You Know Something I Don’t

That’s a rather ominous title, isn’t it? Sounds like something you type on a typewriter and watch play out in a crime-ridden town like Cabot Cove. Where’s Sheriff Tupper when you need him?

For those playing at home, that was a “Murder, She Wrote” reference. Scratch it off the Bingo card if you have it.

Yesterday, I found out that John Wick is a film series. Did you know that? A lot of people on Twitter seemed to know, which made me feel like I’ve been living under a roof this whole time.

You thought I was going to say, “rock”, didn’t you?

I’ve come across the name, John Wick, before, but from a sports angle. The Vegas Golden Knights skate onto the ice to a “John Wick Vegas Theme”, or at least that’s what I type into YouTube when I want to listen to it.

This whole time, I didn’t know it was a movie. I just thought John Wick was some guy who made music.

Apparently, it’s an action movie? Is that correct? I need a fact-checker because I’ve opened Google too many times and it’s refusing to punch any more holes in my “Frequent Searcher Card” until tomorrow.

If I’m correct, there was a trailer released that had people excited. Yes? May I continue this line of questioning?

I don’t trust movie trailers. Maybe I’ve seen too many, “Next time on Hell’s Kitchen…” previews, where they twist the editing to make it look like someone gets their pinky caught in a blender. Then the next episode arrives and every finger is accounted for.

The Bachelor does the same thing. They make gullible viewers think, “Oh no, the bachelor/bachelorette is going to quit the show because they can’t find love among a group of immature Instagram influencers. How ever will this end?”

It’ll end with everyone fulfilling their contractual obligations. Spoiler Alert.

Back to John Wick.

I’m not much of a movie person, as you know by now. I figured out what my favourite movies were by the time I was 9-years-old and that was good enough for me.

Action films follow the same general pattern, don’t they?

There’s a high-speed car chase late at night on empty, well-lit streets because that’s the easiest time of day for a production crew to shut them down. And then there will be exchanges of gunfire, but the main characters won’t die. The henchman dressed in black will die. Then there will be a serious phone call. Some threats, maybe a bluff. And then a final encounter with stunts.

But hey, don’t let me stick my face in your birthday cake. I’m not here to spit on your interests; we’re all drawn to different things. I can’t judge.

This whole ordeal, though, of feeling like I was the only one who wasn’t aware that John Wick was a film, was a good reminder that we all know something someone else doesn’t, or at least – something most people don’t.

That is our advantage, which is probably why they say “knowledge is power”, rather than “knowledge is sour”.

I’m well aware that when I write about sports, most of you have no clue what I’m talking about and probably scroll right on by or click “like” out of courtesy. I get it.

I can tell you all about the 2002 Toronto Blue Jays and each player on the roster. Whereas you probably can’t tell me anything about them. And why would you?

Some of you could tell me all about superhero movies and the only thing I’d contribute to the conversation would be, “I like when Spider-Man swings from his webs. He beats a lot of traffic that way.”

We each have our own area of expertise, whether we realize it or not.

That being said, I’ve always tried to make an effort to not box myself in as a “sports person” even if that’s how people see me.

I have so many strange interests that don’t align with each other.

I’ll talk to you about pretty much any sport, including wrestling…but then I’ll talk about The Bachelor…but then I’ll bring you to the other corner of my brain and bounce around ideas about true crime cases and conspiracy theories…and then I’ll swing you back to the other side with my knowledge of teen drama shows that were meant for a female demographic – but don’t mind me, just expanding my horizons -…and then I can talk about songs you didn’t think I knew, or how Hanging By A Moment by Lifehouse was my favourite song in Grade 4…and then the cherry on top will be a discussion about comedy and how your favourite late night host steals a lot of their stuff from other late night hosts.

I’m out of breath.

My unwritten goal in life is to know as much as I can about as many different things as possible. That being said, there are a million things I don’t know – even small things I’m too ashamed to admit.

Additionally, there are things that don’t stick to my brain. Maybe there’s not enough caramel, or sticky foods, in my diet. I don’t know.

I didn’t know much about American Politics until 2008, when I took a Media Studies class.

For one assignment, there was a list of about 8-10 topics, from which we had to pick five and write a one-page response for each. One of the topics was about sports, but I didn’t pick it.

Instead, I chose to write about the Barack Obama/John McCain debate. Why? The reasons are convoluted.

And then eight years later, on this blog, I introduced a new series called “Viewing Notes” and my first post in that category was for a Presidential Debate. I just made that connection as I was writing this.

Life comes full circle, if you pay attention.

If I stayed in my sports bubble for that assignment, would I have grown to care about elections, or news coverage with twelvety-six faces on the screen? I don’t know. Maybe I made a mistake, now that I think about it.

I think it’s cool when people know a little bit about a lot of things. It means they have a base for their knowledge to grow.

That’s why every subject in university has some sort of introductory course. Yeah, it’s boring to learn all the definitions and I hated not diving straight in to the interesting stuff, but if you don’t know the words, how can you use them in sentences?

In Grade 3, I thought a cornucopia was a food and claimed “it is good, too” in a Thanksgiving poem we had to write. Learn the words, kids.

