Favourite Quotes (Day 3)

Welcome to the third and final day of this favourite quotes challenge. At least, I think this is a challenge. I got it. Let’s call it a challenge, but pronounce it “chall-onge” so it sounds more official.

I’d like to thank Cass from Uniquely Cass and the Dutch Lion (Reid) from Dutch Lion Sports for nominating me to do this. It’s been fun.

This has been a recording.

Seriously though, if you’re not following both of their blogs by now, you’re doing it wrong.

The Rules

  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Post a quote for 3 consecutive days (1 quote each day)
  • Nominate 3 new bloggers each day

I’m Nominating:

For those who wonder what I wonder

Stephanie Says

She Gives No Fox

It’s supposed to be one quote per day, but I was nominated twice, so I’m going to do two quotes per day because that’s what I’ve been doing for the last two days.

“Life really is about collecting people you like to be around, and when you come across them, you don’t take them for granted.” 

– Ron MacLean

For those who don’t know, Ron MacLean is essentially the soul of hockey in Canada. When he welcomes us in to Hockey Night in Canada on Saturday nights, it’s as if we are entering his home, taking off our shoes, and sitting by the fireplace for story time. To understand Canada, you have to understand Saturday night, and he’s a big part of that.

I got this quote from a book he wrote called, Hockey Towns: Untold Stories from the Heart of Canada. I’m sure you all thought of certain people when we read the quote. If not, think of them now. If you don’t want to participate, you can think about pudding.

“You throw your best punch–otherwise, don’t do it.”

– Don Rickles

The late Don Rickles is my favourite comedian. He was just different from everyone else. He’d insult people but they knew he loved them. There was never anything malicious behind the things he said. He didn’t need profanity or political material to make a room laugh. I admired that.

If you ever need a laugh, search Don Rickles on YouTube. You’ll have a smile on your face for hours.

This concludes the trilogy of quote posts. Hopefully you enjoyed them! If you didn’t, I dare you to admit it.

Tut tut cheerio.

Day 1 | 2 | 3

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10 Responses to Favourite Quotes (Day 3)

  1. Maybe I already was thinking about pudding? I’m not sure about you, Paul, but life sure is about collection good pudding brands and not taking them for granted 😛

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  2. Tanushka says:

    Great now I am questioning my old favourite quotes and including these into the endless list.

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  3. Ely says:

    I was
    Nominated!!! Eeek! This is the first time
    I’ve seen this challenge! I’m down! Let’s do this!!! I’m
    And baking cake
    I’ve got

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ely says:

    No idea why that comment posted like a poem- not my intention, lol

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