I just wrote 1496 words in a draft. I’m glad I did, even though I may never post it.

Lately, my keyboard has felt like quicksand. I have all these things I want to write about, but haven’t been able to muster up the motivation to do it.

Hence, Notivation.

So, tonight, I sat down with the mission to write. About anything. And oh man, a lot came out.

I like to think there’s an overarching theme to everything I write. That being said…

The post was somehow trying to connect my upcoming birthday, with needs vs. wants, and what if there was no calendar to tell us what to do every day, and then I got into how kids are taught to behave in school vs. how adults behave in the real world, and then I was arguing how the world isn’t fair, and that people with money have power, and certain rules don’t apply to them.

And just when I was about to link all of that back to rules in school and a world without a calendar, I stopped writing, and started writing this.

I’m sure a bunch of you are probably clamouring for me to post that, right?

To me, that post was about me writing the first thing that came to mind. It was about me moving the boulders out of the way, so I could write about the things I actually feel like.

And I knew if I published it, I’d just get comments telling me they agree or disagree with me, and that’s not what I was trying to do. I didn’t really care to share my perspective, or ask for yours, I was just writing stuff down.

Oh yeah, I also mentioned in the post how I’ve felt like a combination of a piñata and a hot air balloon, lately.

All these thoughts have been inside me, but I float away before someone can hit them out.

I gave myself a pat on the butt for that analogy.

Why the butt? Well, I thought I might as well make that sentence cause a reaction, seeing as how I didn’t actually pat myself anywhere and it was simply a figure of speech.

Writing 101 – Play with your words and they’ll play with your reader.

In recent weeks, I’ve found myself missing how WordPress was in 2015. There was just so much creative synergy between bloggers back then.

There were dozens of us, who seemingly posted something new every other day, and it was always entertaining. People weren’t caring about filling a niche, they were just writing.

We fed off each other. We inspired each other. Everyone’s comment section was buzzing.

I couldn’t wait to write my next post.

Three years later, pretty much all of those bloggers are gone.

And I’m not saying I haven’t come across great bloggers since then, but my Reader has never been the same.

Sometimes, I’ll blame myself and think I should be doing more to create that community again. I tell myself I should be writing more. I should be funnier. I should be more entertaining. I should be commenting more.

I should be the domino that falls first, to get this place back to where I know it can get to.

But then I’ll have these stretches where I have no motivation to read or write anything, so how could I possibly lead the charge?

There are some of you still here who may remember those days in 2015 where it felt like every single post in your Reader was a must read.

Perhaps I’m preaching from a high horse, when I shouldn’t be, but I am because somebody has to.

Where have all the funny blogs gone?

They’re under the humor tag, Paul.

No, they aren’t. Well, okay, a few are.

There used to be a looseness to this place. I don’t know if it’s a sign of the times, but whenever I go looking for blogs to follow, I find people trying to play the role of a blogger, rather than just writing.

So, with that, I encourage all of you to just let go of yourself. Open a blank draft and just write about what comes to mind. You don’t even have to post it, just let yourself free.

The blogging community is at it’s best when we’re all feeding off of each other. When something I write, inspires something you write, and something you write inspires someone else, and so on.

It’s not about me being the first domino. It’s about all of us wanting to be the first one to fall.

This is the end of my “Old man yells at cloud” spiel.

If you want to unfollow my blog, I won’t understand, but go ahead.

Happy Writing, and Happy When’s Day!

Play with your words and they’ll play with your reader.

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46 Responses to Notivation

  1. Jess says:

    😭 gahhh 2015 and 2016 were good years. This is so true though. I don’t know if WordPress has started to set things up differently. There was such a big community of bloggers who I spoke to nearly every day, and now whenever I post something, it’s crickets 🤷🏻‍♀️ we need to rebuild the community because it’s been a tad lonely these last few months haha

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    • Paul says:

      You always mention 2016 but for some reason that year of blogging is blocked from my memory lol I’ll have to go back and see what I wrote about.

      I find that giving out brownies/cookies is a good way to make friends. Perhaps that applies here as well?