Also, it’s 2019. You can Google, “What’s that thing on my foot” and get over a billion responses, which is to say: nothing is stopping you from looking up anything you want and learning more about it.

Does this mean I’m going to look up everything related to John Wick now?

No, because I’m a hypocrite who wrote a whole post where I patted myself on the back for knowing stuff about a bunch of unrelated things, while not disclosing the topics about which I know very little.

But you don’t have to be like this. You can be better.

You know something I don’t and I know something you don’t. Maybe, one day, we’ll tell each other.

Until then, I’ll be hanging on a moment, making Murder, She Wrote references until you recognize them on your own.

Blog posts also come full circle, if you pay attention.

What do you know that most people don’t? What do you want to learn more about?

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35 Responses to You Know Something I Don’t

  1. lauraashurst says:

    Really enjoyed reading this. I know about the therapuetic properties of essential oils as I’m a qualified aromatherapist. People are often amazed when I tell them things about oils that they have never heard of! Laura

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  2. Sooooo you and that guy in a yurt on that Caribbean island didn’t know John Wick was a movie? I loved reading this, thanks for the laugh I needed it, lol.

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  3. lrrutherford says:

    I know what you mean how things come full- circle. For me, things happen in twos. I’ll be assigned an essay over Italy and that’s where they go that week on “the Bold and the Beautiful”. I’ll start singing a random song and then I’ll watch a TV show with that song in the background. I know it’s not exactly the same thing, but I’m tracking with you (lol). And they get me on those trick commercials every time! I always tell myself I’m not going to watch and then I do… <..> A joy to read once again! 😀

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  4. peckapalooza says:

    I, myself, am a “movie person.” However, I’ve never seen either of the John Wick films and I have no plans to see the third one. Not because I don’t think it’ll be a decent action movie. But because I haven’t seen the first two. I know I’ll just be confused. As a “movie person,” I feel like I should have at least the first one by now, since it’s been available for my viewing pleasure for several years. Apparently, it’s the second coming of Keanu Reeves. I wonder if he’ll ever get around to making another Bill & Ted movie?

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    • Paul says:

      It makes me feel a tad better that a “movie person” hasn’t seen any of the films in the series, though you probably knew about them so you’re still a step ahead of me. I have no clue what Bill & Ted is haha


  5. lindasschaub says:

    I am sorry we moved to the States as the Canadian educational system is far superior to the American educational system. In fifth grade here, we were learning things I learned in Grade 3. I finished high school without a good education, especially in history; graduated college with a B.A. in Mass Communications but the jury is still out on the history classes – teachers were either too rushed and gave us the abbreviated version of the facts. I bought this book a long time ago, but it is in a drawer downstairs because history information never came up in my job (not related to the college degree sadly) … maybe I’ll read it when I’m retired, but it has a little bit of everything in it that you might have missed thus far in life – they have a newer version than I have … it is called “An Incomplete Education” but in the meantime, we have Google. I’m not a movie person either. I shocked co-workers years ago by saying I’d never seen any of the Christmas classics and the next day I was handed a bag of videotapes to watch and enjoy. I couldn’t get thru them and fell asleep during “It’s a Wonderful Life”. I’ve not been to the movies since 1992 or 1993, haven’t seen TV since 2010 – I’m an oddity I guess and some people can recite whole movie passages – that just amazes me. I used to watch “Murder She Wrote” back in the day. Here’s the book I referenced Paul:

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    • Authoress51 says:

      Hey, I just added that book to my Goodreads List. Looks interesting.

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      • lindasschaub says:

        I think I had the very first edition and was just overwhelmed by what I had missed in school or in general … you will like it, although it’s not something you’d sit down with constantly and read it through until you finished it, but it is nice to read through and concentrate on all the different portions that the author has created.


    • Paul says:

      That book sounds great! When high school students walk across the stage to receive their diploma, a copy of that book should be handed to them too. No movies since 1993!? This has to be some sort of record. I applaud your commitment!

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      • lindasschaub says:

        I agree with you Paul – we could never learn half the stuff in that book through school or just as general knowledge … the early edition that I got when it first came out had a little bit of everything and I found myself saying over and over that “I didn’t know that” … I am sure the later editions are just as chock full of info that everyone should know.

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  6. Authoress51 says:

    I love to learn which is why I am taking free online classes on At present, I am taking a Nutrition /Wellness course, but I have completed a class in Antisemitism and I am very interested in the hows and whys of the Holocaust, as well as, cults, etc..

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  7. Ariel Lynn says:

    I consider myself a fount of useless & random information. For instance, did you know that horses are measured by “hands,” which are measured from one end of the palm to the other width-wide from the ground to the horse’s withers (a bony formation at the base of the horse’s neck).

    This is because there weren’t always tape measures & a horse’s head moving up & down would change its height all the time. Now, it’s still measured at the withers, but 4 inches is generally accepted as the measurement. 😀

    Also, John Wick was a sweet movie. But, I love all those dark violent type movies. Your synopsis was pretty accurate, btw.

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    • Paul says:

      I feel like I knew about horses being measured by hand. I think they did it on The Amazing Race once. There’s a possibility I’m making this up in my head, but I’m not sure lol

      Good to know I can summarize movies without even watching!

