry for lunch, or blinded by eye drops, but once the appointment was over, I had no interest in getting new lenses. I convinced myself I could still see with my current pair of glasses.

Over the next three months, I slowly started realizing that numbers on the TV weren’t as sharp as they once were, and street names weren’t as clear from afar.

Again, I was giving myself excuses. Oh, maybe I’m just tired. Google says our vision can get blurry if we’re tired. I’m normally tired, so it makes sense.

Finally, a few days ago, I had enough. Sometimes it’s just time for something different.

I’ve told myself that this year is about, “fresh”, and “new”, and “reset”, and “power walking away from stubbornness”. Feel free to steal that last one.

So on Thursday, I went with my mom to get a new pair of glasses and sunglasses for the first time since 2008.

I am the easiest person to shop with because I’m decisive and know what I want as soon as I see it.

Before we left the house, I had picked out my new pair of glasses just by looking at their website. It took me less than two minutes. I wrote down the model number and off we went.

We get there and the glasses are nowhere to be found. Oh no. I don’t go shopping with back-up plans. If I have to resort to my back-up, it means I’m settling for something that wasn’t good enough to be Plan A.

After a few minutes of looking at ugly eyeglasses – seriously, the selection out there these days is brutal – the worker says he found them in a drawer!

Hallelujah! Good thing I wrote that model number down.

The frame came in black, or gunmetal silver. I had decided on the gunmetal silver at home, but black was winning me over. They came with rectangular lenses.

I went with the gunmetal silver. They were my first love.

Later on when we got home, my mom told me she had a dream the night before about “gunmetal silver” and she thought it was weird because she’d never heard that term before.


My mom and I have always been able to read each other’s mind, so it wasn’t as shocking as the All Caps made it seem.

I’m leaving out a lot of the plot from my visit to LensCrafters. I was actually there for an hour and a half because there was some problem with the sunglasses and the prescription and computer software.

I don’t want to get into it. Everything worked out fine. I had multiple people assisting me because I’m a VIP, yeah you know me I was the only customer.

There was a point when they kept handing me different pairs of glasses to try. I probably broke a world record for, “Most pairs of foggy glasses from a store display, put on in one minute”.

And as soon as every pair went on my face, they had instant analysis. It was great, really.

I’m still trying to figure out if, “They don’t fit your head” is a fat joke, or not. Are they saying I have a big head, or are the glasses just small?

Either way, I’m still chuckling about it.

If you were expecting a photo of me wearing my new glasses – who do you think I am? That’s not happening. I don’t even have them yet.

For some reason, I’m having a hard time figuring out how to end this post – as if I can’t see the finish line. I’m not wearing my glasses; it must be too far away.


Do you wear glasses? Where are my nearsighted people at? How long have you had glasses? Share your eyesight stories.

Written While Listening To: Sleeping Sickness – City & Colour


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I think of my blog as an all-you-can-read buffet. There's something for everyone and complimentary mints at the door as you leave.
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46 Responses to New Glasses

  1. micqu says:

    No glasses for me, but I am not sure for how long I can put it off. 🙂

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  2. rebbit7 says:

    I’ve need glasses since 2nd or 3rd grade. I had been in denial of my near-sightedness as a kid, but now I’ve learned to accept it. I recently got some more “chic” frames, and it goes to show that you can wear glasses and still look stylish!

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  3. Oh – my – gosh! I was literally just shopping for glasses yesterday on! No joke! But I do think I need to get my prescription checked before ordering them. And I was looking at glasses and sunglasses as well. I have magnetized sunglasses right now that just clip onto my regular glasses but I hate them. I hardly ever wear them. I would rather struggle with changing out the glasses while driving then wear something so simple but that I think looks bad on my face.

    I’ve had glasses since grade 4 (1996 possibly?) and I am nearsighted as well. But I also have an astigmatism which makes everything just a tiny bit blurry. Like if you have a drawing made of chalk and someone just slightly smudged the edges of all the crisp straight lines. I always forgot to wear my glasses at school or I would forget them at home or whatever, so I decided that I needed to wear them all the time. Those first few years, my prescription would change at least once every 6 months. It’s a crazy sensation to look out your window and think that you can see everything crisp and clear and then two hours later, return home from picking up your glasses and you realize that the window on the house next door wasn’t just a rectangle, but 6 squares inside the rectangle haha!