      I don’t know why I couldn’t reply seriously to this comment, sorry!

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  2. lauraashurst says:

    Keep being you Paul 😊

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  3. Kent McCorkle says:

    My last period of activity here on WordPress was 2008-10, so I guess I missed the 2015 activity. Let’s hope that it returns soon.

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    • Paul says:

      Let’s hope so! Can I just say that your profile picture is fantastic!

      Just reading your latest blog post, I’m hooked. Thanks for commenting and allowing me to find your blog!


      • Kent McCorkle says:

        Glad you like the profile image. There’s actually no resemblance, but my wife says I’m a kind-hearted curmudgeon and that caricature spoke to me.

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  4. This hits me right in the feels, Paul. I haven’t posted in ages. I have a really bad case of the notivations. Is there any medication I should be taking to get over it? I really wish it would go away.

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    • Paul says:

      Dr. Paul here. I prescribe Tretiakenol for this Notivation of yours haha. Side effects include: Elation and Lack of Sleep due to elation.

      I keep meaning to write about my muffin thing, so you can write your response to it, but the motivation hasn’t been there yet.

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      • LOL I’m not allowed to like Tretiak anymore. Little boy I nanny says so. “Look! That’s my favourite goalie! Vladislav Tretiak” “NO! He’s my favourite!” “We can’t share?” “NO! No Vlablsh Train tracks for you!” Haha so I’m gonna need a hand written doctors notes please 😝

        And that’s ok! I will wait patiently for it hehe

        Liked by 1 person

      • Paul says:

        The infection has spread!!

        I do like how the Canadian translation of Tretiak is Train Tracks, though. Kids are way smarter than us lol. I hope you don’t have a secret Tretiak shrine that will be “discovered” by this boy some day.


      • Haha no! But 90% of my pictures from yesterday are all Russian ones. As I’m sure you noticed from my instagram lol

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      • Paul says:

        Lol I loved it!

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  5. micqu says:

    Maybe it’s that time of the year when motivations slips away? Just before I read your post, I wrote 2 sentences on my blog. Petty words. “I haven’t written in 7 days. It is disconcerting.” So your post couldn’t have reached me at a better time. I find myself opening drafts, writing whatever wants to come out. And then I chicken out of posting. For no reason at all. Or maybe just because I know that there will be two people who react and no one else, and like everyone writing publicly, I want to be seen too. You read my blog once in a while, I have a question for you. And I give you my answer right away too. Am I a blogger? I don’t think I am. I am digressing. 2015 is a long time ago… (I didn’t even tag my posts back then… I was there, but I was even more invisible than I am now)

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    • Paul says:

      Well personally, I struggle calling myself a blogger. I like to refer to myself as “Just a person who writes”. Calling myself a Blogger feels too official. That being said, you’re definitely a blogger! In all the best ways. I think we all have peaks and volleying with this blogging thing. My first 6 months into blogging went really well. And then the following year (2014), it was like I didn’t exist. I was still posting but I felt like I had taken a huge step back. If that’s how you feel about where you’re at right now, then that’s perfectly okay.

      I’ve always appreciated your support and I’m sorry for not reading your blog more. Sometimes I just don’t feel like reading anything (by anyone) and it makes me miss out on posts and look like I don’t care. Just know that’s not the case, I do care!


      • micqu says:

        Oh now… I didn’t mean to say that you don’t care. I get that feeling of not reading other blogs and stories and all. There are times when we read and times when we don’t.
        Since I am not putting out valuable content right now, I don’t expect people to be there…
        Me too, I consider myself to be a person who writes, not a blogger.

        I care and appreciate you. xx

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  6. Bryan Fagan says:

    We all need someone to set an example and you my friend are elected. You have a curious mind and you say what many are thinking. I’m not sure how I found your blog but I’m happy I did.

    I tell my girls to be free with their thoughts. Express their views, be curious and ask questions. The world has to have people like this otherwise we are nothing more than machines. I’m careful not to fall into a niche. I probably do and I hate it.

    Every Friday I try to tell a story of my young and crazy days. When you’re my age I hope you do the same. It’s fun looking back.

