Share Your Blog 2019

It’s 2019, let’s cut to the chase.

We all want more blog followers. We all want to interact with new people and grow our community because bloggers are fun, we understand each other, and this written world we’ve created is a great escape from whatever is going on out there.

*Points to oblivion*

But let’s be honest, it’s hard finding new blogs we like. It’s hard making connections with bloggers who don’t leave comments because you don’t know what they’re thinking, or how their ad-lib conversational voice sounds.

Are they a, haha-er? Do they say, Lol? Do they use way more exclamation marks than they normally would, as to not sound blunt? We may never know!

So let’s stop tip-toeing around the pumpkin patch, put on our adult Pampers, and just get this all out there in the open.

No more excuses. No more sitting on the sidelines and refusing to participate. I’m only handing out post-game orange slices to those who participate.

If you want to meet new bloggers, introduce yourself in the comments section below and leave a link to your blog. It could be a link to your homepage, or a link to your favourite post. 

If I were leaving a comment, I would say something like this:

“Hi! I’m Paul! Pardon the exclamation marks, I’m just trying to look non-threatening. I don’t know what my blog is about, but what I do know is that upon reading the words I write, you may be tempted to do one of the following: laugh, smile, crave pizza, shake your head, yell at me in all caps, or wonder where the heck I came from.”

You can say whatever you want, but put your best foot forward. Then take your best foot out. Then put it back in and shake it all about.

Hokey pokey.

Anyway, this “Share Your Blog” thing isn’t an original idea. I used to see posts like this on WordPress all the time a few years ago, but haven’t lately. I find they’re more prominent on Twitter these days, but I feel like those threads only attract the same genre. I could be wrong.

My unrealistic goal for this post is to have 100+ bloggers introduce themselves and leave links, so we can all click on each one and discover a blog we didn’t know was there.

If anyone wants to put a link at the bottom of their next blog post, to lead your followers to the comments section of this post, that would be great.

Or even start your own “Share Your Blog” post and bring a crowd to your comments section. Whatever gets the new interactions ball rolling.

I don’t care if you already follow me, or if you came across this post in your Reader, leave a comment. Say hello. Click on the other links. Say hello to them. Follow their blog.

We need to stop being shy and just leave a reply on an unsuspecting person’s comment.

You all know how exciting it is to receive a notification, especially from someone new. So, do it!

One last time:

1. Introduce yourself in the comments section
2. Say something about yourself/your blog
3. Leave a link to your blog
4. Interact with the other bloggers who comment
5. Alert the media (optional)

Please don’t let me down. It’s only January 2. There’s a 90-day window at the start of every year where you can’t let anyone down. It’s a rule, look it up.

Everyone understand? Cool.

Let’s do it.

Thank you!

About Paul

I think of my blog as an all-you-can-read buffet. There's something for everyone and complimentary mints at the door as you leave.
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180 Responses to Share Your Blog 2019

  1. V Donovan says:

    This year, I definitely want to get better at doing that slightly uncomfortable self-promo, so thanks for this opportunity, Paul!
    I blog at and it’s a lifestyle/pop-culture/anything blog that hopefully should appeal to most everyone a little. I hope you find my little slice of the internet amusing because I sure enjoy writing it and connecting to so many new people!
    Happy New Year, y’all!

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  2. Hello, I’m Courtney. My blog is about all kinds of random stuff, but overall I talk a lot about recovery, addiction, and trying to figure out how to finally be a grown up even though I’m pretty old already. Definitely a late bloomer. My blog is after the party, you can find it at OR I’m pretty sure you can just click on my face. After four years or so of writing here, you’re bound to find something to amuse yourself with. Thanks, Paul, for the opportunity to share this. 🙂

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  3. Since you say there is a rule that we can’t let you down for the first 90 days of the year, I guess I’m going to be doing this so that I don’t let you down. We can’t have that now, can we? I don’t want to be responsible for breaking the rules! (That doesn’t sound like me…maybe it is a “new year, new me” this year? WHAT HAVE I BECOME!?!?)

    My blogging name is Giggling Fattie, but y’all can call me GF, or T if you prefer. My blog is like my own personal journal/diary that I just happened to get readers to and then it morphed into this thing that I have now. I write about my life and just other random silly things. 2019 is going to be either a great one or one filled with broken hearts because I let Buzzfeed predict what will happen. You can read all about it here:

    Also, Paul, dude – I was going to write a post about followers and finding new blogs today too. I’ll wait for a few days cos this is super cute and much better.