    I have a few pairs saved on the site that I’ve decided on. My prescription is SO BAD that a lot of the frames just won’t work for me. But I think I will take a break and get my eyes checked before ordering.

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    • Paul says:

      Magnetized sunglasses eh? That sounds interesting. They should make glasses that can adapt to the brightness of the outdoors, like a phone screen adapts to its setting. Woah, I think I have a billionaire idea here…

      Oy that astigmatism sounds like a nuisance. Must’ve been frustrating needing a new prescription so often! I was really like mine lasted as long as they did.

      Hope everything works out and you get the glasses you want!

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      • Lol they do have those glasses Paul. They are called transitions lol but my friends who have had them all say they are a little annoying to get used to because when you go inside, if it’s bright inside then the glasses stay tinted.

        I have an exam scheduled for tomorrow so as soon as it’s done I can order my glasses! Once I narrow it down more lol I can’t buy all the pairs I like.

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      • Paul says:

        Noooo I was gonna be rich! Hmm but if they’re annoying, maybe I dodged a bullet.

        Do you normally buy them online? I noticed that was an option the other day and it was asking me for head size/measurements.

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      • I don’t always order online. The ones I have now I bought in store. But once you know how to read the numbers on the arm of your glasses it’s easy. I’ve used clearly contacts for contacts and glasses and feel secure in buying from them and their products. And their site offers free shipping and returns and it’s very easy to exchange or return glasses (I’ve had to do that before). They used to make it easier and have a try on section where you upload a picture of yourself and can put the style over your picture. It was great! But for some reason they don’t have it anymore.

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      • Paul says:

        That try on feature sounds cool! And WHAT? There are numbers on the arms of glasses? I’m gonna have to go investigate.

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      • LOL yes there are! Mine are 53/16/135 which means my lens is 53mm wide, the bridge of the nose is 16mm wide and the arm is 135mm long. So you use those numbers to pick your next glasses because they should be similar to fit our head properly.

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  4. Bex says:

    I’ve had glasses since I was 7. Now I’m considered legally blind. I can’t see worth a lick without my glasses or contacts unless what I’m trying to see is within 6 inches of my face. My high school graduation present from my parents was supposed to be lasik but the doc said my eyes were going to continue to get bad so it would have been a waste of money. Maybe in a few more years… It’s fascinating to me when adults have perfect vision. Like, how!? Are you blind just like everyone else and are just in denilal? It doesn’t make sense!

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  5. Authoress51 says:

    Glasses were the best thing I ever did! I was the U-Turn Queen, and of course, purple frames to match my hair.

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  6. Becky Turner says:

    I had no clue you wore glasses.

    Are we even friends?

    I’m glad everything worked out though and you finally got new glasses. Both of my parents wear glasses 24/7 (well, obviously not when they’re sleeping but you get the point). I don’t need glasses for seeing things but I do have them for computer work/homework/reading.

    I got them in high school because I was taking an American Literature class (that still haunts me to this day and why I keep talking to you about Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau) and the text in the book was wicked small and I was starting to get headaches from reading it. (Well, that and the pieces were incredibly boring.) I have like the lowest prescription available, just enough to take the edge off straining my eyes. Since high school, I think I’ve had about four different pairs of glasses, but the same low prescription. I like the style of the ones I have now, and I got them ~two years ago. We go to Target optical for our glasses. I get things in the mail from them like twice a year saying I should go back but I’m good for now. Maybe next year. I’m bad about wearing them, though. I normally only wear them at work, and I should be wearing them now or when I read but I’m too lazy. I’m sure down the road I’ll need them all the time, assuming since my parents need theirs all the time. I don’t know if I could do contacts because I hate eye drops and putting anything close to my eyes.

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    • Paul says:

      Woah woah woah, this whole time I thought you wore glasses semi-regularly since you’re wearing them in your picture.

      This friendship is in shambles.