    Continue to write whatever you please. This is my fun place to go. You are the cool kid in the classroom. 🙂

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  7. cd says:

    This was awesome, just what i needed to read this morning!

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  8. Wendy Weir says:

    Just write is just right. Thanks for the perspective, Paul.

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  9. Kara's Kloud says:

    I feel you Paul. I don’t like reading pieces of work that come across as fake and trying to be too relatable, when in reality they aren’t relatable at all. I want people to write what they want simply because they want to write darnit. I think this is why I don’t read people’s blogs anymore that post every single day. It doesn’t feel as authentic because it’s like they’re trying to force it. I, on the other hand, took a month and a half hiatus to get my mind in the right place. Anyways, keep on trucking Paul, you’re doing great!!

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    • Paul says:

      Thanks Kara! I’m definitely a proponent of “blogging when you have something to say”, though I am kinda envious of the bloggers who post something every day. It’s like they’re rehydrating and I’m not…if that makes sense lol

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  10. rebbit7 says:

    Like you, I’ve noticed a significant drop-off in the number of posts from bloggers I follow on my Feed. I wouldn’t go as far to say that 2015/2016 were the “most-productive years,” but maybe for us, it was like that– maybe there are some bloggers out there today who are super productive with their own niches, but we just don’t know about them.

    I do agree with you that blogging nowadays is becoming more of a commercial rather than a passionate thing. Instead of writing to write, many do so in hopes of making it big with “Likes” and “Follows,” and their posts aren’t necessarily top-quality. I admit that, in the last couple of years, I’ve been writing posts that are rather repetitive, and perhaps not the best from me. I’ve chosen to blog daily, which I find a double-edge sword: on one hand, it forces me to keep writing, to stay inspired, while on the other hand, it becomes a burden when I have nothing to talk about. My 5-year blogiversary is coming up later this year, and I’m thinking about whether to revamp my blog entirely, continue to blog as-so, or just stop altogether.

    Thanks for this post– you made me think about the possibilities of blogging and how to improve from it!

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    • Paul says:

      I thought about that too – the idea that somewhere outside of my circle, there is another thriving community with bloggers who post consistently. I think it’s been harder to find that since Freshly Pressed went away. Discover is good, but doesn’t feature as many posts on a daily basis, nor does it always feature lesser known bloggers.

      I’ve always admired your ability to blog every day, mainly because I wish I could lol. I had those same thoughts when I approached my 5-year blogiversary. For some reason it acts as a time to reflect and decide what kind of blog we want to have going forward. No matter what you decide, I’m sure it’ll be the best decision for you! (Secretly hoping you don’t decide to stop altogether)

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  11. Ely says:

    Man. I don’t even know what to say here. It’s crazy because, I’ve been finding myself in search of UPLIFTING inspirational (not fake and commercialized) writers and I feel like- I follow the best as it is and can’t find anymore… funny is not in style these days I guess. I admit I’ve had a ROUGH couple months and my posts aren’t as upbeat as they used to be- but I’m still ME and overly honest and I guess I always hope that if I can’t make someone laugh then maybe I can help someone say “I’m not alone”. Whatever my mood may be, I will stay true to who I am. Authentic. I’m exhausted of scrolling through a feed of “HOW TO DO THIS” and “HOW TO DO THAT” and factual scientific informative posts about shit I can see on the news or read on google- I want to read about the stuff hiding in people’s SOULS. I want to read about what’s REALLY happening inside your minds and I want read random, posts about how clowns suck at being scary you know what I mean?!
    WHERE ARE THE GENUINE PEOPLE! Don’t give up and leave just because you have case of writer’s block or because you only got 11 likes on a post. We have to keep going! Let’s do this!!

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    • Paul says:

      You’re one of the best, Ely! Your growth as a blogger over the last year has been incredible. You said it best, people read your blog and think “I’m not alone” and I think that’s so valuable to find on the internet these days – knowing there’s someone else who understands how you feel and can act as a reassurance that everything will be ok.