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  4. peckapalooza says:

    Hi, my name is Aaron, and I’m a blogger. It’s been just under 24 hours since my last post (though I’m planning to write something new today). That thing I did yesterday started out with the intention of being a humorous list of obvious/vague predictions for the year to come. But somewhere along the way it turned into a more serious rant about the overall negative tone of social media. I prefer when my blog is lighter and funnier, which I hope there’s plenty of. There’s a lot of content to read over at The Confusing Middle. It’s not always great and every post doesn’t necessarily strike a chord with everyone. But I’d love for you to stop by and pick through the posts you think look interesting. The link I’m providing will take you to my About Me page, which is pretty much just a list of 100 random facts about me. Stick around and say hi. Don’t be a stranger. A stitch in time saves nine.

    Thanks for putting this together, Captain! This is a brilliant idea.

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  6. Bex says:

    I started my blog as a way to tell a story about an awful, painful experience. It was extremely cathartic and I’m happy to have potentially helped some people. But since then my blog has changed-warped if you will, into what it is today. I call my genre reality blogging (because I hate the term lifestyle) with some story telling, travel updates, and more recently DIY furniture flipping. I’m not as active on my blog as I once was (mainly because I just bought a motorcycle), but I still enjoy making posts and using my platform as a creative outlet. Here’s a link to one of my most recent post about a cry-laughing meltdown I had in public:

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  7. Hi all! I blog at I have found here through lovely and funny blog gigglingfattie. I write about lifestyle, parenting, books and being out and about. Looking forward to meeting you all! (Inserts non threatening punctuation mark…!! 😎

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    • Ely says:

      Girl! Lol. Never fear the punctuation marks! They do not own you! If you want to be super annoying and loud and amazing and you want the world
      To hear you, you use those (!!!!) haha! Followed and looking forward to reading!


  8. Lauren says:

    Hi, I’m Lauren! My blog is about whatever I’m going through or doing at any given moment…. I think they call that lifestyle, but I don’t feel interesting enough to call myself a lifestyle blog. I like to share my travel adventures, entertainment reviews, personal musings, – and most recently – pregnancy updates. I really enjoy blogging, because it helps me get my thoughts out and connects me to a great group of open-minded and kind individuals. You can find me at

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    • Running the Race says:

      I’ll check it out. I don’t find myself that interesting either so we already have something in common 🙂

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    • Ely says:

      Hi Lauren! Thanks for the follow! Right back at ya! Also? I’m sure you’re more interesting than you give yourself credit for! Never sell yourself short! You come on here and you be like HEY! I’m a BADASS. Follow me! Or die. Haha jk. You won’t die but seriously. FOLLOW ME. Lmfao I’m extremely hyper please don’t be scared I’m harmless. Xoxo

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  9. As always, Paul, you have an enchanting way of expressing insightful ideas. Guys can have enchanting ways … you can cast spells…. I thought you knew that.
    Anyway, a great idea you have here.
    It is taking a great deal of effort on my part to overcome my shyness, and lack of self confidence, to comment – never mind introduce myself. That’s the reason I rarely comment, even thought there are often things running through my mind in reaction to your posts. I love your take on life and the way you can express it.
    My name is Janette, although you won’t find that on my blog anywhere. It’s about books. I read them, tell you about them, and hope to influence you to find a passion for reading to match mine. I don’t mind if we don’t share the same interests in books as long as I can inspire you to read. I like well written, interesting, and clean books. That limits my appeal a little I’m sure.
    You can find me at For The Love of Books
    I’ve tried to do like Paul and mix my story in with the main subject of this blog but it hasn’t gone over well. So, I’ve started another blog with the tagline – A safe place to talk about PTSD and other things we wrestle with. I’m hoping it will be ready to go public soon. It will be mentioned on the book blog when it does.
    Looking forward to seeing you on either blog if you are interested.

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    • Paul says:

      I appreciate you sharing this, Janette! Thank you! And you’re right, next time I shall cast a spell. What was I thinking?

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      • You already cast spells, that’s what keeps us reading to the end and coming back for more lol You don’t know your own power! Except for the sports reporter blogs, I zone out on them. Seriously though, we love your blog.