      Imagine if you hadn’t taken that American Lit class and didn’t have to read the small text? Might not have realized you needed glasses. So basically you have perfect vision for distance? Well this is just unfair now. My eye doctor recommended contacts or laser eye surgery because she was surprised I don’t wear glasses all the time. I don’t see the point in that, it’s not like I can’t see the stuff around me. I could never do contacts, not worth the struggle.

      Feel like you’ll appreciate this story: When I was a kid I always wanted the flip up sunglasses that baseball players wear but couldn’t find any anywhere. Plus, my parents thought I was nuts and referred to them as old man glasses.

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      • Becky Turner says:

        Hahah I’ll sometimes wear them in pictures because I think they come out better than if I don’t wear them (it’s a girl thing) so I can see how that can be deceiving.

        I have no problem seeing distance. Technically I can see just fine and don’t need glasses but they help reduce the strain on my eyes.

        I agree with your parents. I’m glad you couldn’t find them anywhere.

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  7. jaimieweb says:

    I needed glasses in the 4th grade. I had to be near the board to write my notes. However, I didn’t tell my parents. I didn’t want glasses. I was insecure and thought people would make fun of me. In the 6th grade my vision got so bad that the only way I could see the board is if I sat right next to it. I had to seat on the floor. So I told my parents and I could seat in the back and see the board. It was such an amazing experience, I could see things clearly now. I did get contacts in the 7th grade and wore them all through my first grown up job. However, my allergies are really bad and I have to wear my glasses. I don’t like how it changes my face but they help me see. I wish I got glasses a lot sooner.

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    • Paul says:

      I’m sorry you went through that! I remember wearing glasses in a lecture hall for the first time and realizing I could sit at the back and not even worry. Such an eye-opening (pun intended) experience. There was a guy in my class, who from Grade 5-8 it was clear he needed glasses and would always sit right next to the board just to see it and people would be like, “HOW can’t you see that from five feet away??” Kids are so judgmental, but I guess they don’t know what poor vision is at that age unless they have it themselves. But their judgments make it hard for the rest of us to randomly show up in glasses.

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      • jaimieweb says:

        Thank you! I was scared what people were going to think. I wish I didn’t care back then. I was that kid too, I had to sit right next to the board. My eyesight is horrible. One day I will lasik. Also, I feel like you can make glasses fun. Especially today with all they different frames.

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  8. There’s no shame in wearing glasses, Paul. Look, I wear em too! Of course, they go with the nose. Still, no mustache yet—don’t know if it will ever come in. However, I think I should consider getting some lenses to go along with the frames now. 😀

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    • Paul says:

      Haha it’s a good look! It must be our shared genes – hey, does this mean I get a red nose too, someday? I’ll have to keep an eye out for it!


      • I think we have to grow into it—which is something mom and dad are still having trouble with. For some silly reason, their noses are still normal looking. It took me years to develop this one. It started out as a brown nose at first (that occurred while kissing my way to the top), but then it grew out about a foot and half during my fibbing period (think Pinocchio), before turning to the lovely shade of red you see today. I’m sure yours will start turning any day now—don’t worry. Unless I was adopted! You don’t think mom and dad would keep a secret like that from me, do you?

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      • Paul says:

        Adopted? Pfffftttt! We don’t use that word in this family. Someone cut it out of the dictionary, it makes me wonder sometimes…But if growing into this nose is something I have to do, then growing into it I shall! Which way do I lean?


      • Well, there’s a part of me that wants to say leaning left, and or, right. But, in my case all that ever accomplished was my falling on my face. And, although, that did help to accomplish the desired effect—that being, it turned my nose red—it also proved to be quite painful as well. That’s why I think I’m going to go with suggest letting nature take it’s or course—being that you are my identical Canadian twin brother since we’re both named Paul. That, or rush down to the local drug store and buy a rubber red nose—that helps too. But, don’t tell mom and dad I said that—then they’ll think I do believe I was adopted! 😀

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  9. J♡ says:

    I was the opposite…I had hoped as a kid that the doctor would tell me I needed glasses. Weird, right? I thought they were so cool, but no…20/20 vision. Fast forward to adulthood and I now have my glasses. They’re mostly for driving and seeing far away. Problem is, I can’t wear them much because the pressure above my ears from them, cause an instant headache.