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  12. peckapalooza says:

    I think I’m in the same boat as you. Or maybe that’s presumptuous of me. 2015 was when I finally moved my blog to WordPress from Blogger. Best move I ever made. Aside from that time I lived in an awesome apartment outside Raleigh… that was a great move. Anyway… It felt like starting that blog on WordPress immediately introduced me to a dozen or more other bloggers that were so easy to build relationships with. Some of those folks stopped blogging altogether. But then there’s me who, sometimes, I feel like I might as well quit. Because so often, I just feel like I’m going through the motions. I still like blogging. I still love to write. I just find myself without that motivation. To a certain degree, I guess I find myself without inspiration, either. What should I write about? I’ve thought about trying to find one of those 30-day blogging challenges and doing it. But then I’m like… wait, August has 31 days. That wouldn’t make any sense at all! September’s got 30 days, right? But who am I kidding? By the time September rolls around, I’ll have forgotten all about this and I’ll still just be posting movie reviews and Buffy play by plays. Man… I used to write fiction on a weekly basis. My creativity is dead. This is depressing. I need some ice cream.

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    • Paul says:

      You’re definitely aboard my boat. You were a part of that 2015 community with bloggers like Mindy and all the rest of them.

      Hahah I’ve had the very same thought about 30-Day challenges! Starting them in a month with 31 days would be embarrassing. I also feel like I’d be tired of it by Day 8.

      I feel like we’re all waiting for something to happen that sparks our collective creativity. I don’t know what that is, but hopefully it happens sometime soon. We’re treading water. Boom, boat reference.

      I second your motion for ice cream.

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  13. This was a great post, Paul. From reading your post and what I just read in your readers’ comments to the post, it sounds like we’re all in a slump. It has been very hard lately for me to work up the enthusiasm to post. I don’t know why. I’ve been chalking it up to “summer exhaustion”. The heat, the long days, and the sameness of most peoples’ daily existence can make writing a bit of a chore. What is there to write about on a Wednesday evening when all I’ve done all day long is sit in front of a computer at work staring at a spreadsheet?

    I wasn’t blogging back in 2015, but the way you describe it sounds awesome. I used to belong to a thriving blogging community way back in the mists of time (remember Yahoo 360?). But Yahoo killed that off for no particular reason and I’ve yet to find another blogging site that was as active and thriving as that one was.

    I think one of the problems with WP is that there is not an effective way to create groups or communities. Sure, we can tag our posts, but that’s not really a community. That’s just casting a post overboard into a somewhat smaller, though still very large ocean. And frankly, 80% of things that are posted under the Humor tag are not even remotely funny. Or maybe I just expect too much. It’s quite possible that the things I post under the Humor tag are not funny either.

    Anyway, great post! Thanks for starting a great conversation!

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    • Paul says:

      I don’t know what it is, but it seems like most of us are struggling to write anything these days. Maybe we’re all trying so hard to avoid talking about the popular topics in the world, that we have nothing else to write about.

      You’re so right, there really is no way to start a community on here other than forcing your way into someone’s notifications and hoping they notice you. There needs to be a better way to find blogs we’d be interested in. It just feels like we only see what WP wants to show us. There are supposed to be millions of blogs out there and it doesn’t feel like it.

      Anyway, I appreciate the comment! I’m liking the new picture by the way!

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  14. Chichi says:

    ❤ I do want to see your other post that you had started drafting. 😛

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  15. Myka says:

    I feel odd saying this because I’ve read a LOT of your words – but this was one of my favorite posts so far. First of all, the piñata analogy is terrific. I can’t decide if the patt on the butt that followed was better, or second best. Anyway, I don’t know if I was a part of the great writing wave of 2015 – but I do know that for a while, recently (as you know) I fell off my writing wagon. I like to think I’m back. I started to see how much pent up anger I was carrying around. Yuck. Blogging – freely, words spilling out of me in no particular order – is what helps me not carry that weight. So, I don’t want to say I’m the first domino, but I’m back in a more we-can-count-on-seeing-Myka-in-our-reader type of way.
    PS. At first, I was wishing for that post to be published. But I respect that it was simply clearing space for this gem to flow.