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    • gsilvosa63 says:

      Your blog is interesting! I do force myself to read books because; 1. I haven’t done it in a long time and, 2. I believe that keeping that part of the brain involved in reading helps prevent it from shrinking. My biggest problem is finding good books to read. Now, I have you! I can read your reviews and I have a better chance of reading interesting books. Thank you!

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      • Thanks, and welcome aboard! Reading is good for us on so many levels. They say it makes us smarter and that’s a great benefit all by itself. I know by experience that finding the book to capture your interest will have you reading without any forcing. It’s the best feeling ever and I’m pretty passionate about sharing the experience. If you do electronic books check out BookBub, daily emails with suggestions for genres you pick. My favorite site!

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    • I enjoyed reading some of your posts about the books you’re reading. A small part of my blog is dedicated to that also. Thank you for sharing.

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    • gsnprog says:

      Books! Love it!

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  10. Running the Race says:

    My name is James and I have a Christian and fitness blog called Running the Race that can be found here

    A little light on the fitness posts for now but that is something I plan on changing in 2019.

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  11. Hi I’m Rosie! I blog about relationships and living life in your mid-twenties. I write in hopes to relate to others, looking forward to meeting new bloggers! 🙂

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  12. Issa says:

    For me, I just wonder what the heck do people in Canada think about this crazy pizza loving Paul of a human being.

    I’m Issa. Just like that. No second name, nothing special. Oh I should probably say hi I’m Issa and I’m a coffee addict and I’m high right now. Yeah I know just day 2 and already high doesn’t bond very well for me. But hey, I kinda like this feeling. I guess that covers the “something-about-yourself” part…
    Oh I’m from Nairobi (that’s in Kenya)

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  13. Rea says:

    Heyo! My name is Rea (short for Reagan). I don’t really know what my blog is about, but I do write about things I’m either passionate about, or I enjoy (i.e. childhood memories, movies, books, etc.). I wouldn’t call it a “lifestyle blog”. I just write about whatever the heck I feel like writing about😂
    I also write original poetry about almost anything:

    Another thing is I have this other blog that is dedicated to me advocating against human trafficking and sexual exploitation:

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  14. cd says:

    Hey guys i’m Cass!
    I don’t quite have a theme for my blog, i typically post about whatever I’m going through or doing…. I like to share my travels, running, books, monthly/life updates, honestly anything really.
    Getting to know Paul has been an adventure & I can’t wait to get to know you all as well!
    You can find me at

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  15. Hello world, I’m December, and you can find my blog at and/or follow my Instagram @decemberrosewriting. I mostly write poetry but I have always wanted to write a book, so I’m starting that as a sort of New Years Resolution. My favorite section is solely stream-of-consciousness writing called “Scatterbrain” where I make no attempt to form a coherent thought and just allow myself to write whatever words are being pushed out of my keyboard. Sometimes it’s like blinking words. Thoughts are usually formed somewhere along the way, but they are not pre-orchestrated.

    A lot of my writing is about finding beauty in mundane, loving/forgiving yourself, and the things I find hope in, and those elements will definitely be in my book. Let me know what you think 🙂

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  16. rebbit7 says:

    Greetings! Call me the Finicky Cynic. As cynics go, I’m a pretty sarcastic person with plenty of opinions on anything that gets me (e.g. politics, race, LGBT, social media). In recent years, I’ve mellowed out and posted about my travels and life abroad in Europe (I’m American), but I’ve recently decided to return to my roots and blog about my opinions on everything. Feel free to check out my blog at

    I’ve been following Paul ever since I started my blog over five years ago. Paul is truly a gem of the blogging community; definitely follow him for quality posts!

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  17. This is a fun idea Paul!

    Hello Paul’s readers- my name is Shaz! I am Paul’s little blogger sister 🙂 Read my funny blog here ! It is about me finding my way though life’s painful moments through humor, but also where I document some inspiring moments 🙂 You can find stories about heartbreak, being the first person in my family to attend graduate school, overcoming mental health obstacles, and more! I also post a nice variety of inspirational quotes ❤

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  18. micqu says:

    I love the idea, even more, because I am bad at self-promotion.
    My name is Cathy, and you can find me at Catherine Micqu (writings and musings). Mainly, I write about myself. I write about internal landscapes and struggles. But I am also a poet. I write a lot of poetry and share it. I am an impulsive writer, and everything is raw and real and honest. As if all of this is not enough, I also write short stories and novels… And share that too. I am good with words. I worry, and I struggle. But I am also fighting, and I am quite amazing. Come, see for yourselves: Also… I will probably be the only Luxembourgish woman you’ll find here. 🙂 I love music and weird humour… There are posts about me on that blog if you want to get to know me. I sound very selfish and narcissistic. Sorry.