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  8. Becky Turner says:

    As I think we’ve talked about before, I have a really weird obsession with Watergate. I don’t think a lot of people know about it, or at least, they’ve heard of it but don’t know what happened. I also know what channels NBC Universal owns and why they show the Olympics on like five of them. Only because this came up at work last week, I know how to use Facebook Ad Manager to create Facebook ads. And, as we all know, I know a bunch of weird things about baseball, and I know a bunch of random players.

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    • Paul says:

      And you know which teams have bullpen carts! I think it was you who made me aware that Watergate had nothing to do with actual water. I wonder how many other people think it has to do with water.

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      • Becky Turner says:

        The bullpen cart thing is also true. As for Watergate, I assume the people who actually know what it is know it involves politics. I’m not sure if everyone just assumes it has to do with water…

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  9. Bryan Fagan says:

    In the world of sports us Seattle Mariner fans will always be split full of envy and jealous to the Toronto Blue Jays. Those two teams came into the league the same year but Toronto had the best management. They should have won the world series in 1985.

    Here’s all you need to know about John Wick. I did a little cut and paste to cut down on my rambling:

    John Wick’s wife dies, and he is left a puppy to help him move on from her loss. He grows to love the dog, but one day Wick encounters some Russian mobsters at a gas station. … That night, the mobsters break into Wick’s house, beat him, steal his car, and worst, they kill his dog.

    So in a nutshell – John is super pissed all the time. Can’t say I blame him. Who the hell kills a puppy?

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    • Paul says:

      WHO KILLS A PUPPY? No wonder he’s pissed. I’m amazed they’ve turned that into three movies, but I guess everything has multiple sequels these days.

      The early 2000s when Ichiro was at his best, that was the time for the Mariners to win and they didn’t. I’m just going through their year-by-year win/loss records and wow, they have been much worse than I always thought they were. And I always thought the AL West was easier to win because for a long time there were only 4 teams in it. Man, poor Seattle. You guys need your basketball team back.

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  10. Bryan Fagan says:

    We would love to have the Sonics back in town. Seattle is not a baseball town but somehow it survives. A complete mystery.

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  11. Ely says:

    Awesome post! You know. I know a lot about skin care, baking, and the medical field and I want to really know more about what’s beyond the Earth. I have a HUGE interest in black holes, strong theory, parallel universes, other dimensions… and not in s Star Trek way but in an actual scientific way. I like to read about it and watch documentaries but I have so little time. I also dream of getting myself a telescope that I can actually see outer space with! Lol! Some day. I also want to learn about politics because I can’t carry a decent conversation about that or sports…. I guess I just wouldn’t know where to start! Lol

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    • Paul says:

      I can send you my old Astronomy textbooks from university, I didn’t read them much and mark in the class show it lol. I don’t like talking politics to people unless they’re a reasonable person who won’t try and act smarter than me. Way too many people talk politics and try to be know-it-alls. I don’t need that in my life haha

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      • Ely says:

        Shipping those books would
        Probably cost more than just buying them here Lol!!!!
        And why is that right?! Why do politically-savvy people tend to honestly think they’re bigger better and badder than everyone else?! They really can’t have normal conversations without huffing and puffing! I CANNOT!

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      • Paul says:

        Oh phew, I didn’t actually want to ship them, they’re under a big pile and that’s too much work hahah.
        This is why political conversations/debates on social media are so pointless! The people arguing are never humble enough to listen to someone else and admit they are wrong. There’s no point to it.

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      • Ely says:

        LMFAO I wonder what you would’ve done had I been like YES SHIP THEM TO ME!!!!!!! you would’ve said to yourself “ok well this is awkward” right?! LOL!!!!

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  12. Dutch Lion says:

    I’ve never seen the John Wick movies. Is Tom Cruise the lead? No wait, I think it might be the famous dude from Point Break. What’s his name……Kelly Gruber? No! It’s that guy……from Speed, or the guy from the weird sci-fi movie everybody loves but I think is kinda lame….the dude, the guy, the man, the actor, the surfer guy……man, I’m so stupid! It’s the QB from “The Program” maybe…’s Keanu Reaves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey Paul, I like your theory on self-education. It’s good to know a little about a lot. I like that kind of person too. I try to be that kind of person. It makes a person interesting, never bored. I love the phrase you wrote, “a base of knowledge to build upon”. Yes! Good stuff.

    PS I’m so old I used to watch Murder She Wrote when it aired originally on CBS on Sunday nights. Great show.

    Thanks for reading,

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    • Paul says:

      Haha I’d probably watch the John Wick movies if Kelly Gruber was the lead. Keanu Reaves doesn’t need that job, give it to Kelly!

      Yeah, knowing a little about a lot helps is beneficial in the long run and also makes you look smart which is never a bad thing.

      I remember when it was on Sunday nights as well! I must be old too…

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      • Dutch Lion says:

        Murder……She Wrote! I love Cabot Cove. Angela Lansbury was awesome. She really knew her psychology. She had a keen sense of discovering what could have happened and what DID happen. It was magical. Haha.

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