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    • Paul says:

      I know a few people who have also said they wished they had glasses as a kid, but had perfect vision haha. Maybe glasses seem more appealing when they’re just for style, rather than knowing you need them because your eyes have a problem hmmm

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      • J♡ says:

        Oh, definitely! I did the same thing with braces 😞. I just couldn’t wait to have them…and then you finally get them and you think, ‘what kind of mouth torture is this’. Here’s an important lesson: wear your retainers or you get to have “awesome” braces twice.

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      • Paul says:

        It’s as if you knew I needed this reminder. I always intend on wearing my retainer at least once a week, but sometimes that slips into two or three weeks…

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      • J♡ says:

        Haha, I’m good like that. You’re welcome. I used to take mine out in the middle of the night and chuck it across the room. I opted for the permanent kind the second time around. They’re not so bad other than causing an occasional lisp and collecting half the bread with every bite of sandwich.

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  10. I got my first pair my freshmen year in high school and I refused to wear them too. I would sit in the back of class and squint as hard as I could to hopefully make out what the teacher was writing on the board, often to no avail. Now a days I wear my glasses constantly and I recently had to get my first pair of bifocals. So yup that’s where I am know. LOL

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  11. lindasschaub says:

    I got glasses on my 7th birthday – I was crushed. I looked in the mirror and decided I didn’t want those pale pink “cat-eye” things on my face. I had a note from my mom to the teacher that I no longer needed to sit near the front as I now had glasses. The next day I went to school, handed the teacher the note, but I had taken a roll of adhesive tape from the medicine cabinet … I taped those glasses up on one side and told the teacher I broke the glasses after Mom wrote the note and the adhesive tape stuck to my hair, so I was leaving them off. Teacher said “fine” then asked me a few days later why my glasses weren’t repaired by the optician. She sent a note home to Mom/Dad – oops!! I got contacts in 1974 and when my vision started to get bad around 2003, I discovered I could no longer see clearly and might need bifocals (ugh). The opthalmologist suggested “readers” … I had “readers in every strength imaginable, and still had to hold something an arm’s length away to read it. So he gave me mono-vision contact lenses. One lens for distance, one for close-up … happy as a clam. I could see again!

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    • Paul says:

      LOL so clever and sneaky! Too bad your teacher busted your little scheme. It be so much easier if our eyesight stayed at 20/20 our whole lives and never deteriorated. Glad you have a pair of glasses you’re happy with!

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      • lindasschaub says:

        I agree with you Paul. Yup, busted by the teacher. I have bad eyesight. Wore contacts for years until I started working from home and just switched to eyeglasses after years of wearing hard contact lenses.

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  12. Ariel Lynn says:

    I got my first pair of glasses abooooouttt, gosh, IDK, probably 5 years ago now? I’m also nearsighted, but the eye doctor told me that my “eyes would get better.”

    I don’t know about you, but I’ve never heard of someone’s eyes getting better as they age. Especially in my family. My sister is farsighted (seriously, she’s blind without her glasses) & my Dad is a lovely combination (rockin’ the bifocals!).

    I agree that less screen time would help, but my case is so mild, I’d rather just use the glasses. Also, I’m not uprooting my life of constant computing & reading.

    I only use mine for movie theaters & driving to unfamiliar locations (to see street signs). How about you? 🤓

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    • Paul says:

      As a matter of fact, my mom’s vision got better and she had to get a new prescription as result. So it is possible!

      I use mine for driving and watching TV and sporting events. Basically anywhere I need to see far, but not if I’m on a computer or walking around a mall.

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      • Ariel Lynn says:

        Darn it! Don’t disprove my theories about vision that dispute medical professionals’ opinions. LOL

        Yeah, I’m the same. If I know what I’m gonna see, or don’t need to see details, I don’t care. LOL

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  13. Bryan Fagan says:

    I was the last one in the family to wear glasses. After about a year of trying to figure out what certain things read I realized maybe it was time. I was a tough day but I’m glad I have them. They make life a little bit easier.

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  14. I think I may need glasses but refuse to be checked. Lol

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