    Follow me, follow Paul, follow all the amazing bloggers who get together here.

    Thank you, Paul, for this opportunity.

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  20. Hi! My name is Dena. My blog, The Artsy Palate, mainly focuses on tips/advice/recipes regarding eating healthfully while in college (and beyond, of course!). I also throw in some tidbits/introspections about my life (some relate to nutrition, but others are just random thoughts/insights). Anyways, I think I can be pretty funny sometimes, but I’ll let you be the judge of that 😉. I am a junior double majoring in dietetics and journalism at the University of Maryland with the goal of becoming a registered dietitian and nutrition writer. Here is a link to one of my favorite posts about why I do not advise people to count calories: I would be so honored if you would check out my site 😊

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  21. Hello all! Jennifer is the name, satire is the game. I started my blog “The-ish-Adventure 7 years ago to combat being homesick and lonely when my husband and I move 1000 miles away from home. (Any Texas or Indiana bloggers here?) I enjoy making others laugh and like doing it in weird ways. For instance, writing fake obituaries or news stories for my favorite pair of sandals or the elf on the shelf that my dogs decided to mercy kill (his death is still under investigation). I like to think of my blog as a retreat from reality. So if you need a break from politics head over to the link and read one of my latest posts.

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  22. This is a fabulous idea! As the stories in my blog demonstrate, I am just terrible at self-promotion and making myself sound good.

    My name is JJ, and I am a 35-year-old single man living on the west coast of Scotland. My blog at documents my experiences as such a man: the failed flirtations, social ineptitude, the process of deciding which condiments go in what kitchen cupboard, dead houseplants, mangoes, the sartorial considerations of a man who likes to match the colour of his socks to his tie, losing at Jenga to my two-year-old niece, anxiety, terrible jokes and spoonfuls of awkwardness. It is light-hearted, with a heavy heart.

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  23. Breakthrough Veil says:

    Hi Paul!
    You are funny, in a laugh out loud way (non threatening exclamation)!
    I am fine with you being my only follower, your kind of awesome. I’m blogging to manifest my universe, and sort of anti- well everything. 🙂 But, for you I will comment!
    Future therapist
    All around weirdo
    No name because…not today NSA.

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  24. 1. my name is chris
    2. my blog is short poems mainly, i’m your best friend and you are mine and the person I have known the longest in my life who isnt family or a doctor.
    4. hello everyone, how are you?

    wrote to the Toronto Sun, hope they pick this up.

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  25. Hello, my name is Brian and my blog is just my ramblings and writings. I’m not even going to pretend that I’m a writer and until I started this blog never thought I could. I thank my inspiration at for believing in me and so much more. My site is Have a wonderful New Year and come on by for a view. 2019 is going to be an active year.

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  26. Becky Turner says:

    Hi all! I’m Becky from Strikeouts + Sprinkles: From my blog name, you can tell that I like baseball (I’m a die-hard Boston Red Sox fan) and ice cream (I work at an ice cream shop on the weekends). I yell a lot about sports (baseball and football), I complain about how much I hate running, and I share the adventures that I go on plus some of the cool things I get to do at my full-time job. I think you’ll find a little bit of everything on S+S and would love to get to know some of the other bloggers in the comments of this post! 🙂

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  27. Bryan Fagan says:

    I am Bryan. Paul is cool. I love Canada and I just discovered you can buy milk in a bag. Click on my name and it will take you to my site. Or, you can buy me a bag of milk. That would be so damn cool.

    Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  28. Callum says:

    Hey everyone! My name is Callum 🙂
    Blogging has been a passion of mine for a while now and in 2019 I’m ready to get back into it! My blog contains no real them, just posts on topics I feel passionate about. You can find me at please feel free to leave a comment if you stop by and find something you like 🙂

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  29. Lee Dunn says:

    Hello, I am Lee, and I write at (a.k.a. AREMYFEETOFFTHEGROUND)
    Some poetry, humour, short stories (fiction and non fiction), heart-on-the-sleeve personal accounts to do with love, marriage, struggles with depression (don’t let this bring you down). I’ve been published in the Shelburne Free Press, and the most fun I have is writing here and talking to others. Thanks, Paul, this is a great idea and I appreciate it!