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    • Paul says:

      That writing wave was in about April-May-June of 2015, I don’t know if we knew each other at the time. It’s good to see you back! So many people just leave and are never heard from again. Glad you liked this post, the other one (that I didn’t post) was just a jumble of nonsense lol

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  16. Dutch Lion says:

    Paul, as you may have surmised I’m catching up on my old emails. I have about 125 in my inbox right now and “You have a new post from Paul” takes up many of those 125. Anyway, I find this article interesting because I wasn’t around in 2015. One day in Spring of ’16 I just started writing and I don’t know why. My first year I didn’t spend much time reading other people’s posts or anything. Then in the beginning of ’17 I made it a goal to read more blogs and build a bigger community. It worked to some extent but I have several comments about all of this.

    1. WordPress needs to be more user-friendly. For example, many of the people above look interesting but when i click on their picture it takes me to their boring “Gravatar” page. For example, I clicked on “Lauraashurst”. Great. Now what? She has no link to her blog. So that’s a dead end. It’s like Jerry Maguire in “Jerry Maguire”……”Help me help you, Rod!” The point is, everyone should put their website on their Gravatar page so that we can connect. OR…..WP needs to make it easier to access their sites.

    2. There are too many fakes on WP. I’m sorry but why are all these Indians following me and liking my stuff? Can they even read English? Do they even care about the Chicago Bears? LOL! I go to their pages and it’s written in another language. The translation sometimes helps but…..what the hell is going on here? Is it spam? I think Russian hackers are behind all of this. Hahaha!

    3. I spend tons of time liking stuff on WP. WHISPER:…..I don’t read EVERY post that i like but sometimes something, even the tiniest little thing, makes me smile and so I like their post, even if I didn’t have time to read it. Why have some of these “writers” or “photographers” NEVER ONCE liked one of my posts? Do they have a problem? Do they hate the “Dutch Lion”? Do they hate Dutch people? Perhaps. But as they say on Monday Night Football……”C’mon Man!!!!” Throw me a bone. For example, I follow this old couple that drives around America in their RV. I think I like EVERY SINGLE one of their posts. I actually look at all of their photos. You’d think they would get curious and click on my profile once. “Throw me a friggin’ bone man!” – Austin Powers (I think?)

    4. Most of the sports bloggers I follow on WP have one like on their articles…..MINE! What are they doing? Why do they post it on WP? What is going on here? Do they care about the community? Do they even know why they post it on WP?

    5. Now that I’m done complaining, I must say that I love many of the writers I’ve met on WP, including yourself. I love you and our Canadian friends! I love many writers on here so I’m thankful and grateful. Maybe there is a better community out there. Maybe it’s just me and people think I suck. Maybe I just don’t have my website on my Gravatar page. LOL Hahaha!

    Thanks for reading,
    Reid “Dutch Lion”

    PS Maybe I should copy and paste this and make it one of my blog posts.

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    • Paul says:

      Oh man, you said in this comment everything I’ve been thinking.

      1. I simply don’t think people know that they have to put a link in their Gravatar page, or even how to do it. Honestly, we shouldn’t have to. It should automatically be there.

      In the past, I’ve noticed some bloggers have changed their URL but if you click on their name in the notification, it takes you to their old website which is a dead end page, so I have to walk them through the steps of how to fix it. I think people are just unaware and WordPress makes it complicated.

      2. SO many fake accounts! I have over 5000 followers but it feels like I only have about 25. Every time I post something, 70% of the likes I get are from people I’ve never talked to/live in countries where North American sports are foreign to them.

      3. About 3-4 years ago, bloggers were really good at going to stalk the blogs that follow/like theirs. I’ve noticed that new bloggers don’t do that anymore. I think a lot of them are lost and just think people will flock to them and they don’t need to return the favour and reach out.

      4. I realized early on that sports bloggers aren’t very successful on here because only about 2% of sports fans blog. The rest complain on Twitter.

      5. We do have a nice little community on here. I wish you could’ve seen it back in 2015 though. The community I was part of back then was buzzing with posts, likes, and comments every day. It was like we were challenging each other to keep up with new content. Those were the good ol days.

      Yes, make this into a post!

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