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  30. First off, thank you, Paul, for giving us this platform to promote our blogs!

    Secondly … Hi, Everyone! I’m Biff. I write a humor blog. Having never pursued my dreams of being a stand-up comedian, I decided instead to try to make people smile or laugh with my writing. I’m not always successful, but it’s not for lack of trying!

    My blog is a mix of (1) humorous short fiction and (2) humorous journal entries about my less-than-exciting days.

    My fiction consists almost entirely of a series of short stories set in my fictional world, which is inhabited by a married couple called Alistair and Alexis. These stories can be categorized as equal parts romantic comedy, screwball comedy, period piece, and Wodehouse-ian refined absurdity. Here is a link to my latest A&A story about their exciting NYE celebration.

    And here is a link to one of my typical “humorous journal” type entries.

    I’m really looking forward to meeting you all!

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  31. J♡ says:

    Hi everyone! Thanks for this, Paul! My blog is my personal experiences with depression, pain, and anxiety (it’s not all doom and gloom). I started this in October as a form of therapy for myself and the hope that maybe I could help at least one other person. Also, I may or may not be obsessed with sloths…you decide 😉. Stop by and say hi.

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  32. Dutch Lion says:

    Nice work Paul! You’re the man!

    Hey Paul’s readers, I’m Reid. I write about sports & other stuff too at

    You might enjoy my goofy side even if you’re not a sports fan. Check out my New Years goals post if you like comedy:

    I’m looking to meet more people and explore some new blogs. Follow me, the “Dutch Lion”, and I’ll follow you back and check out your site.

    Big thanks!


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  33. Terri says:

    Hello… Beginner blogger here. Or should I call myself an anonymous blogger? I’m the girl who’s too afraid to tell my friends about my blog, until I grow accustomed to being out there for the world to read. I welcome all strangers who wish to read and comment, however! Read my blog. Feel free to tell me what you think.

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  34. Tanushka says:

    Anyhow, hello potential friend!
    I am Tanushka, 16, Indian, Hufflepuff, science student, a very weird poet, and an absolute lover of chocolates. My passion is writing, so i used to bug my friends and family everyday to read what I’ve written. They all got sick of me pretty soon, so i decided to start a blog in hopes that someone on the internet, somewhere away from my house, will read my almost pretentious musings and validate me, hence the title “that desperate friend”. It’s been going well so far. I love harry potter and have linked my favourite poem of all time, about, you guessed it, harry potter. My poetry ranges from ‘is she oksy that was really depressing’ to ‘i hsve never read anything funnier’. Sometimes to clear my head, i write nonsense for 700 words, and if i like the nonsense, i upload it. I am very regular, because i am always writing something, because thst is how i cope up with my physics syllabus. Somebody asked me what im most proud of, and i think it is this thing I’ve been running for 2 years now.
    Thank you Paul, I’ve been an ardent reader for 2 years. I was really sad when they discontinued the community pool on wordpress, but i should’ve known i can always count on you to fix everything.

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  35. Hey! I’m Suzi and I blog over at which is a lifestyle blog where I share my arts and crafts and love of all things colourful, I also write a bit about my mental health and other things I get up to along the way! 🙂

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  36. darthtimon says:

    A lot of fascinating blogs to check out! Hopefully some of you will be mad enough to check out mine! I’m Ben, a 30-something guy from the UK with a personal blog at I rant about life, Liverpool FC, politics and Nintendo. I’ll poke my nose into controversial subjects from time to time. I like to be challenged too, so please don’t hesitate to do so!

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  37. Hi, I’m Amber. My blog space is called Amber in the Attic. I look at this space as a diary really where I can write anything I want. I have children so I write about them. I’ve just qualified as a midwife so I’ve written a lot about studies and balancing. I wrote about my relationship and my boyfriend who is very much the twin of chandler from friends. I write about sex sometimes. I write poetry. I write about music. Whatever is on my mind & whatever needs to be expressed, I try to express it here. It’s a good reflection tool. Please do check it out, don’t feel obliged to follow but if you would love some feedback on what other things I could write about that might interest anyone reading my blogs. Happy new year 🥳

    And…….Here’s the link… 🙈

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  38. Hello! Thanks for facilitating this exchange, Paul. ☺️
    I’m Roshni. I started blogging with the goal of becoming a versatile writer. So I dabble in different genres and themes to push myself to explore. You can find different styles of poetry and some prose at
    I’m really looking forward to discovering some phenomenal bloggers here! Happy 2019🎊

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  39. Hi! I actually just stumbled upon this blog!

    My blog focuses on injustice that we are often blind to and/or blindly commit…hence the title of the blog (Blind Injustice):

    My favorite post is on emotional consent, or making sure we have consent to share our burdens with others before actually sharing. It’s so important to seek emotional consent yet it’s often not done:

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  40. Authoress51 says:

    Blogging and being shy? I didn’t think that was a thing. I have been blogging for over 10 years now, since I started after my mother died, as an outlet. I only share my blog with Strangers or People Who Are Strange due to negative attitudes of family. My blog is a True Life, diary type blog. I try to post at least once a day. I don’t use real names in my blog but if we get close enough to text or call, that would change. In the meantime, I go by Authoress51 and my blog is;

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  42. Ely says:

    OH MY GAWD PAUL!!! Look at this!!! This is blogger connection heaven here! Look what you done did,Captain! Lol!!
    First of all, I skipped a few posts I was behind on just to come here first because this was WAY too exciting!!

    I’d like everyone to know I’ll be clicking on every single link to check everyone out and hoping to make ALL the connections! This was MUCH needed!

    As for myself? (Brace yo-selves). I’ll keep this short like me. Except I’m 5 feet 2 inches and 5 feet 2 inches worth of writing could be A LOT, so let’s scratch that. Ok I’m ranting.

    My name is Ely. I’m a cool mom, a health care pro, a pro cake designer and also? I rant. My blog is my safe haven. I can say and do whatever I want there and no one can touch me. I am, in all of my madness, a passionate, but potty-mouthed chick who writes about everything and nothing and it just depends on the weather and how the stars are aligned on any given day. I talk to myself while I write…a lot… and I invent rules of grammar that transcend humanity. But when I write, it is my genuine voice. It will feel like we are having an actual conversation.

    I will rant about Jesus being an alien. I will rant about writing. I will write ranty letters to all of the idiots of the universe who affect my day to day life. I will rant about pumpkins. I will rant about how I have an addiction to bending paper clips. Oh my god I’m ranting right now. I will rant about my mental and emotional health. And I will rant about how much I rant. Boom.

    And I don’t give a fox. is an effervescent cave of unknown endless possibility. Welcome, humans. Welcome. Bwahahaha!

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  43. shiney says:

    Hi! New to blogging and looking to get more readers. I am a teenager writing about teenage stuff and would love to read your page if you give mine a read too xox

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  44. this blogger connection is great Paul, I must say I absolutely love your writing, always making me laugh, especially love the bachelor ones even though i don’t watch reality shows, your recap is too funny … I will definitely look at all of the above blogs .

    I’m Mariola, I started a beauty blog, reviewing products and writing about beauty events i have been invited to, but it has turned more into a journal as well , writing about the places i have traveled to, also I have been posting some of the photos I have taken in photo challenges which are always fun to do.

    you can find me at

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  45. gsilvosa63 says:

    Interesting, Paul!

    Hi everyone! My name is George and my site is

    I take photographs and I blog about my photographs. Sometimes, I can be insightful. Otherwise, I can just be talking about random things. Hopefully, either way, my photographs and my blog will entertain you.

    I will be checking the other links and I am looking forward to productive interaction between us.

    Wishing you all the best day ever!

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  46. Hi I’m Michelle and really want to be more active with my blogging. I write about real life, running and recipes as well. My blog is

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  48. lindasschaub says:

    Thank you Paul for this opportunity to share our blogs.

    Hi, I’m Linda and I am an avid walker. My blog is called “Walkin’, Writin’, Wit & Whimsy” and is about my daily treks around SE Michigan, mostly to a nature nook near my home. On weekends, I take longer treks and I write a lot about nature. Occasionally I wax nostalgic about when I was growing up as well. I finished up the year with 1,162 miles and would have done better if I wasn’t such a weenie about going out in the rain – really, I’m not made of sugar! Fellow bloggers say “change that mindset – go out in the rain – get more steps in” … so that is one of my New Year’s resolutions. Here is my blog:

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